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,btf btgee 2=z=k btme btratiispey. btyefe^^ rf^r g=f=m burgh. burke thumoth's airs.--about burke tliumoth. but cannot be earlier than but in the multiplicity of tunes but ye be merry, by alexander m'glashan. by alexander m'glashan, edinburgh. by angus cum- by a. reicha. by daniel dow." by david young, w. m. by finlay by james dewar. by john by j[ohn] by means by merry by mr. thomson him- [by robert by robert mackintosh. by the by their passing through the by the kev. mr. muir, glasgow, 1825 by the whole company present. 3 bzspfe=s ^-f caikngokm. cairngorm, caledonian museum. caledonius appeared in two callam shiarghlas, callam shiarghlas. cambr. came cameronian rant, cameron's wife, cameron's wife. campbell's country-dances.--about " campbell's first capo. captain byng, captain byng. captain keeler, captain kennedy, captain kennedy. captain macduff, captain macduff. captain pringle of yair, captain pringle of yair. " captain reid's solos." &c, arranged, &c, castle. cawdok fair cawdor &c, by francis barsanti. cello or centuries. century. cessary to say cetj cf them, as given chaklie stuart. changed charles duff's (dundee) collection charlie stuart, charlotte campbell, cheap meal, cheap meal. cheistmas. chiefly chiefly from ross-shire christmas, circumstances like these plainly clark's flores musics.-- 1773. clydeside lasses, clydeside lasses. coilantogle, coilantogle. collection " collection collection of gaelic collection of scottish airs," &c. collection of strathspey or old collection of strathspey reels, &c. collection of the colonel m'bain, colonel m'bain. come communicated composed composed by daniel dow. composed by john composed by malcolm mac- composed overtures considerable contains contains a portrait of neil gow. contains some of lord kelly's minuets. copy corimonie's eant. corimonie's rant, correct nota- corri's collection. cotillons, reels council. countess of elgin, countess of haddington, countess of loudon, countess of sutherland. country as capital improvements. coutie's coutie's wedding. craig. craig's collection.-- 1730. cramer and co. c. stewart &c--the airs cummings collection.-- 1780. cuttymun cuttymun an' treeladle, &c, with &czsd daintie davie, daintie davie. dairy house, dale's collection.--1794. daley house. dalhousie, dalkeith house, dalkeith house. dance music. dance music of scotland dance music of scotland. dance music op scotland. dances. dances and strathspeys. dance-tune of lower brittany. dated 1824. david 1cunter blair. david laing, esq. david laing, esq., davie's caledonian repository day in italy or germany. deil delvin delvin house, delvin house. delvin side, department department of dordogne, in the diamond, died in 1657, aged 63. died in october 1741. different. differ entirely different steps, difficult for difficult to distinguish dirt districts ^dml^b= e? doc. doctor john leyden. donald grant's collection.--edinburgh. dorothea ruggles-brise doubtful doune, dow's minuets.-- about draw dr. burney, in his history of music, dr-mlz drummer, drummond of logiealmond. drummond of perth. duchess of athole, duchess of gordon, duchess of hamilton, duchess of manchester, duchess of roxburghe, duchess' slipper. duillater house, duillater house. duke of gordon's birth-day, dumfries, dun. dun and john thomson. dun and thomson's collection.--new dunkeld. dunrobin castle, dunrobin castle. dunsb dings dunse dings a', d'urfey, d'urfey's collection.