CHANT - CHORALEChope, Richard Robert
christmass, christmas-tyde the gracious moon christopher christ our christ, our christ, our blessed lord, christ's christ's nativity. christ the christ the king, whom shepherds christ the lord, christ the lord to christ, they christ they^ purposed christ was born christ was born of pure christ was there church and home, this great and churches, as church of england ciled, ciled. cir - cle circles intertwine, citmls. city city, city, in cjjrisimas cjjrisimas carols, cjjrisimas carols. cjjrislmas cjjrtetmas cjmsimas cjmstmas cjmstmas carols, cjpislnra carols, cjprktinas ut0l$. .cjr cjrasteras carols. clad, claim claim mes clay; clear clear, clear-eyed on the solar blaze clepyd a chery tre - cler clergy of the clim cling clinging clings clings true cljnsimas rxah, cljrhhnas uxah. cljrisimas carols. cljrisimas %xah. cljrisimirs ferals, cljrislmas cljristas carols. cljristmas carols, cljrktmas fowls. close, close to god. clos - ing, cloth, clothes, clouds clouds they glide, clouds too seldom pass away cltwk cmeap edition cmrk co., 1, berners street. coars coin cold cold, cold as the cold win come ??/come, " come, come, come and come and worship 'come, bow to comedy come, for ever, come, glad hearts and come, good christians, come hasten come heaven's me come let us adore him come peasant, king, to own him comes down comes down, the shining light, comes round, comes, the kixg of glory, comes, the saviour comes to-day. come that star come, the heav'ns proclaim his come ye down come ye down to come ye low come ye lowly come your comfort by him do we win, comforts our distress. comine com-ing, com - ing down coming of the magi, and they commanded was to stay command r. commonly sung commonly-taught orthodox, in companion. company. compiled by r. r. chope. com'st again comtek conception conception. concord ans. condemned the conducted by a leading star, confess thee, -- congregation, congregational gatherings." conies, the contain all contains about 300 lines, and contains carols as well contra-tenor. cord cord, corned cornish cornish, altered by k.r.c. cornisu corpse laid underground. corpus christi, or on correspondent. costly treasures bearing. costumed could pierce beyond the grave, could tongues by angels taught coun-sels counting zeal a foolish thing, countless flowers are blooming there, count the hours, course! court courtly hall received the maid, courts. coussefrom covering, cows. cpipljmrg carols. cradled in a stall, cr bright hosts espy, cr cries, created, creator, king, and lord, cred credit this, to-day, cr eegal gold, cr eise, cres. cr ever now to lighten cr for you hail our monaech, cr great is thy power and thy love, crib crib, crib.j crkist, cr like cr lo now the herald sound _crn cross, are eglantine crowds of snow-white angels crown crown, crown. crowned with her temple towers crown receive crt$7j,v. cr telling of the saviour's birth.' cr than our holy chancel cr there (cr) to reconcile crucified, crucified, with wounds and bruises cruel, cruel cr "when prostrate idols fell before cr "where we may sing to thy solace, cry, cry." cszd ctor c\^ tvqwd norf tt.rlifinn ~f! nv ~f\ cull the woodbine that entwines, cuts -czi dab's sky, dace dah, dah's dam's trans dance dances, dance with singing. dancing. % daniel, dan shout and zi-on dante. daring the whole of the dark dark - en darkened darkened be, darkness das festliche dates from the twelfth century david chambers, david with his princely gown, dawn dawn of dawns day, day; day. day, all day and evermore. day in bethlehem day light day no days days, day-spring from on high, shine forth day the shepherd came day we day when christ was day whilst dbpipijukjr carols. dbpipjrmtg &vlxq\$> deal better nor dear dear foot -prints trace, dear son without death death, death. dec. decani de-cem-ber sound the deck each arch and column, decked the birthday of god's sox de-clare deeds and thy bad, deepest night, deep silence lay o'er all deep the gloom, and still deep through my spirit shine degrees of merit. de jesus christ " was composed delightfully clear and readable. -den, den- ly den's deptpjyang clcawrfa. der hinder so schwarz ? dering descendant of desire their des roys, devonshire devonshire, devonshire, altered bv dew - y ground, dftin diapason. diapasons.) did much rejoice in mind, did not abhor the virgin's womb. did nothing take did nothing take in did say, did say, it came to pass did sing die, die." died upon the cross for "die springprocession dieu." different versions of difficulty for dim. dim\ dimand grant dimand yet we know dim but dim but did transgress god's holy laws, dim cradles her ceeatoe, dim" emmaotek " on mary's heart dimgojy rest thee, murdered baby dimibut in a dim jesu, lord, thy spirit send, dimjle said his dimlotig rest thee, ransomed baby, dimnot dimthe dimthey found him dimthey found him in a manger, dimtlm christ dim with a reverent love untold. dings -dings, dings, dings from the skies. dings, i dings ne'er dings, ob, dings of dinibut his court dinike, the di - rects di-rects the road d; irksome displayed, dispute and deny this great district, divine jesus djmsimas d\kes, mus. doc. dliug dljrisimas carols, dltet. trebles. d/mlong rest thee, ransomed baby, dm' tis doc.* docen, done at jesus' done for thee great things ? dore dorothea. dost now in glory doth ap - doth ap- do their worst, do the joyful choir of angels sing, doth give doth gorgeous purple down down, down in its flower, down the sky downy dows gath dream. dream, ra/lo! dr. eimbault, to whom dresden. 1 767, harmonised, dressed in character. dr. goldsmith's vicar drink drive driv'n driv'n from a christ dtarcrls. dttet--treble and bass. duet. duet alto and tenor duet. trebles and dulci. \ & dul& stop. duols, du theatre duty each each his pathway bending, eager to devour the prey. eaith ear, ea-rcov early as the 9th century, * earnest-hearted saul, earnest religious souls, and earth earth ? earth, earth. earth adored earth and earth be earth con-fess her sove-reign earth from heaven glad tidings earth glad wel earthly kings array earth redeemed to-day rejoice*, earth rejoice earth's earth through the earthward east east, east-era east - ern eastern mountains wondrous -ly east, where-by eat your cherries eat your cherries, eat your cherries, mary, %ebl (ebt. echo echo the ed church-yard eing eden was the ed morn, edmund hamilton edmund hamilton sears edom and offerings divine eecit. treble. bather slow. eeer^-howaitsd/m humbly eejoice, &c. eeligious dances were in vogue eend-ing e'en from his very birth, eev. b. r. chope eev. e. f. smith* effect will eing out joy-ous eing the eises up an empire new, either ? or elpison el! ra/ this emblematic of the saviour's mi&ion. e?/mcoming from zion down, e. millard, d.d. emmanuel. employ empty end, endless glory be to thee english english bio- english churchman. en harps re enormous columns and the vasty en's stall -ent entered at stationers* hall.] en terre accomply entirely eor your loed preparing epiphany epiphany. epiphiny. (epipjjang carols. (eptpljang carols. equal praise and merit er -brightening day, e. r. chope ere break of er jour-neying er -last es great especial favourite of the poor. essay by mr. s. baring-gould - est - est, est, est-il ne, afin - etb. eternal, the glorious eth wine! et soit ce lieu rempli et son lineage, eujs euphrates' waters europe. christianity eve becoming even in a small degree " even thus their carols ever author or composer's ever bringing good from everlastings that endure. ever seek thy mercy-seat.. every day every nation, everything for jewry's kixo, evidently not vespers. ewer, and ex - alt thee, excelsis ex-cel-sis exhorts yon flee exile here in poverty extatic, extracts from reviews. ey warumb f 1 sam. xviii. 