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- Over 180 step-by-step lessons that introduce you to playing guitar including tuning and stringing your guitar, common guitar chords, strumming patterns, playing melodies, fingerpicking, as well as reading tablature and standard music notation.<br /> - The lessons were carefully crafted by professional guitarist and instructor Kevin Garry, Ph.D., of the University of Colorado, Boulder and cover a wide range of styles including folk, rock, blues, and classical.<br /> - Learning is made fun with over 70 popular songs including hits made famous by artists such as the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Steve Miller, the Grateful Dead, and others.<br /> - eMedia s Animated Fretboard shows you where to put your fingers on the guitar neck as the music plays.<br /> - Instructional videos including split-screen close-ups so you can see both hands.<br /> - Select any select of a song or exercise to loop it, slow it down, or speed it up.<br /> - Get Instant Feedback as you play melodies and practice with flash card quizzes.<br /> - Built-in guitar tools include eMedia s Automatic Guitar Tuner, Chord Dictionary featuring over 250 chords, Metronome, Recorder, Note Tracker, and Finger Tracker.<br /> - Includes both eMedia Guitar For Dummies and eMedia Guitar For Dummies Level 2 as CD-ROMs or download.<br />

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