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Reeds 'n Stuff : Oboe English Horn Stand Black

186.00€ - Thomann
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Reeds n Stuff

Description de chez Thomann :
Reeds 'n Stuff stand for Oboe and English Horn, instruments can remain on an important angle which allows the water to drainaway from the tone holes down the back of the instrument, the water goes in the right direction within the bore, the base is anodized aluminum, the wooden pegs are heavily padded and give perfect protection for the delicate instruments and the bore, the pegs are detachable, color: schwarz, weight: 2,8 kg, made in Germany

Information vendeur :Thomann
Emplacement géographique :Burgebrach, Allemagne
Livraison :Livraison Mondiale

Reeds \'n Stuff : Thermo Protection Cover
Reeds 'n Stuff : Thermo Protection Cover
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livraison en 24 heures
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