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rd angels an -gels an * gels an-gels an-gel's song an-gel's song can angel's song can an -gels sung angels sung angels sung a angels sung a sa an-gets join to prabe the an-gry anguish, " save, lord, or anil a- nil an ant, waits, anu, -aour house a phim, a-phim, a-phim, to sing his praise. aphs ap-p au-spic-ious morn, -- author of ave n- do more? avful name, '*avtbej a- wake, a- wake, and a - wake, and run awake,&c. a-wake from a-wake in realms above, for awake, my a wall of a - way, a-way! " away from yon awful throne, ve nations, awful throne,ye nations, a while azf^=rj azix--zj: azm--s'. b08ton pianoforte in8tructor, b0ngaj3igh ai the bestbn, our voi b5-*z*zfe=5 " ba8s voice, 3.01 bach baciszn: bad wings, baft bail colombia baker's harmony, balance- bale on balm band band, band of bands. bang, bangor bangor. ban - isfa banners, baoh ba-ored ba-oth, bark base base. base could stand, base could stand, so base -ly to the bask. -&bassoon. bat - bate- bate, bate. bath bath. bat -tie bat -tie, battle's fought, th< baud bbownson. bchold bc-hold the nv bead, bead and beads, ye saints, beam beam, beams beams, beams are bean bear bear, bear! bear'n, bears, beas, beat beat*oly beau beau - beau- beau-ti beau-ti- beauties beauties of caledonia beau-tiful, beauti-ful beautiful, beautiful, &c. beautiful, &c. (white,) beautiful upon the mountains. beautiful upon the mountains.' beav'nly be banished hence be -bide bed, bedeem-ei raodo; be earth with be earth witj ;b^eetfsffieet!l beeth0v1in bee the king he sits beethoven's mass in c, (lbn tod i**t** j be -fare thy be, for be -fore be-fore his before his " before jehovah's awful throne."- before jehovah's awful throne. " be-fore the be -fore the before the floods, be-fore thy face before thy face; be found, like david's harp of began tlie scheme be -gin, begin thy praie,whew be -gun be heard beheld, and behold be - hold be-hold tbe pains behold the behold the glo be-hold the great be-hold the great ac be-hold their be-hold the pains beit be joy be joyful be joy-ful, be joyful, be joyful in the lor* be kind belknap. be -low. be-low. be-neath be-neath a burn-ing be on earth displayed, be our mott". be past; safe in be, rallying ber from berlin berlin. bertini'8 twenty-five studie8, berwick berwick. berwick, (german,)- .c m. 31 david's lamentation be said, that while in be -side? be-sln ihy (bet, beta bethesda bethesda. be thine bon be thon be thy bet- ter be^ueadi'd, with u~ beyond be-yond the bounds be-yond the swelling b-gtn otr bich thou bast bid raging winds their fury cease, bids bifl biflh ~bij bil - billin06. billings billinqs. billisob. billisqs. bilu50. bim, bim and bin - binds bind the wound, bingtl biraet fidds bird, birds bird's single and double chants, birth ? birth, birth. .bis bis grace bissell. bit.ijnq3. # _b_i_ # _^zzc5izq. bjiel bka- bkned bkookfield. blaxchjuid bl bm him, yc blcs him, ye ble acts, praise bleai ble and fainting bleat, bleat; ble^fc bles bles, ble song, ble song. bles, rich bless'd, bless -ed bless- ed, blessed be thou blessed be thou, blessed be thou. blessed be thou, &c. bless-ed for-ev-er and ev blessed jubilee, let blessing bless-ing, blessing, blessing. blessings down. bless the bless the por bless thy word blest blest, blest; blest? blest. blest be the father bles the por blest:rest, blest the day, blest, to dwell blissful bliss - ful bliss-ful bliss-ful, blissful, blm, exulting nations praiao; blood-stain'd sword our conq'rors blooming blooms beneath the blow blow, blows, half bluidlmbb, bowfl bnt au the downward road. bnt where (boa boast, bochsa's instructor for the harp, bode bode, bode becomes bodo becomes bokicrz'8 exerci8e8 and 8cales, bold, bo-lv throjj bome bon, bon-dagefail. bond and bonh bonis, bool, re bora bor, and born born, born. bor-ronnda the bo-som. faith bo-somknown; boston flute instruction book, boston melodeon, three vohun*., both b-oth, bo thine both richc3 both riches boughs of each bound bound, bound. boundless, boundless love pr boundless love proclaim- boundless pow'r pos-sess'd, the king of bounds bounds where bove bove, bove. bove, christ's bove, i stretch bove the bove the ground bow. bowed bowfelaeand bow with bow with sacred boyhood's years, ^bpg bpoqedj brae, brain advance. braintree braintree. brate brave, brave? break breast breast, breast. breath b reath, breath, breath. breathe- breathe, breathe,' breath was onr sword, breath was our sword, his bn-aih breed-ing. brem bridge water bridge water. bright, brighter bright, in world* of light bright the triumph none can bright with the bright with tho bril-liant light, where sun, brilliant light,where sun, brine, bring bring, bring.and none be found to hear, bring cov-er bringeth bringeth good bring forth the royal bring forth the royal di bring myr bring myr-tle and palm, bring the bring,soiue bring,some brings the light of brisk. bristol bristol. british yoke, the brkvft brllntos. broad ^ broad b robes of brok broken his broke with sighs, broke with sighs, shall sing, brookfield " brother, broth-er, brothers join'd.lvai-e brothers join'd, peace and safe-ty brought us brow bs ege=g btars re bta-taon move, b? the x-ublisher of this work bto-ry;and btql btranger, btrings, btrown buckfield. buckfiem buckingham buckingham. buds bud, while peace and buelington. built his bula, and ernani, bumble, there's bums bundance grows, bun here, burdened burdened bosom burlington burn, burning boati by day, burns, buromuller's piano instructor, bur-ronnda the bur -rounds the burrowes' pianoforte primer, burrowes' thorough bass primer, bursting burst the bars of burst the bars of death, bus*, but, but,0 their end, but aoon, but au tht downward roac but death but give but how but- rounds but the wide arms of mer-cy are but wisdom show a bwan, bweu-ing, bxlksap. by day, nor by day, nor masta of evening by handel by - ing by night by oliver ditson & by one by permission. by thy strength by whose almighty -bzl c0stell0w. cad 1 (c)afcg: cal l'd alo ud call, for call-ing, calling, calling; calls their call* the calm calm, calm, &0. calm and calm, sec calm the calvaby. cambridge cambridge. came came, came be sang came down, ami came down, and came down.and came down, and glo- ry came down. and guhtj shone came, the worh came, the world, can cre-ate can make canterbury new. canterbury-new. can this can trust captive cap-tive car. carcas3i'8 school care care and pro cares cares of carmakt'8 melodeon instructor, cars carthdy joys were cast, cast,down from the cast,down from the skies castle street castle street. caught cause causo cave cay. cbord c come, let us sing ccpt-ancc there. ceals, half cean - cean lost, torn piecemeal by cease, fond cease thy cease thy eompl cease to ceirc us ceiv cel-lent cends his centre toss'd, cents ces, ces. c>es=3s^j3t sbc =3e=fe ces grow. ces grow, fly, &o. ces of cfcaltu ei cfwsuw**8 chain. chains chains, chair chamber, chamber, and chamber, and wept, chang'd change changed changing homo, ^tiere nev-cr chant ch apple. char character chariot chariots and chariots, his charles bcrxet charm from the charm-; hark! how he charming charmoharou charms, charms; charn* con cheehunt cheered us on cheerful cheerful hearts u-nite,in bonds of pi cheerful voice, cheering grace cheer the plains cher cher-ish cherish, cher-n-l>im cher-u cherubim cherubim, cherubim, and cheshunt (cheshunt.) chide chide m; child child, child. child, child childhood charm, "child of mortality." child of mortality child of mortality ." child of mortality." child of mortality." continued " child ot mortality." children children of children of zi children, wives and grandsires boa chime, shield china china. *chneider'8 organ school, cho. choir, chord choris. chorus cho-rus chorus, chorus. chorus a1!p'o. chri christ christ a christ a while to christian christian lives to christ christ risen from the dead. christ's church be glad; church of the ransomed, v church's church there cient cies - cies. cies, cious cious, cir - cles cits. ciupi'lr: cj^^lfzz^iz^zzf-- tie-4i cjod clad, claim claim, claims those claims those mansions clare classic glee book, clay clay, cle, clear; near-er clif1 clifton clin - clin-ed clio. clioni. for -cl-lent - clos cloth'd clothed in his ce- lea- clothed in his celestial raft, clothed in his celestial rays, cloud cloud, clouds of glo-ry seated c'lri't ria-en clud c :m-- 0^7,e=atzgzi:z-^z#z-^ cndl'-m night. cnester. c(.n-fidencc, codia cutis. coimnura. colchester colchester. colle ct. collection, by permission. ^collection of collect'!