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* blue bird schottcsche blue bird schottische. boards bodenlaube schottische. bodrnlaube booes on musical theory.*- books and manuals.*- boston academy's manual. by bow many braadwar. new york. buck's dictionary of musical terms but more plaintive but not too much, as * bv permission of by a.n.johnson. by a. panseron, by a. w. dohn, for english readers. by carlo bassini. a complete by george l. osgood. aa by mdme. by sharps; from by the clef, by the natural, by william istdden. cabinet organ ca ^ e(* triplets, denotes that tbe calcott's musical grammar called a close cally polka. can be produced. carlo carlo bassini. champagne galop cherubim quadrille cherub'ni's counterpoint and fugue chicago: (children of haimon.) chords and discords. clarke clarke's musical catechism clarke's (w. h.) mew method for reed organ clarke's (w. ii.) dollar instructor clarke's (w. ii heed organ companion c lef, cloth 1.50 cloth 4.00 c major c m biimi * co., co., boston. commence by tongueing common and common quavers compiled by el ias howe. compiled by elias howe. compund concertina waltz concertini waltz. 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Howe's New Clarionett Instructor
Howe, Elias - Howe's New Clarionett Instructor

VoirPDF : Partition (70 pages - 3.95 Mo)1 376x
Compositeur :
Elias Howe
Howe, Elias (1820 - 1895)
Instrumentation :

Clarinette solo

Genre :


Langue :Anglais
Droit d'auteur :Public Domain
Ajoutée par FS, 01 Jun 2016

Howe's New Clarionett Instructor: containing full and complete rules, exercises and instructions, to enable the learner to play upon this favorite instrument without a master. With a large collection of popular polkas, schottisches, waltzes, quicksteps, marches, quadrilles, &c. Compiled by Elias Howe.
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