-- 1720. each containing eael maeischal. earl marischal, earn, edinburgh edinburgh: edinburgh. edinburgh, 1760. edinburgh, 1780." edinburgh, 1816. edinburgh, 1816 and 1818. edinburgh, 1841. edinburgh, 3d october 1756. edinburgh, about edinburgh and edinburgh, and edinburgh and london. edinburgh, archibald constable. edinburgh, book edinburgh," &c. edinburgh, &c, &c. edinburgh: corri and sutherland. edinburgh: muir, wood, edinburgh, november 1838. edinfolio. edited by edition of the vocal eef ait*: i efcp ^ e-fmr efr^fr-4 efs? p^ic ^eft- egd^y==i egt3^ ter ehep *=*=tu = eif* ^^eii=m-\^s*zfzii eirfzi =g elizabeth lindsay, ^enssg^isgi? es=3s|eef1?= esd^* =jdej=j=b y=f4^pb esh3 esl^g esq. -"est evince that those qualities expresses the significant words expressly adapted extracts from extreme poverty. faculty of advocates, edinburgh, on 26th november 1847. faik fa' the minstkel. fail to fair fair, fair. fate, favie. favourite country- fcb: fcb=a^x^ fcdb=r= e fce0 fc=*=fcqdbrf= fcp: fcpvs-mz^tit =fcq ^fcrtafcj fc=^;=s=fe~e dzzi: fcs=:=j: :fct fctei^s f=dbj feehl=s? fefegp^e^brf^ fef=?^g^eg ^feg |feg ^^fegfesg |fe^g^pgl^psipe|| ^^(^fei^gga|gfei ^fe^nfegg fep^ fe^rifey fer-^m #fes *fes3 fes^i ^fesppfeg #-^.ffe =i ffh^^ppi ffie3^ ~a; ^ffls^gjgfe^ggpi fhir'ghrunig, fia=^ fifth posi- fifty years ago, the fashionable fight about the fibeside. fight about the fireside, f^igsgl ^;" fill the fill the stoup. finally settled in finlay finlay dun. f^ips fi=rfczgi=3 first first, first collections, first time. first vol. f ite ifr fc five parts, is f&jj i-ffwrri^ i fling,) flooks castle. floors castle, " flores flute, flute. flutes. flute, violin, or harpsichord, by mr. fnc; folio, pp. folio, pp. 11. folio, pp. 12. folio, pp. 15. folio, pp. 21. folio, pp. 23. folio, pp. 26. folio, pp. 35. folio, pp. 36. folio, pp. 37. folio, pp. 38. folio, pp. 39. folio, pp. 40. folio, pp. 48. folio, pp. 50. folio, pp. 62. folio, pp. 70. for his inspection, for no other purpose for other great occasions. for preservation. for recreation. forte. forte or for that for the for the flute for the pianoforte for the pianoforte, for the pianoforte. for the violin for the violin, for the voice, for the waltz, the polka, forty scots songs, -- fpipi francis peacock, frg- from "from from ltum, a f= rrtf =pp^ fsk: gaeden of tkoup. gaelic language) gang nae mair gang nae mair to yon toun. :^geefc*t=: gems of scottish melody.--with genekal wemyss. general reid's minuets, general wemyss, generations of harpers. genuine scottish george jenkins' collection george mackenzie of coul. george stewart murray, george thomson's collections.-- 1793, german german flute germany under gest. scot., g^fcp ^gfea ggeppiirj g^gip^pe giornovichi, giornovichi. * gir. giraldus cambrensis, 5 glasgow. glasgow, 1848. glen lyon, glen lyon. gmt i gow, gow." gpeb^f f -- gpl^! grace douglas, graham, and the graham made from grazioso. ^;grc-t_t__ e gst: guilh^ gupsi gup^t guthrie (?) hamilton of bangowe. hands hands of the native harpers, harmonic arrangement harmonized by haydn. harmonized, &c, by joseph haydn, harp- harp, an instrument which harpsichord. harpsichord, or harriet hope, hart do chro harvest home, harvest nomb. has long con- hautboy, or german flute, with have hbg^s^hip h. butler's he came to london -.-h^e ifcaltfcfip-- he mentions he was h^faj=tj^q^#fe#=n -=hfc hfppfii_-- hgl^llii^lgip*iteg highland fling. highland reels. highland whisky, highland whisky. ^hilijp|g hilton lodge, hilton lodge. his hoaxing hither,s h=lfa: hly \-=iz hornpipes, &c, &c. howdan. however, which htp="j husi iamgse **=ianp*n-f^^ ibfcl (ibid., p. 11.) ibid., p. 13. 'ice idb^- iea-zj ieetgffi = iete?5=^ ifa^ ifcrt ifcsar^ic i -- *fefe f=g=sq $=* ifef ^i^ ifes ^s- *iffi^s3 igpl igufm ij=fcee rrw^=r ij^gssg= (*.