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• ╬le de joie (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• 60 Roses all in a Roe ((Rhythm Waltz)) (original) [MIDI]
• 60 Roses in a Roe [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• 60 Times Around the Sun (original) [MIDI]
• A Night at the Kino (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• A Song for Helen (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Already Salted (Prelude to a Margarita) (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Altered by Accretion (original) [MIDI]
• Anna's Smile (original) [MIDI]
• Antony's Polka (Rhythm: Polka) (original) [MIDI]
• Aprille Pazzo (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Autumn Morning Rain (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Baby with the Bath Water [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Back Off (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Barbara Brown's Favorite (Rhythm: Ragtime) (original) [MIDI]
• Be Flat (Rhythm: Hornpipe) (original) [MIDI]
• Bear's Blues (original) [MIDI]
• Beastie of Bedlam [Gitlitz, Paul] (original)
• Beat the Reaper (Rhythm: Reel) [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Bellingham (Reynold's Reply) [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Bird Walk (Rhythm: Calypso Feel) (original) [MIDI]
• Birthday Rag (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Blackened Reel (Rhythm: Swing) (original) [MIDI]
• Blueberry Cake (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Bonapart Crossing His Eyes (Rhythm: Hornpipe) (original) [MIDI]
• Borscht (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Bud's Waltz (Rhythm: Waltz) (original) [MIDI]
• Buffalo Shuffle (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Built for Comfort (original) [MIDI]
• Cacomistle Polka (Rhythm: Mariachi) (original) [MIDI]
• Callipygian Jig (Rhythm - Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Capering Fools (original) [MIDI]
• Careful with the Mixer [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Celdae's Jig (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3] + video
• Ciaran's 1st. Contra (Rhythm: Polka) (original) [MIDI]
• Clarity, Brevity, & Tact [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Cleanse the Palate ((Rhythm- Reel)) [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Cleopatra Polka (Rhythm: Polka) (original) [MIDI]
• Cloudburst (original) [MIDI]
• Cogitatin' (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Commitee Reel (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Cooper's Kicker (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Cromwell's Crumpet (original) [MIDI]
• D'Fragin' Jig (original) [MIDI]
• Dave and Linnea's Wedding (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Deimos & Phobos (Waltz) (original) [MIDI]
• Delayed Gratification (original) [MIDI]
• Diesel Through The Day [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Dimensions of Dementia (original) [MIDI]
• Don't Burn the Scones (original) [MIDI]
• Don't Mess with the Cat (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Drizzle (Rhythm: Swing) (original) [MIDI]
• Dust Bunnies (original) [MIDI]
• Dust on the Moose (original) [MIDI]
• Dybbuk [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• E-mail Reply [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Eagles on the Rocks (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Earworm, The (Teddy Bear) [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• East of Edson (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Eggs on the Couch (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Ekatrina's Favourite (original) [MIDI]
• Eleanor's Fancy (original) [MIDI]
• Farewell to Alan Karmazyn (Rhythm: Lament) (original) [MIDI]
• Fat Clouds (original) [MIDI]
• Faw ged aboudit (Rhythm: Swing) (original) [MIDI]
• Fear of the Jab [Gitlitz, Paul] (original)
• Finnished Reel (Rhythm: Single Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• First of the Year (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Flowers of Phosphorus [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Fluke and Flounder [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Flying Home to Shelley (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Frank's Pink Fiddle (original) [MIDI]
• Fritz's Frolic (Rhythm: Charlston) (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Froggy in the Well (Rhythm: Oldtimey Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Fuller The Fiddler ((Rhythm- jig)) [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Garden of Hollyhock, The (original) [MIDI]
• Giblitz Fancy (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Gnarlyhead [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Goody's Brier (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Gordon Claude (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Halloween (Rhythm: Reel Bluegrass) (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Her Turn on Top (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Hoito Jig (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Hokum & Bunkum (original) [MIDI]
• Holding Down the Fort ((Rhythm- Reel)) (original) [MIDI]
• Holy Socks (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Home Alone (Rhythm: March) (original) [MIDI]
• Hommage Ó Guy Langlois (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Honorable Mentsh (For Warren Argo) (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Hoof and Horn (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Hoppin Mad (Rhythm: Reel Oldtimey) (original) [MIDI]
• Hospitality Hornpipe (Rhythm: Hornpipe) (original) [MIDI]
• Humble Pie (original) [MIDI]
• Hunters and Gatherers (original) [MIDI]
• Hypnogogic (original) [MIDI]
• I Bit the Bee and the Bee Bit Me (original) [MIDI]
• Indolence and Industry (original) [MIDI]
• Jane's Reel (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Jessica's # 1 (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Journey to the Point (Rhythm: Air) (original) [MIDI]
• Juanita's Jig (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• K.T. Put the Kettle On (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• K.T.'s Dream (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Karen Concern (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Karen Fraser's Valentine's Day Waltz (Rhythm: Waltz) (original) [MIDI]
• Karen's Coming! (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Last Minute Polka (original) [MIDI]
• Lilliputian Lullaby [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Litha (Rhythm- Waltz) (original) [MIDI]
• Little Pink Winkie (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Love on Samhain [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• March to the Meadow [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Marshall's Farewell to Tobacco (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Marshmellow Morning (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Mary Brunner (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Mary Murray's Mazurka (original) [MIDI]
• Mayfly On Your Bonnet (Rhythm: Oldtimey Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Meet Me In The Grotto (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Merlin's Dream (Rhythm: Air) (original) [MIDI]
