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Appalachian Fiddle Music

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Fiddle - Beginning; Intermediate; Advanced

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Featuring 43 Fiddlers and 188 of Their Tunes. Perfect binding. Folk. Book. 212 pages. Mel Bay Publications, Inc #30091. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc (MB.30091).

ISBN 9781513466378. 8.75 x 11.75 inches.

Appalachian fiddle music, based on the musical traditions of the people who settled in the mountainous regions of the southeastern United States, is widely-known and played throughout North America and parts of Europe because of its complex rhythms, its catchy melodies, and its often-ancient-sounding stylistic qualities. The authors explore the lives and music of 43 of the classic Appalachian fiddlers who were active during the first half of the 20th century. Some of them were recorded commercially in the 1920s, such as Gid Tanner, Fiddlin? John Carson, and Charlie Bowman. Some were recorded by folklorists from the Library of Congress, such as William Stepp, Emmett Lundy, and Marion Reece. Others were recorded informally by family members and visitors, such as John Salyer, Emma Lee Dickerson, and Manco Sneed. All of them played throughout most of their lives and influenced the growth and stylistic elements of fiddle music in their regions. Each fiddler has been given a chapter with a biography, several tune transcriptions, and tune histories. To show the richness of the music, the authors make a special effort to show the musical elements in detail, but also acknowledge that nothing can take the place of listening. Many of the classic recordings used in this book can be found on the web, allowing you to hear and read the music together.

