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- Theremin Premium Gakken -The theremin was invented in the 1920s by Russian scientist Theremin. It is said to be the originator of electronic musical instruments like the modern synthesizer. You play it by moving your hand in an empty space, without touching the instrument, so it looks like a stylized dance. The analog electronic sound it produces can make you feel somehow nostalgic. -Premium Theremin is small, and the light weight and the speaker are also built in, anyone can perform always anywhere. -This can also connect to an amplifier or an other speaker, and can enjoy various music expressions. -You can find many performances of Theremin Premium Gakken on YouTube, when you input theremin gakken or theremin premium on YouTube. Let s try!!!!<br /> - [Composition] main body, antenna, ground arm band, adjustment driver, directions in Japanese<br /> - [Weight] main body : 345g excluding battery<br /> - [Size (mm)] W220×H36×D120mm except antenna <br />

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