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Bass Basics (2-DVD Set)

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Matériel : DVD

By Stu Hamm. For bass guitar. DVD. Published by eMedia Music

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Basse electrique

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Bass players lay down the
foundation in practically
every style of music by
bridging the gap between the
strict rhythm of percussion
instruments and the melodic
domain of lead instruments and
vocals. Today?s bassists must
not only lock-in with the
drummer to serve up the all-
important ?groove? but are now
also called on to step up
front and treat the audience
to a searing and melodic solo
from time to time. Good bass
players are in high demand and
can easily find gigs, making
the instrument an attractive
proposition for aspiring
musicians. You still face the
question of where to begin and
that?s what the bass guitar
lessons in Bass Basics are all

About Stu Hamm:
Through his innovative work as
a solo artist and his
contributions as a sideman to
Joe Satriani and Steve Vai,
Stuart Hamm has firmly
established himself as one of
the most influential electric
bassists of the past half-
century. Extending the non-
traditional function of the
electric bass previously
revolutionized by Jaco
Pastorius and Stanley Clarke
in the 1970s, Hamm helped to
reshape the contemporary
concept of the bass guitar as
an unaccompanied instrument
with the utilization of
polyphonic, two-handed
tapping, slapping and popping
techniques, chords, and
harmonics. Hamm has received
an extensive list of accolades
such as being voted ?Best Jazz
Bassist? and ?Best Rock
Bassist? multiple times in
magazine polls conducted by
several major print

In this volume of video bass
guitar lessons Stu
demonstrates the essential
left and right hand techniques
developed to build strength
and endurance. He teaches you
the language of music to help
make quick work communicating
ideas at jams and auditions.
Bass Basics equips you with a
solid foundation of
techniques, theory, rhythm
patterns and bass lines, all
of which can be applied in any
style of music. Stu even shows
you how to read tab and follow
a chart as well as teach you
the essential theory required
to take your playing in any
direction you choose. If
you?re serious about learning
the bass and want to enjoy the
journey, let Bass Basics be
your guide. You won't go

Guitar Lab?s innovative
learning systems employ a
hands-on approach where
students ?play? their way
through the curriculum using
learning tools such as PIP
video, practice rhythm tracks,
and interactive tab and
notation, which allows the
student to play along with the
tab and notation, at any
tempo, without change in

Hands-On Learning Tools
--Text Lesson Guide
--Standard Notation
-- Guitar Tab
--Power Tab Files
--Power Tab Software
--Practice Rhythm Tracks
--Bonus Material
--Secure PIN enclosed for
quick and easy download of
learning tools
--Running Time: 128 Minutes.

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