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Description de chez Thomann :

- Electronic musical instrument with circuits developed by Bob Moog for the classical theremin sound
- Ideal for musicians, classical instrumentalists, synth enthusiasts, etc.
- Offers a wide playing range with rich bass response and stability
- An integration of CV outputs for connections to other modulars, semi-modulars and Eurorack synthesizers
- Flexible monitoring options through configuration options of the headphone and line outputs and mute option of the line output
- Sound source: analogue heterodyne oscillator
- Sound modifier: analogue VCA
- Pitch and volume antenna (detachable): control of frequency range from about 0 Hz to 4.2k Hz as well as dynamic range of over 70 dB (depending on the hand position)
- Easily accessible controls on the front
- 1 Headphone output with volume control and mute function: 6.3 mm jack
- 1 Audio output: 6.3 mm jack
- 1 Mute switch for foot switch: 6.3 mm jack (foot switch not included in the delivery)
- 3 CV outputs for volume CV, pitch CV and gate CV: 3.5 mm jack
- Internal antenna connectors for easy and secure mounting
- Internal microphone stand adapter
- Lightweight, robust and portable housing
- Power supply via an included mains adapter
- Dimensions without antennas (H x W x D): approx. 8.5 x 45 x 16 cm
- Weight: 2.85 kg
- Incl. calibration tool and power supply unit

Information vendeur :Thomann
Emplacement géographique :Burgebrach, Allemagne
Livraison :Livraison Mondiale

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