-"-"i.jtn ili:^.li3=;3 ilk. ^ilp|^lf ilse! in 1661, for in 1733, a new edition of the orpheus in a better strain, in alsace, on the in ayr. in consequence of indeed, none of the luinigs index in fashion, in four books, oblong 8vo. in general ing steps, or cross slips. in high estimation there." in his day, in january 1839, in one volume, in paris in some rare instances the instead of behind instrument. intercourse with the lowlanders. in that of the late in the in their hours in the notes to " in the oldest in the possession of intitled, into the introduction,,. introduction. in two inverness. ip=fct^pr *#.-i=pfik ^ip^lsiipgp^ ippefegp^j^l^gl^ i^pqrfcse: iprt=|=r 3t irabtzg: =irp irt: ise^ ^=i=see^ (islay) isle of skye. ismgp is often is^pghtip^h italian peasants' dance. it becomes a single step. it contains it contains a itfc ^itfm it is dated 1709, it is very i^tpv-. p-v; its3^=e its date is uncertain, i^ttfefs -- it would i-z=\zis j. aird. james james aird. james chalmers, esq. of london, james daniel's collection james john- james oswald's collections.-- 1740-1742. james porteous' collection james walker's jbl4_ :jel-- elz^z: jenny dang the weaver, jenny dang- the weaver j=fc=fcdi #j^fcff^^ilg#i mfej|| j=fcp jfcqijzzpk, jfcr=tiz =jfe jffxjzz- jftowk's seel. ^jge jgf^rs^pi: j^ggeejgp^^i jigs, j=^ jate^m j^=j=fcttid_^ -jjtzm*zm jlft-pk,,.j> jockey latin, jockey latin. john alexander may's selection john and andrew gow's collection john bowie's (perth) collection john cheap the chapman, john cheap the chapman. john clark's john elder, edinburgh, 1793. john gunn's thirty favourite scotch john hamilton. john hawkins, john major 1 john mtntyre's collection.--edinburgh. johnnie made a wedding johnnie made a wedding ot. john roy stewart john roy stewart, john skene johnson and co. john stewart, john stewart. jpgfi^pebg jsfa^gjr^ j^spa jte_# jtfii=grp jt=m=zmz june 1807, aged k=da^ffed^ft k=dl=t=tz=tzd:e=zi&c: key by mr. graham kildians too are very fond of kincaldrum, king and king james' march kinoaldrum. known ms. ksne ksqzfis&to^ k*=zrf=fcs l-0-0itp ladiq^ lads lady lady ann stewart lady baikd. lady betty boyle. lady binning. lady chaklotte campbell. lady charlotte campbell. lady doune. lady dumfeies. lady elizabeth lindsay. lady grace douglas. lady gwydyb. lady hakeiet hope. lady lucy ramsay. lady mackenzie of coul. lady madelina lady margaret stewart. lady mary dundas, lady mary dundas. lady mary ramsay, lady mary ramsay. lady mary stopford, lady mary stopford. lady montgomery, lady montgomery. lady shaftesbury, lady shaftesbury. lady susan harriet ker, lady susan harriet ker. laid lamberton races, lamberton races. lass of ballantrae, last time. late lays from strathearn.--by leap, leaving our readers to left, left. left foot, l--ei fhi lennoxlove lennox love to blantyke. letrmburgfj fhmbrrgifjj jdrcss lfcxzt library of the faculty of advocates. lib. vi. lift like the bahtte. -- lil^ipp loch loch eakn. loed dalhousie. loed ramsay. loed seaforth. lokd alexandee gordon. lokd macdonald. london, 1764 london from edinburgh, and lord lord doune lord kelly's minuets, &o.-- 1774. lord macdonald. lord moika. lord stanley lost loud, of the lower rhine, there lowe's collection of reels, l==^&^rseetel lucy ramsay, lute-book, dated 1627-29. lute-book, written by sir william lyle, 1827. lyle, surgeon at airth. macdonald, macdonald, (old macdonald's highland airs.-- 1781. macdonald's reels.--about macfarlane's mss. -- " a macgibbon's collections.-- 1742-1755. mackenzie of coul, mackintosh's reels, maclean's collection.--about macleod of rasay. madelina sinclair, madelina sinclair's birth-day, maey gray. major lord make due allowances making a hop upon makrt ketty. maky anne kobeetson. many margaret stewart, mark marquis of beaumont, marquis of hastings, marquis of huntly, marry eetty, marshall's collection.--one mart do chro mary gray, master francis sitwell, master francis sitwell. masters." maule of panmure. may be m'donald of clanranald. meant m'eercher's (dunkeld) collections melodies of melodies of scotland without words." mentioned at merry lads of merry lads of ayr, m'fadyen's repository m'farlane of that m'gibbon died m'glashan's collections.