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T-Rex : Diva Drive
T-Rex : Diva Drive
Electric guitar effect- Overdrive - Controls for: Gain, mix, level and tone - Voicing swit

T-Rex : 8 Ball 20th Anniversary
T-Rex : 8 Ball 20th Anniversary
Effects Pedal- Dual Octaver - Super-fast accurate tracking without latency - Dual channel
T-Rex : Creamer
T-Rex : Creamer
Reverb Pedal for Electric Guitar- Authentic vintage spring reverb - Reverb control: intens

T-Rex : Fat Shuga
T-Rex : Fat Shuga
Electric Guitar Effects Pedal- Warm tube-like Overdrive / Boost and Room / Hall Reverb in
T-Rex Sweeper 2 Pédale d\'effet chorus Violet
T-Rex Sweeper 2 Pédale d'effet chorus Violet
T-Rex : Quint Machine
T-Rex : Quint Machine
Electric Guitar Effect Pedal- Octaver - Controls for: Mix, +1 octave, -1 octave, +1 fifth
T-Rex : Alberta Danish Collection
T-Rex : Alberta Danish Collection
Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar- Analogue overdrive - "The blue one" from the Danish Coll
T-Rex : Mudhoney II
T-Rex : Mudhoney II
Dual Distortion / Fuzz Pedal for Electric GuitarT-Rex tinkers great pedals; Having become
T-Rex : Mudhoney Danish Collection
T-Rex : Mudhoney Danish Collection
Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar- Analogue distortion - "The yellow one" from the Danish C

T-Rex : Replay Box
T-Rex : Replay Box
Stereo Delay Pedal for Electric Guitar- Controls: Volume, Mix, Repeat, Tempo - Subdivision
T-rex Tonebug Sensewah Wah Wah
T-rex Effect Pedal Tonebug Sensewah Wah Wah
There aren't many effects that add more character to music than the wah-wah pedal. The def
T-Rex Karma Boost Pédale d\'effet Orange
T-Rex Karma Boost Pédale d'effet Orange
Pédale de Boost qui permet d'ajouter jusqu'à 16 db de gain à votre signalGain non linéaire
T-rex Fuel Tank Junior
5 Output Isolated T-rex Power Supply / 9 Volt Dc
FuelTank Junior Fuel Tank Junior is a lean, mean power supply that will handle virtual
T-rex Tonebug Phaser
T-rex Effect Pedal Tonebug Phaser
Where overdrive and distortion pedals give you that great dirty edge, and reverb and delay
T-Rex Nitros Pédale d\'effet distorsion Marron
T-Rex Nitros Pédale d'effet distorsion Marron
Pédale d'effet Hypergain Distorsion.
T-Rex Creamer Pédale d\'effet reverb Marron
T-Rex Creamer Pédale d'effet reverb Marron
Pédale d effet Réverb, 3 types de réverb (spring, room, hall), contrôle de tonalité permet
T-Rex Twister 2 Pédale d\'effet chorus/flanger Vert
T-Rex Twister 2 Pédale d'effet chorus/flanger Vert
Pédale d effet chorus/flanger. T-Rex est fier de vous proposer la nouvelle TWISTER 2, une
T-Rex : Replica
T-Rex : Replica
Digital DelayT-Rex makes great pedals; legendary (among Blues players) is the Alberta, a m
T-rex Mudhoney
Effect Pedal T-rex Mudhoney Crunchy, Fuzzy Distortion Pedal Fopc
T-Rex crunchy, fuzzy distortion pedalThis baby is designed for those who want an in-your-f
T-rex Hobo Drive Overdrive
T-rex Effect Pedal Hobo Drive Overdrive
The new HOBO DRIVE from T-Rex Effects is a spectacular overdrive pedal that's built to put

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