**, vocal a instrume col. tlnwn, co - lum co-lum-bi co lum-bia, hap py land columbia's tons, re com- come " come, come, come. come and come, and come be-fore him, come before him; come before his come, bow be come,holy come,iioly spirit,heavenly dove,with come, let cs sing uxto the loud. come, let us sing unto the lord. come, let us sing unto tne lord. come med comes comes, come, shall quench the spark di come shed abroad come, shed abroad a saviour's come,shed abroad a saviour's comes no more, realms of the come, sound come, when come, which was, and come, worship come, ye come ye diftfanmdatfi "come, ye disconsolate." come ye disconsolate com-fbrt-er comfort -er, comfort me; hide me, comi, let us sixg unto the lord. comine speaks coming dca command. command you command, your arms and companion! complaint complaint. complete con-,. (conclude!.) conclude. concluded (concluded.; (concluded.) concluded. concord. concord, (belknap,) -l. m. 47 concord, (holden,) con-fess confidence confidence. conq'ror's conrt9 immortal plca9 con-scious con-so lation. con-so-lation, con-spire. contains so con - tin continental harmony, continental harmony. continual con tin-ual-lv, con-tin-ual-lv, con con-tin-ual - ly, con-tin-ual-ly, continual-ly. contin-ual-ly do continue,. continue!* continue* continue*. continued (continued.) continued. contlict con-trol, conwjded. cooke'8 8inging instructor, cool-ing cool-ing stream cooling stream cool-ing stream at hand, cootued. cora. cord, cord. cor dial cor-dial cor-dial for our fears, cording to his corfe's harmony and thorough b corinth corinth. corn cortiss' method cos, costellow costellow. costly sac - ri-fice costly sac-ri-fice? couhl could could number, could number, thousands of count -count count his coun-try wept v be courage cour-age courage, court:) courts courts immortal plcatnrm girt. thy courts with couru and co. washington cowper cowper. coxcl-del cqwmped. cradle cradle, cradle of cradle of the deep. cradlt ., cr-aiik k oancf. cramer's celebrated instructions, cre*. creator's prate creature cred creg. cres> cres. crescendo* cret. cries crivell!" instruction in 8inginc, crj out cross, in cross the deep their journey lay, crown. crowns my days, cr'scentini'8 art of 8inging, crush our cr worlds cry, cry. cry - ing with a loud voice, crying with a loud voice, crys ct his cuandler. cull the cumbcnt on cunnabell's accordeon preceptor, cure. cure i cure the bless-ings cu - ser cu-ser cast,down cuser cast,down cu-ser cast,down from the skies, cuzzexs. \-\ cve-ry greet cv fins cv'-ni ng sha de shall cv'ning shade, shall cwmnr* cwnmro. cwtintod. cx-cel-lent, cymbal cymbal, bring the cymbal oompvm cymbals and cymbals, in cy through czerny'3 thorough bass,. dah's dalston. dam*, dan- dan-oes, dant d ar'd the patriot dare dare dis darid'i harp darid's harp dark dark.- dark-cst dark-cst hoar. darke-: homb, darken hours; dark-ling man, dark-ncsa darkness darkness lay, she vie darkness lay, she vis dark o'er the way dark sea daughters dav- dav, david's harp david's lamentation david's lamentation. david's royal david's royal blood; dawn dawn. dawn's ear - ly day, day; day. day, and day ex day, in day, nor would day of day of grace ; days days. days a - round me. days a -round me; days bear days be - fore days be - fore, i days of days,thou days, thou day that daz-zles dazzling ^^=d^b=itt3=ih^e:if dbotq dcbo beneath th'oppreaote dead.and become dead; the deanfield. dear dear, dear shepherd, dearth, death death, death! death? death. death and hell death, in death o'er death's a-larms? 'tis death, where death, whero death with death with his warrant decidedly american, declares declining, de-ecend-ed from on high; -deeming deep arc deep his wonder* deep his wonder*, wonaers, defend your de-lay, delight, delight. de-lightfal dem, and crown him lord demands thy [denbioh] denmark [denmark.] den spring deolfh. de -part in peace, de-part in peace, de-plore, depth der, deri view. der lambs, derm- ed ders, ders spread, thro' der- stood. der-stood, ders view. ders view, his de-scend and bring.some to descend and bring, some to designed particularly for des-o-late, light of the straying, despise, destroy. deur devizes. devotion. [dew dewy dft dft jlyl dg the de diant throne, die, die; die. die like dies dies, dies. die so soon ? die, 'till different dif-fuse diffused diltrent way, diltrmt way, but dim. ding dings, dings, that -- dings, that publisheth dings, that publisheth dings, tliat dious noise, and gen dious noise, and gen -tie dis- dis-con-so-late, where'er ye languish disdain, dis - pla) s the fir displays, dis - plays, dis-plays the firm dis-plays the displays the displays the fir-ma displays the firmament. displays the firmn dis-tant distant mountains dis - tant worlds ana dis- tik di.-tant divides, di- vine, djgalls. d' jl gifei g %.-dltz? *~ dmsn dncu do cry, docs does does oar do god's dolcr. doldet.; do - light, dome domeg, domes, dom's god, and bravely done. done, the (donwe.) doolitti.k. dore dore- dorn'd, &c. dorn'd with shin-ing dost dost thou do they miss me at home. do travail (double.) double. (doublr.) doubting dove dove. dove, fly like a "dow do we mourn de dowlum, down down, downj pil-lows downward downy dow - ny dow-ny dr. arnold. dr arxe. draw draw*, draw not thou draws draws, dr. callcott. dr. clark. dr. croft. dr. cro?t, dreadful end, dread not dream dream. dream came dream came o'er dresden. drf-j^w dr. green. dr. greev. drink drink or die. drotu droua works, drous drous works, dr. randall. dry, dry; d the l>onn dtlbe" world, how duct. duct 1st treble. allegretto duet. duet and chorus. there dul-gent leads, dumb dure, dures, dur-eth from gene dur-eth from gen-e durham. dust dust. dut rent way, bat dwell be dwell in thee dwell in thee, dwell with na dwell with thee dwelt at dying dying. dying bed, feci e2etizti=tzz^ each each breast with each ful -each pleasure each pleasure each pleasure hath each wand'ring each wand'ring in a ;>eak early, ear-ly rise, -earn ears ears, earth earth- earth, earth, are earth by earth has no earth *ly earthly frame, through earth's earth's re-mot earth, the sa-viour reigns, earth thy earth thy hum-ble earth were from her eartli; east east, easter anthem east to west the eaton. -e^bow, with -in ech-o ecnd-ing ecs head with ed high, edom. ed realms ed realms of ed realms of joy, ed realms of joy. ed sounds, while o'er the ee|==cicq33nj==r .-|.".-eee^~| e*ee3zzsfcz=s ^eee* :=r=^r?zt==f eei=i==?:::^ =efc^ :ze=edh efe=h3_q_. -d effmzm=fr*trm j -efly -eft !efz5ep==: f ^efzz?e| *e!=|-*=*f= e-gypt egypt's dark .va ehall reign foi ehariot eharm e-his ei;bs53a=iie.t3&:3t^i ei::=?e5|-*-jnzgz-jn eign land, ^^^eile --zztt s eious earth eisgzp es= :e==iztzefezb: ek--fsiezrzf eks3f=fe^ ::ektzz3=&:*z*z*!!:: i*=l ela- w elb good * elf-instructor for accordeon, elitterincr e lord, elysium. 