4. faces, fail fail, failing, fain 'twould see christ nigh fair fair, fair bethlehem, goodly town faith faith, faith and languid praise, faith -ful, faith- ful faithful, great faith -ful "watch faithful watchers given faith renews the angel faith's star shall guide the falling down in worship falls into its falls shining from the skies familiar, f and may praise fanny crosby fant fant, fantasti- -fant out fants - far, far, fare -well of -fas* fast fast bound in winter's icy chain, fast-failing fa -ther, father and spirit and well-beloved father's wisdom willed it so, fca=* =fce: fcfr-pv- =fcj: ^fcq^zqfar (fcrak fcrh fcrj: fcti: fcz= feak fear fear, fear. fear no pain for jesus' sake, fear not, fears fears. feast -ers! feast of febd= -&fed,. fed; feet cast fej. fepi ferj: fes^ - fest fes - tal fes -tal chime, what could eer festival festival. =fev ff eing the bells, &c. ff gloria, &c. ff glory in the highest ff glory to god on ff glory to god on high ! -f-f-rpeace on ff then, one and ff the son of god, &c. ffzjeije (fibre (fibst tune.) fice fiddle and dance. fid - ly, field, fields fifth edition, 2d. fight, fikst line op carol. - filed, fill those infant eyes ? fill your home, fils de dieu, pour la find find, find. find, accordingly, find the fine. fined. finest gold, finished, finish thus. ^'m. firm - a firmly. first first line 3f carol, first line of cakol. first line of carol. first loved first shone that peaceful beam first sprang, first syllable, (first ttne.) (first tune.) first, whose eagle eye 'fjr fjsni=$-- fkr-(& flanders, harmoby the rev. h. flash across our perilous night fleetwood sheppard flemish flesh flesh, flesh appearing. fleshly sight. fle tm isl}> flies flight o'er float flocks flocks by ni g ht flowed flow-ers flowers of varied odour blow, flow' -ry glades of flt* flute (flute f. mendels-ohti bartholdy foeman foes fol - fol- - fold, fold, followed in robes of white. following follows in his train ? follows in their train ? follows the rubric /for "for for, for a krsro, it forbidden the fulfilment of vows for christ from satan's for christ - ian for christ's dear sake, for cueist, in david's for, dear friends, the glory fore - fore forest, fore their fore this for, found in humblest guise, forget the story ? for - giv forgiven, for glad and joyous hours for great things for his for his first rest was given. for itself, ere for jesus cheist is born for jesus christ for jesus christ is born for jesus cueist for jesus' second coming, form for man for meet for me, for form round the for news, for ns abiding, for our solemn feast; for sin a sacrifice. for sinners here " for suthe, mary, for sweet fort -fort forth forth. for the for the " for the armies of hell for the o'ershadowing for the robes of light for the saving of our souls for the village of grecia, for the world for this for this wondrous birth for this work. for those who have for thou wast obedient forth, that all forth to guide us yet, for to-day her lord is born for to give to for to redeem us all. for tribute for un-to you for us a child was born for use in for us he loved so dear. for us poor exiles, for us that for us upon this morn, for we shall find on earth found found. found powerless in the 19th. fount fount of endless pleasure fourth edition. fox's tail f-pri^ - fraid, francis. franciscan francis, they lifted francis was francis was so potent that francois." frank freed the soul from danger freez-ing {french french, french flanders, harmonised fres - fresh on the listening ear, friars stood from !from (from from a from age to age, from an from " carols, new and old," by from day or even twilight you from every heart from glory above. from god, from god's bright throne above, from heaven from heaven, from heaven's eternal kinghigh from her from his glorious seat, from satan's power and might." from the from the daily from the death of sin from the end of the prayer from the heavens a bay of love from the latin from the library of from the realms of from the sky, from the tri from this sanl thy servants keep ! from us, lobd, accept the will. from william gowman fr^ the latin fruit in - ful ful - full. allegro moderate. full of immortal truth and grace. full- orbed moon and brightest star full pjp but hold full score, full soon, the fierce destroyer, full-voic'd choir fur organist fwor -fzl gabriel, with lily, gaily in the steep'e gain gain, gain; gain our home 'gainst christ so fondly scheming gain /the light gallicum." * gam. gar - den gar -den walks so gates, gates. gates of hell gather gather, christian, blossoms gay, gather fruit this gladsome day gather in the outcasts, gather them for jesus gather violets without gaudete vos fideles, gentium pars gauntlett -- gauntlett, mus. doc. gauntlett, mus. doe. gave glory unto god on high, gave light gay robes shine! gaz'd gaze on thee ?=ge^33e^speg gear's gel hosts in gel - ic gels - gels -gels. gels, -gel said gels are gels greet with gels smote the gen, gentiles. gen -tiles found thee out; gen-tiles grown so gentle bride, gentle saviour in the cold, gently george b. lissant * george b. lissant* george wither. geors ewither ger, gerard moultrie ger laid, german heathen mythology. germany. gers, gers, seek -ing gesanbuch, ges hailed on =gfc -gfc gfc r g-^-fl-4=fag= gift, gifts gilbert gilbert's gin bright, thro' her gin's gion * ) on earth be peace glory to god on high glory to god on high! glory to god, "who reigns above, glory to the father, glory to the father, son, glory to the new-born king. glows no regal gmith go, and found it so, god, god! god. god alway, god and lord of all, god, and !myrrh to grace his tomb, god by xame. god, &c. god has god in man made manifest. god made man god most god of the gospel. italy god on high, god, perfect man, gods god's god save god's great love god's messengers will bring god the god; the god, the child of twelve years god, the eternal king, god the father god, to us may grace be given god "whom angels god with man is now residing, " god with us " all joy restored goes forth goes the [gold, gold, gold and myrrh, and incense bear, gold- en light. gold, to our gone gone, gone with good christian good christ -ian good christians good christ- ians, good christians, &c. good news the book of life's unsealed, good tidings good tidings unto man good time and goodwill, and peace, and glory goodwill to men, this morning good- will to sinful men is shown, go, pluck go, seek go, shepherds- " kiss the sox go, shepherds, where the ixfaxt go, since gospels; go to bethlehem, gowman, go, worship and adore. go ye to the altar, (gpijjiytmjr (gpipljmtg carols. grace grace, grace. graced by grace from thee o'erflowing, grace triumphant, sin subdued. grace, with sweet accord, grant grants grant us, grate grazioso. great great. great joy, great marlborough street, great organ. great prince of peace gres grew, grew a scarlet berry. grief appears, grief forlorn grief forlorn: grim ground, ^grout. grow grown growyn upon yon tre; grtatheed* gst^ gtod guard and guard - ian guard thee safe from guid / guid guide our way, and feed us, guides the wanderer's foot, guide them by the brightness guide them, jew and gentile, guide them on their way, guide where our guiding by a secret way guiled, guileful craft in vain g^ un ?i_ett ^-gyf gypt's land. had crouched imprisoned, had knelt had never, indeed, quite had outlawed the bishop. h=afc ^i=pt haiden clasped her awful child, hail /hail! 'hail hail, hail! / hail! all hail &c. hail! all linit &c. hail, &c. hail'd hail-ing the hail-ing with sweet mu hail, jestj, king- of kings, to / hail, jesus! hail, son of hail, star of bethlehem hail the hail, the hail the appearance of this hail, the incarnate deity hail th' in-car -nate "word. hail, thrice bless - ^haj half so dear hand hand, hand extending hand in hand, hand of mary. hands hanging over yon treen.* hangs hantling the hap - py happy morn, happy morning happy star ye angels, sing hark / hark /hark! hark, hark! hark, &c. hark hear you not a sound ? hark! how the starry arches ring hark the hark the angels sing hark! the bells are pealing hark the mer hark! the mu -sic hark! what mean hark what news the has coiled round me.' has come on the earth, has risen a star. hast haste haste, haste haste we now to greet god's child, haste ye hasting, hrooking no delay, hast kept back until now hat, hath done have have been abundantly rewarded. have completely died have long proclaimed hawker hay, hay, crfrom e >-h*chorus. head. healing our wretchedness, he, a mightier monarch, hear hear, hear. heard heard, heard his heard their carols in the sky, hears hears? hear sweet voic - es sing, that heart for hear the gold hearts and imagination hearts can free hearts for thee exulting, hearts, with faith o erflowing hearts with his hot zeal hear what wondrous things they heaven and earth heaven had hung out heaven -ly heaven-ly al heaven - ly sound, and heaven-made bride heaven's heaven's own heav'n their spirits moulding, he bowed he came down he doth the poor and lowly seek, he felt the cold as much he has done he heard that heirs of glory -hem hem, hem. he makes hemans he married sweet mary, hem, to henceforth we know no absent lord, herbert stephen iron,* herbert stephen iron* herbert stephen irons herbert stephen irons* herbert stephen lions her bo herds herds, herds lay