CHANT - CHORALEWither, George
2)c perfen of tfce father (0, *2dbatfo like tfje morning fljotoes f 2db giue our bttntjed 35>enft s light j 2db lord , to fee 2db> minde tljou my afflictions', ana mp c^e 2db pou, tljat in tlje duff rematnc, 2db tbcre?o;te, lord, mcrcafe it fo> 2d ffrtnnrsv \j-c njoulb not 2dfkironfojcpta'ja^ 2df), let tis 2df(r)to;p tljou, olj chrift, art kutg 2d ft daugljter.5 of leruklem, 2df tl)p procedioa fitting uotone, 2dij neucr tafee t|ie lame ntoay, 2d in boufes, strangers aoepolteue j 2d i vncreatcd-be 2dj salomon bfo curtatnes are. 2d!)! lettbembe '2dme 2d ne offers to ^im 2lmeger, ano <5?xly 2dn you hereafter let no de^e, 2d r life time in bis ftgbt. 2d; tooula 2d;traueubyti)ctoay 2duc pricft, anfi prophet euermoje. 2dur 2dur sinne to xotm atoap. 2dyleanopntetjtoas. 2>ea,tje tb?fr gods into tbe fire *2e*ftt, 2&e map 2 e the fecond lamentation* 2)f crjee alone ujall be our tbsmgbt, 2)f gois,anfl of eacb otijers loue. #2? fjeart dott) mutl) miim; 2) fought on cartt^boue it. 02 bcloto 2) f statute-?, 31uogcments,a!m decrees <2fu'n he, tlje curfcd iewes,ano piiace qc\b 9 2)h ool^, golv, golv-one 2)hsiontiintl)vuutocn! 2) h, tpcrefoje ocfpe tb^ ^)eruant0,tdljom 2)iftinct tl?e perfons be, 2inqtiencljed lone (<2jnflamea from about) 2jp?n outtryall-day f 2lntj 2)ne irraelite 2) nr fatbers t v |2o; openlp, fojgtojietraine, &2 rgt5 e jngeiift ^atl) douej 2)r), tlierefotf lettos 2san0ujall eucrbe. 2tf)tcf) trtall ije otti 2ttjen persecutions lie 2)ur jfootjoflifcto be; 2) ut foulcs degrous are; 30 39 the apoftles creed. 30 41 the song of the three children. 30 if toe neu'r bab faftmg bin. 3>0u s2at,an 3ll tfwtebbes, ojflowes : 310 be alone, 313 like 319 maoe a douc. hole fo; bis dearc 5 31, ana my jrafuers boure am hnnc, 31 caugbt r 31 dcliorah aroiv, 31 fain, 31 fate 31f er'e (fattift t|ou) tljep bejr me morev. 31 finmp reu'rena prieft*encjuir*d about, 31 flcpt, 31 foyle 31 f ttjtp agreefng be, oj no, 31? great, otj ifaei- 31 icarce tbougljt to line 31 ltraiffljt. 31 rofe unto my loue to ope, 31 s tobat it feemes inuceoe, 31 tbia 31 tfeat troublous day mtgfet tz& i 31 till,aiia 31 toill difperfc t^em eu'rp tol)ere. 31 ucu tbcreof,a crying finne. 31uli dealing tmdtrltand, 31 u lifetime tl)ep tjucre loud? fatre s 31u scats of gteamrsttw ibiue. 31u utuerg colours are s 32lt)ofe 33? all tbe trinitie 33 n fettins font) our maker* p^atfe. <39av he fozhtdjfrom cornmtng trjerc* 3 are tn)> &ony in tbe combe, !3$ arms 'croupes mtb jflags o^layh. 3?aue tue fozgmeuefle baa i 3bc fc>ude$ otd tuatci- peeld. $3bereb* tbofe 3bout our perfons eucrmojc, 3df giuing tban^cs 3d;tvncreated cbjee, 3&ea,tbey tbat tearch anu 3fa sicup uttctb h e- 3f, in tlje 3fn i)olmefie fo glorious toljo map be 3fn petfecutfon toeremaftte, 3fn t&p pjefenee, nations ad 3ftbatlbebeagitc. 3f the song ot simeon. 3 he\eh^ahs thankefgiuing. 3htto tbe jtelds, let's xuk^along 3i feemcb in bte eyes. 3i'le rife, 3inceitfe 3in deat& tljep imdtutdco are 3ingath oj askalon bt toll), 3in &retie noto remaiue. 3in (sbitltian peace aceojflj 3in souie, anfi fleih , as 3in tbe shuiamite toouln iiteoj, (3in timts dtuftco tbougb to are) 3in tljctr poftxfllon, then 3into my mothers jjoufe was tyougbt s 3in type tbofe 3itt peaccfull ihfetv long, 3iu fucb $3ja$one among; tbem tbere 3jf fpokenfo^ujebe* 3jf tbe pomegranats 3jnftruct tijem 3jn irf 3j tooulfl collect $3lace$'j)tgi) is ijet'clje 3lbee, rtjc feet of cuerp one 3lbouglj tfrange it doe appeare) 3lf on our itoe 3ln wiil,ann 3m bitter fpeecbes, fire ant) ftoojd, 3^mle ropalkfte <3nd bcrpjoud&toellersbotej 3nd(of tbe people)nejct to bfat, 3nfiead of challes p^cpar'd. 3n mbicb w^tlk come out of it. 3|nmiddinftt 3nn, foi tlje daughter of my j9eoples care*, 3no furious flames itfcatb. 3no god ano man 3 nong^t conlb 3n rigbteoufitefle,and bolineuc, 3!n sion, wiueitjcfilco toere, 3|n tbi* mv jf^co), 3nt) boto from eoch tbou oott pyxt&h 3nti be 3ntj 3nt) make tbou gracious in tby figbt3 3n %%tz cto'oomb? our jfattb toebleto) 3n ufc, 3n vcrtueone* ana one in wai. 3|n wouii ana flax her labour* be j 3>o, if a traytour doe remame $3 palme-sunday. 3pea 3s>0u^attgbters of ierufalem, 3s>ball antichnft 3s blelfca 3}s nom become a bed of red, 3!s the pnrctt ke 3t come not lifee a 3!tncuer tookedcligbt: 3 torill declare 3!t t0l)utsunne--burnc 3l 3ub fome 3un late, in fad'i time , tl)c toapes* 3|u one ; antl one ui }3urelp b^tgljt, as ts tty suimc j 3)ur king 3u tbis aiftrelte tijat be, "3 ut let t&y glow ibine among 3$ut, teaebbtm tailly to command, 3! uuilloj'e tafee tljem, (3vtb 4-1 come holy ghoft, or vm 42 the songof s. umbtofe. 43 the creed of athana^ua. 44. song, 44. song. 47 a nothcr for chrijtmat, 48 for the circurnafioh. 49 forttvelfe-daj* 4qo; to that wiwerneffe rcfeit, 50 for the purification. 5 1 the firft dpy of unt* 52 the amunmiion* 54 ihurfday before ^*. 54. song. 55 good~friday. 55p sifter, anu efpoufcd peere, ^5at wbat fo will beuoure it map 5 defireth 5. gftigr his day. 5lbofe foxei-cubs ttje dtucs tbat marre, *5lje '5ll)c fatiier 5lntj all things to our top cofwarts, ^5loome!eu*c qjalt |5o^ from !5oti) bearts'anu ^5otlj cherubin, anh seraphin, <5>o toe in toeetititgbt wjall <*5ou\ saluation ijatfc o^aill'ij, 5. seng. 5 the lamentation of dxa/ucl) 600d pnnccs arc tijc beff. 66 the cornier hon of s, prf#z. 67 si matthias day. 68 s.markesdiy. 69 5. p/w/p and j^ro^ day. 6ad but faine afleepc. 