--about mheinanich, mheinanich. mie3 might have been composed at miibeg:[ 4=u: ming, at grantown, in strathspey. minuets, &c, &c. miscellany," &o. mi^slm^ttf-n^nm^ miss baird of miss baird of saughton hall, miss chaelotte stewart. miss charlotte ross, miss charlotte stewart, miss douglas, miss douglas. miss drummond of perth, miss dumbreck, miss dumbreok. miss eamsay. miss eitchie. miss flora m'donald, miss flora mtndnald. miss foebes. miss forbes, miss geokgina scott. miss georgina scott, miss gibson, miss gibson. miss gkieve of miss grieve of howdan, miss hamilton of bangowr, miss hope, miss hope. miss hopkins, miss hopkins. miss jane stewart, miss jane stewart. miss jessie stewaet. miss jessie stewart, miss johnston, miss johnston. miss kose of tarlogie. miss lyal, miss lyal. miss mary anne robertson, miss maule of panmure, miss nisbet of dikleton. miss nisbet of dirleton, miss ohaelotte ross. miss ramsay, miss ritchie, miss rose of tarlogie, miss stewart of garth, miss wedderburn, miss whiteford, miss whiteford. mitcbison. mither, ony bodie but the m j=t hitil mks. mks. scott moncrieff. mm; fejse3=3ee=pf moira, monro's rant, monro's rant. monymusk, monymusk. moray moray of abercairney. most most favourite scots songs," &c. most of them with mr. andrew mr. david laing of edinburgh, mr. g. thom- mr. john mr. laing mr. menzies of culdabes. mr. menzies of culdares, mr. moray of abercairney, mr. robertson of lude, mr. robertson of lude. mrs. mrs. adye, mrs. adye. mrs. alexander brodie, mrs. baird of mrs. baird of newbyth, mrs. compton of carham-hall, mrs. drummond of logiealmonci mrs. garden of troup, mrs. macleod of rasay, mrs. m'donald of clanranald, mrs. rachel gibson, mrs. robertson of alexandria, mrs. robertson of alexandria. mrs. scott moncrieff, mrs. wilson, mrs. wilson. mr. young says,--" but beyond mse^3 ms. music-book much much about munro's collection.-- 1732. mure mure was mus. doc. music music. musicians. musick music of the highlands. must either name named kochersberg, napier. napier's collections.-- 1790. napier's selection nathaniel gow's collections.-- 1799-1824. national library of scotland native character and expression, natives. nature of which neil neil gow's reels.--" a neil gow's wife. neil stewart." nell stewart's collections.--" new. new and complete newbyth. newest and best minuets," &c. niel niel gow. niel gow's recovery, niel gow's recovery. niel gow's wife, norwegian dance. norwegian dance-tune. note. not, of late years, found novelties. november 1847. now abundantly now very npfj=^f^ nrf=tmite n. stewart. n. stewart and co." n. stewart, edinburgh." 'ntrrs -- number obligingly favoured oblong; each containing 200 airs. oblong royal 8vo. o but ye be meeby. o'er the lea, of abercairney, of age. of airs, of airs. of airs, strathspey reels, &c. of allan of all the scottish airs of ancient scots music, (highland airs,) of beautiful original ones of curriehill. (of dysart) collections of favie, of favourite of foreign musicians, of her of highland airs. (of perth) of reels of reels, strathspeys, &c. of robert of rowallan, of scotland of scotland," in 3 vols., published in 1848-49. of scotland," vol. of scots of scottish airs. of scottish slow airs and of scottish tunes, of singing of songs, of straloch, of straloch's of strathspey of strathspey reels of strathspey reels, &c. of strathspeys of strathspeys, reels, &c. often meant a " bagpipe." of the of the fishing season, of the highlands. of their airs have of the pieces that of these dances have a well-marked of the songs. of the steps oitf oldest (old set.) on 6th august 1814. one. on the contrary, the oompton of carham-hall. opening." orain na'h albain. --a or footing step. original or two of these sound o she's comical. ossian's hall, ossian's hall. oswald was other dance music which others others of them are sung by the our colleges owner of " barnard's rooms. " thistle pagb pagk paniments, &c. panmuke house. panmure house, paob particular parts of passages from paterson and roy. paterson and roy, and paterson and roy, and j. purdie. pathetic p=* dfc$=s peacock's airs.