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First Set of Madrigals (1598)

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By John Wilbye (1574-1638). Library volumes. Madrigals. Collection. Published by Stainer and Bell Ltd.

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Stainer and Bell

CONTENTS Adieu sweet Amarillis (SA (or S) TB) Alas, what a wretched life (SAA (or T) TB) Alas, what hope of speeding? (SATB) And though my love abounding (SSAA (or T) B) Away thou shalt not love me (SSA (or T)) Ay me! can every rumour? (SSA (or T)) Cruel behold my heavy ending (S (or A) S (or A) ATTB) Dear pity, how, ah how? (SSA) Die hapless man (SSA (or T) TB) Flora gave me fairest flowers (SSATB) Fly Love aloft to Heav'n (SS (or A) A (or T)) I always beg (SSTTB) I am quite tired with my groans (SA (or S) T (or A) B) I fall, I fall, O stay me (SSATB) I sung sometimes my thoughts (SSA (or T) TB) Lady your words do spite me (SSA (or T) T (or B) B) Lady, when I behold (SSA (or T) B) Lady, when I behold (SSA (or S) A (or T) A (or T) B) My throat is sore (SSAT (or A) TB) O fools can you not see? (SSA (or T) B) O God the rock of my whole strength (SAA (or T) TB) Of joys and pleasing pains (SSATT (or A) B) Sweet love, if thou wilt gain (SSATTB) The Lady Oriana (SSAA (or T) A (or T) B) Thou art but young thou sayAst (SSAA (or T) TB) Thus Love commands (SSA (or T) A (or T) B) Thus saith my Cloris bright (SAA (or T) B) Unkind, O stay thy flying (SSA (or T) TB) Weep O mine eyes (SST) What needeth all this travail? (SSA (or T) B) When shall my wretched life? (SSAT (or A) TB) Why dost thou shoot? (SSA (or S) A (or T) A (or T) B) Ye restless thoughts (SST).

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