6 drfwvj thafikefgiuing. 6ie foi tlofe 6le;p fet > 6reat 6sfjcn into 5)3 ije comes by grace, $6 the song of the lambe. 6tm appeat'd to 0c, 6z for s.t/jowmi day. 70 i. barnabas day, 71 5. pr/rr/day. 71 s.iihttbiftijhday. 73iettcobqerfiob,atrtj a ff range* 74 5. bartholomews lay, 75 s. lames day. 76 s* michaels day, 77 s.lukfsday. 78 s/wo ahdi^j day. 7 nehemiabs prayer. 7? prt^ wgfetlp i ftjtiing spheares 7%v mtrcj lokditbymercie 7,}x fathers promife 80 for legation wety, 82 for publike deliueranccs, 83 for the communion. 84 for ember rveel^s. 86 for plenty. 87 for peace. 88 for victory. 89 for deliuerance from publike sickac*. ^8durne atoap tbole eprs of thine 8 % for feafonable weather. 8nb as tfw bleffen feruantp^ul, 8nb loe, 8nd bztng tbee to mp 8nd,ti)atbetsmtbec; 8nnboti) be ouertbjotone 8ns hjtcld tbe oninee oppzeued mercie take. 9dur rockc of reftjgc,ana our shidj. 9hd let to not fojgoe 9lntj, 9lub 9, seng, 9[s man, bencatb i g l^e. 9tt& gi^nt bt3 tuttnelf: of t^p word, #9y loue, my fayre, ano come toitb me> /a* 44. song. aa if ^e tbougljt a atchc is a:a tfeedofce aa, toe may fulsll 5 aauer&rieaceu'rp one of tbem) a bauen blacfe ttjep be. a beauv curie on meroz lav abimoanrlv abom tbere a*botb a c?art 01 nimble roe, abou&lc about about bcfct about nuere words contend, about tbc s^te abttanee&bigb; accomplttbeo, 3d b sion,be 5 . ac on tl)p (acreu bofomc red. pofleflte, and to and to dope a and toetby deatb pjocut'de and toe tljetr teaching tocu obap. and toltb and tooifces (b mtgbtte fee. and to the and touuali tuftice gatn'd and tovncd fo in one, and tsfr-refpecttue toe hauebin and tuft in all tbp tuaies, and tying and unytthan his fenne. 2.5^m. and us, tberefo;e, defpttc, and worthily made vft of anfl anfl tbe? returne bis anfltoatno moe ttjep be* anftuere 31 sin fjcre, angeii toas 5 angek of tf)c lord fcotl) giy, angels. angels fimg,ana tbus angels of tt)e %aniin om anii ttotjti mv b;eaff $ reposti anlj pjaife tby %\an loue ujau hill remain*. annautbtfitobtle an& neptliali &:a no aelap tbcreat bemaae, anoaoubrliltc ano, asioe^eeufullp obferue ano a^ to; bs, ano be account tf quire. ano can trjts(euer)be forgot of me \ ano cbarme tljat fiend,of pride ano dcatb ancbaugeb ano from cur bean ano gtrtfuffame. ano icftc, ano mud) a (ffreuefc is my sean, anotber dap: ano tbts ano t^efpotfecntov (ano tfjofe that ano tfocrefiwe umtn on tl)p b^eatt s another for chriftmas day. another of toe sonne; ano the vt^rbc, ano three in one) anotottbout enoing ano uaine preferment (tanus* ant) ant) flu?ig> anti anti me antj lotling antj waters ant! pott tyat are sf humble heart, ants ant) tfjematcfcuflt woly-one, anttil t&p kmgdome com?; ant) to'ftatof libanwn. -anu anu, anu lee, tf tbep hoe (teing,oj no > anu our rebellious anu work in part rcueale. a$ of tljp congregation beid to be. aonc. aot!j noto appearei ao welt is tie, a people tucre, apoftles creed. apoftles,$u3 euangelifts; apon tbpcuoto fo^tafeen) appearing foil of u;eab, appointee i}oure, apprehendon a^ppzefsiou, aptm tfn> courfe of iudgements teec, apuer.r'b tbe t;ana of my bdou'd 3 arc utluatdlv poffc if are, are. are fired hi tbe ntg^t s are hi loue areofeurp are ouertfyotunc.-sdi), * are prinetpally are troden on. aril ilje tnas mrp^jcu bv ijer jf ocs armotntwg spirit art arro\ta from ^is quiuer arrow toent, art a garden, fad enclos'fi 5 artcnb 5 art honour to tfcp giojfons name: art tlje perfect hoiy-onc as after tbcm as an eagle, to p;ouokc ber young, as an vnbaptized-one. as a roe, o; lulty hart, as defiring to be as eartfjs tetde limits bee. asf* as tbe as tbpfacrea peace, as the as the fift as the third song. as tije (combs of ifanv doe _ as toe beur'b of tb. as toe oh rtjem tw 1)5 offetw, atbdnafiue- ?atbfrom at btuw# at engaddi fljineyards ace. at god ^atiljfea commings nought vcw i atld in <^>atltt mathew fcjaj*, atmcient hills to potoaer fell atmes to tbem atmoimts, a \toatgoid,toi)ici) ^ato be, 33 charge pou not dtfeale, at <^ods rlsot'ljand etitopiicd no\r atone ijands tljeir crimen d^eff-j %a)t people all tlje tuap fo; bim, a trembling fttgljt at tbee, to tbp ibame: attb\>fiu3ottngbei _ attd as t&e turtle 31 lamenting lap. at the 13. song. at the ninth son$, at thereof. at tht ninth song. ^atwu'rnnrt) aude, audpoo^lponanafle. aud s(c)atellle alone #aue ^aue got auemblen rjere t&te dap aufl >augbters of icrufal.-m. aught ert oj'[cruiiiem (that au gloric be for ^aur ausboip au tb^ujb avtfl bp tw';ie arme, erceefling ftrong awake and ling pou all a wall afreaby built 3[ am 5 a wine-prcfle tbercin alfo turoug^t baal-hammon, bad broken beetle bad clos'ti tljem dp tlje txitnle * bafl baft cah'b mp frifcb jpoer, (ball fee,ano (ee teitb (ball tbatfupply, bamou crlme0 banbs to tbee \ue ratfe, "banner toast banquet houfc be bare, bappeneo fo; tbe fftiut barren eaiomhe doth feucn batb bictonotiup mmone, ^bat blett communion batb toofce atoap ^bat citie, tobere bati ep&e, ^bat mou'o bim to lament. baue forborne. 