Do, Cuong - Loi
Opus 14

VoirPDF : LawOp14+cover+instruction (3 pages - 99.98 Ko)
Vidéo :
Compositeur :Cuong DoDo, Cuong (1975 - )
Instrumentation :

Percussion et Ensemble de Chambre

Genre :


Editeur :Do, Cuong
Date :28 Octobre 2004
Droit d'auteur :Do Kien Cuong © All rights reserved

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Do, CuongTitre : Loi

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Create WAV or AIFF files suitable for burning to CD.
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Open raw (headerless) audio files using the ?Import Raw? command.
Note: Audacity does not currently support WMA, AAC, or most other proprietary or restricted file formats.
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Sound Quality
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Mix tracks with different sample rates or formats, and Audacity will convert them automatically in realtime.
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Audacity includes some sample plug-ins by Steve Harris.
Load VST plug-ins for Windows and Mac, with the optional VST Enabler.
Write new effects with the built-in Nyquist programming language.
Spectrogram mode for visualizing frequencies.
?Plot Spectrum? command for detailed frequency analysis.
Free and Cross-Platform
Licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and GNU/Linux.

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LilyPond - ... music notation for everyone

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LilyPond's information from: http://lilypond.org/


LilyPond is a music engraving program, devoted to producing the highest-quality sheet music possible. It brings the aesthetics of traditionally engraved music to computer printouts.

LilyPond came about when two musicians wanted to go beyond the soulless look of computer-printed sheet music. Musicians prefer reading beautiful music, so why couldn?t programmers write software to produce elegant printed parts?

The result is a system which frees musicians from the details of layout, allowing them to focus on making music. LilyPond works with them to create publication-quality parts, crafted in the best traditions of classical music engraving.


PDFTK Builder Portable

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This portable software is also helpful for musicians, which I am using it.
I just copy and paste the description from its webpage at a link as below:

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Here is text

PDFTK Builder is a pdf manipulation utility for Windows with a great array of features including:

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-Split - allows you to separate each page of a PDF document into its own file.

-Background or Stamp - 'Background' enables you to add a background to each page in a document or just the first page. The 'background' (eg a company logo, or a 'draft' watermark) must be another PDF document (the first page of that document if it has more than one page). 'Stamp' is very similar to 'background' except that the 'stamp' is placed on top of the source document.

-Rotate - 'Rotate' enables you to rotate a range of pages in a document.

-Password Protection - The new document can be password protected (encrypted) by providing 'owner' and 'user' passwords. The 'owner' password does not stop users from reading the document, but it does restrict the actions that users can perform on that document - printing, copying, decrypting etc. Specifying a 'user' password will stop anyone without either 'user' or 'owner' passwords from opening and reading the document.

http://portableapps.com/apps/o ffice/pdftk_builder_portable

Create PDF documents on the fly ? for Free!

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I am using this free PDF printer very often. Its name is CutePDF Writer.

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Portable Document Format (PDF) is the de facto standard for the secure and reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents and forms around the world. CutePDF Writer (formerly CutePDF Printer) is the free version of commercial PDF creation software. CutePDF Writer installs itself as a "printer subsystem". This enables virtually any Windows applications (must be able to print) to create professional quality PDF documents - with just a push of a button!

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Installation Requirements
Supports Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 (x86/x64).
Requires PS2PDF converter such as Ghostscript (recommended).
You can get the free GPL Ghostscript 8.15 here.

GNU Ghostscript is an open-source interpreter for the PostScript language and the PDF file format. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License. You may obtain the source code for GPL Ghostscript 8.15 here.

What's New
Added support for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7.
Added support for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista.
Added support for 64-bit Windows XP/2003.
Seamlessly integrate with CutePDF Professional.
New version works with the latest version of Ghostscript.
To use with other PS2PDF application, please refer to FAQs.
Supports foreign language Windows better.
No longer include Ghostscript. You may download and install it separately.

Just get the Free Download and Free Converter or Get Zipped Setup on the left, above the word FAQs on the software's webpage.

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Foxit Reader

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If you get a PDF file to your computer, you also need to have a software which can open the file.

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The Best PDF Reader ? Over 100 Million Users
Whether you're a consumer, business, government agency, or educational organization, you need to read and annotate PDF documents and fill out PDF forms. You need your PDF Reader to be:
Fast - so you're not waiting forever to read files.
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Secure - so you don't get infected with viruses and can keep sensitive information safe.
A Platform - so you can extend the Reader by creating your own value added capabilities for internal use or for resale.
The Foxit Reader is a small, fast, and feature rich PDF viewer which allows you to open, view, and print any PDF file. Unlike other free PDF readers, Foxit Reader also includes easy to use collaboration features like the ability to add annotations, fill out forms, and add text to PDF documents. Foxit Reader has a small footprint that starts up instantly, renders PDF files quickly and uses very little memory, which is especially important with today's handheld devices. The Foxit Reader is packed full of convenient and easy to use viewing, editing and printing features that make document collaboration simple. Foxit Reader's secure platform insures worry free operation against malicious virus and provides a secure and reliable digital signature verification platform for exchanging electronics documents without putting the user at risk from falsified documents.
System Requirements
Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows® XP Home, Professional, or Tablet PC Edition with Service Pack 2 or 3 (32-bit & 64-bit).
Windows Vista® Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with or without Service Pack 1 (32-bit & 64-bit).
Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)

http://www.foxitsoftware.com/p roducts/reader/

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