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Easy Soloing: Blues Keyboard

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By Tricia Woods. For Electronic Keyboard. Electronic Keyboard. National Guitar Workshop. Blues. Level: Advanced. Book and CD. 48 pages. Published by Alfred Publishing.

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Alfred Publishing

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ISBN 0739048082. Blues.

For blues musicians, there is no better feeling than improvising a great solo. Spontaneously creating music that comes from the heart is very rewarding. But if you?ve never tried it before, soloing can be intimidating. Which notes do I play? How do I come up with new ideas? What if I make a mistake? Easy Soloing for Blues Keyboard helps you overcome these doubts. You?ll learn easy methods to approach soloing with confidence. Instead of learning a lot of technical music theory, you?ll get practical guidelines you can use in real life. The blues has influenced many types of music, so you?ll be able to apply what you learn to a wide variety of musical situations. This is an excellent book for experienced musicians who are new to improvising, beginning players with a love for the blues, or busy people looking for a quick, low-stress introduction to soloing. A CD demonstrating all the examples featured in the book is included.


music Review
Middle C
The Grand Staff
Sharps And Flats
Half Steps And Whole Steps
The Major Scale

ingredients For A 12-bar Blues
simple Blues In C
feelin' The Shuffle Blues
Dominant Chords

improvising: Telling Your Own Story
Soloing With Just Two Notes
live At The Two-note
two Is Enough
Soloing With Three Notes
three's Company
Combining Two-note And Three-note Ideas
tag It On

the Minor Pentatonic And Blues Scales
flat City Blues
going Downstairs
it's All Downhill

getting More Mileage Out Of Your Ideas
Play Clusters From The Scale In Repeating Patterns
see less...
Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm
Add The Root Or The 5th Above Your Ideas
over The Top Blues
Use Octaves To Emphasize Ideas
Use Trills To Create A Dramatic Effect
Take A Simple Idea And Repeat It Over Different Octaves
chicago Style

playing Off The Chords
triad Blues
passing Tone Blues
The Pull-off
the On-again, Off-again Blues
Approach Tones
approachin', Encroachin' Blues
Chord-tone Exercise

another Way To Make The Changes
makin' The Changes Blues
More About The V Chord
high Five Blues
Playing Over Turnarounds And Ii-v7 Progressions
Turnaround Exercises

putting It All Together For The Hippest Sound
together Forever Blues
The Balloon Approach
hot Air Blues
Repeat, Combine, Extend
it's All About Me

conclusion: Enough Already, Time To Jam!
Key To Listening Exercises

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