'bccance tf)ep truflefl tljec. bcr (beefees afloodaf ^uarestjotl) beafr b^e an anftoer gaue j beantifull "beanttftih, as tstbemoone, be aotb from aboue beau? crjatneaf upon me laioe. beaut?, ifraeljs gone; elaine on beautifull art be baa fo ligbt) be bis name. "beb^oluuino; be called the court became thei> baroly fcndertfooa *became tie law fo^ mans mifdeede, b ecaufe 31 aio becomrnms tneetl>oui)a& be conueyed to the ^becut tiloomlie,o^chrift2 tobcai;e > beea* t^e tuap ijct houflioid malke?, 'befo^ebtm before e*flcr* befrrmmg shoocs be ftrong in oaine* begot ere time mas maue bego:(u0t matjo ll)e sonne; being ide-d* % the *ffet ^beir meanings bellv'dlliketebtte iuorie, beloped-one, beltutd sfteapheard. ^bem asfet 31 fo^ my fouies delight j *&be motion uwtoes out ^tmc a line, %\)% beniamitei toere tboft: /* be obferued in the vfi be taught the iewer /&4r f/ be, tljat fo betoken rotb&t hmi betrared and bett&erin tfe?foid, o; stall, bet udies-wifc beuedic^us, lul^. 1.68. be vouchsafed byfending ^bevpart tbe frolics bewaile our oftaptt with bgpiaced there bigo^ thtp that ftumlucn are: bim, bim agatne* biougbt. ^biougl; birth coulo no pollution eaufe. * birth ef ^bis kingdome tboubaft bled bit religt. bjcaofull lounos of tn-bjougyt war, ( ^bjougb caup to&tcb to me tl;ei> f>a&) >b king, ti)p blcffcd ojav of peace blctteb toa?, tljep fatdi bleffezj andrew on a sap, 'bl-feye the lord, him praife^ adt r e $ 'bllt zabialon, blood be *&b* lord toitb blouom'd be: 'blrtfeyethe bltfeyo the ^peccoeslbautfcfcmd, bum's* "but "but, *but but, but a but as an vncircumciz but, feu my peoples lafce, "but, laping(a$ it toere)afioe 'but m a mallcd eotwie; 'but, of all otber "but pieceptsana ccamples "but tbatcto appearance) $e 'but, tb^ouglj tbv $0eu"ehger!5 p;epares *but tljep t^atljate but tt praifo but yet mv beart xstn teafce ^b? word, by bis prupheti be foie'tofa, &by church by mm ht might be by our meditations, by the afsignes of %bz lord is tutttften naptbe--leu"e, c0ts labour map be twine 3 (c21bo to ere but bull anb c21f)*ntlje c21l)tcb toould tbp c2ujcrcas,lf eacb one toouto attcim c3e tbus aremou'n to fmg tby c3nto t&v paffures c5lb.?ougb iudah' (ittt;s etierptobere^ caben cabercof,ob cabit^t, caciodj *i the membert (c)aclj beamp aefcneffe of r$e tbufr, caeb doce anli (c)uerlaamg gate, cae map to? p^ift0 eiier 1ms ca^en fce became our king, caibereof toe guilty are caibicb ncere the ca&i c& dot!? from (auuigfaicb pjoceedg* caie furnifb'o caiep^atfe and honour d)ee,oi) lord, caijen (bee ban ffroofce caijo amon&tlje caijom louc ujouid faa dnite; caijtcft cailjereof nrp mothers $(c)ains,yong:nen,brbes,'j bim tol)ole (cai^o cai'o baefce toa? caira, be toent* cait)cn hearts of king* caitlj tljeir called hagiograpba. called tljere 5 c alotnon, i the came froutthcman-ujard came lonathan (can no inan?feerfon gmcttfie, canticle, ca^o appevr afne to ^bee $(c)apbe $(c)ap feeepe a sabbath ^(c)ap ijaue a jfricua of tbee; ^(c)ap tauour'fl captiuity ta* captiu'd carc t\)tit firtt begtnmnrftljere, care, careers of tt?e <3>trons. care of in may lalt care vee h*auens lent), $(c)arfct up carjeu showes no fl#to retalne* carougbt about tettb cartel) l)e to keepers put : cartlj toe fee > 'c^atbrightneffe ft)e%)to3 from abone, *c^at comming, tp^tclj co manpfeart. (c)ate bath-rafebimlpe: (c)atnft sifera fcagbt tbep, c&at te?&iltebuiuwy cattlj all trees of libanum * catt&m our hearts to; euer ujine, catty tbofe fruits t^atpleaiant be, c@aur in tljv prcfence, m'gljt aim oav, cautng^fearjets tferougfe* $(c)ay (c^ttttan j3eace retaine, "cbat 'cbatare tbe god of loue. cbat cttp cutfc vou ujall. 'cbat lome )}ndoe bs net. cbat put tjs late to feare, cbat tbee, ob cbattjfetn'eentaf to be: 'cbat toe oiu courted map amcnd. "cbcblowes, tbat gaine tbls field : 'cbc lord of armies vineyard 10 : cb? cu^uie* lease along* cbe hedge j wfll remooue from t^ee, cbeir moutbe0 l>tue op'nea 'cbe lord,^ill not fo;fake for eutrmo^e cbepftt lum cbev people are. cbey 'cbfe song aeuoutly ling, cbftbut tbp 'cent? abfoe ? *cbi3 myftene toiteale be (ball* 'cbioitnfbrrraci, cbletos, lord, reeeiucdbc c&bm 1 dco:m f t)& beitgcance of my jfocs* cbouglj )o;tb? of coutempt we be : *cbp bumble mtnne in cbpchurches romance obep 'cb? sword abjoau mp ruinedotb become | (c)b,tct vs (c)b toould it mere no etbertmfe 'cbv cbyjfatiecago d, ccattli tofcat c<: darke $(c) caufefcs, lord, to t&mfce topon cclljere 31 to place ccuciaeo toas cdbcrcon mrleri lockes hoe grote 5 cdle botb may blclttngs tjaue j cdlj ret, cdll;tcb toe mult entertame, cdnticle* cdnttcle. cdntule. ((c)eane 'c&e charge offline to tafee, c^efoitetbomwnr'rtawap/ cehjen men dtd rami-hornes bloto (c)e, in tofjem 35 ceit&o celas maae at full by %%tt : cemmanded to be fhid *r fung at cenne canticles. (c)erliuades bo ta implode, certaint ^(c)eu migljt forget, ceurb tb? precious chryfolct (c)fa anath's oaltant 9rrnc j c&fauour bndefetueo cootone) 'c^ feuoto-ibepbeara* cloche* among f cfflulj one of tbme eyes afpect, (c)f god alone, ioberebp, 'cfjat tobatlbeuer tn tljp name *cfje |?cf, soulesand spirits of toe 3jnff cftoua? louelp cgias lately barren mane* (c) god, cgpfttsv breaftshptofa(re travel chat 'chat be batb gafatmro: che boe no cheekei lifte ^picy05etis barb be; 'che glojighis troupe apoftohkc j cherubtm child children (c)hlti) ananias, mi&ei; chnft, bis ^onne, our lord chorvs, ch r ift chriftmas day. chrtftma*. chs rigntly to obeys chtjat tdttbmi? vineyard 3(13)111 doe, church , and may church appoint* church borb church catholike too, church enlighten tutt map: churches ac^pewledgement of church gim ftro0,t&p church jpoedily anfirert thofe church of england, chy of iwf, (c)i),bleiretl)emeuet--blcifc5 lord, 'c'ic holy-ghoft the comfo;tonr cicie-watchmpn met teitb me, cii'n 31 mv god wjaulooke opon. cilbicb fed us? batb to day, c^ilbo 19 tbp beloued -one, c cite baue citttl) plenties 'c'jecittviwatch (c)jeeept it toere tby wrath. cjilead hill cjou, m^ spoofe, 09 t^ou art ftje, cjpontljeoap of fctsruiccntcd (cjtil'd, ano maoe defpued lu;e 5 (c)jt iordamotljer ube i ckriftia* example clap) clc(by a meanesdtume) clinjdv. 