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- g of our Evah Pirazzi GOLD offers excellent response and a large, noble, and smooth sound to the very top of the register.<br /> - gs respond immediately to high bow pressure, translating the violinist's energy into powerful sonorities.The gold wound G-string gives a round and full tone, while that of the silver wound G-string emphasizes brightness, neither material detracting from the rich volume which is the hallmark of this product. Matching the G-string, the D-and A-strings offer large tone, effortless response, and a projection of sound that is both far-reaching and focused. The innovative material used in the E-strin<br /> - lament.The sound is full-bodied from the very bottom to the top of the register and the design of the individual strings has been so carefully matched to one another allowing for effortlessly smooth transitions from string to string. This gives the strings both a marked presence and clarity and outstanding pedal-like resonance. Thesestrings allow the violinist to explore the finest nuances of the quietest passages or to play close to the finger-board with confidence. At the same time our strin<br /> - Set / Violin 4/4 Silver wound G-stringCore made from new synthetic fibrese'' loop end, high-grade steela' synthetic/aluminiumd' synthetic/sterling silverg synthetic/sterling silverEvah Pirazzi GOLD -This new string has the potential both to seduce and inspire the violinists. On the one hand they enjoy the brilliant,golden tone one would normally associate with gut strings. On the other, the tuning stability and extremely short breaking-in period.The core material consists of a synthetic multifi<br />

Pirastro 419095 Evah Pirazzi GOLD Violin Set (G-Silver, E-loop) medium
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Pirastro 419095 Evah Pirazzi GOLD Violin Set (G-Silver, E-loop) medium
- Moderna corda in plastica.<br /> - Tonalità italiana, brillante e dorata.<br /><85>

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Strings (for Violin) pour VIOLIN - FIDDLE

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