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The Total Rock Keyboardist

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Written by Joe Bouchard, Sheila Romeo. Instructional book and examples CD for keyboard. 128 pages. Published by Alfred Publishing.

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Alfred Publishing

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ISBN 9780739043127. With standard notation, fingerings, chord names and instructional text. Instructional, Learn To Play and Rock. 9x12 inches.

The Total Rock Keyboardist is an exciting journey through the diverse world of rock keyboard playing. This book is ideal for all skill levels, from absolute beginners to experienced prog-rockers. You'll learn everything you need to become a well-rounded player, from rhythm parts that support the band to flashy improvised solos. Along the way, you'll gradually learn important music theory such as chords, diatonic harmony, and scales. This book covers practicing tips, warm-ups, easy-to-understand theory, discussion of various keyboard instruments and their place in music history, left-hand bass lines in a variety of styles, tips for improvising melodies and keyboard solos, a wide variety of chords, and great songs and examples in the styles of innovative rock keyboardists-present and past. A CD is included with backing tracks to make practicing fun and easy.

About the Authors
Chapter 1: Getting Started
Sitting at the Keyboard
Standing at the Keyboard
The Keyboard
Music Notation - Pitch
Music Notation - Time
Other Important Symbols and Info
Half Steps and Whole Steps
The Major Scale
Chapter 2: Rock Music Theory
Keys, Key Signatures, and Why We Use Them
Cycle of 5ths
Major Scale Fingerings
The 12 Major Scales
Minor Scales and the Relative Minor
The 12 Minor Scales
Chapter 3: Chords
The Workhorse of Rock: the Triad
Minor Chords
House of the Rising Sun
Major and Dominant 7th Chords
First Call
Minor 7th Chords
Isle of Dreams
Chapter 4: An Introduction to Rock Rhythms
Rhythmic Independence
Over the Top
Under the Depths
Chapter 5: Basic Bass Lines
Get 'Em Up
Chapter 6: Arpeggios and Chord Inversions
House of the Rising Sun: Arpeggios
Chord Inversions
Slash Chords
Back to Babylon
7th Chord Inversions
Down to Earth
Pedal Tones
Chapter 7: More Left-Hand Positions
Boogie-Woogie Patterns
Walkin' Talkin'
This Rock 'n' Roll Thing
Almost There
Broken Octaves
All Night Station
Boogie Lines in Octaves
Saloon Spider
Chapter 8: Pentatonic Scales and Beginning Improvisation
Major Pentatonic Scales
Deeper River
Far As You Like
Minor Pentatonic Scales
New Life
Off the Main Highway
Chapter 9: The Blues
The Blues Scale and Blue Notes
See the Light
The Grace Note
Diatonic Triads
The 12-Bar Blues
Variations on the 12-Bar Blues
Take to the Road
Blues Line in the Bass = Rock Power Riffs
Chapter 10: Funky Sixteenths
Explosive Soul
Chapter 11: In a Modal Mode
The Dorian Mode
Pure Magic
The Mixolydian Mode
Chapter 12: Rock Ballads
Roll On
Pedal Technique
See the Light
Chapter 13: Electronic Keyboards
Electric Piano
Ping Pong
The Rock Organ: The Mini and the Mighty
Good Time Comin'
Chapter 14: Important Rock Chords
Power Chords
Fingers on Flame
Sus Chords
Walk in the Sun
Major 6 and Major 7 Chords
Extensions: Major 9, Sharp 11, and Major 13
No More Clouds
Voice Leading
Time in Motion
Chapter 15: Chord Progressions
I-IV-V-IV and V-IV-I
Go Geppetto
Shake it Up
Why I-IV-V-I Rules Rock 'n' Roll
Substitutions for I-IV-V-I
Sixteen Angels
A Mixolydian Chord Progression (the Flat VII)
My Friend Zippy
Progressions East
Chapter 16: Diatonic Soloing
Diatonic 7th Chords
Analyzing a Song
Applying the Major Scale to a Solo
Oolong Tea
Phrasing, Chord Tones, and Passing Tones
Oolong Groove
Point of
Harmonizing Your Line
Streetsweeping Troubadour
Licks and Tricks
195 Relics
Chapter 17: Minor Chord Extensions
Minor 9, 11, and 13 Chords
Voicing Minor Extensions
Madman's Minors
Chapter 18: Developing Bass Lines
More Pedal Tones
Rolls Like a Wave
Walking Bass
Walkin' Bass
The Falling Bass
Tip Jar Waltz
Going for Baroque
Chapter 19: More Scales and Modes
Wagons to Phrygia
Lydian Mood
Galaxy of Love
Harmonic Minor
Harmonic Detective
Chapter 20: Styles
In the Style of Pink Floyd
Full Moon Frenzy
In the Style of Steely Dan
Blue Mercedes
Blues Rock
Evenin' Dew
Chapter 21: More Soloing and Harmonic Theory
Solo Examples
All I Need
In Search of the Broken Chord
Technically Tuneful
Relating Diatonic Harmonization to the Modes
Pentatonic Scales
Diatonic Harmonization of the Melodic and Harmonic Minor Scales
Modal Interchange and Parallel Modes
Modal Interchange Cadences
Moon Beams
Chapter 22: Progressive Rock
Odd Meter
Forces of Heaven
Wake Up

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