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300 Fiddle Tunes

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For violin solo. Format: solo fiddle songbook. With performance notes, introductory text and standard notation. Folk. 96 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Hal Leonard.

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Hal Leonard

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ISBN 1574240560. With performance notes, introductory text and standard notation. Folk. 9x12 inches.

This comprehensive collection of fabulous fiddle tunes includes reels, hornpipes, strathspeys, jigs, waltzes and slow airs.

Andrew Carey's Jig
Bag Of Meal
Belle Of The Kitchen
Billy O'Rourke's Jig
Billy Patterson's Jig
Billy The Barber
Bottle Of Brandy
Boys Of Brockhill
Broken Latern
The Butcher Boy
Captain Holmes' Jig
Catholic Bill's Jig
Catholic Boys
Charlie Mack's Jig

Charles' Favorite
Come, Haste To The Wedding
Come Under My Pladdie
Connelly's Ale
The Diamond Jig
Eviction Jig
Exile's Lament
Fagins Holiday
Garry Owen
Geese In The Bog
Green Forever
Highway To Dublin Jig
Humors Of Donnybrook
Irish Fancy
Irish Show Boy
Irish Washerwoman
Irishman's Heart To The Ladies
Jackson's Fancy Jig
Joe Kennedy's Jig
Johnny Morgan's Jig
Joy's Of Wedlock
Katy's Rambles
Kilkenny Rovers
Kitty O'neil's Jig
Kitty Tyrrell's Jig
Land Of Sweet Erin
Lanigan's Ball
Larry Grogan's Jig
Larry O'Gaff
Larry O'tooles Gig
Limerick Lass
Little Drummer's Jig
Little House Under The Hill
Little Peggy's Jig
Loony Mc Twolter
Magggie Brown's Favorite
Maid On The Green
Morgan Rattler's Jig
Mrs. Montoe's Jig
Munster Lass
My Wedding Day
Night Cap Jig
O'connell's Welcome
On The Road To Dublin
One Bottle More
O'raffert's Jig
Our Boys Jig
Paddy Carey's Fortune
Paddy Haggerty
Paddy O'rafferty
Paddy The Weaver
Paddy Was Up
Paddy Whack
Paddy's Best
Paddy's Day
Paddy's Farewell
Pander's Dance
Pausteen Fawn The Priest In His Boots Jig
Rakes Of Killdare
Rambler From Clare
Riding On A Hand Car
Rory O'moore
Rose Bush
St Patrick's Day In The Morning
Sheriff Mulddon's Jug
Sir Roger De Coverly
Skiver The Quilt
Sorry To Part
Straight Jig
Swallow Tail
Swimming In The Gutter
Tatters Jack
Tea In The Morning Jig
Teddy Malos' Jig
Teetotal Jig
Tell Her I Am Jig
Terry Heigh Jig
Three Little Drummer's Jig
Tipperary Jig
Tivioli Jig
Alhambra Reel
Arkansas Traveller
Banjo Reel
Banks Of Enverness
Beaux Of Oak Hill
Belles Of Lewiston
Belles Of Tipperary Reel
Blue Eyed Lassie
Bonnie Kate's Reel
Bunch Of Roses
Collin's Reel
Devil Among The Tailors
Devil's Dream
Dimen Dru Deelish
Dominion Reel
Dublin Lasses
Eileen Alanna
Fairy Dance
Farewell To Erin
Farrel O'gara's Favorite
First Of May
Fling Dang Reel
Flowers Of St Petersburg
Four Hand Scotch Reel
Game Cock Reel
Green Fields Of America
Green Groa The Rushes O
Hibernia's Pride
Higland Skip
Ivy Leaf Reel
Jenny Danged The Weaver's Reel
Katy's Reel
Kitty Clyde's Reel
Ladies Delight
Lady Jane Gray's Reel
Lady Wapole's Reel
Limber Up Reel
Lord James' Reel
Magic Slipper
Mary Rose's Reel
Mason' Apron
Mc Donald's Reel
Mc Gruffum's Reel
Miller's Reel Top Of Cork Road
Trip To The Cottage Jig