-- about pease stkae. pease strae, :.=pe=:ie=rpz people, (the highlanders.) people, yet a pess ^ij52 peter urbani. edinburgh and petrie, the irish anti- pf=i^nmn=bi^f^i pgjm^fj^ pg^m0m^^msk% piano- pi^ignp^silp pills to pis^ p*=is=szq =pje*^ places to played by an old harper, playford's dancing-master.-- 1657. pleasing voice and pl^ffgpl^ pmsta poets. possibilities of fashion. 8 presented by lady pretty pegg, pretty pegg. p#rfe printed for j. oswald." printed for the author. privilege bears date 1732. proper tempo of each tune psh^di p^^sjjjtes^i published by pater- published in published in 1837. purge pusa puy-de-d6me, central france, qirfe= qsi; qtzis: quary, informs us that the bagpipe queen mary's quote the following rachel gibson. rachel rae, ran. reel of tulloch reels and strathspeys reels and strathspeys, reels, strathspeys, reels, strathspeys, &c. refers to this work, regular in r[eid,] esq., a relish a rest of returned. =rfc :rfi rhfr*'~3t . r7 riddell, riddell, esq.] riddell's collection.-- 1794. right right, ritson's collection.-- 1794. rjpt roky macnab. ronald m'donald, ronald m'donald. rory macnab, ross's collection. rough highland reel. rowallan ms.--a royal 8vo. royal 8vo, pp. 128. royal 8vo, pp. 81. r. purdie, edinburgh. r^r-'-*- ife rtba=g: rtfiiitazpr*.: rvihl -=&rz*tsij same same kind as our scottish highland same tunes same with sanders brane, sanders brane. sandy sandy o'er the lea. sary to aflix the metronome saughton hall. says, " it passed sb3e izeebz^ - ^_0=jfc= ==t=m= ^r=^=q=4 sbz3; scotia, scotland, arranged with scotland without words." scotsman who scots vocal melodies. scottish airs scottish airs. scottish songs, in two vols. 12mo. seaforth, second collection second set of do. second sett of six solos," &c. second volume, printed see his " trente-six fugues." see mr. dauney's dissertation, see mr. dauney's dissertation, pp. 139-143. seeriai -** see^=u=3=*=i = :fat3m sefeas=& seg^ ^-seg^as select collection selected by d. sime. selection selection of scotch, selection of scots songs," &c. selection of the best self, sent, in 1844, to seo=* ses ppp3 fj=j 3= set,) set by sfc^ =sfc=!^3 sfe^sgg^e s-fgipig^pplhfi^^y |sgf=pg^ sgg^pspi ^sghfege^afej she ran, she's comical, siabadh, to sibath9rey. sichord," side, side. sief sim=ig=^ simple. sinclaib's blkth-day sinclaie. single step. sir alexander don, sir david hunter blair, sirfc sir george mackenzie of coul, sir william, edited six books, six numbers, sixth edition. sixth volume appeared in 1720. " sixty-eight six vols. 8vo. sjfe *s&&=jm%&m=mtt skip. sleepy maggie, sleepy maggie. slip, slip the s&l^^l feehsi & slow airs, strathspeys, and reels. smith's scottish minstrel. sold sold also by bremner. sold with his other books some some account some of which have been some other saltatory some par- son. son and roy, edinburgh. song song," &c, by j. walsh, london. songs by the well-known south-west of france. spey. spinnet," &c, by spirit of the country. sri* srvg- stbath9pey. stbathsi'ey. stbathsper. stb athspet. stbathspev. stbathspey. stbathsri'.t. stbathsrkv. stbatiisrey. stbatusfey. steathsl'ey. steuan robertson's rant. stewart, stewart of gaeth. sthaihspet. sthath9pey. sthathsper. stiiathsret. stkathspei. stkathspey stkathspey. stkatusrey. stoup, s^tp-ffiszisi straloch ms.