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Description from Thomann :

- Moog Sound Studio: Mother-32 & DFAM & Subharmonicon; consisting of Moog Mother-32, DFAM and Subharmonicon; complete package of 3 semi-modular analog synthesizers plus accessories and teaching tools to explore the world of analog synthesis; Mother-32: voltage controlled 32-step sequencer with 64 sequence locations; low pass & high pass Moog ladder filter (20Hz - 20kHz) with voltage controlled resonance; Moog oscillator with pulse and sawtooth wave outputs; MIDI input and MIDI to CV converter; 32x modular patchbay with 3.5mm mini jack; line/headphone output: 6.3mm jack; line input: 3.5mm mini-jack; DFAM: two oscillators with square, triangle waveforms and white noise generator; switchable low pass & high pass 4-pole transistor ladder filter (20Hz - 20kHz); 8-step analog sequencer; 24x patchbay with 3.5mm mini-jack; line/headphone output: 6.3mm jack; Subharmonicon: two analog oscillators with two tunable subharmonic oscillators each; resonant Moog ladder filter (lowpass, -24dB/oct.); VCA and VCF envelope, each with adjustable attack & decay time; two analog 4-step sequencers with selectable quantization; 4 rhythm generators for creating polyrhythmic patterns; internal tempo adjustable from 20-3000 BPM; patchbay with 17 inputs and 15 outputs (3.5mm); line/headphone output: 6.3mm jack; including 1x analog 4-channel summing mixer with built-in 3-way power distribution, 1x 3-tier rack kit, 1x patch cable organizer, 1x set of Moog patch cables, 3x 6.3mm jack cables, 1x screwdriver, 1x dust cover, 1x patch instruction book and exploration games; dimensions complete (W x H x D): 33 x 34.3 x 33cm; weight: 6.6kg

Seller information :Thomann
Place :Allemagne
Shipping :Livraison Mondiale

Moog : Sound Studio: Mother-32 & DFAM
Moog : Sound Studio: Mother-32 & DFAM

- Composé du Moog Mother-32 et du Moog DFAM
- Set complet avec 2 synthétiseurs analogique…
ships n 24 hours
Moog : Sound Studio: DFAM & Subharmon
Moog : Sound Studio: DFAM & Subharmon

- Composé du Moog DFAM et du Moog Subharmonicon
- Set complet avec 2 synthétiseurs analog…
ships n 24 hours

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