'elzz^^b -i--l-|^ emam*-0 *- empty emu ound ence joys unknown. ence shall end- end, end,and while onr soulstoheav' en-dear-ing! endless comforts end-less day, in endless joy end-less pleasure en-dnre, end. path, votive, guide, o-rig- end.thy end,thy sanc-tu en-dure, enfield. en- joy thy enploj -ens ens arc - ent, ent, en-ter-tain eodu eomlng eommiad. e :p--pzip==pi i-f epson. er and er and ev *erbiouier's flute method, er, blessed, er blow. temptati er blow. tern: ^eres:i&s ere slumber's chain has er, for - er, for-cv eriutmg; and er-more, er-more. er nigh ? er'nmg er poor, er poor,it - er reigns. er reigns, er reigns, glory er reigns.^/ glory, er reigns, je-sus er speak his name, in sound' to er strains er than er their land from er * tor's er thine, ervs-tal er worlds on er worlds o n ery billows e^sbz:he3ezhe3z=g^ $esrpm. ;est. es-ty, the e-s-zszl e-tbe-reaj plains, et=e=fcfc eth- eth. eth good ethiopian flute instructor, ethiopian glee book, ethiopian violin instructor, eth peace, that bringeth eth peace, that bringeth good eti^z^zjz^** ets= eu 4+4for euro evening's evening shades pre -ev-er and ev -er, ever- m ore, ev-er reigns, glory eve - ry every land, eve-ry pain eve-ry star eve-ry star his maker's every wound, ev'n a thanksgiv-ing, un ev'n both ev-'ry land, ev - ry thing ev'-ry thins; that h ath evvrag sbade, 8ball exalted realms of ex-alt your maker's ex-ccl-lent ex-cel-lent, ex-cel-lent. ex-cellent, in- ex-cellent thy name, in excellent, thy name, in exchanged ex -eel -lent, how ex -eel -lent thy exercises and 8olfeg0ios, ky i^.u. mo., i.m exhortation. ex-press'd eye, with -out !==ezfy=cj3t==eblxiu-^-i i night e^=zf:zu:tz*fcz:^l ;*ezt=je^: ~^-%~ezz&- ezzh(fc:^;j |_ezztzjlit - f10ldei }f3z^=f=z1!zfi face face, face", fade fad::g^a*=fa fad - ing, fad-ing ^. fai-- g _ fail fail, fain faint faint; fain tin 2 souls. faints faints a - fain would .-#_fai-pr_p-- j_l-# fair fair, fair; fair! fair - er fair* er worlds on fair freedom, her at fair lib- er faith by falls so false fame fame; fan - fancy far- far as thy farewell farewell, far from far from the far from the^ents of fast, fast. fate, fath father father- father, father called thee home. father have fathers father's fa ther's right father's throne father's throne. father's throne.and worship at father'! throne fa -tigue, fa-tlier fbti fc2r?fca fc2r-itzl=ztz"=x: fcadet=t=: fc-^fagod: fcfct: =g=peizzzegeg fci?zj ^ fcjrfrli =fcjz fcp=^ fcp -- # :fcq==: jii^pizifzl^^fi^ :fcr. fcse&ji: fcstl :fct-=i-t fcz*: fcz2 *fczb - fczdr'-" ^fczzz:zb+--=^ - =:* --f=:=dziz fear fear, fear-ers fearless through death's fears fears, fears. fear; thai feasts hu -lints fections flow, fecy^m a ^ ttl r -fed feeding, feet tre-men-dous roll '-feftg*: fegu feh3fee3zpz^:t;if^e ^feimjg mbl felling. felt fend-er, fer. fer notes fer - tile vales fer-vent-ly kneel; --.^-fez^azizlzjs fezdz^aj fezl=\. fe:zzf: gzmzggtf-i^zf :-fez:zr ff bright with fh=tzm3jlt rtice^tzzrizt: fiarht. fice fice. fide fie - field fields fields, fields of bril-liant fields, or fields re fields rejoice, soft fiery fiery billows fifteen vocalize8, two nc, *** ux> figbt fight fight. .*}- figs fiim day, =fil - fil fill each breast with fill each breast with con filled with thoe let fim, find find. find -it, find. tljr fine. f'ing fin-ishcd finished fin-mi'-d! il'-av'n fir - fir- fire fire ; fire, fire; firm fir-ma fir-mament fir-ma-ment fir-ma-ment- firm endures, while firm, united, first first, first 8 measures first fruits first steps in thorouoh bass, firth fir the fit- five thousand musical terms, fix'd in ^fjt ^f;: :k-pri'::! ; :;i' fla. flag flageolet, flame flame. flat - it, flay not, fled, fleeting fl-ery fl-ery billows flesh flesh cry flfgstjtx. ^fl-^hhjbrn (flier*! flies flies, f ll efas flock flock; flock will surround. flood*, rocks hill* floods, rocks floods,rocks,hills floods, tlreak in flow flow, flow/, flow. flower flow,from both flow,from toth flow joy-ful -ly flown. flows -fls^f^p: flute and violin flute made easy, fly- fly, fly. flying all abroad. fly like a fly like a tim'rous, trembling fly like a tim'rous, trembling dove, fly swifter round yc wheels of time,- flzj: fm-i.-liod fmir f mortal >fnt done. hath built his hath put a hath tri-umph'd glo - rious-ly, hath triumph'd glo-rious-ly, haughty tr haughty tv haughty ty have have iner have no have no ho.e norsuy with o"u have not kept back thy have not kept back thy lov-ing have run, have stung him have stung him; hawdei* haydn haydn. haydn'8 third mass, haydx. ^hbzz j! hcav'n and there hcav'nly host head head, head, like mighty wa-ters head, like mighty wa-t*rs headlong bringing, head o heads', heads, ye saints, heads, ye saints, with head with the shadow he again he a-gain heail heal heal. heal-ing wing, hear hear, heard hear him crying hear him cry-ing hearing. there, where love hear! la heart he art heart, heart. hear the public voice, hear the public voice, " come, hearti heart in heart might dwell a heart pro-pare heart rejoice hearts, heart shall hearts pre-pare hearts pre-pare, hearts prepare, hearts prepare, the day of hearts re-solve hearts resolved hearts re solved hearts the love hearts, the pure, un hearts u-nite,in bonds of pi hearts, with heat heaub heav heavcaly home. heaven a -1 heaven, bread of heaven. children of heaven, crying with heavenly heaven-ly heavenly dove,with heavenly dove, with all heavenly hosts tbe song heavenly hosts the song heavenly vision heavenly vision. heavens, heav-ens are heavens auk telling. heaven, that heaven with hal-lc heaven with hal-le heav'n heav'n, heav'n. heav'n and na heav'n and na - ture heav'n and nature sing, heav'n from heavniu heav'nlv flume, heavnly heav'nly heav'nly flame, quit, oh heav'nly host heav'n-ly peace with heav'n-ly peace with balm heav'n re heav'n, to heav'n, heav'n was made,ere heav'n he bounds he breath'd his tender hebron he can he comes he destroy, he feeds his he flies he flies exulting he* grow. he hath triumph 'd glo heir heir, heir of he'll shield help --helpless hangs my soul help os he makes he makes the wood the hen- hep-j[s here bring your wounded hearts,herc he reigns and triumphs here speaks the comforter, her kindred, heroes, go pro-claim, her sons a he shall at-tend, he's seated, he that com- he went ho wept and hfczz: tz:t=tz:&: ^ hfug h|gf u l iff *-h^gjh-t-h5^1-, t= --h#g--p~f~ f^-off hia breast i hide hide, hide the hiding place hiding-place. hie empty hie trumpet hi* firm decree stands ever high; the pow'rs of high was thy throne ere hiin cry-ing -hi jah, for 'hildren of hills his praise |hilm him, him. him ac him ev him, exulting nations praise; him go, him on him room, him room, and heav'n and himself him, sound the him that him toot homage pay; him un-daunted him upon him upon the him vuur homage par, hind hinsdale hinsdale. hireling hirn h.