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Oboe. By Philip Sparke. Anglo Music Press Play-Along. Play Along. Size 9x12 inches. 48 pages. Published by Anglo Music.

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Anglo Music

This is the third volume in a progressive series of three study books that takes the young player from beginner to accomplished musician. It is carefully tailored for each instrument and focuses on exercises aimed to improve specific technical and musical demands of the instruments.

Also available: Starter Studies (Volume 1) ? 44004898-44004907; Skillful Studies (Volume 2) ? 44005028-44005036

One Above - For Embouchure And Intonation
Flexible Variations - For Flexibility
Ttttechnical Exercise - For Tonguing
Baroque Melody - For Style And Rhythm
Aria - For Cantabile Playing
Nocturne - For Long Note Practice
Threasy Does It - For Finger Strength
Finger Twister No 1 - For Chromatics
Scales In Thirds - For Dexterity
Air - For Flexibility
Variations - For Cantabile Playing
Up Hill And Down Dale - For Scales And Trills
Hymn No 1 - For Long Phrases
Hymn No 2 - For Long Phrases
Hymn No 3 - For Long Phrases
Georgia's Gigue - For Tonguing
Leapfrog - For Playing Large Intervals
Missing Links - For Arpeggios
Swiss Mountain Air - For Flexibility
Cantilena 1 - For Breath Control
Cantilena 2 - For Breath Control
Finger Twister No 2 - For Chromatics
Threes, Fives And Sevens - For Changing Metre
Which E Flat? - For The Left Hand Eb Key
Dots And Dashes - For Rhythm And Finger Strength
Which F? - For Forked F Fingering

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