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Howe's School for the Clarinet
Howe, Elias - Howe's School for the Clarinet

VoirPDF : Partition (70 pages - 2.83 Mo)739x
Compositeur :
Elias Howe
Howe, Elias (1820 - 1895)
Instrumentation :

Clarinette solo

Genre :


Langue :Anglais
Droit d'auteur :Public Domain
Ajoutée par FS, 01 Jun 2016

Howe's School for the Clarionett; containing new and complete instructions for the Clarionett, with a large collection of favorite marches, quick-steps, waltzes, hornpipes, contra dances, songs, and six setts of cotillions, arranged with figures, containing over 150 pieces of music.
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