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Dunhuang Collector Erhu Model 163A Erquan Style

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This Chinese ErHu is constructed from Old Redwood masterfully selected by the artisans from Dunhuang. Redwood is a lovely rich red timber that is commonly used for quality musical instruments. Additionally, it is often applied to interior and decorative uses as well as decking surfaces, fences and overhead shelters. This redwood comes from old-growth trees for the best tonewood sound. Rot-resistant, straight-grained, and non-resinous wood Old Redwood is as durable as it is beautiful. Displaying the same general tonal characteristics of Cedar but leaning slightly toward darker tones, less definition in the bass and lower velocity of sound. Old Redwood brings a visual and audible beauty to any traditional Chinese musical instrument. Other materials include: strings that are German steel wrapped nylon, horsehair bow. This Erhu measures: 33" x 5 inches Product History: The Erhu (pronounced Err-hoo) is a two-stringed bowed traditional musical instrument. Sometimes known as "'Chinese violin" the first part "Er" means the number two and the second part "Hu" means from ancient times. It is believed to have origins as far back as the 10th century in China. The Erhu has several intricate parts: the neck is long and stick-like while the top has two large tuning pegs, but the most impact comes from the small resonator body (sound box). Two strings are attached from the top pegs and stream down to the base of the instrument. A separate horse-hair bow is the final part. To play the ErHu, the musician holds the instrument in his/her lap, straight up and down and then, much like playing a violin the bow is pulled at different angles to articulate specific sounds. The front has python skin which is tightly covered to amplify the vibrations of the strings. The sound comes out of the resonator from the back. In terms of tuning, the two strings of the ErHu is usually tuned D and A.

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