-irt his- his, his. his beams his boundless love pror his breath his care and protection, his his chief his cloud, his courts with joys his dazzling his dazzling rays, his dear his dreadful law, and struck the his father's throne! his feet his firm decree stands ev-er his glo his glorious power, his god. his grace his grace. his head his holy name, his love, his l>rva-t his ore, his peopl his power sob his praisd his praise his praise, his praise abroad his praise abroad, his praise a ifwot, his praise your songs his right hi- steady mind from changes his throne, his throne; his throne.. \nhorv hosan ho - san ho-san hosan - na. hosan -na, ho-sen tribes with awe. host host, hosts the song hosts the song begin, ho-tanna hour hour. house house of house of the house of the lord, ho - vah hovah has triumph'd ho- vah, pilgrim thro* ho-vah's praise ho-vah's praise, je how- how, how beau how beau - how beau-teous how beau - tiful how beautiful, (ieuner,) how beautiful, (white,) * * 278 how charming, charming how clear how cliarm'd how di-vine-ly howe's banjo preceptor, how ev how excellent how false how lovely howlove-ly, howlove-ly, how howmm art how near how-okat how spread how strong they be how strong they bo! and how tain an how they how thoy how would ho- yh bow h-pzzj-^.i-* h.r bne thousands ax* danh'd in hrflj i a^lr <.'hrit hrrh. u._ h rtnda ^-hsri \^htg. htowerand lowly dwelling htrt si. = huiu hiv months come ..,.. hu - man humani humble humble, there's humbly hung him look how deep your hung him; look how deep your hunt hunten'8 piano method, hup of hurl. husband. hi8tin'8 tutor for sax horn,\ and they had i beheld, " i beheld, and ib - raera i^bwj ib^ztzt** i can i can trust i can trust, ics room - ic strains, ic strains, ic strains. i(c)word: thy :=iczte=r id land, ids the id* to his id whkhthey contain ieah iee=eeie=p333tarz5n^tzr3=l j--r'"j- i:evd ifajl^uftejfc if angels ifce ifcza ^ife ifee3l3 g ifffcl ***}### if just, if the if the smile if thought too ifythoognuutaof-mnni ifzfr ^: i *__g*^:i2.ztf :is_ # i-g>roam igrs ig unto the lord -- igzg=p=3epa3ii i haste to i have plac'd ihephard stand, ^ ith "ihgodmoi ltkor;" i'-h-i^g^zgffieghjj i: h __^.:_:isx; ihvtu ih^z4:tfc5pez?k iia^jibcj?*' 2 -' 5 * iifc=e=f=i ttrtm iifs-es ezt3: i-^ihij=z4^-j_--4^ n " m i|ij44^^t7l^ ufqi-j7l iikwt.m.y vistox. i-i-lcnt, si-lent iiolden. iiotham. iiow does *[iip!u;. -iisip- 8 p bs iiszzz i f-f4^tv-ih (ilo - ry i love. ilshii||^plil==^^ie^f- ilzu im.a.w. * a a ap-peal, im^fzlsg im - manuel's im-manuel's name im - mor im-mor-tal immor-tal immortal, hail im - mor-tal reign; im-mor-tal reign; immortal reign, imn, im-pious hand in implore; i-m?=rrt^^ inarching thro', incense rise, inc; hear'. in courts incr. increase in-crease in-crease ; in-crease; increase in in-decd, hal index. index of anthems in distress, indtfce iner in faithful in-fcrior in-ferior in full maj-s -ing - ing - ing, ing, ing! ing. ingalis. ing bed feel ing bed feel soft ing "billows sleep,the ing billows sleep,the ing breast, ing clouds, be-fore the ing eye*. ing eyes ing eyes. ingeyes; ing eyes; 't was for ing faith a ing fear ing fear controls; ing fears con-trol r ing fire! ing frame, *** ing friend, ing friends, ing heart, ing high, ing: land,wln-re ing night ing o'er ing!-- oh ing ones ing pulse ing sight are brethren ing son, ing soul, ing spring a-bides. ing sweep, ing the ing the glo-ry ing thro', ing through, ing through the midstof ing through the midst of *ing unto tho ing waves their trade pursue, ing works behold, in heaven in heav-en in heaven blest, in heav-eu in heav-i in heav'n in his celestial rays, in his holiness." -in -jab in -jah, sing in judgment there -ink in mem-'ry in- most mind, inn * raent, inp. in praise, in pride and robes in realms above, in realms a-bove, for-ev in robes in robes of .ins in ship*, in sorrowing paths be in sorter inst. in strains of joy instructions, in such a frame as insure int- in the in the clerk's in the cradle in the day, will save us in the deep, in the i/onl, in their in the lord, in the lord, all in the strength of in thine in thy in thy temple sound, -..'.inti -\ in-to his in-to the in- to. the house of the in trouble in view, in-vites, inv- morta! - inw. in worlds of -iod * iolin made easy, /iolin without a master, ion] i>onl i| o^[o|g|'5 els i>ord. iotw. ious ious realms, iove-ly iovs iowa ^ipfe ipo* ip=pziz| ?iptx[ ipure; irath ;ire .ire ire, 'ires i-- riff 3 ^ irjf irj^l^i*(c)~-wgp iwn'tl, i would not jive alway "i would not live ix<;auj. ix-decm ixstrl'mkxts. izafch* iz=cfcz?.: izfe: izfefc&- iz "-i^dixzltzir-*,_ i^zifasd ^:i:ziz=^ izi^z^zl^. fcdeet -izjljt- izjzeizjand guard me with thy i:zl:zzi-- -i=t izm=3=*^tt^ i '^z mtta--jterf^1 izn__.:rzjx ^izref3 ^izskzdb i^ztz^#22my izuj&agm ^til^m m s^is -i^zz'earll^szzzdiia i zzer *9 izz_~-fr :izz^gitf zsztzfc :dil: =izzr=3z:z-^u; # =i=-zzr=i^^j -- *_i-*zzz! *i^^z-z!_zir_ 2- :*_i:z:z_zzt=t:j & ^j4-r|lbj=j=:g: t^=23e 3=3=3 j5zrztt=3 j aa^ijir jab, - jah, -jah, jah, jah. jah, bal jah, hal jali j* and +jbs= jbt or jd^ 3t? amw -*--\ * j d tat' j^e fcefc j j^egk "jehovah 'jehovah's praise." jehovah's praise jehovah's praise." "jehovah's praise." continued jeipz.7eip:: jeir jelf-instructor for the violin, jems / jesse ^3 ^u-,-*jr 1153=5 je-sus, in thine je-sus, once rocked on the breast of jews jews. jezepz^ffi^t jfahl-i-4 jfc- jfc! j*-*-fcgff j j==* = fczw: jfe^ jfe. j]\f ~f ~1* pif j- |ffi -4j3-ju j fit *jft-^ jft~w -jfz ^ jh.nijtafhwil ggtlft3ti ; jife jih, j-i-- -i __xzz|_tzq j^-- i"* jtfe^ jio. ji***rirrrnfttm p ~ jish^=t=| --i-^-l *j^isz jitb jitjtffi^ j iu jim t^?nnrttj r _j^i|=^-xnt-~t~~r| -j?=i-^-^zlz^=-:t~ jz jizpt* jjd z^z--\ ^jjjl rrrt' f>rlf j jlr i~rttl j join, join -*>_jk_^wl tfnor. ad hb. jlight, jlj^b=#=fr^^f^t f j^lj-rlord *jln -j=ltqr3zt? j ^ma - ment. jnat, jndg jne'8 jnin'ri*. hill jns-tioe jnty friend, wben jnv, joal (jod most high." john clarke johnson's new system of harmon joic joice - joice, - joice. joice, joice,' -joice, for joie join join, joined join, join join the join, with joio-es, joir joir-e jordan. - jots jou88e'8 catechism, jou8se'8 instructions and examples, 1"0 jour jour - "jov jov, jov. joy- joy, joy,. joy. joy and hope, i joy and peace joy, break forth joyed joyf joy-fu joy-ful joy-ful, joyful, joy-ful and joy-ful and glad, joy-fwl joy of the joys joys, joys are joys are gone. joys of heaven joys re joys un known, the joy through my swim-ming eyes joy through my swimming eyes '*joy to the world," {jra jstfb jszac j t]g~~=^|ig?r--^irg==^izg=^ jto5pri7ui j trfs r j^t=~rnriftr -jtsl-j"6 jtzim: -jtzmvp=* -- -- *:*a m. jtzv. jubilee, judge, judges of the judges of tho judgment judgment! jug! '*f^igl:; juir "jul j unison. just just, just. justly claims us just your sentcnco jvm one*. jzg_: j_^.zzr5==r*rp: jzzws^5zt^_3g^5g?" kalrjing roan kar, k-c. ;%** the keep the heavenly chime, kef's ken* kena kendall's clarinet instructor, kens kentucky. kept -ker ker. ke the harp, sound the keus k=fi-uii->-l~u- :rr*-*--trf c kilarrf. kilo u kimbaia. kimball. kin^, kin:; kin? kin?. kin", kind kin - die kindly kind-ly kindness kindred and friends a-__ king king, king,- king a king above king -dom king-dom, kingdom, king he king, he king, he reigns and king him- sell comes near, king of king of heav'n a kingsley. kino kinslom kirby. kivt kles klnebrtw, eofuoa. kly swifter njuml km:s that are brightest. k my wea-iy, wanderi knauksiiororuii. knd bum-hlt walks with god knorr'8 methodical guide, knov lands. know know, know. know, i know know, i know thou known my known. the know that know that his kingdom is know that the lord know thou k on whii kor. ?k sal is kv'n a thank*. kyle's instructions for bassoon, --l^-4 nrj=r labuache'8 method of singino, lad: laid laid, laid. laid in a balance both l-aih tt^rnrr^t^ i -t, l'aim>o. lainb. and * laj '*laker's lamb lamb, lamb. lamb, amidst lamb, and worship lamb.and worship at his lambs lambs. lambs the land land, land of land our land our wea lands lands, lands re lands, when thou lanesboro'. lang lant 'lant lard large, largketto. largo. last - last - last - last! last,from - lasting, last-ing last- ing last rose la their l'ather. lathers died (latin and english,) la -tion, laughs at lavish of strange gifts to lay, lay; lay, lift lay of mat, 'lays lays; lays. laz^: lb the lccd hath made, he lcngth'ning shadows le8sons in singing, lead, like lead the blind, - leaf leal thy lean lean- lean, lean,- leao leap, leap; learn learnt learn that wis-dom from leaves but leavo lebanon. led- led. led.dragg'd to the led.drascsr'd to the left lein, le - lu -jah, lem, lem. lem comes down, lem, comes