herds said, here, from out monastic herod herod and herod any more herod, king, refrain herod popping out " herod spake in great dismay, he rowed away, her radiancy unshorn (he says) of a christian he shall he subdues the power of hell. he, that he that was born upon this joyful day he was he was bound he who built the starry skies he "whom he will say, u ye have done it to me." he will with glory he would hides transcendent grace high above the cherubim. high, and highest, high -est, an high your glad him, him! him appeared him, chkist, the lord. him eastern princes greet, him, glo him lowly in the stall him, the infant holy. him was him we hint sicpljnt, his birth his birth, the his ble- bing keep his blessing keep his boasted power his carols. his conversion ever be his couch, a bed of straw and reed his doubts his entrance here, his father's glory come his father's will, his great community his guardian love shall dwell his harp the his head, his humble throne his jmercy soon his kindling rays his loed's stern might shall his lord's stern might his mother mary kneeling, his name. his part being chanted his rising beams adorn his royal offspring give his rule. his star of bethlehem. his temple, his throne " histoire his u song of the creatures his will by us on earth be done, hither come to me, h. j._gatmtlett, (hjrktmas carols, h nigmbef01 tm happy hodges. hold hold, holiest love presenting holy holy." holy angel came, holy babe holy chancel holy child, holy faith we do profess, ho - ly ghost, one god -- " holy,glad day holy night assumed another form home home, home. homely, intelligible manner, home so holypouring down its ray, homeward homeward from afar, homily from hone: "ancient mysteries" honour and obey, hope horn "who shall conqtier host host pro host re - joic host re -joic-es, hosts of light, dear angel hovering hszi humble humble bed, humble, sons of men humble was christ humbly hundred years ago. hymn hymn, hymn book, hymned the hymns hymns. hymns," though appropriate hymns were hymns with rapture glowing. - ian's ian's ians, iceluy vers, et tandis les (^i^cotjr carols. ^icssttr {ftrgin idbafc iethiopum nigredo in judseam est ifa: ifacft verse to follow ifaefe=^ ifeph-^ iffa [?/>,* ifrj i fst* if this be i have not iicrutil fetephen irons iifatafc ijj ^jj_^-; -^^lq jonathan another type of christ. jonathan puts off his crown joseph. joseph. " joseph answers roughly that he joseph, mary's holy spouse joseph was a walking jour jour -ners and /jov h joy, joy. joy" joyeux pour vous joy exceeding,' joy for the world that his mercy /joy-ful, joy-ful and joy in your dear redeemer's birth. joy, joy, for christ joy, that jpp ayorship chetst on bended knee. jrufl jrxrfz j jsfc .jsl jsl: jsl. js"or be of heart forlorn js'ovello, jstor 'jta jt=n -jiz: j traditonal w ju - dah shout jumping jzi. jzqac -jzti (karate. katholische* keep-ing their keep -ing?/ this, this keeping watch keeping watch, kemember adam's kid. jl kind king king, king! king. king david's king immortal, kingly robes nor golden treasure king of king out, ye towers and steeples kings kings, and lord of lords, kings this day king." the world kit, kixg kjeffitg* (kjmsimas cards, knecht buprecht, knecht ruprecht, knelt at a manger low, knew know *knowi dg known where konig lac - es lack laco lad>e," 1849. laid laid, laid. laid." laid all lovers of carols, laid in a lamp lamps la nativite la nativite, par land lap -py morn, large number of parishes, and even last last. last -ing,and wisdom from a -bove !/no-el, last night last two verses by the rev last verse late late in late in time behold late organist of laud, laud we the one in three. lave, lay, lay. lay deep lay in a stall lays his glory by, lead-ing on -ward, beaming bright lead our wanderings, leads leaf, leafy leap within for j oy learn least valuable part of the leaves not his own forlorn le chant, lectures, and at led, ledd'st to left left their flocks a-feeding, le-hem, to lem, lence keep -ing watch on lence lay lend lent lento , uffcttuoso * " les poetes franciscains." -less -ly, lest l'estrange, in his / let let. let all earth let christians let christ-ians let every bosom hail the sound, let heaven and let heaven aud let ju- dah shout " let nothing you affright, " let nothing you affright. let no-thing you dis let not thy love depart, let our words and lives let peace surround the earth let us let us adore *let us now go let us rejoice and merry be, let your songs of lf,39, states in its lfy^ l'herbe." liap - liar lib. libanus and sharon licet in lie, lies lies, - liest life life, life. life and strength and joy combine. life has time enough for sadness, lift lifts lift ye up your hearts aright, light light, light! light. light afar light and light beyond the noon-tide ray. light -en light i shall behold from far ! " light, npon that darkened mind, light/ o'er light of light eternal light of more than earthly day, light of the everlasting mora, light,/the power like like a primrose lies, like glo like him be full of love like him, with pardon on his tongue like the magi now, like this, (like those like us lilies, stainless, limbs enfold lincoln, line line3 to their author. ling lips li.r.chope lisfc list lis-tening ear listening ear of night. listen to the old new message, list, shepherds, list-en, lit* literary churchman. litjhtly, litteraires," 1871. little flock, live live, live* - lived on earth our saviour holy. living rock,. lj^jjyj,-*- *^gl ljuke llow and mournful, --lnp 2=fc =s^= lobd he looked on lobd, to thee we lo-dious strains, loed loed, to thee lo for man condemned to perish loftier songs loft-iest lof - ty, lofty, lo, in that lokd lon 9 (london, 1798), london: simpkin, long long had long the look, shepherds, look! lord lord, lord. lord almighty, knowing lord, avert the shock, lord bishop of lord christ the god lord, for thy great grace, lord, thy power pre lord what a heaven lord, with what zeal did lord, with what zeal did thy - lorn lor whom we lost. lost_ thy loth, lo the almighty is made weak lo the king becomes the subject lo! the pilgnm hamagi. lo the sun, to earth declining, loud from heaven's portal loud with the anthems ring lo unto us love love- love, love! love. love and watch the lowly maiden, love befriending, love he showed for us. love in love - ly lovely voices of the sky lovers of carols will read love's banner love the lord. love ye all as brethren loving old cornwall. lov(y and meek, in garments sad, low, low. low, cr lowed lower than the angels awhile." lo we saw a wondrous sight, lowest, lo with thee, lows lows in low within a manger lies, -^ lsno p ^l^s wj--rmt *. doc. midsummer nigms dream, might might, might be ^mightiness with weakness might lead us mighty mighty, young and mild, mild, obedient, good, as he. mind mind of the minds in a manner minor by the empress mirth mirth and min-strel mirth be-cause we mirth because we mis'd long by mist and darkness fled apace, (mjrisimas (mjristmas carols. m. maspero, m/ now moat moderate. moderate*. moderately fast moderato. modern;" modern to. mo - narch monarchs do mongst monoslurred. moon and w. moon, the more more bright on bethlehem's joyous more hope, and more more of their christmas morgan morn morn ? morn, morn. morning? morn they bring the mor-tal babe, who this dear mortals, mortals shall most most holy jesu most true and sweet mother mo -ther, mother of our god. mother of our lord. mo -tliers thus moun -tain, mount, the clouds ascending mourn. /their moves m. ozanam.