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The Sassmannshaus Tradition: Early Start on the Violin, Volume 3

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Elementary duets: Dances and other pieces in various keys. By Egon Sassmannshaus; Kurt Sassmannshaus. American English translation: Kurt Sassmannshaus; Illustrations: Charlotte Panowsky. For Violin. Take advantage of our exclusive introductory offer now and save 25% off the regular price - this special price is available for a limited time only. Baerenreiter's Sassmannshaus. Original German title: Fruher Anfang auf der Geige - Band 3; Fruhes Duospiel - Tanze und Spielstucke in verschiedenen Tonarten. Instructional Method. Method book. Text language: English. 71 pages. Published by Baerenreiter Verlag (German import).

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2 Violons (duo)

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ISBN M006536429. The third volume emphasises duet playing in a great variety of keys and rhythms and musical styles. Different finger patterns and strokes are thoroughly practiced.

About Baerenreiter's Sassmannshaus

Children playfully learn reliable violin technique at the earliest age. For more than three decades the Sassmannshaus Tradition has been the household name for excellence in beginner violin methods in German-speaking countries. More than half a million students have successfully learned to play the violin using this publication.

This tried and tested German violin method is now available in English! The best-selling violin method that gave generations of European musicians their foundation is now available in English, with content and songs newly adapted for today's English speaking children.

What makes this violin method so special?

The child-friendly and age-appropriate text underlying the music enables children to perceive melodies as a whole and to understand their singable qualities.

Songs and scales in different positions are easily explained and mastered within the first year. This is an important advantage over methods that confine children to the first position for many years.

Note reading is emphazised from the first lesson - children are brought up to become proficient sight-readers and play in chamber music ensembles as early as possible.

In contrast to other beginner violin methods, The Sassmannshaus Tradition progresses swiftly by introducing advanced violin techniques in rudimentary form, such as shifting and varied bow strokes.

Ensemble playing is encouraged from the very beginning.

The method is suitable for single instruction as well as for group and class lessons.

The large print notes and text as well as many colorful illustrations are particularly child-friendly and very attractive to pre-school children and school children alike.

The substantial volumes contain comprehensive material and carefully calibrated learning curves. They keep children curious and interested for many months and years.



The Half Step is Between the Second and Third Fingers

Duettino Anton Diabelli

Allegretto, From 25 Easy Duos for Violin, No. 1 Endre Szervansky

Rigaudon Joseph Bodin de Boismortier

From The Peasant Cantata Johann Sebastian Bach

Allegro From England

Andante Antonio Bartolomeo Bruni


The Half Step is Between the First and Second Fingers

Minuet Esprit Philippe Chedeville

Minuet From England, 1738

Moderato Bartolomeo Campagnoli

Minuet Joseph Haydn

Tempo giusto, from 25 Easy Duos for Violin, No. 6 Endre Szervansky

Tempo rubato, from 25 Easy Duos for Violin, No. 24 Endre Szervansky

Andanta, from 25 Easy Duos for Violin No. 2 Endre Szervansky

Waltz Franz Schubert

Presto Bertold Hummel

Andante Bertold Hummel

The Second Finger Changes Between Low and High Positions

Rondeau Esprit Philippe Chedeville

Contredanse Esprit Philippe Chedeville

Tambourin Duet Book, 1740

Minuet Joseph Bodin de Boismortier

Peasant Dance Joseph Bodin de Boismortier

March Carl Philipp Emanauel Bach

Cobbler's Dance Traditional, from the Taunus region

Minuet On a plate in the Focke Museum, Bremen

Minuet Joseph Haydn

The Half Step is Between the Third and Fourth Fingers

Andante Ignaz Joseph Pleyel

French Christmas Carol Esprit Philippe Chedeville

Minuet From 1736 English Collection

Allegro Arcangelo Corelli

Allegro From England


The Third Finger Changes Between Low and High Positions

Contredanse Esprit Philippe Chedeville

Cantabile Johann Baptist Vanhal

Musette Bertold Hummel

Allegretto, from 25 Easy Duos for Violin, No. 5 Endre Szervansky

Allegro ma non troppo, from 25 Easy Duos for Violin, No. 25 Endre Szervansky

Spring Wilhel Friedemann Bach

Aria Valentin Rathgeber

The First Finger is Low

Trumpet Minuet Anonymous

Dance Esprit Philippe Chedeville

Musette en Rondeau From a collection, c. 1740

Autumn Melody Bertold Hummel


Minuet George Frideric Handel

The First Finger Changes Between Low and High Positions

Minuet Christian Petzold

Minuet Jacques Christophe Naudot

Minuet From a Duet Book, c. 1740

Final Chorus from The Peasant Cantata Johann Sebastian Bach

Minuet George Frideric Handel

March Henry Purcell

Gavotte George Frideric Handel

The Whirlwind Jacques Aubert

Minuet Joseph Haydn

Minuet Joseph Haydn

Burlesque after Leopold Mozart's Music Book

[Untitled] Hubert Ries

Larghetto Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Adagio Louis Spohr

Finger Patterns, Old and New

The Fourth Finger is in Low Position

Allegretto From England



Gavotte allemande Nicolas Chedeville

[Untitled] Joseph Haydn

The Fourth Finger Changes Between Low and High Positions

German Dance Franz Schubert

German Dance Joseph Haydn

Minuet Joseph Haydn

Polonaise Johann Adolf Hasse

Minuet Esprit Philippe Chedeville


Minuet Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Minuet Georg Philipp Telemann

[Untitled] Leopold Mozart

March Carl Philipp Emanauel Bach

Minuet Esprit Philippe Chedeville

Andante, from Leopold Mozart's violin method Leopold Mozart

Duets in Various Keys with Changing Finger Patterns

Allegro after Evaristo Felice dall' Abaco

Bourree George Frideric Handel

Minuet Joseph Haydn

Minuet Georg Philipp Telemann

Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann

Waltz Franz Schubert

[Untitled] from Leopold Mozart's violin method Leopold Mozart

[Untitled] from Hubert Ries' violin method Hubert Ries

Comodo Hubert Ries

Adagio Louis Spohr

Allegro Louis Spohr

Siciliano Bertold Hummel

Minuet Joseph Haydn

Theme with Variation Leopold Jansa

Waltz Traditional, from Nassau

Marcia Bertold Hummel

Major and Minor Scales

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