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- QUICK TESTING: Offers easy way to make sure your audio cables are working properly. Supports nearly all cable types used in the sound recording industry. Definitely, an all-in-one solution to help identify cable continuity issues in your audio setup<br /> - LED INDICATOR: The audio connector cable tester features LED indicator lights that let you know if your cable has full continuity and which pins are functioning or broken so you can repair or purchase a new cable while you still have time<br /> - INTERNAL BATTERY: Features internal battery and ground connection status check. Also equipped with a switch for selecting connections to be tested. This incredibly portable audio solution is a must-have for sound engineers and musicians alike<br /> - RUGGED AND DURABLE: The Pyle 13-in-1 equipment audio cable tester is built in a strong, compact metal casing. The PCT40 is made to last and is a great long-term solution to help keep your audio setup running smoothly<br /> - SUPPORTS 13 CABLES: Tests cables w/ all combinations of the following connections - 1/4" (TRS), 1/8" (3.5mm), (3-pin and 5-pin) XLR audio cable, Speakon (4-pin and 8-pin), RCA/TT/Bantam/RJ45, USB-A/USB-B, DIN (3-pin/5-pin/7-pin/8-pin), DIN (4-Pin)<br /> - Includes Internal Battery and Ground Connection Status Check<br /> - Switch for Selecting Connections to Be Tested<br /> - LEDS Confirm Each Conductor's Continuity and Connection - 1/4-Inch (TRS) /1/8-Inch (3.5mm)/XLR (3-pin)/XLR (5-pin)/Speakon (4-pin)/Speakon (8-Pin)/RCA/TT/Bantam/RJ45/USB-A/USB-B/DIN (3-pin, 5-pin, 7-pin, or 8-pin)/DIN (4-Pin)<br /> - Enables Quick Convenient Continuity Cable Testing For All Type Of Cables - Tests Cables with All Types Combinations of the Following Connections<br /> - Rugged, Compact, Metal Construction for Long life and Reliability<br />

Pyle-Pro PCT60 Testeur de câble 14-en-1
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Pyle-Pro PCT60 Testeur de câble 14-en-1
- Permet un test de câble de continuité rapide et pratique pour tous les types de c&ac…

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