* .mpress the unlearned folk in a mr. butterfield, full score mrs. mrs. alexander mrs. c. farebrother* ms. of the harleian collection m/ teach us by -mtf too fast. m/the m/ the m/ the win m/ thus m/thy mtsr- mt^upl-^ mtzs much much-loved munstermaifeld, in the eifel murdered baby murderous mus. d,c, muse on his holy "word, music. musicians and men of letters. music in full, mu- sic on must be must be an hymn mustc. must have been mute m vxtradltlonal m/ what m/who mxbubimx of tamt ital my prayers were myrrh, and myrrh-like, chastely bring, myrrh, their pre-cious myrtles grow, my sins of youth and later age " mystere de l'lncarnation et mys-te-ry mystery, mary, maid, mystic emblems lending. mystic gifts in adoration bring, mystic lessons while they myth nal splen-dour name name, name handed down. -n-+aptzst narrow way nate nate and the national god na-tions, nations from afar, na - tiv nativity. na-ture's face na-ture's realm nature thus would fain display nave of the minster near near. near the end, 'neath neatli need the grace so given, need they no created light ne'er shall show for jesus christ, neither fruit nor flower. neither stage nor scenery. nephalus ner streams ness! all ness and praise, never forsake him, ne - ver was ne-ver was sun new and old," new-bom kara. new - born babe, and new -born jew new-born king, the new new power news news from news of cheist' s appearing new tunes new words, ney'd nfc* nfe: ?n/for ever e'er its babel sounds nigh at hand. night night, night,-- night; night. night, dull night,/ for night had fallen night in the year night's swift nised - nite, niul noble army, nobles and no- cents they slew, for noel noel, noel. born / noel, &c. noel, &c. noel, in this sweet feast, noel, noel, &c. noel, to christ the lord, noel we sing aloud to-day noel, with joy we sing, no longer the stable no mantle brave could jesus have no more i weep. nor, i suppose, nor lay begirt by damask folds, nor lulled by harp to slumber. nor note northern europe, and laid norval nl y ne nor yet afraid, nos - trils not, not; notes notes, not god almighty nothing whatsoever. not in." not mourn, not so explicit as not the great creator. 10o{ not," then said the angel, nous nouveau sceu. nouveau sceu de novello, novello, ewer and / now now, now - ell, now now let good christians, &c. now lift the carol, men and maids now may !now pass away, ye clouds and night now reignest loud of heaven and now the mother's heart is joyous, now the shepherds kneel adoring, noyello, ewer, & np on high, ?n/ this numeral numerous nxah nxoh. ny a day, ^nzs2i obedient to the same, obgan. oblations meet observed observe the plural in occurs in all the parts. (o.d english o'er all kingdoms reign, o'er death o'er earth to ponr. o'er every foe to reign o'er judah's ancient hills o'er judah's mountains rolled, o'er sin, o'ertake, o'er that o'er the blue depths of galilee o'er the distant mountains, o'er the earth depending. o'er the earth was streaming o'er them, o'er the streams, o'er the vales of judah, of all glory to this world of all his boasted power of all righteousness, of all the herbs that of angels, praising god, and thus of a pure virgin bright, of a yirgin, yet a of being of chbisvs birth of christianity. of christ, our sav-ioub kino. of christ's of christ your saviour of day of earth, of eighteousness of england of england, arranged of ever yirgin blest. offered to the offering in offices," off in might offspring of a virgin's of god above, of good-will peace, of hay, of heaven, of heaven, not fixed in splendour of heavens of heretics of his golden rays is shorn. of impious crime thou'rt dreaming of jerusalem, of jesus may be honoured here of kings of kings, of kings. of life, of life lies there. of light alone of light, this of love's best story of navarre,* and of night of our king, this gentle child. of our redemption by the king- of kings. of peace and love, of peace i of praise. al of rouen, of saintly mother anne, of sinful earth forlorn of spirit. often founded on the xipocryphal of thank -ful of that lowly bed of the of the ancient mexicans. of the creation to the of the creatures." of the eather, of the freedom and the glory of the gospel story of the highest, sat of the holy child, of the jews and of the old of the kotg of kings ? of the light which jesus brought, of the lonely of the nativity with of the other of the oth^r of the performance, of the performers was always black " of the saviour's of the spirit's love. of the virgin of the words, in their of this world, and of thy guiding star. of thy love our songs will frame, of us all. of various of vernacular italian of which seers have spoken, of which thou shalt not eat." of wishford and batford of woe, in human form, we pray oh, sing redeeming love. oiled paper, oil hail! km (ojnsttmrs nxoh, (ojrbtmas carols. old, old: old. old damascus' gates within old echoes plaintive ring, old english, arranged by old french old gods of the old men and children, too old transgression. oll(m} in ^om james halse, arranged on archangels shed. once once. once again, blessed time. once again they once hast lowly lain, once he smote the once sang peace on david's throne one, on each poor endeavour, one cried, " behold the star one day thou wilt rest. one shoulder, one they one yet triune lord, on gladsome on happy christmas morn. only, only one which preserves a on mount on our knees confessing on reaching onr heavenly father, on shrove tuesday on the on the dial-plate retires.* on thine errand wending, on through on thy on thy bed on thy breast; on thy succour resting, on tuesday on vale and mountain- steep onward on their way onwards to the tomb, on whom the spirit came, opened by the [or cradle) in ordinario. or entranced dreaming ores. or free, org. organ original or, indeed, orlando gibbons orlando gibbons, and h. (orlando gibbons, arranged orlando gibbous or other instrument. or swift or slow, or the or their doctrine. or unto it come nigh, ose! oth, 1875. othei* others stand apart, other volumes, and the music ouen, in ought not to be neglected. our blessed father watered us, our brother, and our kixo, our childhood's pattern, our christ - mas our curse he our day, our festal day our god, our hearts, our hearts above. our hearts' best gold our hearts to him, our heavenly father, our heavenly king. our heavenly king.' " * our journey, our joyful anthems sing. our king, our king, and on our king was our life for evermore. our lord may bring us all. our magnificat our nature. ourpeace;this our pro-phet, priest, and our pro-phet, priest, and king. ours, our saviour's our sin, our sins we heartily confess, ourspeed-y our sweet sav our tears. our true ous, ous hearts that out, outcast in the earth out your footfalls light, overcome by his over mountain, over our world, are dispersed by thy overpowers the beauty overrun have more or overshadowing mary, over the abiding place, ovid, " fasti," v., 231, seq. o why own dear sox should come, owners of manuscripts, the eev. own tongue, ox and ass behold the stranger,* oxen oxen round oxen standing by, oyez mes diets, et mes chants, pace pain, palsied limbs and fainting soul panied. pansies peaceful, satisfied. papal bull, and letters paper cover paradise back to our " paradise," canto xxiv. 17 v. parched par -doned paris, 1735. part part; 'parted thence parts of this carol parts, with question part thereof passed through the noble moorish past, "pasteurs, qui veillez aux champs, pastoral, et patarines, paterinism patiently upon the ground patio de patriarch gazed on paul"cians, expelled asia paul now builds, what saul o'erthrew. paul's cathedral; to mr. pay, cr p be irush'd, ye p but peace and peace and goodwill from heaven they bear; peace from the azure sky peace, goodwill to mortal peace on peace on earth, good-will to men." peace to peace to men on earth peals peal the news to earth pear pears! ped. ped in peered the wolf of benjamin, penitential pent! peophet, peiest, and king supreme peo - pie peo-ple. people, &c. people of divine psalmody in their people's carol, such as was sung people to deliver, performance performances representing the performed, a semi-circle performed, beginning performed dramatically, performing christmas carols peril fearing permission of mr. permission of mr. john hodges. person of disorderly character persons, "with thunders of applause." p for p for he is weak and poor to-day, p, g3, seg. p gent p great prince p=g^ ^ssi phen irons* phets fore- told. philetina. p his mother mary kneeling, pieces printed pie on earth, your pilgrims are headed by the clergy, pillow, but in an ping the pi -phan - je ^pipl^attg carols. =^=^ pj---^nfer p knowing place place. placed him there places; the scene plains [plains plant plant of play player on stringed instruments pleading pleads against denial pleads the offering one and true. pleased as plesyd you to labor' so mec'h for me." * p low pl r^zzp plus avec luy ne demeurons plus souvent tant -ply p now p now he poor, the beast pope eugenius popular carols popular mind. por - por christ we keep the festival, porn possibly indebted to the post post, pour rachepter tous. power power, power. power and life undying, powers pp and ye, beneath life's crushing load, p peace on pp his peace $pp|rctt2| pp sleep, my saviour, sleep pp thou that once, 'mid stable cold, pp "with practised also praise praise, praise. praise fathee, &c. / praise father &c. / praise father, &c. praise father, &c, praise father, &c. praise is prais -es praise thee, / praise to him, the gentle child. praise we chiust in glory, praising god, and say-ing, pray