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Budding musicians and music lovers can make their own beautiful music or sing along with favorite songs when they play with the B. Meowsic Keyboard. This keyboard entertains kids ages two and up and encourages interactive play with lots of buttons to press and plenty of musical choices for singing, playing, and recording. The Meowsic Keyboard comes with a book of lyrics and a small book of favorite kid quotes posted on the B Quote Gallery.

ongs, Beats, Sounds, and

The B. Meowsic Keyboard
provides lots of
opportunities for
experimenting with music and
sounds. Five instrumental
sounds (piano, organ, banjo,
bells, and a button that
plays every note in the key
of "meow"), a 20-song
playlist, a retractable
microphone, and built-in
recorder invite your child
to discover the joy of
musical play. The keyboard
also offers five different
beat options including rock,
blues, samba, techno, and
disco for extra fun.

Kid-Friendly Design for
Musical Discovery

Meowsic has clearly been
designed with little ones in
mind. A simple on/off switch
gets things going and an
auto shutoff function
signaled by a soft "purr"
sound helps saves battery
power. Kids can speed things
up or slow them down with
the two medium-size tempo
buttons. Volume is easy to
control via two buttons
right next to the tempo
buttons. Another easy-to-
find button on the side of
the beat paw instantly
retracts the microphone.

Records Your Child's
Original Music

Our testers really liked the
record button, which lets
young Mozarts record
whatever they play on the
keyboard. A play button
right next to the record
button stops the recording
and instantly plays back
your child's original tune.
One thing our testers
discovered, however, is that
the record button will not
record anything spoken or
sung into the microphone,
nor will it record any of
the beat lines. It's purely
for the keyboard.

Lots of Sing-Along Fun

A cat button on top plays
seven kitty renditions of
popular songs (like "How
Much is that Kitty in the
Window•" and a feline
version of "The 12 Days of
Christmas") that invite
singing along with the

For even more sing-along
fun, press the treble clef
button to play 20 pre-
recorded tunes like "Bingo,"
"Beautiful Dreamer," "Hokey
Pokey," and "Yankee Doodle."
A handy lyric book comes
with the keyboard and
provides a great opportunity
to help build early language
skills by teaching young
children the words.

What's in the Box

Keyboard with four AA
batteries installed,
function sheet, book of
lyrics, and book of quotes.

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