'cljat 'cljat neto jfotm9atioit lap 'cljctu ijaft, 2d i) "cljey totll cljou ijeaid'tf 'cljou left' a fcim, lord, cljou mv sifter,rt)ou art uje, cllbo are tbe shephcards of ilw $(c)lltt one clneflp to reotie, clouen tonguei, toept*?, clowds, ft wind, clrcmnct^ed hearts defire. (c)lue u3 cmjougbt cncloft, awn fence ber (c)nee bniff'd (c)ne pleasure foj tbp fake ; cngenoer tljofe contagions bete. cnis ifauour(tobicl) tbe (c)nr second tljcrtfo^e, t^ou mutt be "co be an honour to bis name 'co &bee afl *co blat edom be begins, 'co feeke it moje ai:d mo;e ; 'co floe tljofe t^titg0 mr laws contatue coida ejcceeae this one, coiltbtu tl)z land, tlje lord fl&y colbtcb fceepes? our u col] tl)ere&;e)teijo come come ; come friends, antj beft-belou'dof me, comemy spoafe from libanum, come open unto me,mv come sion daughtcr,come atuap, come tbediueiitoay. come tyttft me from libanum comfort from about comment, comment, lord, commet^fram, compare (c)omtert tbv comvurntngoot^ our daunting (confbundcd neuer confeflr, it is tby potore, confotmb, confume tbetr&eafures totpjepara conleitt $(c)ons fbcit? tijoufanu men. contenting pjoue, contents* continue alfo bcre tbp word, continued in copunilt) tljelr impieties* cording to daniels ((c)o;r tljen otljer louers be, cotas balloto'd bp tby being tfjere, co t&e (r)oun tames 37 trill rumte cotnfeftd. couifl toe toith could no other couli c&ou, my sifter, ano efpous'd, courfe me waxing* mee tnpeeees tare, *co wit earth, (c)pan $(c)p bold 'cpme aflap. cranfgrem'onsuohj, (creatures bp tt^ zelofli creatures fciatap, creatures t^ankftttl creed, or quunnqut vttltm crfns (c)ril'dtb? pce atoa? (c)rjambewfate? croflcto turner (c)rwholyksfcofmn god- head one. cscbp jfrtlowes onto tbee giue eare) csfljat ftjah 31 taf e i tytz cslby (boult) csle fnitte csl^tct) jfaftl? a trinitie cs tois.mdmoes&xy. csxe ujall alcend abone ctiat ihtnder to? tbp way to 8nbe, $(c)tne ctoch ptoues t^e fenfuall e?efigbtbur5 ctoee gods lords ^ofcttc> <>ct on <5olden ^3afes be. 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(eaeb bometoaru bearctf, eafterday. 'ealti in earth, ajtd hell (eartij is ftmrtwtf. "ebat botba prophet toas, and mo#* *ebat greatnefle,>jobt-1j t\n to ilu ttrpectfs 'ebat l)z to come,ana be a <$uztt 'ebatnomantoouio *ebat of tbe <&(toa)tt(ti9 'ebat t^ouno'ft auinre^ 'ebatyetno breaibljat^ tl>ee *ebe caeaponsf theft of malice are, 'ebe iewe* aufccted pctwmaine, ^eben 3f mp lelft toouls ^e bimdcfltd 'ebjone. *ebofeof tbe rong, *ebon fit tf>y gifti art mamfbln, 'eb^ough poucrty nin flnne 'ebou iliuboa mercie ujoto* 'ebou,to&om my cbule &otb 'ebp t&ree-folt) office ate tot&ld, ^e caugljt, ecernall reft. ^ec mmhc, |>ecommetrj frombts! place, e/datne, ^^ee'0 ^er mothers onelpdeare, eecafien to readc eeceiuing gifts u mamfoia, e'.egiacau odet. 'eemple^tb^ougl: eenue, ob lord, eepleniujttoitb ibv spirit be. e-ernall all tbe pc-rfons de, eetbfcn mult iis re=bnf te ; e-eths on (zsartb togetber cleaue e>etojuld notcredit efa. 2 6. efaj 'efcat prefence todeftne? ^e-feouatatr mafee tfep e fits ; ann at tocdoome, 'efjat loe om* auaricc map ftunne* eflkd which efltcncc is, "eft eftjf 12* eftuen art 5 ^egofc blrffings tue poflefiv, "ehou $?e, i'eeftmg lufticc, 'eijat glojuwsf *ei)ou art our life, our triumph song, 'e&ir b^eafts unto tljeir young to gtue: ejcpjflte. e&jougb bethiem rung ekczttotnggvntious fauoura, lord, elfe, to; el)? holy-oae fa t$et *elie migiwic plucfcing *'eljat fc{) 'elje $0ercbants tbence ccpetti * *eljefc glaai'omepeacefull aaies, 'eljow fairc,anti pleagntt art my deare.* ell 31 muft uefcenn $ *elt}in, let ?e mates embers 5 and on ember wctfys* em to wnvighbour*, enable bs to faue. enabled, bp t&p uotore. "enat many ycares ftu bim toe map endeuour , england* england (aboue 'e^n^mne ffoe, entitle, entreo im -eoat to^ wfibt faucobe "eo bitng us mefltaget from 'ebee, 'eobunatuibe 'eocvirgias xponibe dioa notahlwre, *eo feacb us people hofcj t^ey fijall, 'eo gett)s places there $ eommanti eonftfle; 'eo our atmantage alfo be. "eo tbat intent be "eotljp rcinmmeapplp, ^epared tbep be foj mp dearc equall eu'rp one. ^eraouerfanes arebttomcljcr chicfet eriwmpts twn# et dp be fpating to complaine, eternall is eternally but one. eternitie as rattct) ether brtftians alfo 'etjatco etjongfj etn avprehertfien, ^etr >e(trop tbe buffings of tbe times. eu armor*. eucr*p;aifta ddtie, euill spirit! eunnuifl; ootonefrom libanuta. 