down, a-dorn'd lem comes down, a-dorn'd with shin-ing lemoine'8 juvenile 8tudie8 lena lena. lend lend, lend- ant lend, lend lend, lend your lend, lend .your wings lend, lend your wings lend, lend your wings, lend, lend your wings! lends a lenox. lent -lent lent, lent grove, lent night, lentom lequcauied lest "let let as re let. ciders let elderi worship at his let elders worship at his let eve-ry heart let fear letl per-dldon thee let noise and rani let the con let the congre let the con - gre let the con-gre let the high heavens your let the oongre let thy glorious morning let thy glorious morning dawn. let us let us come be let us hear let us re let us sing let waahingt -_lfc. lfe'eizt (lfirrin ^cg^ lfivc. _.l^fz5czi \l_g_gzzy lgtzj _*:lgzt!: liath to the li-avc thee, lib- lib-cr-ty! lib-er lib'-ral store. licarti - ly (lie lieav'n lied spring, whence the lies -lies - lies lies, lies; lies. liev - liev life life, life: life! life'^ life, love, life's lift lift. lig - light -light, light, light; light a* a puff of light a* a t*let re, by omitting the long live lonl god lonl, with lonsdale look, rav looks be - look ye sinners, lor, lor. lor* lord .lord, lord, lord, !_ lord,- lord; lord: lord. lord, a lord, and lord, be lord came down. and lord, dis lord, dismiss lord, dis - miss lord god lord god of sabaoth lord god of sabaoth, lord hath com lord, how excellent, lord hung on the cursed lord,in lord, in lord, in ad lord, in all lord (iod lord je lord! live, by " lord of lord of all power lord of hosts. lord our governor lord our gov-er-nor, lord, our gov-er-nor, lord, our governor." lord, our gov-er-nor, how lord's lord's day. lord, the lord, the time lord, thon hast known lord, thou lord, thou has! lord, thou hast lord, thy lord, thy name lord, thy name, lord, thy name, thy name, lord, thy sa-cred courts appear; lord, tliv lord u lord, what lord, when lord, when thou didst ascend ob lord, who's the hap lord with glad lord with gladness, and come be -fore lord would come lord would guide lore, lore! lore. lore the lorf. lor j, lost lost, lost. lot*. lot the oongre lot us loud loud, loudly raise; loud the loud we lou'-ly (ace lous fight, lov'd love ^love, r-lil mr noondav "mrs* *>m sleep to m. s pike. mt^f nr r j^jffi^a i m- thinks mtj invj m-to his courts with praise, :^ -mtr --m-tum^i--zz_:l|zzzr much muller's piano method, flensed hy knorr, 3.<> music mu-sic mu- sic music. musical library, il"""vfui music for bra38 band, mu - sic hails the love musician's companion, mus-ing must must drink or must o must quit must stand be mv god mv midnight hours defend. mv soul to meet m. with two mxlrrnio. my bearo and my breath ? my breath? my country 'tis of thee my de light, when earth-ly my fainting soul mygather'd my god my god, my my god shall my god would my heart my heart the my homestead my jonmeytibrongh:) my king,to praise thy my life, and breathe my my long-ing my lord, to my lord would come my maker my midnight hours defend. my noonday walks my passions mix with my rest, my saviour doth not myself my soul my soul, and with my soul, be still, and gaze; my stream my sun,and my sun, and thou my shade. togi; my sweet my tho'ts my thoughts tbat of my tongue my tongue broke out my tongue, ho-san-na my tongue shall keep mywak- mzac -mzj mzji--wr. %-m^ ztjpszjz * ^n3feg^ g#??pya na feeding, pure nal, -nal are nal god, nal god; nal ground. nal name, nal roar nam'-, name name, name,- name,] name. name.' name a -broad; name, and name, and humbly name, and je name,give thanks and sing name, how name, how excellent, thy name, in name,let angels prostrate name, o name repeat, and eve-rj names names; name that charms name, thy name, thy name, nameto name, we nar-row sea. national glee book, nations, nations pr natl columbia. nature na-ture na-tureall nazareth nazareth. ncatb, nced-ful ncki2bnw ncl lib. -ncred nctu-a near near, neath hid neath the grat neighbor* ner, ner 8 ner*, haste, ners ners, nes6, ness sound, thro' nest. nest, and nev - er nev - er un-per never will give up new,".- new. new bong newburg newburg. new durham new-durham. new honors new jerusalem new-jerusalem. new sabbath new strength new teach neys nfethinks nf - ford, nifj nigh, nigh? night night, night; night. night" night his night in silent night or night or noon, night that is gone night, the nigh,why should nigra nil s nilsdlu. nim upon tne ** ning's stage . nin^hade. niog nite nite lengths nite lengths bo nit- ing ni- ture's cheerful n iv--cvf njrditt'8 preceptor for bugle, 8ax nkn, but !nk the nl-ama -oun), n-lem, n-llin?- nltw. nmphfl nnhim, to nnil-ing hap- py land, nobler praise. noblest no-cence had no - cent no; dim no-eence had n*ofobte and ohcam methods no herd no more, no more. '-*no more beneath no more,down from the no more meet no more take place; no mortal care none but noonday walks nope, no place nor blarte of evening air,shall nor hope nor night, say in u', nor ni-ht, saying, nor pres-ent northfield north fi km). nor things nor would ~not53^ note note. -- a blank ha* been note* dirine, notes not giv'n thy noth not her not imirl. !. not innocence ap not innocence ap-peal not innocence ap-peal, not innocence appeal, not meet *no to this reviving breast, not speak. not tliou nous nous name, thy novello'8 short melodies for organ, ea. "now now, now, ami blend no more in now be now can my now dim'd and no, welcome the no w.from both now he again no, when now shall now shall my now where \ n -pci -:nr8 vocalizes, mezzo soprano.2j0 nrf- nrjttfttipp- aqufa#j nrp tpll-inff the glo nt. of his works displays tho firmament, of horrid of israel. of israel." of light. ofl-ing of love, my of love, my foes insult of mcred of nations, we, of praise of sabaoth, of sound, shall of sound. shall of sweeter sound. of the of the day, of the deep. of thee, riches and honor of the lord of the maj of the maj-es of the maj-es- ty of the old folks of the old world. of the saints praise him, of the soul. of thousands and of thv grace? of thy of thy delay, fly like of thy grace, of thy grace, some of thy grace, some to of thy grace, sorao of thy presence there. of thy wing. oft in the stilly night oft in the stilly night. of trou-ble, of zi - on yields, o grave, where o grave, where is ogtb, o>had ohine ohorifs. o how lovely oh thus i said, oh! thus i said, oh welcome .thrice oil, o-ives oivr wast-ing ok or die. old folks. "old folks' concerts," old nundred. old sutton oleasant olent, *ol-*inn olive ol-ive branch home, oliver'8 practical text 800k, oliver ditson oll'.ringi olmutz olmutz. *>oln. olndefl the o lord, bow ex-cel-lent, o lord, in o lord, our governor o mako iua o mav mv heart o may mv heart in tune be o may my o may my heart in tunc omega omega. omne, -o^m^-ore-joice, \:onapt our m.ik--r' on btringsand] once hav-ing once more once more, once more, my oncie on -ciled,.. on come be on come before him, sound the on darkling man, one, on earth on earth dis-played, on earth displayed, onee joined with ours, in days of one god whom one god, whom ones 'ones one's one summer one who treads on gospel man o n rod, onr songs a on slipp'ry rocks, &c. on some lonc-ly building's top, on some lone-ly building's on that un- on the on the brink, on the ground, on, 'till ('ontluded. o,,'n-u^tcon on waits, thy cho on,when you on.when you on yields, oomebefbrebim, louiid the operas of norma, lucrezia boroia, oppressed, oppressed with sor-row's we; oppressio n's oppression's pow'r defies, orac oratorio of creation oratorios, masses, <%c orb, orb. or -ders spread, or earth or earth thy humble or earth thy hum-ble ores ores. org. organ. organ or toic*. or -gans or-gans or- gans join'd, organs join'd, or- gans join'd, his praise ad or-gans join'd, his praise ad or-gans join'd, with organs or -gans joinm, oried,.. orland orland. -orounds, orphean lyre, two volumes, -&~-*ors or save. or shake or shine. or though or won. let o sing unto the lord o that i had wings oth -er oth-ers'wo- oth-ers'woe, othis o thou whose power otl'erings ouibelves .