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20 February 2015
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American, NORWALK
"Where were we before FREE-SCORES?.....digging in file cabinets and shelves of music stores around the world looking for sheet music, that if we ever found, was priced too high to buy. But thanks to the genius of VICTOR RENY, a genuine master of technology (and the guitar), and his brother, they collectively gave birth to an amazing MUSIC SITE that not only offers FREE MUSIC to the world, but allows composers, arrangers, performers, and audiences alike to enjoy both the music of the masters of long ago, and the music of the budding maestros of tomorrow.

It has been my pleasure to, on-line, meet great musicians, composers and arrangers who I now embrace as my musical family and friends....from all point on the all age groups, and to amazing composers who write in all styles of music.

My joy of finding great new music (many such compositions written by the above fine composers) on Free-scores every day has resulted in a library of mp3s that I have recorded of over 4000 compositions and arrangements listened to by over 4,000,000 people world wide.... amazing site.....congratulations VICTOR RENY."

John Gibsonlinear-music
American, Vancouver
"I have been in the business of selling sheet music for 12 years and have over 650 pieces of music on my website. That is great, but I also enjoy giving away music. Every month I work up a new piece of woodwind music to give away on my email newsletter. After a couple of weeks I put the music here for everyone to download on Congratulations to the originators of free-scores! The site is easy to use for both finding music and giving it away. I use it for both. I have found all kinds of music for my own playing as well as for my students. Thanks! John Gibson, JB Linear Music"

Marcelo Torcatotorca-marcelo
bresilian, Pauliceia
"Uma forma de compartilhar e conhecer novos compositores, músicas, poder tocar e ouvir, isso é uma vantagem do Free-Scores, assim como faz aproximar, músicos distantes, mostrar a ideia de cada um, e evoluir junto. É muito bom estar junto neste site."

olamuyiwa estherestherolamuyiwa
english, london
"it does give you the satisfaction that you want"

Sonic Hooveskelvin-fts
Malaysia, KualaLumpur
"I start composing music since I'm 10 years old, when I'm 12, I found a platform,"" to share my music compositions. Now, I have a lot of fans, and I also founded my music band. Thanks to "Free-" for giving this platform to share the music. LONG LIVE MUSIC, and "Free-" too."

VEZZOLI ANDREAandreavezzoli
italian, corte franca (BS)
"The free-scores site is very important for In order to spread the music of new composers, Through this site, I got to know some of my music including my friend Len Anderson who pl