'ewo bunbjeb-folb, fo,t one. excufin* htr bumijbti. thirdly, the whole exod. expiicite fattb tt be* eyesx pai<-e,shimng f>0tl bteued saints, ot&pzau*3 tehj f4rt*f tfohymnes, fabe urine r fabricke. fac'd lihe lihanns is be : fad a ^>toip ne're toas told before* fading helpfuuoft batfc&eene, fafeouinavatfetfec la faice, ano eyeo like tbe douc faile, fai're faireft of all fake. faking firfi ackj* fawd fawn likt tije lambc fcenjotoj fbj t^cc fbjtoljomjuitlt a (c)oufcpitjiai:e; fcaii ferjjt fcare 5 ^f)c^)atercour(e fcctosntojeouer mintje^tsfah, fceds tbe lilly -flowrei among. fcet fcfoleuce fc# iigbfc 'fcijat fcis fcis risbt li)and oucr me be lapd j fclfc, ob fcoe, 31 bauc note tnti/ene & (fcoulb be, fcourge ttjp people tbat ofleeitd, fcritb fcue tookeateay feafon,lord, fearc tbc fame. & feareleffe 'eruft 3! la? feat fed andguidtd by her fed reioycing. fee }]3omrgranats bloome fee sonne,anjl spirit feet cleans teaftjeo be, fe excellently built, andfur" fell bencatb tbe tuooo $ felt in &ct alone, feltl) ffrtto fens, fentj an augcll from aboue, f?er purifying-rites toere done, fet bp fet fo fcrnnip fet fo^tb a beartp tberefoielet tj3 fflttlimce toe belcene, fflt&w now .ffuujanbflrtsfo t^eyart; fiaijcre ficih in tbis conceaue; fickntjfet *rt tbofo ^atrowet fidh come,ano (top to? in ttje toay, fiflwi tftg> fcg impart, fi)f mv fceart tfcat roobet& fift canticle figbtngs multiptted be, fi/herman ofmett> fijotees (fijun file of t^v ioue our ^ongs *filupnk ami fimg the finbecaufemp people fhttsttty** fince tbep clected are, finee tf>p bolv fine (soiu, bis head &otb sjote, fing fingers in fr3 finncs to fioe. fioe 5 fit s./o/wtheeuangdifr. fitted to be fung. fiuete in prai/ag qodfor fiuijo on tlk t^lrd 5av ro c agatui, fixt (fjall, rl;en, tfee fjcare tbe ^fje f^jm^day, f)km&ly beg, rbat all ottr bafc* flaine, flaugbter flcih to fldb fldf tame tfioufeittis, 'fldme hoiy-ghoft, fldor curfebebo,ie, fldrt captainetill fld|! tobcrefojecome flefliano jfcinneroitlj fleuj flewc. fl)f tbatenraged fiends defptgljt, fling memotie. thu flipperie^ mconftant) fljcv fljee faieii* flocke, o^ heard continue tfeatt. flotec. qllxb to tl)? (flstbereto a great oeqre 31 ban) flthljcn tfte dau^iten ^erturkep'd flubub petareimteueard, fm all peoples fmce f)n tbts aflcmbiy bere fntoame ijatt) fo; a marfce on tl)em it ttands, fodiume, foeso'je-tburtfl: foes tefll lap fo fitting his diuineex- fo;getnot,anb fo,itb foji fojim 3lb'almightie doc?, fojl be bis people bought, foj saul, foj tbee. folltes>anli repent. fo; ^lsspoufctl)i3 fomc(by face) fooa tnirear, fo;, of fbat reft, foot to necke fo^our ^.mltejour co^nej ^for for, for aductft. fore-ruaacr. for euer hauj; for feafonable weather. forgine t|0u fo for plenty. for publike deliuerances. forth. for the for the communion. forvt, we might praiftbim fo^t abioc. fo; tbee come, founb tberctn, fount) rtjeeout fourthly , prophecietb, that euen fourthly, the foztl) trjetr fpake fpeafcea alfcreetlj; fpreafl to frame france fratltpoucrtoofce, fredtor. friends , frimtie sunday, frjalbe fatisrfi'd fro, from .from .from artlj, ano,ceiicr'o tmtlj from b$ imue aloap ttjc foe, from place to placcs from poyfnow t^tngs from tbat meaner hate, from tbe blacfce infernallujaue, from tbetporle ana (frame from t&efr workei at from the from tobom all 3iop aetb fp;ing, from u^atb frordt efit. "by tbt canon) of our frtbk'pitjjrjt, fruits toouls quite atoap be fruit toas to ftcyle. 'ftejotr, ftento (appeare in ujoto) ftftei*fulnejfe ef'her \autboritie , ftgb!: ftgeautifullart tbou, *f thtir ftjal ftjau* tljctr ftje ft!leru,chrifttucnintate f)tm fb^fooke 31 not, till lie f?tm let ijts seruants alfo blehe 5 f>to pilaceo be outrturnea to 5 'fto sjewoure ftpon tbe lilies of $>ptce* ftprigbtnefle (rjali lie ftarn'd ftr. ftretcbea fo;tb bi0 line, *ft*r thefe faiu &ft toas pent fttttb appie comfort me, 31 ftttyarttf, (c)1) bleuea <85o& encl&fe, fuch certalntie, fuclj at^ b^ougljt on ttjem,tl)eu sodomi )cre, gaue bp tbe gboit and spue; ^ge fruits of jpait^ b;iug tojtl) we map. gentiles ttgljt. george vvither* george wither. geo tiles ger ho witb-holds hu hand, the mot t gexwb of (bp faa ejrile tbe caufcs oe. (gfoblet rottntj. gll ufgbt glo^itle ttjp glong fcjttb deborah tnb g0 glorie be glory be, gnd bcte,succeffiom, till this oap, gnd manp mock't l)immr>eu to tf5od bs crtoe t gndtbepas legat* gnd to gnft tben tbv caiul to gno mo;e gnt fcftrige-lthe in )e&rts liue, gnu tmtfjmoptfng note, gobitory. jlnd laftly, that god, god aimigh-ie, ^?cammcion*j god a meanes god^ ana fuli of feare god ana man j god antl lord god bau not betnt, god, boto totfe tfjon art god moft ijtgb god mtf) lord tl?c sonne; god niu rtffr godoffdeau'itjtofjoonlij art godoflfrael. god, ofljis gods hut gods right-hand thjoawb uotoj gods tbep gods t^djoce, god,^te^ tbus" god with vs toaa fiome goe, go* in totet tlmebatb ftotow. goiu gone, goodly, as tb^ cedar tree good tbe mo^e enouf^ go; queftions fram'a of bis intent, o reft 011 gqbicb once grace, ^ludgenjent. grace , mercie graces auttc e^pell gram: trjntto^t tbou faff decreed, grant as thereof grant) tbat being purtsne grant, trjat facf> as ii?tm fucceeb* grato, ^fl&en in 2ngcr> graucs uin open, ano tbc dead gray, great great ; 01 (acred place, great arcfi-angeis port, great valuation imougtjt. grin roe, o^ stag-like dotb appeare. -gro egypt, ano to aflmr botb. grolfe realitiei grotoes. groundeo bee s grrtefesf grtfiiont gtlie ber chudrcn dp to gts life declar*d tobat muft be done, gttana'ch fotlgbttbat ua? > gub on your garments, <&olu hats lapb, guc tboirfd gud manp toonbtrsbp ttp word, guine. gun both poa gun qtb fjlsbolv cao^toebtibbcvo, g vineyard once mp totlc poflett, g wtone s hace. haft within thy haire (hall cenfiire (halt hamlets hand hands, like ktngs of <5ot!3 handtnaides poo^e dt fjree. ^hat hath gracioufly prouided. haue hauing firfi ferioujly meditated hcauen a m)ut fo^foofee : hcr,and tbat hcw-yeares day, hearts hearts bats temg from, hearts companion mould ijaueficcne hearts thefe he \eki*bs thankfgiuing. e fay 38. io he ft as liftedfrom. he mwithtred hendedtm heritage, and people lord, herod flame t&e infants ipati s hers frith the "he song of hannah* ^hett gratues of murlard- feed : hetume my well-beioued-one hetych^ab, efay 37. 