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Description de chez Thomann :

- Waldorf M 16Voice; 16-voice polyphonic wavetable synthesizer; 4 Parts multitimbrality (4 parts can be assigned to 4 individual stereo outputs); 2 wavetable oscillators with independent wavetables and two different tone generation models (Waldorf MicrowaveI and modern Waldorf MicrowaveII); 96 factory wavetables + 32 slots for User Wavetables; Analog low-pass filter with 24 dB/oct (SSI 2144 extended cascade filter) with saturation; Analog stereo VCA for each voice; 4 envelope generators: 8 points time/level Wave envelope generator, VCF, and VCA ADSR envelopes and free assignable 4 points time/level envelope; Two LFOs with different waveforms; Arpeggiator with 16 preset patterns and chord mode, synchronizable to MIDI clock; 2048 sound programs and 128 multi-programs; Compatible with Waldorf Microwave I sysex data (for sound bank transfer/sound transfer); SD Card slot for loading / storing user content as sound-banks and wavetables; MIDI: USB 2.0 and DIN (5-pin DIN jacks for In/Out/Thru); Connectors: 2x line output 6.3 mm jack unbalanced (L/R stereo),4x 6.3mm TRS jack stereo output (aux outputs A-D); Dimensions: 440 x 305 x 85 mm, Weight: 5.7 kg

Information vendeur :Thomann
Emplacement géographique :Allemagne
Livraison :Livraison Mondiale

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