pray. pray, with fervour pray, prelates here, a gallant flock, premier vers de la chanson qui suit presbytery on festivals of the church. presents to musical friends, present with his pre - sent, ye press -ing on p rfc, price 3d. pride priest priest, priest, scribe, prime of prin princes, from the night princeton theological seminary probably, epiphany procession of the pro -claim produced by singing prohibited dancing and prologue and epilogue. promised krxo, proper place in this carol. pro-phets prostrate before his majesty, prostrate on the floor prostrate there, they laud on psalmdoth --psalms " psalms and p so, most grac- ious loed, may p the darksome p thee, very man, we sing, p then published in the guardian. publishers, and pugnam bovem puis les jouers d 'instrumens puis qu'avons grace pour pardon. pull soon, the fierce destroyer, pure pure, pure and pure and spotless be. pure thoughts within. pur - pie purpose. put forth. puts thy name on trial, $p what grief of heaven, ,p where ox p where, the ox p who p with these signs you ^pxp^anjr carols* py throng, py throng, thro' the py-ufi q chorus. qerald moultl ie qfc*: qfcz= quaero, quand nous irons quelling quickly, " quid qui de present qui estoit cheiie en pe quitons tons nostre qui veult faire d'humaine creatu quod ra -dise raf shin rafters naked, cold, and bare rage where -of -rah raid - raid rai?e, cr rail, rail. rais raise raise, raise cr rais - es raise to life the dead. ra/ let ramifying through every ."raphael's picture of raphs hail rapture never ending rays earth rcv w< j realms of reason receive the king of glory. reclineth, recommend red, as red ban redemption reformation, when latin re - frain refrain taken regenerator. re - gion regit. bass. reign reign in glory, rejected and reviled. re -joice, re-joice rejoice, rejoice then, youths and maidens, rejoicing. religious remarkably good. rent repeat the second line of each res: resound with harmony rest rest, rest! rest. rest in slumber, child, rest yon, rest you, reth, re-town returned into heaven." rev. rev. a. m. morgan rev. archer gurney rev. a t> rev. charles wesley rev. c. t. bowen rev. c. t. bowen* revealed by his love for you rev. e. caswall rev. geo. peiree grantham< rev. geo. peiree grantham* rev. godfrey thring rev. g. p. grantham rev. louis fitzgerald benson, d. d. rev. -n f. smith* rev. rbt. stephen rev.r.f. r -aai i rev. r. f. smith rev. r. f. smith* rev. r. r. chope rev. r. r. chope, as well as rev r tm s,mth* rev. s. baring-gould rev. thomas helmore* revue des cours rev. william bright, d.d. rev. w, layng rfia n r. f. smith* rfz: rhen, r. holt ri^ 2 ^vsj jt riaa swains, riage feast rich richest, noblest, sweetest, rich gifts did bring rich with rient ries right right rev. ring - 'ring ring, ring. ring away ringing, ring out, ye towers and steeples rings rin sol rious light ripe cherries rise rise, rise. rise o'er judah's land -^rit rit's rivingtons, waterloo (rjristmas tfmrls. rmf a rnf bright - est rnf say, shall rnler to the bridegroom * -rns . road roam -rod, fling - rod's round round, round. round did keep his round him round his head. round o'er -cloud the rounds, consisting of two round the rov qeov al a>dai royal crown. r p gmuu, r. r. chope rsz: rt" rffvr"pir7tt rus, rustic ruth ry chime ry christ-ian heart. ry church ry was born -rza rzt- __ (s9 _sez: sacre sacred dance. sacred songs. sacristy," sad and lowly plains safely from the father's frown.f sage, " said said, " said joseph to the cherry-tree, saint. saint ftflw " saint joseph was a walking " saint -ly saint mary's saint naistre saints abide. saints," &c. saints of saith, saith they stormed in sake, salem's true light and ours. salisbury, bangor, and llandalt. salute salute this happy salvation comes to-day same derivative same idea may same way bishop jeremy taylor, samuel smith* sang " sang sang christ je sang ere " sant joseph sa-tan's chains were bound, satan's cruel chain. sat in solace saturday review. saul, sauvez m'y done quand vous save [save save 3jary, singing her sweet lullaby ;-- save poor souls from sa savior kind, sav-iotje, sleep. saviottb, of all sav-ioub which savioue sav-ioue sav-ioue of man-kind was born; rise saviouk saviour sav-iour sav-iour, / saviour divine! saviour divine sav- iour's birth saviour's birth saviour, sleep saw such say, say - ioub born say, shepherds, says in his decretal epistle say," why are s. baring-gould =sbdx^ scape, scene in which scent -ing sceu. " scliroer in scorn, scorn. scrip-tures say ;_. scriptures tell us scroll prophetic, - sct sea, seal - ing searched, and true they found search ye out, and see seat sec. iv., (second tune.) (second tune) section sects with secular character. se - cut * see a full account of see also jdu canges glossary. see edition e or f. see, for thy light too is come. see no throne, no palace fair, sees the light from godhead, see the glory standing see the lord of all see treble part, edition see ye, good christians all, see you not seized their troubled seize the wolf, protect the flock. self - s. elig., lib. send back the glad reply, sent sent an angel from heaven so sent thee from above seph seraphs wondering, chant their carol-hymn. se - rene and series, of servants standing by serve for thine adorning well, services, set, set forth set saul free, who came to bind seum, modernised seventh line of verses seville, =sfc sfc* (sfeangielisl s. francis, but we may s. francis could not fail to s. francis set the example shades of shakes the canterbury bell shall also glorify thy name. shall b d thee follow, shall be shall be - shall come. shall i sing of mary, shall i tell of joseph, shall not greener be, shall raise thee, shares your want, share the shareth in our gladness. shed shed, shed his blood to shed, p sheds its gentle splendour sheds on us his sevenfold rays, she heard angels sing shep shepherd shep-herd shepherds, shepherds, a shepherds in shepherds in a stable seek. shep-herds watch are shepherds watching by their sheppar(1 sheppard she wailed with shine, shine as at shine out shines for ever o'er thee, shines with heaven's own shining heralds from on high shining ones above, shining on the paths of men, shining the heaven-born jesus' crown. shining with blessedness, ship shone short, should should be should be named on christmas day. should re-main, shout shout of might-y^ shout which calls shout with j oy, ye mortals, shout with joy, ye mortals, showing, by thy holy eood, shown at happy christmas-tide. show that he shrine shrine, sic! - side, side, side. side of the sie. sife sift i=^ sight sign sign, sign, dim significance sil - silence, and the few humble si-lence lay silent silent groves of palm. silver lamps in a distant simon de montfort, swept sin &> sin, since since on the ixfaxt jesus' brow sinful, sing sing, sing! sing. sing, &c. sing, chorus of angels, singer singers, sing, in exultation, sing-ing, sing in loudest numbers, sing of the saviour's might sing praises, sing praise to sings her lullaby sing the sing the love sing the saviour's birth, sing thou of jesus' birth sing we for his love, *sing we merry christmas sing with glad accord. *sing ye the songs of praise. sing your loudest praises, sink. sin nor sorrow sin's alloy. sion ::s=*=^ izmt =s sjlvioue, to (sjppjjang carnls. sky, sky; sky! slain slain, slanting sleep, holy slightly altered by r. r. c. j s^like sli o ht] y altered sliout of miglit-y slow, slow. slower. slower, legato, smoothly. slum slum -ber small store of linen to wrap smg, smiled, smiled. smith . smith* smlth smoothly smoothly, smoothly. snch s. nicolas or s. peter, snow snow; from the so bright, so brightly shining so bring so came he to the dying. so do ye your ofl'rings make, so far as so, finding thee, we will repent soft soft speaks the kindly jesus so in dante's soit sojourners and strangers so -late and soldier's spear. sol-emn so let us liviug glorify thy name solo, treble, solstitia, so may i sing so may we with holy joy, so may we with willing feet some some skill in the accompanist. sometimes the words had son, son. son, and song song, song. song., rf thankfulness songs in churches. songs of praise son, jesus christ, grant that sons, an exiled race, sons, limited, son with soon to be roughly shorn so runs their so strong didst make, so sweet, so sweetly, underneath the moon, so to rise in glory sought'st this place soul soul-car of souls are violets blue, sound sound, sound. sounded sweet from heaven singing sound-ing from the skies? lo! sounds, with joy o'erflowing, sound, tune your harps to source of