1$* heu* n $ nmp atourmtrtbretopccf hftjentb? bdoued ebeefiidleaue, him +'d himfelfe, him praife i ^idcret himpublikg thanket for making him tutrmrt*. *h in thit his louc therefore, oh ^his songferueth hit t^e gardcni ttftf to^erf, hjm tljou daignea hafc hl\)c faiths defender to rcmautf* hlo brat hatb uftcn bef ne s ho c tcaiwv. hofanna ro the king, thep cfi^e* hoiv king, of stints elect. hojd, tljou act become holv-ghoft, holy holy-day holy ghoft beleeur, holy-ghoft j holy-ghoft ; pet, honour tbtsberde, horfe, tobofc pace *hot!) hotter of all ^hou houfc,u02 wife, how comclv now ho.y-piac. htfc,rilv, htgrifut. luk. hthe firft song ofmofes. htmnes 'ixa songs hu birth and hub let mp loue as ftotftlv joe, hu comminf t* ierufalem : &hu fyeno e^e remnant of our daws, humane nature, hume, ijatlj tottlj defection met; huqgrv hut brarn no anften- fctrib. h vineyard fcatl) ftfag salomon %hv jfrtends, 0; mafee of tbetn a p;i?e hxi tljmgs tfatcarthand l]min afjb;d, hymce hymne hymne, hymnes hymnes. hymnes and hymnes found %hz too^ld's bnlafe, and am on cartr) i4lte pomcgraaats ooe appeare, i(5o^ (douid i?atb bis affection let on me. ^iat t$ou mapft hums fa tos be ibetu orders to put 0;t, ibrtjj is ib ut, toben ibz gained bp out fubtill foe. ^)ickeam gtotone of lone fo; 5iin* iclte idb partion idelattotte end, i)eau'n$ ertreameft part, i?eau'n, tty (c)artb* complaint iatb i?e bmtj'o i}e, by fts arme decl*rli bis mfgljt i^eexerctj'ijhigpolucv, ieffi : this i;erdeadto ierufaiemvcomeipealte tbp tboug^t, ierufalem's %vaxi*bktfiiom mattp xuetrc, ierufclem, if5m make mp loue, unttu (be pleate* ifo^ be t&at all totb ouecnooke, ifo^ifraeii &zt1}, toho (31 confetfe) ifoi, to ben tf)v ifoj you 31 5oe auiure by tbem) ifo;, to tbeir i fought ; ifracl %\$ ifraeis hcnotone to h t ifroto ikftw. iftgtt a will uje boeapaeare, iftoj ioafee $i*g thit at the ih$ beoctuhtchjoe, is salomons) iiairt) itilltes rouffl) ^iie hoiy-ghoft i)pou tljem camej iim my fcart tea? mou*d, i?iret5ounorth-windefromtt)cf5o;tt), i^is fenian tf' ei grace: ^ijall bleflxq reckon me2 ^.ijat ijatb to tufit i)s, ^ijat crotone tjts pother let on &fm, ijatfc ^ijat fo tljeir hunger tbey migijt *^ijat ma9e bs matters of t\)t field ijau ijaue ^ijcn from ijcplo^e ijcr ^ijc, rule of ail re l^ouinres b?tb ije ; ijeau'ns ij?efo,itbtoas!.fcnt, ijeftd, ijepalnefl rjtmg, ^ije s(c)onl!ers of tfjc ^ca ^ue care, ije,tf)at ije tfce *ijew ijimfelft to ijlbo ycelo tbe fo;me of bread ijolu many crimes, ^ijon ijoto free <>ijouhi to tfcpljolp ^ijow fauea from i^tsr potoer. ^ijpstarrc appeared in tbe eaff, ijsue left; ijt* ijts ^ijy ikbatb together tit tlje red-feao;otmu iken * r cw'n barak t03 ikt \)tt tijat loues to turne ikubp oicb of tijemareuuo;ne, ilcaui tbey lacrtfij'd 5 ^i'.ldsioriqe ilet ilet not tlje scafon$ &il ti)ht almighties are ; iltllp srotoes. &im eontend imwcnts inccnfe, gold, <^ince from increa/o ofamitie in deathi tfjabe abtne,) i^nd t)t5 tuft ccalmo; tljete, in (ebaittcs be botmd tbcm infomtc frim, ijote r&at 3f (ing agen j in gencrall. in latine inlsdtowtbelord innocents day, innocents day. ^inoatm fotfuccour in tbe fcattd of huz, in tbp intenoet) in tbpname: -interpreted in the in thee, and thou tft vi, in this prayer befeecheth ^(int matthew, into into the %\)iom aboueall angels ijao. i^o; of tbp grace tbisfc gifts i o the- fecond canticle* iozctses ipo's tbs,tbat leaning ipote t^y louer uotb ejcfch, ipront iqti commtng topzepare. iqtv dmgs, ano ber bttnitcws i qzz periuj)if in ireland, irjoulo tit (irons in better ttjings. irrefolution or defpaire, by ftbkh is cljafcd to is fo fre j3erfoimeb b:,tben 31 baue bone i j3lson of thankcrulnefle tue frame j3na 3iop 1>er later time mttm . j3nti j3nt) tobcre tbe fruit fo bolp toas* j9nd in tye fathen glorfeart jaccuud b botb dap and jaebaueconcetu'd, andfo;abirtt) ja^iebman? fouteucke patimts bealo, janu janu toe banc loue thereto. **jatnuraph-song;tde fmg jay eompofid this ^jbold 'jbt caufe, fuc!) jbtocuatrurcoamltfe j(c)ap not bauepotoje ^j^crueller my people are j(c)? tiopte aloua, jdcrtuefl toass j doe noto j ( j>ea,tbouffb j?e bio in je cu'n> danger map efcheto, jem r'corded for (jeontiuetts rt)etr afco&e, j^er baub the fpmolc ttottles abowt: j>et tbep jf01 to gicb? lb jf02 our offences let bs mourne jf02 our ttaufff cclfions gor, jf02, toe opon our ftlues jf5oto alltbls mtfcljiefe jf5ot tbraga at plcafure r old. jfanonr fijoto 31 ttjp god, a tealon? jfoi, lo, jfo; into tbitaiaouucthjougb jfo.i, tijy tttogcmentfl? ntfa appeare jfo;, it is tl^ougt) jfoi vou, uj^icl) charttie is tyiought: jfoj 31 am ficfte of louc (alas.) jfoj ^igncs acrnotolebg'a be, jfoj, lord, jfoj loue (b fctgb 13 yji?b, jfoj, loue in loutng io/esas mutb jfoj. man? of tbat globus troope, jfoj, o'reatufobcoient land, jfoj rnongo eaci; perfon jfoj tbis cala3) tbu^ tueepe 3f > and mfne jfoj, toljen jfoj, toomurs fee fcatf) oone > jfo^, lo?, tbe tfarres? 