-ound ound. our ears our ears; our fancy our father our fetra our god, our gov-er-nor, our guilt our hearts 1ml vou welcome our hearts we'll raise,tih our hearts we'v. raise, till our<;i, our je our labors our lord our lord b nam from the dead. our lord, our gover-nor, our loud our maker, our promised our ref-uge our ref-uge, ours, ours. ours a-bove ours a-bove the ours above the sky, ourselves ourselves glad, our shepherd, our our sweet-ly there, out god, there ouuilmw move, o -ver o-ver the over the owi,v>uu own, own; own. own hand owns owns- owns, owns,- own. which free own.who bought us with a ozerny'8 piano method, |=p=32zsz?iz&fa p4dis p_5fczn:_p.i p5ti-^zztz^i pad* pain pain, pain. pai r, pair, pair. pair nor pal. pal-a-ces, pale from palestine. palm palmer palms pan8eron'8 method of vocalization, 3.w paradise paradise. pard'ning pard'ning grace. pardon pardoning god pare, pare. pari paris parlor companion, part part, part. par -tab, roar part- ing friends, part in peace, still on gos parts pass-ing pas-sion's feel pass the past past, past,and geek thy pard'ning grace. pasture pas - ture pasture, path path -er path with flowers pa-tient patient - ly patriots! paumeter. pa-vid pa-vid holds his throne, and pa-vid holds his throne, \nl pa-vid holds his throne. vol pay, let :pcqrj pcr'd pdwar andwigm, pe3ei rest, spi rest, spi - rit, rest, spi -rit, rest, spi-rit, rest, spirit, rest upon ret, re-treat, re-treat-ing, re- turn re-turn. re-turni, returns this reviving breast, at ?-rfc rfe-;=" -#rfeu. rfew j ^ gg^fr --rf^frl 'rfii^b* rf ^jlpf -r '^gfm- -i rgj~ ^rgssi vlp^ rhatti-k street. rhf ? ria^j ti--r4^-f^=gd^=rgzl^w:i=3*-ft--t-[ rich rich wandering in rics crow: rictft=f=?l ries - ri - fice, right right, right hand, right, receive the rights, rig- i- nal and rig-i- nal and kinl. l'ath.m->ti\ rii by finest, riilhir ^lw. riionsa. largo. rimbault's hand book for the piano, w| rimbault's hand book of harmony rind ring ring- ring. ring bring, ring, 'via r-ink rinm rions rio - to-ry, riou.", rioua rioua fcnn rious rious change, rious-ly, rious name, rious realms, r irani. ris - rise rise ? rise, rise,- rise; risen risen from risen from the dead. risen from the dead, our risen from the dead, our jesus risj - rit, rit, r=it3tat=jz=ti=: rite rites, rived rivep riy - er, rj*'irph ^+*rjt*' rmij rmlwhin rmtt-mr=- \r==^nrf^f=* road, road. roar toices robe robe his robes robes of light, rock rock d rock'd rocked rocks rocks and rocks and mountains rocks anil mountains rock, thy rod friends a - gree, rodolphe's 80lfeggi, roe, rofcwl rohtlam). roil. rokewith rolling years shall cease to rolls clear. * rom romaixe. ron- ron. rontinued. roof, i'll rose rose, rose! rose, that ro=t fzz* rothweu rotiiwell roum; round round, round. round me round our rounds, rounds. rounds the rounds.where rous rous'd me from rous'd me from sleep to wreck rove row, row space, and learn how row sparv,.\nd r.ponf? the flnt two ^rpsizzz-- i *=*: rpzra: rqy.tlli'j^z ^rrfltvi,'! rr kyki. r r |l-^_j_4jes^-h* ^rrr. c eg fij^ * r rrf-9-- : *^rrr*temf(im ,jem* rrur r r -ttp rsalm -rsn: rs' woe, * * r*sword. rsz^:r^=i=: .rte rth* "o" rtl#wcm..?ock^ rtrust a ~rtt r~n rude foe rue contentment springs! ruf-fian ruign rules rule the boist'-rous deep, thou mak' rul-inghana run, run. rup-tured rus round, russiajt air. r.u-xdon. *rv ola88 book of mu8ic, '-rv sweet ry dy-ing ry fear, ry, peace, ry shone a ry shone around, ry shone around. ry shone a-roun'l. ry sweet a ry taught ry through jesus chrint oar ry ? thy ry ? thy vie ry tongue. ==rzbpt^ = i|=ij: e jz=t=]z3: rzjvp: .rzl '*r^zqjz^^rpj??^ rztzuic: ::r=z=ztj _^s==3=zlzi^z==iqiqx:=:] s5eb inrirj^ sabbath. sa - cred sacred joy sa-cred rest sad mem'ry brings the safe safe. safe on safe, still safe safe - tj safe with thee said, said un-to said unto me. said with said with - in sail the wild saino saint, saint. saints are blest saints praise him, saints pralw him, saint-!, where saith sal - salcm, sa-lem, salem, salisbury salisbury. sal - ration praise. salutes thy waking sal vation sal -vation! sal-va-tion, salvation's srorh samuel ohappe.. san'4 in sanc-tu sand, sang sank san-nas, sa-ored sap^ ^r' -p sare me, sari sarkl saunders's 8chool for the violin, savage breast to save save; --" save, lord, or save, lord, or save me, saviour sa- viour saviour, saviour doth not yet sav - iour dwell, sav-iour dwell, saviour has passed thro' sa-viour hath saviour's sa-viour's birth, saviour's love, saviour, source of savour! say, say can you say-ing, say, they scat scend scent schmidt's five-finger exerci8e8, scorch - scotland scotland. scrond trcblr. se3-i^zze,e=:bt&bs=ee*5=; sea-beat seal search, seat- ed seath, sea.the sons of coinage sebastian's. secoad treble. secret silence of [see appear, see from see him gasping seek and seek and love him too. seek and love him too,where he seek our seek through the world, seek thy seek thy face; /&--#seem; seem hap seems to see the lord of see what self self, self-instructor for flute, sends his show'rs of send the cho sen seat; sen seat; our promised altars sen seat; our promised a,ltars sent, - ser se-raph-ic serf sert sert, serve the lord, serve the lord with serve the lord with glad serve the lord with glad-ness, and :sfcfcfc*=3t=*= ^"s * fcu *>"*, ut sfe 1 s^fefe;] !=s:ffi:ti s=gaifctt sght, sg?' zh^e^&zzjezzi 3 shade, shade of evening shade round shade, till shade. till shade your thousand eyes, shake shake, shake of dull shale yonr tboasasd eyes, shall blend in shall break, shall break. shall cease to shall check the shall dwell in thee, shall dwell in thee. shall find, shall find. shall he shall i therefore let shall keep, shall reach shall record, shall rei^n. shall rise shall sav shall say shall say my shall seize shall sing, shall sing, till shall take shall the trembling shall wis-dom cry shalt thou shame, shame. -shand gems, aad share in sharon's sha-ron there. shed shed abroad shed abroad a sheila of shells of ocean. shepherd and shepherd's care shep-herd stands avith shep-herd stands with shepherd's voice shepherds watchvl their flocka by night, shep-hexd sherburne shield, shield. shin shine shine: shines from the east, shine to your maker's praise. shining, shining.' shining worlds shining worlds a ships, with cour shirland shiv'rin^ shoel shone a shone around, shone around. shore shore, shore. shore, till short short-er should should i should the chil-dren of should the children of shout ho shout long live shout to the lord, show our grate -ful minds shy-*-gzgz^2s:fgjzi siaoer - sic side side; side. sides i've slighted, "sidsfcnz" sigh sigh, sighs ;repentance should like rivers sighs; repentance should like rivers sight,drowns sign thee, sil - silence reigns silent si - lent siloam. silver sil-ver silver moon, silver street silver street. s*i m*#m *ffldeediezl: sin, sin. si-nai on si-nai's sinc since since jesus hath lain there, since v sine sing sing, sing; sing. sing, for the pride of the sing halle sing hal-le singing, in parts, singing snail notes sing: je sing-lag, sing the bongs "iir sing unto the sing unto the lirj, sing unto the lord, sing unto the lord." sing unto the lord a sing unto tho lord sing ye "sing ye to the lord." sing ye to the lord sing ye waste pla sinj; sin-ncrs may sinner." sinners, sin-ners, look sin-ners may sinr sin's soft soothing sin's soft soothing pow'r; sis.2^i(2_j|^zj^|^i " sister sit-; sit. sitora cms b* teas' siui-na, sivc sivo sjbriotu sjp .