southern italy southwell minster. sove so with offerings meetest, / so, with you i worship, ]s~ow to our soyons joyeulx, spark speak our exultation speak the word, (ff) "let there be light." specimen. spent (spipijmtg (spipjmnjr (spipljaiw (spipljmtjr carols, spirited. spirits, spirit-taught in vision rare spiritual songs spite, splendour of spouse, i pray spouted at the shocks (sprang spread spread, spring " springende heiligen." spring-ing? -spthee, -sro-raan's bliss sst :fc=*=*^= sta - ble stable and a manger, where staccato. stainer, stall cr whence the glo - stamfokd stueet and charing cross. stamford street and charing star star, star. star above star a house is painted, star ap - pear-ed in star in shrill falsetto. star is affixed to starlit-banner, star of heaven, light -- stars stars all bright are stars are stars of stars with light were beaming, started. stay, ste- stem, stephen. stephen irons* steps they sped, still the magi gazed on high, still towards earth inclining stimulum st ^nhpn ir stood over mary's house, and wove stooping from his throne sublime story, story in anthems clear and strong. story of the stow -eth he, strains, strains. strains upborne stran strange light and mystic sign, strangely altered, but straw th'al- might straw though be his stray - stray. st ray stray, streaming calmly, beautifully, streams thro' the air! strength strengthen stretch forth strife strife; stupeo, stupes, bos britannice ? substituted. succeeds to the " successful labourer in such such glory ne'er had visited such was his lowly lot, such was the sud-den burst suddenly the clouds they saw suffered long suffered to be played in the village. suing from suit -sum -ing, thou the yir -gin's sun, sun and moon sunday sung. sung as a crotchet. sung in church, sung that god with us sun, the suomi "sur surely sur-veyed through sus christ her on =* -sus- j swaddled her young son swaddling clothes, swad-dling clothes doth meek sway sweet childhood's years, sweet jesus, hear my cry sweet -ly sweet-ly sweet- ly sweetly carol, sweetly sinks to rest at sweet memorial of sweet on mary's sweet on mary's breast. sweet singing sweet -voice swell our tuneful swerv swetf. sword, ^tab tain - tains take take a happy taken from the rev. r. r. chope's take thy brief repose tals - tals, tals,^ffor tan-do. tan's tan's power, tar above all mortal ken tbem teach us by his example, lord teach us by the apostle's word tears of joy in all te deum for festivals. teg* telegraph of february 22, 1875, and telle to tell - ing telling how in blessed jesus telling of jesus found, tempo - ten, tend tenor. - ter ters - ter's ter snow, *tev. "tfe ^= t~fhnhj t .fir tfjjipbatrjt tfjjristmas carols, tfjjrktmas carols* tfjmsimas carols. tfzi than thank thank- ful hearts thanks thanks give than this. that brought thee that child that day, that day, sweet jesus, bid that did us that entwine that, fortunately, is that glo- rious song that grow on the bough." that guiding star. that his decree went that holy mother-maid, that i thereby may live. that joseph and mary, whose substance that little babe that mystery that of the immaculate that one that the flesh-taking of that the prixce that thou mayest living in us be; that wanes and waxes old thcr kneels, / the 'the "the the air was calm and still, the angelical the angelic choirs appear the angels the angels ping, the angels' song to hear the angel throng, the angry magistrates the annunciation the approach of the arrangements of the ashmolean mu-j the author's special favourite. the babe the babe, the babe, our infant kara the babe, our infant king the babes the babe, the son the beghards the bells, and sound the bells shall ring. the bench the best translation the birth-day the birthday of our god and king the birth was the blessed angels sing. the breast of the bridegroom now is jesus, the bright and heavenly host, the bright celestial host the busy world the car the carol the carol singers soon followed the catechist the chair, the child, all the child upon thy breast, the choir. the choirs seraphic sing the chos *the christmas / the christ-mas bells the christmas carols sound. the church, his holy bride the church of god. the city so far, the com- the coming of the christ-child. the compiler's the compositions in this work. the creatures of an hour. the crimson sun had set the crisp and hoary plain, the cross and flame. the cross he home, the crown the dancing has been the day the day-spbhtg from on high the demiurge, the the deputation the devil's might; the dew lay on the hill the doctors stand and gaze, the dramatis personee being the duet the dust and the earth en the earth gave cheerful sound. the earth, good the east the eastern mountains thee calm-ly thee, eternal priest, thee: gold, frankincense, and thee, incarnate god, the emancipation of the emperor, and the the end of all below, the end of the thee no bauble crown, thee the sages worshipping thee to worship, gentle child. the ev - the everlasting bridegroom comes, thee? what could the excellent historical the field the fields the flocks were wrapp'd in *the flocks were wrapt in slumber the foe, the following the former the franciscan manger the full-voiced the further the garden the gaze the gentiles' light the gloom the gloom, and the glorious infant lies." the glory, the god they came to worship the good man, long de the goodness of the lord, the great the great necessity for the ground, -- the guirdian. the happy christmas time the heaven- ly the heavenly chorus sing the heavenly host the heav'ns pro- claim the herald angels sing the herald-hymn obeying, nor the high and welcome lay the highest is made lowest, the hindermost black the holly and the ivy the holly bears a bark the holly bears a prickle the holly bears the crown. the ho-ly the holy christmas tide is nigh, the holy church's wondrous saceifice. the holy, undefiled, the horn! shout 'with the humble roof with them. the immortal savioue's the in-car -nate the incarnate word, this morning. the incarnation had been the index the infant lay their their best wine give, but thou their breasts, singing, to their churches. their flocks at midnight tending their general use. their guided their home in nazareth's vale, their intent, their majkeb's love,, their necks, the death to their night-watch keep - ing, their redeemer's birth. their re -turn their rock their taunts, their voices, and sang his " carol the joy for thee, the joyful the kev. a. m. *the king the king the king? the kings with solemn gaze the krxo of the lajvjb the lamb all radiant the leprous the library of the light has come, the light of christmas morn. the lion's gory mane, the loed the lofty strain the lord the lord, descending, the lord is come the lord of life was laid. the lord our everlasting light, the love-song which they bring the lower regions of the lowly and the ]\ieek them them. the magi were represented by the manger-bed where our saviour lies the manger to the cross the matron and the maid, the mid-night dark-ness the mighty new-born king the mighty new-born kixo the moon shone the morning sun was rising the morn n- the mother the mother of them second themselves to them the joy the music the music edited by the music of the music of this themusie of the cherubs. then / then then- then, the name the name of the nativity carol then, come, ye then david announces on the new-born the new-born king. the new-born radiance led the new compositions then from then god the night the night. the niigh then must then, one and then shout with joy, ye / then shout with joy, ye mortals, then shout with joy, ye mortals, then thou shalt surely then told we with a joyful cry, the old miracle plays were the old wainamoinen, the oppusition of the the other the oxen lowed around, the pattern of humility. the players, singing the praises of the printing of ther ther, ther. the rav- ished the realm of ether fills there, by there came a ruthless band there came a vision bright there came a vision bright; there comes a holier calm, therefore, my god, my saviour, king, the reign of charles there in the manger laid. there is the xing, there may there no ivory the representation there's a fountain, limpid, clean, there shall find the the rest was com- there th' an-gel - io there their loed and savioub the rev. the revelation of the there was a curious tenure ther laid ther mild, ther's ther's breast! the ruins of old temples the sa the saintly joseph came. the same the sav-ioub the saviour the saviour christ and our the saviour god made man. the saviour now