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Complete Jazz Guitar Method (Intermediate Jazz Guitar)

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(Intermediate Jazz Guitar). By Jody Fisher. For Guitar. This edition: Standard Notation Only. Book; CD; Guitar Method or Supplement; Method/Instruction; Technique Musicianship. Complete Method. Jazz. Intermediate. 96 pages. Published by Alfred Music (AP.4

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Alfred Publishing

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ISBN 0739094424. Jazz.

This book by renowned jazz guitarist and educator Jody Fisher, now in a standard-notation-only edition, is great for guitarists who have learned the basics of jazz harmony and improvisation. Topics include the ii-V-I progression, solo lines, altered chord formulas, and comping in various jazz feels, such as Latin, swing, ballad, and even funk. Continuing the format of Beginning Jazz Guitar, every new concept is accompanied by etudes and songs for practice, with every chapter clearly divided into harmony and improvisation lessons. Packed with hundreds of chord voicings and improvisation ideas, this book is a must for any serious student of jazz guitar.

String Set 4-3-2-1
Lesson 4B: Learning Licks No. 4
Minor 7 Flat 5 Licks
Chapter 5
Lesson 1A: The Blues Progression
Lesson 1B: Soloing Over Blues Progressions
C Minor Pentatonic Fingerings
C Blues Scale Fingerings
C Mixolydian Fingerings
About the Author
Chapter 1
Lesson 1A: The ii-V7-I Progression
Lesson 1B: Improvising Over Diatonic ii-V7-I Progressions
Lesson 2A/2B: Diatonic Arpeggios
Chapter 2
Lesson 1A: Altered Chords
Dominant 7th Flat Five Chords
The Closer You Are
Lesson 1B: Practicing Arpeggios
Lesson 2A: More Altered Chords
Dominant 7 Sharp 5 Chords
Lesson 2B: Progressions for Practicing Arpeggios
Lesson 3A: Altered Chords, Continued
Dominant 7 Flat 9 Chords
Lesson 3B: Creating Lines No. 1
Spelling Out the Changes
Swing Feel
Lesson 4A: More Altered Chords
Dominant 7 Sharp 9 Chords
By the Light of the Moon
Lesson 4B: Creating Lines No. 2
Neighbor Tones Approaching the Root
Lesson 5A: Chords with Combined Alterations
Lesson 5B: Creating Lines No. 3
Neighbor Tones Approaching the 3rd
Lesson 6A: More Chords with Combined Alterations
Lesson 6B: Creating Lines No. 4
Neighbor Tones Approaching the 5th
Lesson 7A: Other Important Chords and ii-V7-I Fingerings
Slash Chords
ii-V7-I Fingerings
Lesson 7B: Creating Lines No. 5
Neighbor Tones Approaching the 7th
Chapter 3
Lesson 1A: Comping Swing Feels
Lesson 1B: Major 7th Extensions
Lesson 2A: Comping Latin Feels
Lesson 2B: Diminished Extensions
Lesson 3A: Comping Funk Feels
Lesson 3B: Ascending Lines from Chord Tones
Lesson 4A: Comping Ballads
Lesson 4B: Descending Lines from Chord Tones
Chapter 4
Lesson 1A: Chord Connections
Lesson 1B: Learning Licks No. 1
Major Chord Licks
Lesson 2A: Chord Connections No. 2
String Set 6-5-4-3
String Set 5-4-3-2
Lesson 2B: Learning Licks No. 2
Minor Licks
Lesson 3A: Chord Connections No. 3
Moving Across the String Sets
Lesson 3B: Learning Licks No. 3
Dominant Licks
Lesson 4A: Chord Connections No. 4
Sample Blues Solos
Blues Solo No. 1
Blues Solo No. 2
Blues Solo No. 3
Chapter 6
Lesson 1A: Rhythm Changes
Lesson 1B: Soloing Over Rhythm Changes
Rhythm Solo
Chapter 7
Lesson 1A: Turnarounds
Lesson 1B: Soloing Over Turnarounds
Chapter 8
Lesson 1A: Chord Solo
Lesson 1B: Single-Note Solo
Single Notes in the Mist
Playing with Good Tone
More About Practicing
The Value of Practicing Along a Single String
Singing Along with Improvised Lines
Listening to the Greats
Jazz Artists

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