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Crossoverr stéréo 2 voies/Mono 3 voies de haute précision avec sortie subwoofer Behringer CX2310

The CX2310 stereo 2-way/mono 3-way crossover provides amazing-accurate audio frequency separation, thanks to its state-of-the-art circuitry, superior-grade components, ultra low-noise op amps and balanced I/O connectivity. Additionally, the CX2310 features an independently-adjustable Subwoofer Output, effectively providing an extra low-frequency band a control range from 10 - 235 Hz. By using 1% metal film resistors, along with other extremely tight-tolerance components, the CX2310 is able to guarantee surgically-precise frequency selection with incredibly-low thermal noise. Put simply, the easy-to-use SUPER-X PRO CX2310 is one of the best-sounding crossovers in its class!

Sound Quality
When a sound system is properly tuned, it becomes powerful, balanced and efficient. Bass content is punchy and tight, with vocals and instruments that are rich, crisp and well defined. The CX2310 crossover s accurate signal processing protects critical loudspeaker components and improves overall system efficiency. All Input and Output connections are balanced/unbalanced XLR and feature 25 Hz Low Cut filters for low-frequency driver protection plus Mute and Phase Invert switches, making troubleshooting even a large system virtually effortless!

What s a Crossover
Chances are if you re reading this, you already know what a crossover is and you know that you need one. But if you are new to multi-way PA systems, here's a brief overview. Loudspeakers (which we call transducers) convert electrical signals into sound waves. And no matter how well a transducer is designed or made, it simply cannot reproduce the entire audio spectrum all by itself. Low-frequency sounds tend to push a transducer to the maximum, making it impossible for that same transducer to reproduce the treble content with the sound quality it deserves. (Try singing high falsetto next time you re bench-pressing your limit!)

That's why high-quality sound systems use multiple speakers (woofers and tweeters) to spread out the work. While the woofer (usually the larger transducer) does all the heavy lifting, the tweeter can easily handle the high-frequency content. Three and four-way systems distribute the work even more, allowing the individual transducers to reproduce the frequency range for which they were designed. It is the crossover s function to divide these tasks between the various amplifiers and transducers.

Divide and Conquer
The CX2310 provides two modes of operation: 2-way stereo, for Left and Right Lows (woofers) and Highs (tweeters); and 3-way mono, for Lows, Mids and Highs. In either mode, there is an additional output provided for a mono Subwoofer, with its own Frequency and Level controls. This extra feature effectively turns the CX2310 into a stereo 2-way + mono 1-way, or a mono 4-way frequency crossover. The Subwoofer Output is presented in mono, since people perceive extremely-low bass frequencies as being omnidirectional. For your convenience, the CX2310 s front panel features an elegant and easy-to-read LED matrix, so you can see at a glance which operating mode has been selected and which controls are currently active.

Extraordinary Value
- The high-precision CX2310 is the super-effective and affordable way to optimize the performance of your sound system and protect your valuable loudspeaker investment at the same time! Stop by your authorized Behringer dealer, or get your SUPER-X PRO CX2310 online today!
- Filtre stéréo professionnel à 2 voies/mono à 3 voies avec filtres Linkwitz-Riley de 24 dB/octave.
- Sortie supplémentaire pour subwoofer avec contrôle de fréquence indépendant
- Réponse en amplitude additionnée absolument plate, différence de phase nulle
- Commandes de gain de sortie individuelles pour toutes les bandes
- Commutateurs de sourdine de sortie individuels pour un réglage facile des bandes
- Commutateurs d'inversion de phase individuels pour une correction de phase instantanée
- Filtre coupe-bas 25 Hz commutable sur chaque entrée pour la protection des haut-parleurs basse fréquence.
- Connecteurs XLR servo-balancés et plaqués or pour toutes les entrées et sorties.
- Potentiomètres de très haute précision pour une précision et une répétabilité optimales.
- Commutateurs éclairés pour un fonctionnement sûr dans les environnements de scène sombres.
- Alimentation à découpage interne (100 - 240 V~) pour un son sans bruit et une faible consommation d'énergie.
- Conçu et fabriqué en Allemagne


- Compatible 19: Oui, mise en rack possible
- Hauteur d'encastrement (U) : 1
- Compatible MIDI : Non
- Numérique : Non
- Entrée microphone : No
- Nombre de canaux : 2
- Réponse en fréquence à partir de (Hz) : 5
- Réponse en fréquence allant jusqu'à (Hz) : 60000
- Compresseur : Non
- Egaliseur : Non
- Expandeur : Non
- Gate : Non
- Limiteur : No
- Gain : Oui
- Attaque / Release réglable : Non
- Coupe bas : Oui
- Bypass : Non
- GroundLift : Non
- Pad interrupteur : Non
- actif/passif : actif
- Entrées : XLR
- Sorties : XLR
- Alimentation fantôme : No
- LED clip : Non
- Commutateur casque : Non
- Adaptateur : Non

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Crossover stéréo 2 voies/Mono 3 voies de haute précision avec sortie subwoofer Be...

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