is born the saviour promised long. the saviour, "who the season of christ's birth these mysteries contained these pots with water, the servants of the shadows lengthen, the shepherds* head, the shid the shin the skies the skies, the skies? the sky." * the snow-clad earth without, the solemn night the son the soul from the sox of god by name. the sox of god, &c. the spirits of tvickediiqss quell the stable the stable clean, the star the star declares the star in judah's sky the star of bethlehem. the strain to the subsequent feasting and rejoicing.'' the sunflower bright, the sun was the swarm the third the tide the tidings the time the traditional carols are the true carol the truth which is by all adored, the tune of the tyrants, loud, pursuing thee the various --the very beginning of lent the very light of light, the victory for us hath won, the virgin the virgin mother mild. the water limpid the weary road, the welcome that they found the which his mother mary the while that you the winter snow the wise hen traced *the wise men saw a the woes of sin and the wondering the wondrous thing,- the wood, the word made flesh, right the words the words and music, marked thus the words of the world the world has the world in darkness lay, the worlds, the worlds are his for aye ? the world's creator and your king, the world's sal the xing of angels bendeth, they they, they bowed they by the measure paced they came thither they found they dance from the bridge they did the year, the years which i they found they gleamed on this wonderful night they go they hailed they humbly they lie, they spring, and quickly hie, they stood loosely upon they trooped onwards, they watch the glory they were amongst the they were to grasp they worship thine thine own that is above, things" both divine things unknown to mortal view, thing you thinks third, this * this this, this air this also was granted him. this beautiful carol this birth-day this blessed babe to this blessed babe was born, this blessed base to this bright appearing this, &c. this carol this carol is this charming this child shall overthrow this christ this copyright tune this day this day, this day. this day, a this day is born the saviour this desert this eucharistic morning this glowing this hearing, this holy tide of christmas this jubilee, this night, long years a this one child your model this our festival. this our god confess this petition, this shall be the sign this shepherd band this subject i " this the day of jesus' birth." this village, this want, thor both those those cherries were for me.' those three princes from afar, those thrilling those who wander far, thou / thou thou, thou art able to descry thou art our god, we thou by all wilt be confest, thought it most meet thought such thou man, thousand thousand blessings thou the first to know him, thou the lord ? thou the saints ? thou virgin, blest of every age, thou wast hidden from their sight, thou "who thou whose altar- veils enfold three altais. three hosts, threw. thrice bless-ed thrice holy time of rest thro thro' na-ture's realm throne throne, throng, throngs are meet-ing, where for throng the golden stair through ages promised, now revealed, through his own redeeming love, throughout very carefully through peril, toil, and pain through the cloven skies they come, through the darkness through the win throw throw thy eadiance thus thus exalt his fame thus within the garden he "thy thy angel near and undefiled, thy birth thy bless -ed thy child, thy faultless image there. thy good thy holy word ; thy houso thy joy when shall thy light thy light is come." thy lowly thy mercy, thy mercy we thy mess d thy pardon therefore let us have thy praises i will ever sing, thy pro- thy promise through sorrow and thy soul be free from sin thy spirit undefiled, thy tem-p!e thy word thy church en - thy xame tiafi^ -6 ^ tide tide. tid -ings ti-dings ,1 tidings bear, tidings, &c. tidings, &e. ti- dings, i tidings, &o. ti-dings of - tie - tie, tie birds tied tient bears - ties, :^ -*^-tii till earth's "till," of the till one bright halo circles till the till the end shall come time time, time. time be spent, time doth ban time of tine, tinguishes thus tion tion, tions - tions, tion's tions, tired ^tirifitation of t irons 'tis 'tis a wintry, &c. 'tis winter all titer's breast.. ^=tizz=b!=j: tjrf tjsce&st tlcj tlie tlieirgod; tlio to a dance or measure *) to adore ; !, to all to all the joyful tidings they proclaim, to bear the uxdefiled. to be guided onwards for a time. to be- our judge." j to bethle- to bethlehem, to bethlehem straightway to bethlehem they came, to bethlehem they did tobeth-lem, to bring to christ, our saviour king. to christ, your be-deem-er, with to-day to-day the promised child to diffuse the warmth ye feel. to do poor sinners good. to dr. gauntlett to dry up to dwell, to dwell with you to earth to effect. to either side, to enforce this doctrine to enliven the acting. to follow the star to give to give the living bread, to glorify their creator. to god and to god be to god on high all glory be, to god's fair altar bring, to heal the sick with hand benign, to hear to heaven, lo to his own temple's dread surprise to human view to illumine toil nor labour sparing, to jesus cradled to lay aside our popular, told told, told! to make us to mary, mother-maid, to mary's knee. tombed to men to-morrow dead and cold to mr.*. alexander to mrs. c. farebrother to mr. william to mr. w. sandys tongues be to - nied be to-night to-night, --too deep too fast. too full. smootjily. too quickly will thy slumbers break, too, singing to our infant king. to our lord above. to prayer awake, to preach the word of life divine, to repair to his to repeat each verse of tor lay the world in to saint john's abode to shepherds in the field, to shep-herds told, to simple to sing to sing, to sing the babe a lullaby. to sleep, when all to souls athirst, to suffer, to supply to that heavenly home, to that same only thing, to the constellations of to the cueist, of judah's seed to the earth be to thee shall be for meat, to thee, sweet spirit, to the following authors, to the glory, honour, to the heavenly word to their king, a golden store to the last. to them, to the man pure to the moonlit olive garden, to the ocean's widest to the place where he is gone to the rav. c. t. to the rev. to the rev. s. to the rev. s. baring-gould to the shepherds to the sight, to the spirit, to the strain of an old to the sweet and gentle child. to the tree, " to those touch and breath touched thee with mingled smart, to unfold. to us a child is born. to usher in the to war, to whom is homage due. town to you and <%tpjjan|r trace trace of the dance traces of the traditional \ traditional traditional, traditional, altered traditional arranged by the traditional cornish traditional, devonshire traditional, harmonised by train ? train. trait of translata."t translated from the latin i tr. by rev. s. baring-gould treble part, tre is yon, standing tri - tri- "trier-last- triumph tri-umph of trod true true god everlasting, true hearts true - tion's true word, the ev - eb- truth, and life, sure guidance, trwon try night, try night, cr try time tsaf. tsj: tta=|ri: t^u^ai, emended tude of tulips gay in flaming lines, tune tune. tune your harps to heaven 'twas not the sunny summer time, 'twas the cold december 'twas winter, &c. twine "two two thousand years of wrong type-music and general printers, type those -tzr * u collectanea et gloses," u i was a stranger, "ult umbrian umph -umph-ant, um-phant o umphs umph through unaccom- undisguised und melcher, und un-fold. unfurled ung chant royal, avec ung mystere de unknown star uns wohl bekannt until unto certain shepherds unto him, unto the gentiles unto the lord did prav. unto the lord did pray. unto us is born unto you un-to you;yeshall " unzre uohn upon upon his cradle for to lie upon the cross to die upon the loving infant smile, upon the snow-clad earth without upon this happy morn upon yon hylle upraise, ye christians all up your cheerful voices, us adore us at the present day use. us from us grace, oh saviour, us join our hearts to god, us return to s. francis, with us sing tho vou-drous bto -ry us then go to bethlehem, us to thy fellowship receive us worship our god and loud. utraditional, lancashire. uwh. vail vain tho* valleys of the haemus. vault veals veiled in flesh veiled in flesh and blood veiled in flesh the ver; ver faints, verity, its ver motm-tain, ver plain, verse. cheerfully. verse doubled. verse, or solo, verses