• Mona the Dancer [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Morning Tea (original) [MIDI]
• Murray Slemon's Farewell to Vancouver (Rhythm: Hornpipe) (original) [MIDI]
• My Lady Loves to Waltz (Rhythm: Waltz) (original) [MIDI]
• New Potato Polka (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Nicolas Adrien Gobin (Rhythm: reel) (original) [MIDI]
• No Cents [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Octavia (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Old Vines [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• On The Prowell (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• One Egg is an Oeuf [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Oujda (original) [MIDI]
• Paddy on the Turntable (Rhythm: Single Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Patrick Jonsson-Good (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Patty's Journey Home (Rhythm: Waltz) (original) [MIDI]
• Paul's Dream (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Pinwheel Waltz (Rhythm: Waltz) (original) [MIDI]
• Plant the Pole (Rhythm: Slip Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Planxty Barbara Denz (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Planxty Kara Cunningham (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Planxty Pratchett (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Planxty Sue Fraser [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Planxty Susan Davidson (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Pleasant Fantasy (original) [MIDI]
• Plumber's Craic, The (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Port Party (original) [MIDI]
• Potable and Phantasmic Spirits (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Procrastination Hornpipe (Rhythm: Hornpipe) (original) [MIDI]
• Renewing the Vow (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Retreat at Widows Peak (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Rough Life [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Rumble in the Kishka (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Salmon Pie (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Scotch Oats (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Sequel Swing (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Shannon Heather (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Shmooly Booly's Birthday (Rhythm: Rag) (original) [MIDI]
• Sick Cat Jig (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Sir Galahad's Scart ((Rhythm: Reel)) (original) [MIDI]
• Slßinte (Rhythm :Polka) (original) [MIDI]
• Slocan Shuffle (ythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Snow in the Air (Rhythm: Waltz) (original) [MIDI]
• Sobel's Strut (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Sounds Familiar [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Squash Juice Jig (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Stirred not Shaken (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Story of My Life (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Stuck in a Rut (original) [MIDI]
• Suger Shack (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Summer Jig (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Sunday Sermon (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Sunrise Swing [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Suspicion (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Tachyon Anomaly [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Tea Darling [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Ted and Pam's Place (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Texas Twister [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• The 30,000 ft. Rag (thm: Rag) (original) [MIDI]
• The 50's Frolic (Rhythm: Swing) (original) [MIDI]
• The 6:30am Waltz (Rhythm: Waltz) (original) [MIDI]
• The Abandoned Banjo [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• The Better Half (original) [MIDI]
• The Bitten Ear (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• The Broken Smile (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• The Chief (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• The Dilemma of Dots (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• The Dirigible Cat [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• The Disjointed Jig (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• The Early Edition [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• The Empty Boat [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• The Eyes of Owls (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• The Ferry Dance (Rhythm: Swing) (original) [MIDI]
• The Fiddlist [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• The Fool's Journey [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• The Garden Gnome (original) [MIDI]
• The Gift (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• The Goldfinch (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• The Grateful Bed [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• The Grind (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• The Hard Drive (Rhythm: Slow Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• The Higgs Boson Blues (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• The Last One (Rhythm: Bossa) (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• The Leaves are Falling (Rhythm: Waltz / Air) (original) [MIDI]
• The Magic Wand ((Rhythm- Waltz)) (original) [MIDI]
• The Mist Tree [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• The Morning After (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• The Operation (Rhythm: Polka) (original) [MIDI]
• The Pterodactyl's Tongue (original) [MIDI]
• The Tailgate Party [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• The Thunder Bay Waltz (Rhythm: Waltz) (original) [MIDI]
• The Tilted Windmill Waltz (original) [MIDI]
• The Trapdoor Banjo Blues (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• The Tutor (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• The Unfortunate Hoe [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• The Upgrade (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• The Urbane Primate (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• The Wakeup Call (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• The Weiser Teaser (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• The Wind Blew High (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• The Winking Judge (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• The Wreath (original) [MIDI]
• Thomas Graham Stewart [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Time Goes (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• To Have and to Hold (Rhythm: Waltz) (original) [MIDI]
• Tony's Favorite (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]
• Turkish Delight [Gitlitz, Paul] (original) [MIDI]
• Under the Catalpa (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Under Towed (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Ursula's Waltz (original) [MIDI] [2 MP3]
• Vasilisa's Breakdown (Rhythm: Polka) (original) [MIDI]
• Velma by Starlight (Rhythm: Waltz) (original) [MIDI]
• Waiting for Karen (original) [MIDI] [1 MP3]
• Waiting for the Power (Rhythm: Swing) (original) [MIDI]
• Yambu (Rhythm: Reel) (original) [MIDI]
• Yule Slog (Rhythm: Jig) (original) [MIDI]

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