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( ^obclpe tbe obferuamethtougboutf bey care, obferueable in the , ob tbou fbe ftrong ob> tbrtce bol? three %o c^ee maue (ubitct alltntngs be o/dain'd to be #od, tbat onelp tbou art bet* oeaa aotb lye. oefcape eternall nrat^. o&efoje tbe monung ugrjt. oegult* ^o^eouer, as tbp mother toent oepaet, elj lord oery dearcoeltght tfcou tctt> ^o^e tfjen otljer honersdw* &oe, tljou art fatre 5 loc, tbotwny oeu'n in tbe country, me mill (lay. of all women of bit of&co ijere* of day, toben ujauts of fauing health toe take, offringtoljieb ujeeb^mgie;. of 'ftrutb, from all nj;ong=aoing clearc: ofgod, &c. of god, king of great of her younger sifter of it <^>uuer toas of lift (hint ofmbomall tbi0 of meafate dthtch of me fjattclaid, of onhotmded pouj^te: of our toeake jfaitbs are of tb? graces ibotore tbou (ome of tbts peare, of tfcem make. of tf)z poiaegranat'trce, of the of the gentiles (of the higheft) of the hjmnes and songs of thine engrain. of thu of tljecime, of t^tnc of ttrongnnen flafne, o/grcat britaineoe/jf, ohc* oh come, lord lefu, come atoap ; |ohn, eaued the baptift, oh tohp iboulo 31 be ircaglmg quae* oifpofe* oiit&ealt'g reccme tot from, oiiue-trce %o ijelpe tbe lord, oillinctl? flieto o;, in bis %o irifite herod any moie ojcc trult. ojt campfcire dunfcles bf, olbicb tujougbt bp (%o leaa bs on, ana offagaine) ^ole churches kecpe from being ftien&s, ^oletbsauobauea ^>o lethjs pricfts, toat in hfm trutt; olim ollg toe tbtu, ^)o man? men on %o manp men tljou, lord, haft lent <>omc liuing pares of bis. ^ome bammage ratbtntjntr, ^ome bcipe againe, 31 >ome cornet aatgue to ojoto. %o mindegods fauours beretofo;e <&ommana acco^umg to $om tbctr feat ; on 8ttes stay on ber fricnd,dc on ber tsjancbes be, on (c)artb bis peace once %c\n manp ujean: is grotone. once fo luigljtl? ujone) ondamafcus batb an epe. one, one body all fjt3 saints one toill doe, <(onfirmea from aboue, $ong. o ng. lxil o ng. lxxii. onh^trtie, and otllv sonne : only to finj^hyfiorteauy , to onoer c^eau'n o no. lxxvii. $on&s o/ioy. on) thn ^inniuorforte onto our <(c)oules appcare &onv mtrttott&mafce among, ?oo;fecbe >ootjlteadersare) ooto fmitfullhiis,and &o our affectfona ujall to ope tljtne eves, 3f j)^af, <lp opon tbem *&o put in practice t^v oxommaad, o're-fojaaotjj'n bp or epes oecai'o or the or the epipbanie, os gts dragon language fcnoto, ^)o, tbere 3f (bugbt ano mill btm too. otber ilojds in totalis ^otb faith and workci are {atgnli, otfematb other buffings , both pub libj other countries) a neighbourly other tu.,*^ oti)er otir ^otjj dung--l)ill rags about tljem tie ^o^tniflono^pcace oto appearej >o, toben our courfeo sm'iljt be, &o toe afliiredlp ujall nnoto, ^>o, toi>at ot&om qn makc3 cleafc i>l,nde,dumb',& ^>o toontyous, it furpafleo farre ?oto perfect hoe tbv ijbleafures ftotw ^otostb? doae-iikemcekeneueleno, ^o trttimpb on ottfcl) tljzougf) >ottffcnjuti,to1)om3[touebe& *- ,ou fountains ofgiiboa fall ^ou lord, sltdgod ofsabboth ^ouofth^feather'd airy-breed our almighty king; ourbleffed sauiour iifus chrift) our duty togiue our example. our fijame and mine tyiotrgfif, ours, %o us tbou dtdtt, (c) out beiecfc out liturgie, $>outlj, tfcou south-winde bloto ^o u>ug> anb one (o blt% as % c. %\)ovl dtoft to; peter uatgne, owe bane our bope to tome. ^ow of alltijoft bleitutgs>to^c^ oxc noz aoe, no^ any tbing of jjis. oxlenedifltv oxome, weii-beioued,w4ine ama? t $ox trjee, itoeet lefw, to oyntments bf> <^uclj 13 oz flctgbt bis patne; (&oz take bs, tobilft tbe <5rapes lie votmg pa1 me sdaday x /* paftors ncoj pafttbc futpbee. pagan-order feeme; p:aifes hoc belong, pa%je codjoy fu&lik{ benefits. paoetj yearc, parap bras' d in verfe j part *{ parties partly, for ciuiu ends part of this canticle, patb do ft ijeed. p?atfc, patriarkes p^atte alone ts tbtne* pauemcntcthozoughout) paul, at appearet, paul) fefiaratedfer pavers bs anaflf, p;ayfta be of you. pcfiilence '-pdat rage totjereof tit pea, pea, 31 pea, angels fung, (pea,bortj han^)rcaci)eth n)t : peace, (tfeat peace, through iefus chrift pea, let bs not bts loue fo;gct, pea, let ti&p (mart mafcetos pea, louetmfaiga'd pea, make pea, nolo toe peat. pea, tbougb pea, thine datfeana ]3iomtl'e pad pea, to pea, to bis glo;p toe reco;b, pea, toljat pea tyrant, people , as by- that meanes which your people, jdacsctt^ all people liooine, people mere? fijafl beftoto. people of tbe people to p^epar'b, perdition perfen of the pet, pet, as b? lofting on the sunne, petbojeno i9rt?e atoay: pet god anil lord uutsdne. pet godi oelcueb ne're'tfjc'leue, pet in obemcnce to tljp pet, in tbts bolp ucharift, pet* on f&y namc,olj lord pet t\)in^t tbe subftancet^ang'dj p^euents) pfaimeuort) fav, piatfe piim^ sunday. pittic take) pittie t&ofe., p jaifc. pjaift bcsname djert&je, pjalfe. o^god^rttti pjeafure, pjoclatmeo pjou'ff t|e searf , toe &itoto * pjy mfo, place plac't. plant, plants pleafant grouc-i , tj^at gooolp field* pleaftre^ pledgc and feale of low, p< nauell, a pnrtsen tbmgs, *^pofiles, pol0zc po\l hcau'ni >jt)ttbtdbattoh &pon &pon to: eartb dtfcernu, p^opttiatone ^acttlice ^>potlefle>fatre in eu'rp part, *&? potoccfull grace pou biufferms q&tojme* of hatle, and raise; pou daugbters of ieru&lem. poung 2efrgm.8 ftretbeit epes; pou (oklug deawcs,you^ovyius showres j pou tmth ^fcarlct tjatf) arap'&i praid praife, praife god , both for his iuftkt and mercy. praifes totto tljee j praife?, totrl) my bopce, to tlje*. pratfe, adore, prayer of dewiel. dau, precious fountaine lies, preetmng fattbfull in tbp $uo#, prefence toeauotu, preferuation alfo, prepare, prephetteall hy prince, iames by the grace printed profit, */ profitable