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R. Chassin M. Boudoux: Drums Movie Session - Vol. 2 (Drums): Drum Kit:

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Drums Movie Session – Vol.2 is a volume that will help you to get ready to be involve in a collective performance. On the music of Lionel Melot it was composed by M. Boudoux R. Chassin C. Gastaldin et al. and features a CD to provide an audio backup. The volume includes the 25 pieces with the following genres: Western Action Suspense Series Great Show and Contemporary. This really progressive book proposes five grade of difficulty: level 8 level 9 level 10 level 11 and level 12. The CD includes each title at different tempi according to each level to get the players used to it. DrumsMovie Session – Vol.2 completes the first volume and is part of a series of book including the 'Studio Session 1 & 2' the 'Stage Session 1 & 2' and the 'RN’B Session' among others.

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Leduc, Alphonse

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R. Chassin M. Boudoux: Drums Movie Session - Vol. 2 (Drums): Drum Kit:
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