--robert strand." strathsi' kv. strathsit.y. strathspev. strathspey s trathspey strathspey, strathspey. strathspeys, and jigs, being a strathsrev. strathsrey strathsrey. stratu9pev. struan robertson's rant, structure stuathspey. stuatiispet. studied music in stumpie, stumpie. subjoin such sung or played by the surenne. szfe tablature, each containing a tailoes. t. and =tarn--pqct taymouth taymouth castle, :tcb tcg^ tea-table miscellany.--about teb-s=j=j tegjsi^^gp^ii ter, teral==fe tfc=! tfcb: tfcg^=*z tfsb ^-^ = tggj that are not scottish. that of the strathspey the airs above-mentioned, and the argyle bowling-green the argyle bowling-green, the auld stewarts back again. the ayrshiee the ayrshire lasses, the back of the change house, the back of the change-house. the banks of the banks of spey, the bkidge of peeth. the bkidge of tuek. the boatman of pitnaceee. the boatman of pitnacree, the bobers the bobers o' brechin, the braes the braes of mark. the bridge of bracklin. the caledonian museum, the cameronian rant. the classics. the close of the dance. the contrast the countess of elgin, the countess of haddington. the countess of loudon. the countess of sutherland. the dance music of scotland the dance music of scotland. the dance music of scotland.--a the dance music ok scotland. the dance music op scotland the dance music op scotland. the deil amang the the desart, as the diamond. the duchess of athole. the duchess of eoxburghe. the duchess of gordon. the duchess of hamilton. the duchess of manchester. the duke of eoxburghe, the duke of eoxburghe. the duke of gordon's birth-day. the duke of pekth. the duke of perth, the eakl of eglinton. the earl the earl of breadalbane's hermitage, the earl of dalkeith, the earl of dalkeith. theearlofeglinton, the earl of loudon, the earl of loudon. the edinburgh musical the fife hunt, the fife hunt. the fisher's wedding, the fisher's wedding. the flageolet, flute, or violin. the following the fox chase, the fox chase. the freemason's songs, the french royal the fyket, the fyket. the garland of the gathering, the gathering. the glasgow the glasgow lasses, the greater part of the guitar," &c. --about 1760. the haughs of cromdale, the haughs of cromdale. the high koad to linton. the highland the highlandman, the highlandman. the highland skip, the high popularity of the high road to linton, the honoukable captain maitland. the honourable colonel wemyss, the honourable colonel wemyss. the honourable miss charteris, the honourable miss charteris. the houourable captain maitland, the inhabitants of their their elegiac music their forefathers. their ground, manfully their original gaelic names. their value. their winter store, the keel kow. the keel of thuliohan. the keel row, the kirn. the'kirn, the lady in the large bagpipe the lass of ballantbae. the left foot, then spring thelsleofskye, them them, the maequis of huntly. the maequis of huntly's fakewell. the maequis of tullybardine. them are chorus songs. the marquis of beaumont. the marquis of hastings. the marquis of huntly, (highland the marquis of huntly's farewell, the marquis of tullybardine, the mason's apeon. the mason's apron, them a very remote the merry lads of foss the merry lads of foss, the m'farlane rant, the m'farlane rant. them from the millee of drone. the miller of drone, the minstrel, the mullin dhu, the mullin dhu. the musical miscellany.-- 1792. the music of the then the nine pint coggie, the nine pint coggie. the old man, the old man. the only exception the paeks of fochabeks the parks of fochabers, the perthshike hunt. the perthshire hunt, the pianoforte. the pibroch or cruineachadh, the pirriwig, the pirriwig. there are but two distinct the reel of bogie, the reel of thulicban, the reel of tulloch, the reticule, the reticule. the royal recovery, these, also, occupy the " the slow plaintive the songs the stewarts' rant, the stewarts' rant. the tailors, the titles of the tunes the violoncello or harpsichord. the vocal magazine.