PIANOLiszt, Franz
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in C-sharp minor
Liszt, Franz - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in C-sharp minor

VoirPDF : Partition (18 pages - 1.29 Mo)
Vidéo :
Compositeur :Franz LisztLiszt, Franz (1811 - 1886)
Instrumentation :

Piano seul

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Arrangeur :Rafael Joseffy (1852?1915) [?]
Editeur :New York: G. Schirmer, n.d. [?
Date :1847
Droit d'auteur :Public Domain
Partition centrale :Rhapsodies Hongroises (34 partitions)
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Avis posté le 13/08/2019, par velcroman (membre free-scores.com)
Franz Listz reminds me of Sid Nightly. Re-incarnation
Avis posté le 25/01/2019, par coreycocoa (membre free-scores.com)
I love this song so much. I am 14 and I learned to play this and it has been one of my very favorite songs to play!
Avis posté le 23/02/2018, par nuitcherry (membre free-scores.com)
Tom&Jerry comes to my mind. I love this.
Avis posté le 06/04/2013, par kathlee abellana (visiteur)
., it was the greatest music in all times and in hope your website will help me more about music..:)
Avis posté le 03/03/2013, par jwilsarg357 (visiteur)
WONDERFUL!! Marc-Andre Hamelin's video is awful, but Lang Lang went to town with this piece! Absolutely awesome!
Avis posté le 18/12/2012, par Jonathan S. (visiteur)
In answer to Ana Solveyne: It may be the "Cadenza ad lib" part, the last bar of page 17. Here the performer can decide on the cadenza to transition to the next theme.
Avis posté le 09/11/2012, par Jonathan Sargent . (visiteur)
This is among the top hardest piano solo pieces, and is very rewarding to perform and listen to.
Avis posté le 10/10/2012, par Dr. Roth (visiteur)
A list of pieces more challenging. Not as loved albeit but technically more difficult... *Frederic Rzewski's The People United Will Never Be Defeated *Alkan's Comme Le Vent and a few othersd by him. *Chopin-op. 10 set, I would say no. 2. Out of the op. 25 set *Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No.2 *Liszt Etude No.4 Mazeppa And some others. Any piece can be played, but played well? To simply play the notes is not impressive. To play them as an artist, now that is the challenge truly! Something played so beautifully, you weep! Settle for nothing less. I dare anyone who says they are a great player, to find a simple piece and play it so masterfully, as to make anyone cry out bravo!...instead of being bored by the same old piece. Play masterfully anything. ANYONE can be a performing monkey machine!
Avis posté le 17/09/2012, par anoymous (visiteur)
there is a mistake in page 2 row 2!
Avis posté le 13/09/2012, par rmen (membre free-scores.com)
a wonderful yet very difficult piece!
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