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Monster Nashville Guitar

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Guitar Sherpa Presents. By Ladd Smith. Music Sales America. Tuition. DVD Only. Music Sales #HL14018484. Published by Music Sales

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Music Sales

5.25x7.5 inches. Featuring Ladd Smith. Designed to motivate and inspire students, Guitar Sherpa's innovative learning systems employ a hands-on, contextual format. Students 'play' their way through Guitar Sherpa curriculum rather than working through tedious examples and exercises. Ladd Smith, winner of Guitar Player magazine's Guitar Superstar award, delivers an extraordinary learning experience covering the essential improvisational, theoretical and technical skills needed to perform and record in the modern Nashville electric Guitar style. You'll play your way through Monster Nashville Guitar in a cognitive manner - no tedious notation, theory or exercises to bog you down. Ladd presents an extensive seriesof lessons based on his instrumental, 'Outrun the Train' which earned him the Guitar Superstar competition's top spot. 'The tune is an ideal instructional tool because it features a ton of my favourite licks and covers a wide range of up-tempo 'Tele-melee' material in an ear-friendly way, utilizing a common key, tempo and theme for ease of reference.' Ladd teaches you the Nashville numbering system, provides gear overviews with each lesson while drilling down on dozens of key skills including hybrid picking, banjo rolls, chicken pickin', chord solos, 'butterfly' hammer-on/pull-offs, unison and pedal-steel bends, train beats, open string pull-offs, vibrato, descending double-stop runs, triad-based pedal-steel riffs, sliding 4th intervals and bends, arpeggiated rhythms, contrary-motion/counter-point lead lines, descending banjo effects, open string utilization, behind-the-nut bends and whole tone riffs. Whether or not you aspire to be a Nashville player, Monster Nashville Guitar is a bottomless resource for players of any style, providing ample instruction to feed your grey matter for a lifetime. Hands-On Learning Tools included with Monster Nashville Guitar: Text Lesson Guide, Standard Notation, Guitar Tab, Power Tab Files, Power Tab Software, Practice Rhythm Tracks, Bonus Material. Secure PIN enclosed in DVD package for quick and.

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