-szz*fez=^ praise him, the spread spread, spreads di spreads his cloud, spreads his glories spread thro spread to spread your banners, spread your banners. spring spring, sprinkling the earth with :sqp s^rai ^^*s^^rfclftz^hzgizlz^ze srlittcrintr train srm. srto. srz: sse^zzfi staccato. stafford stafford. stage stage, stand stand, stand; stand? stand on stand; <>r stand to your arms, the foe stand,when rolling years stanley. st. ann's stany star star his star in- starrv frame. starry lights, star spangled banner star spangled banner- stars re stars revolve state main-tains states, with laurels of station, then we'll give thee stay stay, stay,- stay; stay. stayed stay not, stay not, for the steal-ing, stealing, stem stephenson. stepney. steve jtsojf. =s^tez?t^==t?^ 3s --s?thine stil stil - stilled; still safe, gtill sting ? st iv not, \st=ltsz st. martin's. stone; stood before stool laid. stoop'd upon store storm storma of storms of story strain*, strain?, glide thro' the strains, strains. strains, and strains, glide thro' the strand stranger stratf1eld. stratfield stray, stray. strayed, he brought us to his stream stream, stream,* stream-ing, streams, that, stream, whose gen stream, whose gen-tle flow, streets. strength strength, strength of strength to fainting sou stretch eve-ry strife, strifo, strike strike the strike the cymbal strike the cymbal, strike the cymbal. strike the harp, strike the harp. sound the strike thi strike tlie harp, string strings, stronger strongest, fierest strument -stz?: ^suaw such sud-.i sullivan sullivan. sumed sumed 'twould summoned sun, sun,anjrd he sure will bless them surg surpris -ing surround, justice sus lord of sutton-new. swan. swanwick swaxwick. swcll-ing sweet-; before, we reach the heavenly sweet is the day of sacred sweetly and tenderly. sweetly then?. sweet peace thy prom sweet peace, thy prom-is sweet pence, thv sweet the gospel's charming sound! come, swell-ing. swell our shouts of swell the swell the tow'rinj swept swept o'er the swift swift courses swiftly, swift-ly, then, swift-ly, then, i'd swirl sym. sym andante sym-pa syne syne ; syne. szbqfqz^eqbzzdfezr3|:3:f^gg; s'zfi szzp: -# t-0- ftf m --=t :3zizi ~t=3zz=2t;*=wbe ;^^t5ehe5;i5e=f=z5^=p ta - ble taif*-^=' tain tains tains are tho tains c tain tops tain tops he tak^ take take place; takes the - tal tale talk of tal-liei tals tame, tame, too long our tamw0rt1f. tamworth tan.-i-h tant mountains tant worlds, tar" taris. tarn tops tars t a-t =fzf=zg tbem home tbe pa t=bit^3ezelfh- g *tgje tboae thai seek thre, be tbo olhh|iwwm tch the sou ^tcjltfsi^ tcl*v. teach teach the teah-^4 tear tear, tear bo tears tears, tears; tears for tears; while nature's voice to te boundless realms of - tec-tion his ted round the t;;?;e*?eie=azfe - teft-nal te^h^issgs h - -u te ho-ly throng of angel* :*=tei +:?~te^ii^tge^ tell me, tell te the daughters." tell ye the danghters *tell ye the daughters/' tell ye the daughters of je tell ye tne daughters of jerusalem." teml temor temp temp - temperance melodeon, tempests tempests cease to temple sound, tempter yield tempter yield? tend tend-ant tend -ant, waits, ten-der-ly ten-der, the tendiint tends tends thy word tenor. tenor or tenor sok ten thou-and ten times tents of tents of the free. ten with a joyful - ter ter, tern ternal - ter-nal ter - nal ter-nal ter-nal are ter-nal are thy mer ter-nal day, ter-nal power, whose high. ter - nal source ternal youth- ter - ni tern - pie hn-f*-. ters ters veil ters veil the ter-tain :teteg*=zz^r:== .^tezz-iz ^-f tfaoa ahalt find, =tfc ?tfc tfcjfcib} -t fcjs tfia _ tfi_. glztj_lzziz^ t~i tf jjlj ifar-^- tfm? ^t^-frti tgrf* ^^tgtofct^g: th 'accept - thaf com tha hfavonn thai thai aw-ful name, than thank thankful song, thanks for thanksgiving thanksgiving anthem, thanksgiving anthem, continued. thanksgiving antlirm. thanksgiving antnem. thank thee, thank thee, we thank theo, and that au-spie-ious morn, that bringeth that bringeth good tidings, that caused thee grief that com- that dwell." that his that in ships, with cour that is wor-thy that ml'st the night,. that move in liquid that nnm. that peace of that sacred stream, that sa-cred stream, thine ho that saw the that saw the lord a that shall kin-die that shone that's miosed that thousand th bring. thc_ peopled thcr, thc-real * the the- the accordeon without a master, the air the a>m of the an-gel, the baser the bending sky, the bgfi, the (bid of the bleating the blind their the bon the bonding; sky, the bong that ne'er shall the bounds the brave? the changing the cheri-hed eongs of yore: the the child'8 first book of music for piano.50 the church adore the church be glad the church be glad; the church's welcome. the conq'ror's name, and the cross. the cursed tree, the cymbals, in the dark the darkest honi the darknebb the day the day, the day of the day renews the day, the day of fight. the dead, the dead, had the dearest spot of the deep his the deep, where the foe's haugh-ty the dore--the cross the dove the dove, the downward r oad. the drirk the dying christian. the dying christian.. the dyixg thee, and the earth, are thee, cher-u thee. cherub! thee, clicrnbim." the empty thee our thee, riches thee the sin the fair the fir-ma- ment. the fold of god the freed soul will soar the friends i the gathering storm the germ of immortal - i - the glad the glad - the glo-rics theglo-ries the god the god of the god we worship now, the " good nights the grass the the grass, the the grass, the mountains crown, the grave the great the great ac the great ac- the great con-gre the great congregation. the greatness the greatness, the greatness and the power, the ground, the happier tin. of the harp, the h'-av'nly shores. the heatcns the heavenly the heavenly chime, the heavenly fields,. the heavenly fields, before the heavenly fields, or the heaven, oat the heaven, on which he the heavens, the heavens, and the heavens, and the the heavens are raised, the heavens are telling. the heavens are telling. coimmra the heav'nly shore* the hills, thehoavensaretellin,.heglo-ryof qod, the hour of the house, thei their their course their cries their dreadful end, thy sanctu their end, their their end, their dreadful their end. their dreadful their flocks their great their loved their mirth, their mirth. their prop-er theirprop-er their songs their songs employ, while fields their stations? their tarn; their tombs, their trade pur-ue, their voice the ixird, the joyful sound ! 'tis pleasure to the joyful sound! 'tis pleasure to the judge of the thia thid thi- heavenly land from thi- joy -fal thin" thine thine, thine; things, things. things cry, things here be things here be -low, things here bo think think of the banquet sull think the thinnhere be th* i-onl thirds. thirs thirs-ty thirs-ty moon-taina pant. this this, this bar-reii this bleat world this collection this star this terrestrial ball, thiz thj god tho' thoa rcijrnest over tho'bi tho church be glad; tho' earth were from tho' gloomy clouds his thoir tho lord thol^rl.n thomas thonartmy thon-eand tongues to sing thon great je thon king tho nnmhm tho path th 'oppressive thor, thorc, tho river thorlet. thorn-y those those of auld lang those that seek tho ski. tho'tsl rove tho'tsl rove, thou thou, thou art thou art ex thou art gone to rest." thou didst seek me when a thou dost mark, though stormy thought, thoughte thought i thoughts that of thought up though we thou heavenly king, thus to thou king thoum] thou most thou must quit thou my ahade, thou o lord hast p'jwer to save thousands thou-sands thousands, thousand sacred thousand sacred sweets, thousands and thousands of thousands, stood thousands walk to thou sil-vennoon,thou thou sun with thou