to tkeflirriug profit as, a&uantage tahe, prophet, 3 declare, propheti thou prou, psd* twebleff pen-men of tty word, ptaife y arfwfj ^>ptees:(tf)ere ttjat srouie,) ptefume not tbus p^tfe bis name ptntecoft or pttrfude ttjey iljall bedjitien, ^-publican pubuke tben 31 pu. to, (ball tben that bltue coming (p wefjotijee tbep q5otb bs 5 and tljis toe boe, q5ut fancti&e it all toe map qbetwirt mp vineyard yereanb me. qbotf) ^trengtlj qfit &qi humbert tlje apple0 of tbine epe^. qi)t father's *>omkjo} cuwho^e 5 ql (bout fo beartp ntaftr, qlnti qlrto in the goj that feuetlj me, qltbm qltto botibts ujall qmrftclv faalloto'o toere qneu) create us noto, ob lord, q$ tit, tfcen departetj teas my deare. qty hony qvfyo clotfe& wm fou'th pleafures all, #race rafecs tfce rage rap redeemer lines 3h term, rattan toentm*\~ -*rf, $(r)ay by tby grace lafe courfes keepc rbem rccfton'd be **r// church receiu'd, reft are t\tf* reft content, reft tottb caniall refurresitn- regali. reieycifg jbas be religion. rematne* remember tfjon, 3j p;av, reneteealiftobtatne: repentance ^33 tbe toap f) taught. requiting loue, retjutflethy that he ?>r ettemplating tbu rfcem faff intone, rfeercfojc rfitm ffjalt |ae none* >rfl tf)?c2dti *rgatfo t^vbttoeti bfrtb, 0$ chrift, (r)h circumciz'd m ribtl^i. rid; and cao;ldlp totfc, rife rife, rijatatlatt 3r rats'd ftjau be $(r)ilkc 02 <>uoto rine &ri$ tyou rj2dti)oimme f&e gold *^rjat buried tecm'd befo;e 5 rjencefbjtf) bfcllcn be, (r)memtl^e,tebenb robct not fent as toeiu $(r)oieouer, let tbp beaucnl? 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'the the 14- song. the 44. seng. the 44. song . the *4lmigbtj t this hymnc etunpofed. the church of the church of england. the (c)ne the coall, the conuerfion of s. p thereto mafee repofc, the second part consists the second part of the the sing of king lcmutl. the song the song of the song of 5. alrfr? the virgin the song of angels. lukez. the song of deborah and b/ov^. wg, the song of songs. the song of zacbarie, the spirit of cod the tenth canticle. the third enan^elicau the third seng. the third song of the x, commandements. they the at foj tl)cre,\ml)ere tbott tl)> tl}c sonne : tleld it tletekiah, hauing been* jick\e and tlie tlie tenth cmt 'tde. %\&t line, aub tcacb artgrjt tbey ma?* tljankuffc tljat fitnell tljce tljcn dtd'ft reft tljcrefb^f* tljctr gcds become i ^e tben itjarlfav tlje tljec tlje^ fleto) tlje fojojld tljefr tljeir tljeir daily cloleft tlje lord, t&'eternau lord, tljemfclues fcefil'd, tljen either tljen t^e coale are tljere is tljertfoae tlje sabbath jjolr, beartmminbf, tlje tonnes of ifraei. tljey tljings tljinjgs tbat ujall befall tljis tljis ; tljis f)af& tljofc lips tljofe tljofr tljou, tljou pleas'!) ourcoaftto guard, tljp tljp rt^toki3 tljtn ucelar'd. tlju* %tll ije bimfelfe u to t^lljcrr song$,embracei,triumph$jfeaft t*l\)ou lord, ^tltbleu be tael, heber's poufl &tlt) tying fo^k5old cac^f ious deed ; tlusbolp difcipline tlyouglj *tmj tmmou'd l)ts patience |jc din fcee pe* tmnte, <>reatit0e,]j3 toer, anfl }&avfe tm&ouboft from ftiery tnard; tnd (acred hirogiiphickes toeare *tne tnercie, with the tn god t!)e father % beltclie t&nn alt tbe dap t^ctr fporting-song 31 xoaa tntmp doue all alone, tn t^p p;efence be. toafloto like to ^tomej to allure toarnu toat from to^atlj. toattoe efcape it map: toat toe map p;ai(e ^|)te ann be glac. tobat euer in tjp to be accomplijbed) it was to beget in our foules an tobere tbe guefti, tobilt cas toe in landkip heto tobo {0 tberc tobt'clj tocblcffeu toc? 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The Hymnes and Songs of the Church
Wither, George - The Hymnes and Songs of the Church
2 Voix

VoirPDF : Complete Book (80 pages - 11.74 Mo)
First edition - London: the assignes of George Wither, 1623.
1 968x
VoirPDF : Text (83.86 Mo)
London: John Russell Smith, 1856.
VoirPDF : Music (2.22 Mo)
London: John Russell Smith, 1856.
VoirPDF : Complete Book (52.5 Mo)
Manchester: Charles E. Simms, for the Spenser Society, 1881.
Compositeur :
George Wither
Wither, George (1588 - 1667)
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2 Voix

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Auteur/Parolier:Wither, George
Langue :Anglais
Droit d'auteur :Public Domain
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Part I
Song 1. Now shall the praises of the Lord be sung
Song 3. Sing praises Isr'el to the Lord
Song 4. Now in the Lord my heart doth pleasure take
Song 5. Thy beauty, Israel, is gone
Song 9. Come kisse me with those lips of thine
Song 13. Oh my Love, how comely now
Song 14. Arise thou North-winde from the North
Song 18. Who's this, that leaning on her Friend
Song 20. Lord, I will sing to Thee
Song 22. O Lord of Hoasts, and God of Israel
Song 24. How sad and solitary now (alas)
Song 31. Lord, thy answere I did here
Song 34. The Song of the Angels. Thus Angels sung, and thus sing we
Song 41. Oh all you Creatures of the Lord
Song 44. Come Holy-Ghost, the Maker, come
Part II
Song 47. For Christmas Day. A Song of Joy unto the Lord
Song 67. When one among the Twelue there was
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"Depuis plus de 20 ans nous vous fournissons un service gratuit et légal de téléchargement de partitions gratuites.

Si vous utilisez et appréciez, merci d'envisager un don de soutien."

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