-- 1797-98-99- the volume. the volume was the whigs of the whigs of fife, the wind that shakes the barley, the wind that shakes the barley. the words the words by allan ramsay. the work was they are generally short they endeavoured the yetts of muckart, the yetts of muckart. third volume thirty scots songs " thirty-seven this this, this collection, in six this contained twenty-two tunes. this is of course to this step thjs thoiseacli, thomas thomson's orpheus caledonius.--1725-1733. three books. three books, oblong thro' the through several editions, ticulars. tiij_x-i=m^g^r tilt-side, time of which tinued to be in ireland. tion tion, tions are such as tiz^^tia^lz:1- ,tmf-n to blantyre, to double to each tune. to edinburgh, to fashion to ireland," to rescue to set criticism to the bagpipe, to the celebrated to their successors, to the last spring. to the martial to the tablature, to this introduction to those who already know to which tradition, transcript translation published, with a t-rfx tsi* ttg^fc^fe ^-r g-ffl tt^*^nil tullochgorum, tullochgorum. tullymet. tune. 10. cuartag* turning step. tunes tunes and a few english ones. tunes with tunes, with variations, twelve books. twelve scotch and twelve twelve scots songs twenty minuets and two violins and bass. u*iximtptz -uja uncommon uncommonly universally unneces- upon urbani's collection.--about variations. variations, for violin, &c. very very rare, and very scarce volume, in violin, bagpipe, violin," &c. violin for violin quartetts, op. 10. violoncello, viz., vol. vol. 4to. vol. 4to, at vol. 8vo. vol. first. (vol. iv. p. 677,) vols, vols. 8vo, vols, folio, vols, folio. vols, royal 8vo. vols, small 8vo, contains volume volume of" wood's songs of scotland," 1848. volumes walsh's collection.--about walsh's country-dances.-- a was a teacher of music was once was practised by was sent by mr. chalmers was then water," both relating to events in 1690. waterston, stationer in edinburgh. watt's musicad miscellany.-- 1729-1731 way even to we are indebted to mr. we are informed that wedding, wem& we think -wfc when when a number when rowing, when they have which mr. which they are usually performed. who happened who have attempted who published whose death who went whyte's collection.--" a wild, even to one that can wildness and melancholy, are gone- william dauney, esq., advocate, in one william napier, william shepherd's collection william thomson was wilson's songs of scotland.--eight ^wir- wirt with witha bass with accom- with accompaniments, with additions. with an accompaniment with a thorough-bass with a very few scottish w. mdowall, wood and wood and co., wood she wood's songs wood's songs of scotland," passim. work that exhibits several [writing master?] in edinburgh. w. thomson wtrh- -r w=^w^=fqt year of his age. yet, less than a century ago, yjt-l * yon toun, you do the you do the same motions after young you pass the you spring forward with zjz3^zntrjrpg=rg_ -*' />
The Dance Music of Scotland
Various composers - The Dance Music of Scotland

VoirPDF : Complete Score (6th edition.) (192 pages - 10.44 Mo)8 770x
Compositeur :
 Various composers
Various composers
Instrumentation :

Piano seul

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Droit d'auteur :Public Domain
Ajoutée par FS, 06 Jun 2014

A Collection of all the best Reels and Strathspeys both of the Highlands and Lowlands, for the Pianoforte
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