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D. Alexanian: Complete Cello Technique: Violin & Cello: Instrumental Tutor

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The Classic Treatise on Cello Theory and Practice. An unabridged republication of Diran Alexanian's 1922 classic Traite Theorique et Pratique du Violoncelle this volume represents one of the most thorough explorations of cello playing and technique in the literature. It reprints the orginal dual-language edition featuring French and English instruction side by side on the page complemented by numerous photographs diagrams and music examples. Student and growing professionals alike will find it superb compendium of instruction.

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Dover Publications

Accents Anomalies Arpeggios With Partial Changes Of Place Arpeggios With The Augmented Fifth Articulated Double-trills Articulated Trills 'artificial Harmonics' Artificial Harmonics Of The Thumb Position Change Of String On Change Of Bow Change Of Strings On The Same Stroke Of Teh Bow Chords Chromatic Scale Definition Of Certain Terms, Signs And Technical Abrevations Diminished Sevenths Doubles-notes Of The Neck Exercises For All King Of Change Of Place Exercises For Developing The Strength Of The Fingers On The Left Hand Exercises For Mixed Changing Of Place Exercises In Double Strings With One Part Trilled Exercises Of Percussion Exercises To Develope The Independence Of The Fingers Exercises To Render The Fingers Supple First Disposition Of The Left Hand First Long Drwan Tones Intensities, Qualities Of Tone Irregular Extensions Jumping With The Bow Over One Or Two Strings To Another Major Scales Minor Melodic And Harmonic Scales Mixed Exercises For The Combined Use Of Double Strings Mixed Use Of The 4 Dispositions Mixed Use Of The Artificial And Natural Harmonics Modifications Of The Disposition Of The Left Hand Natural And Artificiel Double Harmonies Octaves Preface Preparation Concerning The Use Of The Left Hand Preparation For The Use Of Nut-thumb Preparation For The Use Of The Bow Preparatory Exercises For The Mixed Used Of The First Two Dispositions Rapid Alternations Between Two Given Strings Sclaes And Double-notes Of The Thumb Positions Second Dispositions Of The Left Hand Single-string Exercises Sixths Study Of Combined Change Of Place Study Of The Trill Tenths The Changing Of Place Of The Left Hand At The Neck Of The Violoncello The 'Gettao' Or 'Flying Staccato' "The Harmonics Of ""Thumb-positions""" The Harmonics Of The Neck The 'Legato' The Pizzicato The 'Spiccato' And The 'Saltellato' And The 'Sautille' The Study Of Double Notes The Vibrato The Violoncello The Way Of Holding The Bow The Way Of Holding The Violoncello Third Disposition Of The Left Hand Thirds To Finish Vibrated Double-trills Vibrated Trills Whole-tone Scales

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