Chords Charts for keyboard or guitar
Chords Charts for keyboard or guitar
Tableaux d'Accords (guitare et clavier)

VoirPDF : Partition (2 pages - 115.14 Ko)
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Guitare, Piano

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Arrangeur :Cormier, Tony
Droit d'auteur :Copyright © Tony Cormier
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Avis posté le 27/07/2010, par JEANETTE (visiteur)
Thanks for giving me some tips of how to play my keyboard in an easy way..
Avis posté le 07/01/2010, par kokopelie (visiteur)
Super tableau des accords, merci !
Avis posté le 17/06/2009, par fred (visiteur)
As the previous post stated, the chord chart needs more clarity and resolution. It's simply not crisp. However, your merely providing this for no charge is a feat that will be rewarded in heaven. The problem, and this is another topic, with free sheet music is that there is no fingering. this makes it essentially useless in some applications. I have multiple downloads from your site, and the next step will be the drive and discipline necessary to actually LEARN these pieces. Thank you so much for what you are doing. Aristotle said you take a prospectus, add effort, and you have a creation, and this is what we are to do in every area of ourselves and our lives. You have put forth a lot of effort in your website, and potentially changed lives by doing it. Aristotle would be proud of you. I know I am, and your other users are too. Thank you again.
Avis posté le 22/12/2008, par Omario (visiteur)
very low quality of scanning !!
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