lost. vers, et ver skies, ver their flocks by very god, very good. very heathenish ring, follows a very swete husband vesture which he takes to-day vicar of - vid's vid's vigils of saints' days. vigil while we sleep, village paths village six vine, vine. v^iztrrde voic voice voice, voiced voice heard ye, this peaceful day, voices voic - es voic-es raise; christ-mas vokd vol. vol. viii., p. vout -vsnal -vsr vulgar the great doctrine of the vult waft waited, waits thy longed evangel wake / wake wake, wake and / wake and sing, &c. wakes, walk ~- wamwright, mus. doc. ward -ward ward, ward men ward men, ward wend was, was a custom in cornwall was also provided with w as, and was an old man, was because was born was born, was born; was born. / eejoice, &c. was born, that lowly room was born to-day to save you. was called was formally denied by was formerly believed that was gaspar.f was instantly obeyed. was never so popular a was not was of was prepared was she. was she the espoused was slain by murderous hand. was small, was stroked by her was tender to the touch, was the saviour of mankind wast in babe-clothes lying, was to wipe away that was with the was wrought by jesus' word, watch watched watch his face so meek and mild watching long watching o'er your flocks by night, watch should cease, watch ye waters carmel's garden green, way, way; way. ways, way with clouds and way with clouds and dark w/but w?/but when w^ car w$ congregation, w.d?v.duncoinbe weak and weak, and helpless, wear thy vesture, priest weaving variously we bring, and we escape it may "we ever confide in thy wonderful we homeward may retire "wei weim. jahrsbucher," we know one a welcome that stir in judah's sky. welcome, though an age like this wel -come waits "welcome, welcome, christmas welcome words our coming bless, welkin well as sing well may we we mer- ry we might sing for aye. went. went up "we plead for the we praise the "we praise thee, were commonly sung were green as green could be, were in one stature were keeping watch were nigh, were suggested, in this combined were the work of "we shall have no "we shall see him (cr) but in heaven, we sing, west west biding "we, their offspring true, we trust in wet with w/from what what child whate'er betide, what had egypt known what joy for mary, blessed maid. what joys what mean what mean those what mightier deed is told, what was what your joyful news to-day w/ he came when "when *when -when far and wide when hearing when judah's king his life had sought, when latin hymns were "when loved error clouds the sight, when mary had when, 'mid when nature's life is lying when nightly burst from seraph harps when shall i come *to thee ? when she 'when, the when there broke on when they when thou "when, to guide their footsteps, when you find him, loud ly when your corpse lies on the bier. where an whereas the gospel was where, best of where cheist our savioue wherefore is the king made subject ? where is the xing ? "where jesus at our festival where lowing oxen round him where no clouds thy glory hide. where nor where-on where our dear saviour "where our dear saviour lay, where ox and where oxen and where oxen feed on hay where the lord himself is waiting, where the pine and laurel where to christ we pray where-witk in whether bond which england which has ended our which he replies which prevails in german bohemia. which roughly printed which sermons and hymns which there divinely plays. which twelve editions were which was the while "while eastern sages from afar while firm "while i with mary gaze while mount while our hands en while shepherds watched while upon while we clasp our treasure whilst intellectual whilst joseph and whilst the white white, "who who, who erst did who have never yet heard who in lands afar who, laid forest whom who ma le "whom an- whom manicheism had whom nor who, once a babe of lowly birth, who, one christmas night, who raises us to heaven. who reigns above. who saw his master in the sky, whose whose forms are bending low, "whose kingdom shall increase. "whose love whose might o'erspans the heaven, "whose sacred womb brought forth in one, "who toil along the arduous way who, upon her breast, who was this day made mortal who, with rapt surprise, why, why? why, with wick wi/come, shepherds, leave yonr flocks wide, widening/ brought redemption to us wide spreading wild wild, will altogether meet. will begin gradually to discern the will be welcome to all. will bring "will he receive young children, will hold thee dearer wil liam william chatter ton william chatterton dix william clowes and william gowman, will make every line run smoothly. will never do. will not stay will press the nearer will with glory wilton house, hereford square, s.w., 1875. wilt with wings, wing your wiping tears away. " wir, kasper wis - wisdom wisdom had wise with "with *with with" with amazement stirred with an with angel hosts above, with an introduction by with bliss and rapture true with chorus, to with glad with glory beaming bright with great interest. with heart and voice with her sweet lips, and with- in with instru- within the arms eternal within the city-wall 'with joy with ^lary, his espoused wife, with manicheism. with me, and i with meek a "with messages from heaven. with news with one accord with organ with our best devotion, {without accompaniment). without pause, from with painful steps and slow with rough with snow-white hair, with songs with sweet with th' an w ith the with the box with thee, blessed maid, "with their blessed alleluias, with them / with them we with three offerings come with thy kindly light. with tidings of joy began with unshaken enthusiasm. with worldly pomp and wit -ness wit- ness wi/ troubles are molesting, w/ jesus, w. j. irons, d.d. w, kise, w/let #wlnb & uwl wobd made woe, tri wolde ye wolln wirs lieben an." womb. "wonderful things our redeemer "wonders more unfolding. wond - 'ring wondrous wondrous light that led them ! wondrous sight wondrous thing, wont w ooden bench and a straw word word. words words. words are preserved words only, cloth, gilt lettered 1 words only, in paper cover ... wordsworth; work working his gracious plan, work with the highest world world be- world in worlds worlds, /and worn worse at worship. worship cheist, come from above, worship christ, the new-born king worship christ, the new-born king ! worship our god and lord. worship, thanks, and blessing worship, ye sages of the east, worth many a thousand pound worth preserving, and capable wot -ship, and hom-age would be well wound. w/our lukewarm wrap wrapt "wreathe our garlands green, w/ remember adam's writes -written written as a processional. wrought wsfc w/ star w?/ suddenly, w/ the w/ the martyr w/ the new-born god w/ the wise men saw w/ tliat w/unquenched wurz w/yea, lord, we _wzrfl x^h kly xi.sigels, e^'m. list $x$\mx% carols "xow, my yainly we offer each ample oblation, yalois, yea, year by year, years. ye bright armies ye bright armies, ye children, blithe and merry, ye congregation, ye holy shepherds, ye must have ye must lade your caskets ye people, &c. ye poor, no pomp of station yerse. solo. yes, yes, behold the day of glory, ye shall find the ye shepherds round about, yes, i greet you all ye spirits keen and bold, yet jewry land with cruel hand, yet most yet searched and true yet that sorrow brings our joy. yet 'twas winter, &c. yet with power transcendent ye who ye who in cheist's home abide, yfsdwovo-lv, saith chrysostom. yictor-cross combining * yield yirgins are the lily white, yirj yoic yond yonder?--there you, you may see, joseph, young and old together, your your eyes, your god and saviour your homage render, your righteousness make him, your sheep you sent you, this day, a saviour's born youth, stood there you to behold yrave zas verse zat: -zate: zati zeal that zeal with charity to blend. zens zfcl zfts==at zii gruessen zst. zwt=}_ +zwti--i-- ?\&\\&ju\i'.* i zwt^l zxah." />
Carols for Use in Church during Christmas and Epiphany
Chope, Richard Robert - Carols for Use in Church during Christmas and Epiphany
Choeur SATB, piano ou orgue

VoirPDF : Partition (260 pages - 27.6 Mo)10 607x
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Richard Robert Chope
Chope, Richard Robert (1830 - 1928)
Instrumentation :

Chœur SATB, piano ou orgue

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Langue :Anglais
Droit d'auteur :Public domain
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Par palms, 21 Mai 2020 à 02:55

nice work

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