Two And Sixpence
The Unfortunate Rake Jig
The Whim Of A Moment Jig
Whiskey And Beer Jig
The Wink Of Her Eye Jig
Winnick's Favorite Jig
Yellow Stocking's Jig
Miss Brown's Reel
Miss Cambell's Reel
Miss Johnson's Reel
Miss Kelly's Reel
Miss Mcleod's Reel
Money Musk
Morton's Reel
Mountain Reel
Muldoon's Favorite
Neath The Moonlight Reel
New York Reel
Old Sport Reel
Old Zip Coon
Opera Reel
Paddy Mc Fadden's Reel
Paddy The Piper
Par Carney's Reel
Pig Town Fling
Pink Eyed Lassie
Piper's Lass
Pride Of The Ball
The Primrose Lass Reel
Randy Wife Of Greenlaw
Reed's Favorite
Reilly's Reel
Riley's Favorite
The Rival
Rocks Of Cashel
Rosebud Reel
Rustic Reel
The Scotch Patriot's Reel
Single Reel
Smuggler's Reel
Turnpike Reel
Twin Katy's Reel
Twin Sisters
Waterloo Reel
Weel May The Keel Row
Wind That Shakes The Barley
Wind Up Reel
Witch Of The Wave Reel
Admiral's Hornpipe
Ariel Hornpipe
Bamford Hornpipe
Belle Of The Ball
Bricklayer's Hornpipe
Campbell's Hornpipe
Cincinnatti Hornpipe
College Hornpipe
Constitution Hornpipe
Copenhagen Hornpipe
Corinthian Hornpipe
Curt Lawrence's Hornpipe
Danish Hornpipe
Delaware Hornpipe
Democratic Hornpipe
Devine's Hornpipe
Dundee Hornpipe
Durang's Hornpipe
Erie Hornpipe
Erin's Isle
Favorites Hornpipe
Fisher's Hornpipe
Good For The Tongue
Hand Organ Hornpipe
Harlequin Hornpipe
High Level Hornpipe
Hopkin's Hornpipe
Indian River Hornpipe
Lamplighter's Hornpipe
Liverpool Hornpipe
Lord Nelson's Hornpipe
Macgregor's Hornpipe
Miss Barker's Hornpipe
Miss Johnson's Hornpipe
Miss Mountain's Hornpipe
Mountain Ranger Hornpipe
Nelson's Victory
Niagara Hornpipe
Occidental Hornpipe
Pushee's Hornpipe
Ricker's Hornpipe
Rickett's Hornpipe
Snow Flake Hornpipe
Tin Wedding Hornpipe
Village Bells Hornpipe
Vinton's Hornpipe
Violetts Hornpipe
Wade Hamptons' Hornpipe
Whipple's Hornpipe
Willie's Hornpipe
Wilott's Hornpipe
Young America Hornpipe
Ypsilanti Hornpipe
Lancashire Clog
Lee's Double Clog
Loch Eroch Side
Marquis Of Huntly's Stathspey
Minstrel's Fancy Clog
Miss Stuart's Stathspey
Mrs. Adye's Stathspey
My Bonnie Laddie, Highland Fling
My Love Is Like The Red, Red Rose
Neal Gow's Wife, Stathspey
New Orleans Lancashire Clog
On The Road Clog
Pop Goes the Weasel
Rakes Of Mallow
Roy's Wife Of Aldivalloch
Sicilian Circle
Skip Rope Clog
Soldier's Joy
Speed The Plough
Strathearn Stathspey
White Cockade
Zulma, Fancy Dance
Alstair Macalastair
Valance Lancashire Clog
Bells Of Campbelltown, Stathspey
Bells Of Edinboro', Highland Fling
Ben Lomond Scotch Dance
Blue Stocking Clog
Bonniest Lass In Ayer
Campbells Are Comin'
Cincinnati Lancashire Clog
Danish Dance
Early Morn Lancashire Clog
Essence Of Old Kentucky
Essence Of Old Virginny
Fred Wilson's Clog
Girl I Left Behind Me
Highland Fling
Hull's Victory
I'm O'er Young To Marry Yet, Stathspey
Ladies Triumph
Lady Baird's Stathspey
Lady Mary Ramsay'sstathspey
Lady Templeton's Clog
Cheris The Ladies
Chorus Jig
Clancy's Favorite
Double Head Jig
Priest In His Boots Jig
Time O' Day Jig
Top Of The Cork Road
Spitfire Reel
Temperance Reel
Oriental Hornpipe
Belles of Campbelltown, Strathspey

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