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Dulcimer Muse (BARRETT RUTH)

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Par BARRETT RUTH. Dulcimer Muse is a beautiful collection of fingerpicked and strummed tunes and songs arranged for the mountain dulcimer for players seeking to expand their repertoire. Thirty-one arrangements are gathered from Medieval and Renaissance eras, traditional folk music of Ireland, Scotland, England, Brittany and Spain, plus original compositions. Intended primarily for intermediate to advanced players and for some ambitious beginners, the pieces include melody lines in standard notation, mountain dulcimer tablature, with chords above most of the dulcimer tablature that can be shared with other musicians for accompaniment. Suggestions on how to play with greater musicality and ease are included. Set one-step lower than customary to bring out the dulcimer s deeper tones; the majority of pieces are arranged in Mixolydian and Aeolian tunings. / Date parution : 2022-09-14/ Recueil / Dulcimer

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Mel Bay

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1. About the Tunings and More 2. My Left-Hand Technique: 3. About Chord Shapes 4. About Ornamentation: Slides, Pull-Offs and Hammers 5. My Right-Hand Technique for Fingerpicking and Strumming 6. Tips for Singing with the Mountain Dulcimer 7. Muse-ical Tune and Song Notes 8. Tunes and Songs from Far-Flung Times and Places 9. Apples of Avalon 10. Archibald McDonald of Keppoch 11. Ave Luna (Prayer to the New Moon) 12. Avenging And Bright 13. Before the Snow 14. The Blarney Pilgrim 15. Branle des Village 16. Breton Dances 18. The Butterfly 19. Carolan?s Welcome 20. Chanter?s Tune 21. Cider Song (Son ar Chistr) 22. Dunmore Lasses 23. Give Me Your Hand (Tabhair dom do Lámh) 25. Into The Garden 26. J?ai vu le Loup, Le Renard et la Belette 27. Kemp?s Jig 28. King Of The Faeries 29. Le Branle des Chevaux 30. Leaving Rhu Vaternish 31. Loch Lovan Castle 32. Majorcan Dance 33. The Orange Rogue 34. Planxty Irwin 35. Romp of the Canyon Kitties 36. Sheebeg and Sheemore 37. Song of Brigid (Gabhaim molta Brigid) 38. The Song of Wandering Aengus 39. Southwind / Recueil / 88 page(s) / Ismn: 8388607

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