sun with gold-en beams, thou, which thru hast done. thou who () thou whose power thou whose power." thou wilt not slight three volumes, s**s threw them threw them one threw them one by one thro' thro", thro* thro' all thro all your throb -bingl thro' iinmanuel's ground, throne, throne. throne pro throne, shall fiml throng, throng of angels through eve-ry through eve -ry age, throughout. through the torn thro', we're thru, thr-y th sorow's weight, had ths tow'rinjj waves, thttrifriff'rlfv thunder thus thus be thus debase thus i thus kind thus thy thv name. thv will thv wisdom round th* wave, >thy "thy thy, thy blest courts re thy bosom." thy breast while the night tap thy cheer-ing grace thy children thy coarti with sounding praise, shall thy com thy command, thy courts thy courts with sounding praii thy courts with sounding praise, shall thy courtswith sounding praise, shall thy court- with thy t-- lzp. tminnle. tmxnd-lv. tnaio. tn-dav tne migb-ty, migh-ty, tnev ~tnim tnimpet sounds, heu trembles, heav'n ra-j t. nipo tnne be found lik tnou, tnrfunfi tn thv throne; tn-umph'd * to be oaed only to boundless to bring sa! to bring salvation to calnrthe to cheer to cheer the to christ's to come, to come. to come, which was, to crown today to - day, to-day, to-day tham. to die, i'll toe* to earth to fade to fall, to fol-lo wing to give strength to god and to greet, to hcav to hear'n, appeal to hear'n from your de to heav'n, appeal to heav'n from your ha cre, to him to his courts toil toil, toilsome way, and to know and do to launch a told, to lie to live tomb tomb, tomb, take this to mourn toneftd pow're^ tone my tongb^igh tongue tongue, tongue! tongue broke out in tongues, tongues. tonones. tontmes. top, to pay to pole. to praise the *topsfield topsfield. tops he bounds; tor, tor. tore, tore all to realm, o'er to re-cue tore's to rise to rise, tor -nal tor-nal tor-nal *ound. torn piecemeal by torn piecemeal by the tors - tor's tor's tor's praise tortuguese hymn. tory tos: to save to sheep to slumber in to the church to the house, to the lord, to the loved ones to the portals to thll ro to tin* world.' totrig r jc^ cp^r^ tour to wboae to where to where sorrow to your cre -a toys t- pdeet tplrlto. tp?tuiufc*4rand *tq==tsz trace train tran-eient day, transcending those of yore transport tr-ar-motb. traui trav trav - travail, travel-ler. traveller! yesjitbrings the day, promised trch on, march, on, tread, tread thy tread thy courts trea-sure treble*. trebles. trebles and base. treble solo. trem tremb trembling, hop trembling saints, tre toss'd, trev ;trf* :=tri tri - tribe* of tribes tribes of tribes re,- pair, tribes the .trimr or tyitor trinmphs here, zi-t-rjn tr^jthf-#pflg?[\ trjy trlorious tronbli trou-ble, trrblr t*l0i trrhlf solo t-r-taln trti hlzia true true, true hearts truin: trum trumim't muimls. trump trumpet. trumpet soon trumpet's war trumpet which truth at - tends thy truth shall tsee*. 3 iz?f ^fgs.i*^?i^:l!: --ts^lsr .t's preliminaries in singing, tsrpz ^tst 3fcs i^-^-j.-! tsv~j ^t^^=szhz^r3fesfefldw=j=:3s =t-t:crzc- ttiluamfl' tti'v t?*!': ttj3see; ttnglisfc,) =ttrassl^z% tz^+zzkfczffilz^ ttti*--5zh5 j? *p op *h ~f"e *p ttzmzjm-*- tuanl tude t'uietnn. tunbridge tunbridge. tunc tunc be tunc be found, like david's harp of tune tune, and, i tune be found, tune be found, like david's harp, of tuneful pow'rs, tuneful pow'rs.with qua delist tung tuni. tuno tun'rons birdj tu or word. turc, ture ture, ture beam, turn turn, turn. turns turns in miss tv/elfth ma88, (liadb>ip*ij tvio nmn. tvn--ft^ 'twas twi-light's last 'twoald 'twould 'twould be txi- ty appears, iio tyg p tym. tymbal, ty of our ty- ran-ny tyrants' bolts tyrants chains. tyre tyre. ty run ty run; ty tho'ts are ty tho'ts are- ty tho'u are ty woriis ty works ty works they had seen, say tz:ip=tzzfet: tzjv-1* tz=t^f:ifcrf:=5=^^ t zz=f ffr h ~tzzsz^:i -& tzz^tbmzztr--ul=tb :=^:tz=*zzt-- htze uaa rmt ti? u a clear. ual - ly, uge, .u glowing numbers ui hear-ti u-iow when uit't hand book of 8inoino u-jj-uh^wuiina and uj-ulzntti^ uk. irne. uk migh-ty ulf~^t" - ult ulting ulting, ultino- ulung nations ump! umph'd glo-rious-ly, un-codfin'd, ,<>und. und. undaunted un-der un-fold the unfold the u- nit- ed -unity unknown, and songs be un-known lands, when thou must quit un -known, the un-known, the ho un-per unto un-veil thy "unveil thy bosom." unveil thy bosom u_'of auld la u- of the nigh' uolden uorojgqi, tajlng, upon upon the upon the iimun upon the mountains are the up-on the tute and harp; up to thee upwards, lord, our up yoot beads, ye up your heads,ye up your heads, ye up your heads, ye heav'nly up your htais, ye urao. uraph ures urp. -in pin. us, ancient of us for us, henceforth, us of clay, us re-joice us rejoice and mi ? u?sri o> us sing un us with us with thy us with thy blessing, bid us :ute u ten hope was -inking in dionaj, utzzjtz e*- 1-* u -u~l .p3pii p~^ uu u *e:prfrt vade the shrine,where sa-cred vah reigns,and vah reigns.and vailed, vail - ing. vain, vain; vain are vain aro vain, sin-ful vain, sinful man! valediction valediction. (valine nuil teni1*riirscii~",( wixchetisea. w. juasos. w. knafp. wl i you w mjx wmm joys wmtaker. wnfo wnh. wnt'ring.and mi' -ring woburn woburn. woe, woe; woe. woe, how would wo gather shells womb won. wond wond. wonder -wonder wonder of wonders won-ders wonders, wondrous won-drous wondrous works, de-clare. wonld wood and woodbcrt. woodbubt. woodbury's elements of com08l wood -rona works which worcester. word w ord word, word! word. word and word* by word, de-serves words words and music d7 word thy word was our arroi work* worka work, and not workj works -works works, works. works displays, displays the works displays the works dis-plays the fir-ma-ment works display! th firm* works, the works tney nad works which thou but dune, works which thou hat done, world world, world,- world. world around. worlds, worlds and worlds on worlds your worms worship worship, worship and worship at his wor-thy wo thank wouder of would would boar; thy would know, would not would o-bcy the voice would o -bey the voice divine, would rouse his wrath to would sur wound wounds and bleeding wraoo's flute instructor, wrath wreck and death, in wreck aud death in w'reign wt drink or w<>uld sur ^--wzh&z^*!^4 j wzwz9^x. _ _^_^_ ^- x -?great god, x_[ia:fct:=c=czzczli!=l =,!* \_ xim ju ^r nr xjzzzj:te^_n-*:^:egz3m^ x marshal. x-old, xraluw. yarmouth yarmouth. ybht * -g~z:l_u==rf^^-- iszm^ -i-- zm iz!rzr<8i_i zmzrer-g. znt h>* z-on oome before him, sound the z=pta jt^ffsi *zptpzt: zqxcphe [zqzfcrppl^skzz?!::^^ [zre^l zrf5= zrfe :}z=r=jqrt=q zr^ziip-- ~zrz:i' ~z*: '#z*s.a-wake, zse* zsl 8 z==s:r^-- rt- arzl zeze= z^szirff ztafe ztazz]ziig:^igzs;j.=ptf ==^nx=jo= :zte zte: ztefc: zte*=i^zrt-a -- .?ztf* ztf=r ^ztheszizibfes^ _ztji z*tjzirre=a *-ztr-tf; ^ztzers?3p&=*3 -- * ztz^ez! 'z^=t-?zrr ztztrf5:_ #_ # i*# #=:#=:#z--tzzr zure zz4e^ye*ziz ?e!^ :^ :-=zzc^p:?z*pj^-nz| --^zz=^f:zn=bzz5=5l5 ^zz*iwf:*i:*z3: zzjjt^=fl^:t=r ^zzjuzl..jlp zzl_i_z. .- jj-i *z_z^rtt^z c- :z*#z=z "^-- --g_zjijzz_ ^. z*zzkzzl=z:e:e:;3=4==:^ t=p:f= ^z^zzrfa._;-j-i zzz:*= tzw^-i-- fej--^ zzzx:-- 1::#' />
Continental Harmony
Various composers - Continental Harmony

VoirPDF : Partition (350 pages - 28.38 Mo)6 656x
Compositeur :
 Various composers
Various composers
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Chœur SATB

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Langue :Anglais
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Continental Harmony, a collection of the most celebrated psalm tunes, anthems, and favorite pieces; designed particularly for "Old Folks' Concerts," and the social circle.
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