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Time Pieces for Treble/Alto Recorder, Volume 1

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Music Through the Ages in Two Volumes. For treble/alto recorder with piano accompaniment. Level: 1, 2, 3. Set of parts. 32 pages. Published by ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music).

Instrumentation :

Flûte à bec Alto, Piano

Editeur :

ABRSM Publishing

ISBN 978-1-86096-2943.

Contents: Traditional: Sakura, Sakura; Traditional: Kalevala Melody; Traditional: The Nutting Girl; Machaut: Douce dame jolie (ca.1340); Anonymous: La rocha el fuso (ca.1530); Byrd: La volta from 'Fitzwilliam Virginal Book' (ca.1610); Lully: Minuet (ca.1670); Charpentier: Prelude from 'Te Deum', H.146 (ca.1690); Mozart: Allegro K.3 (1762); Shield: The Ploughboy from 'The Farmer' (1787); Haydn: Poco adagio from String Quartet Opus 76 No. 3 (1797); Schubert: Entr'acte from 'Rosamunde' (1823); Schumann: Melody from 'Album for the Young' Opus 68 No.1 (1848); Grieg: Solveig's Song from 'Peer Gynt' (1875); Mahler: Theme from Symphony No.1 (1888); MacDowell: To a Wild Rose from 'Woodland Sketches' (1896); Kid Ory: Muskrat Ramble (1926); Britten: Fishing Song from 'Friday Afternoons' Op.7 (1935); Bartok: Sorrow from 'For Children' Vol.2 (1946); Bennetts: Chalk and Cheese (2006); Bennetts: Fancy (2006); Fancy (2006); Bennetts: Colourful G (2006)

All four of these volumes include wonderful selections, representative of many historical eras and of many genres within each era....These books become especially valuable as they contain music representing styles that are often not included in the education of young recorder students.... Considered as a whole, this series really hit home with me, since music students on any instrument at any level of instruction should be developing a knowledge of stylistic distinctions of the various musical eras.--Sue Groskreutz, for American Recorder (January 2009).

Allegro K. 3 Performed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Chalk and Cheese Performed by Kathryn Anne Bennetts
Colourful G Performed by Kathryn Anne Bennetts
Douce Dame Jolie Performed by Guillaume De Machaut
EntrÕacte from Rosamunde Performed by Franz Schubert
Fancy Performed by Kathryn Anne Bennetts
Fishing Song from Friday Afternoons, Op. 7 Performed by Benjamin Britten
Kalevala Melody
La rocha el fuso
La volta from Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Performed by William Byrd
Melody from Album for the Young, Op. 68 No. 1 Performed by Robert Schumann
Minuet Performed by Jean-Baptiste Lully
Muskrat Ramble Performed by Kid Ory
Poco adagio from String Quartet Op. 76 No. 3 Performed by Franz Joseph Haydn
Prelude from Te Deum, H. 146 Performed by Marc Antoine Charpentier
Sakura, Sakura
SolveigÕs Song from Peer Gynt Performed by Edvard Grieg
Sorrow from For Children, Vol. 2 Performed by Bela Bartok
Alan Bullard The Nutting Girl
The Ploughboy from The Farmer Performed by Shield
Theme from Symphony No. 1 Performed by Gustav Mahler
To A Wild Rose from Woodland Sketches Performed by Edward MacDowell
The Nutting GIrl
Douce dame jolie (ca.1340) Performed by Guillaume De Machaut
La rocha el fuso (ca.1530) Performed by Anonymous

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