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Mel Bay

Song List: Preface Introduction Map Georgia Fiddlina John Carson 1. Hell Bound For Alabama 2. Jimmie On The Railroad 3. Liberty 4. Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane 5. Old Frying Pan And The Old Camp Kettle A.A. Gray 1. Bonaparteas Retreat 2. Sally Goodin 3. Streak Oa Lean, Streak Oa Fat Earl Johnson 1. Green Mountain Polka 2. I Get My Whiskey From Rockingham 3. Johnnie Get Your Gun 4. Leather Britches 5. Mississippi Sawyer Clayton Mcmichen 1. Broken Down Gambler 2. Give The Fiddler A Dram 3. Hellas Broke Loose In Georgia 4. Hog Trough Reel 5. Rocky Pallet Lowe Stokes 1. Citaco 2. Four Cent Cotton 3. Katy Did 4. Swamp Cat Rag Gid Tanner 1. Black Eyed Suzie 2. Buckina Mule 3. Georgia Railroad 4. Hen Cackle 5. On Tanneras Farm Kentucky Snake Chapman 1. Boating Up Sandy 2. Brushy Fork Of Johnas Creek 3. Rock Andy 4. Little Sally Ann 5. Pat Aem On The Back Clyde Davenport 1. Black Foot 2. Over The Hill To See Betty Baker 3. Puncheon Camps 4. Wild Goose Chase 5. Zollieas Retreat J.W. Day (Jilson Setters) 1. Damonas Winder 2. No Corn On Tygart 3. Hell And Scissor 4. Sweet Susan Emma Lee Dickerson 1. Cross Key 2. Flanneryas Dream 3. Little Liza Jane 4. Susanas Gone 5. Texas John John Salyer 1. Hoosier (Or Russian Rabbit) 2. Indian Ate The Woodchuck 3. Muddy Creek 4. Pleasures Of A Single Life 5. Rose In The Mountain Bill Stepp 1. Wild Horse 2. Mud Fence 3. Bonaparteas Retreat 4. Ways Of The World Luther Strong 1. Give The Fiddler A Dram 2. Glory In Meetinghouse 3. The Last Of Callahan 4. The Last Of Sizemore 5. Hickory Jack Buddy Thomas 1. Kitty Puss 2. Briarpicker Brown 3. Sheeps And Hogs Walking Through The Pasture 4. Billy In The Lowground 5. Pumpkin Vine North Carolina Benton Flippen 1. Breaking Up Christmas 2. Katy Hill 3. Sally Ann 4. Sally In The Turnip Patch Bill Hensley 1. Boogerman 2. Burke County 3. Georgia Horseshoe 4. Scottas No. 2 5. Squalina Cats Tommy Jarrell 1. Cumberland Gap 2. Devil In The Strawstack 3. Flatwoods 4. Drunken Hiccups 5. Rockingham Cindy Marcus Martin 1. Lady Hamilton 2. Cousin Sally Brown 3. Boatsman 4. Sourwood Mountain 5. Sugar In The Gourd Marion Reece 1. Lost Girl 2. Scolding Wife 3. Cripple Creek 4. Cumberland Gap 5. Jimmy Sutton Manco Sneed 1. Forks Of Sandy 2. Goodbye Girls 3. Newport Breakdown 4. Polly Put The Kettle On 5. Wiley Laws Tune Tennessee Charlie Bowman 1 Boys, My Moneyas All Gone 2. East Tennessee Blues 3. Forked Deer 4. Hickman Rag 5. Money In Both Pockets Bob Douglas 1.Choctaw Bill 2. Jenny In The Cotton Patch 3. Smoke Behind The Clouds 4. Monday Morning Blues John Dykes 1. Hook And Line 2. Ida Red 3. Red Steer 4. Tennessee Girls G.B. Grayson 1. Barnyard Serenade 2. Going Down The Lee Highway 3. Old Jimmie Sutton J.D. Harris 1. Bucking Mule 2. Whip The Devil Around The Stump 3. Grey Eagle Osey Helton 1. Georgia Belle 2. Green River 3. Osey Heltonas Schottische John Sharp 1. Molly Put The Kettle On 2. Sharpas Hornpipe 3. Lake Erie 4. Black Eyed Suzyanna 5. Three Way Hornpipe Allen Sisson 1. Rocky Road To Dublin 2. Rymeras Favorite Uncle Am Stuart 1. George Boker 2. Old Granny Rattletrap 3. Grey Eagle 4. Rye Straw 5. Waggoner Virginia Norman Edmonds 1. Chinquapin Hunting 2. Lady Of The Lake 3. Old-Time Cotton Eyed Joe 4. Ship In The Clouds 5. Train On The Island Albert Hash 1. I Took Her By Her Little Brown Hand 2. Old Sport 3. Hangmanas Reel 4. Arkansas Traveler 5. Nancy Blevins Taylor Kimble 1. Donat Drink Nothina But Corn 2. Golden Chain Tree 3. Green Willis 4. Rachel Emmett Lundy 1. Belle Of Lexington 2. Evening Star Waltz 3. Highlanderas Farewell 4. Julie Ann Johnson 5. Piney Woods Gal Fiddlina Powers 1. Callahanas Reel 2. Flop-Eared Mule 3. Patty On The Turnpike Henry Reed 1. Folding Down The Sheets 2. New Castle, Or Texas 3. Rocky Mountain Goat 4. Santa Annaas Retreat 5. Billy In The Low Land Ababea Spangler(S) 1. Midnight Serenade 2. Patrick County Blues 3. Susanna Gal 4. Tommy Love West Virginia French Carpenter 1. Shelvina Rock 2. Camp Chase 3. Elzicas Farewell 4. Yew Piney Mountain 5. Old Christmas Morning Ed Haley 1. Brushy Run 2. Cherry River Rag 3. Lost Indian 4. Ida Red 5. Old Sledge Edden Hammons 1. Falls Of Richmond 2. Fine Times At Our House 3. Sandy Boys 4. Sugar In The Gourd 5. Washingtonas March 6. Waynesboro Clark Kessinger 1. Old Jake Gillie 2. Sally Johnson 3. Sixteen Days In Georgia 4. Tug Boat 5. Whistling Rufus Sarah Singleton 1. Hell Among The Yearlings 2. Old Skedadalink 3. Soldieras Joy Melvin Wine 1. Cold Frosty Morning 2. Hannah At The Springhouse 3. Walk Chalk Chicken 4. Jimmy Johnson 5. Waiting For The Boatman Characteristics Of The Tunes Sources Referenced Alphabetical Tune Index Alternate/Referenced Tune Index

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