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This text of the general conditions is only a translation of the French version. Only the French version serves as legal text.

Definition :
«Free-scores.com», «nous» ou «VRCI» : refers to "Victor Reny Creation Internet", its successors and assigns.

«USER(S)»  ou « CUSTOMER »: refers to the customer or end-user person or entity, wishing to obtain an authorization from the ARTIST.

WORK(S) : refers to musical works freely available within the catalog of Free-scores.com

ARTIST(S) : refers to any individual or legal member of Free-scores.com site that share and owns the rights to the WORKS.

CONTRACT : assembly formed by the Terms and Conditions.

SERVICES : means the services available Free-scores.com at www.free-scores.com.

ARTICLE 1 : object

This CONTRACT is to license authorization of the ARTIST'S WORK to permit public performance by the USER. This license is only for musicians and not for concert organizers and other agencies in charge of declarations and regulations from copyright companies.

These terms are intended to govern the relationship between Free-scores.com, the ARTIST and the USER. They are mandatory and form part of the agreement between them. On an express agreement between the parties, these terms are intended to govern, besides the operation during which they are first made ​​available to the user, all subsequent commercial relationship between the parties, and all future uses of the works by the client and / or phonorecords represented by Free-scores.com, and, unless otherwise expressly provided. USER acknowledges having read and understood these conditions before placing an order, and accept them in full..

ARTICLE 2 : registration for Free-scores.com

Use of the Services Free-scores.com requires registration consisting of providing identifying information of the user, indicated in a registration form. It will be up to the user to provide Free-scores.com accurate and complete information and to keep up to date via its interface User Account, which provides access registration. A username and password used to access the Services dedicated to users and to the User Account. They are strictly personal and should in no way be shared or disclosed to third parties. The identification elements are placed under the responsibility of each user who will use them in accordance with this Agreement. Each USER guarantees Free-scores.com against any improper use and / or source of harm to its identifiers, whether fraudulent or not, his actions or those of third parties. Free-scores.com recalls that it has not required, and does not have the technical capacity to ensure the real identity of people registering for the Services. Free-scores.com can not be held responsible for any theft of identifying information and / or the identity of one of its USERS. If USER observes or suspects fraudulent use of his User Account, it shall immediately notify Free-scores.com by email.

ARTICLE 3 : context of use

3.1. Public performance license
The license grants authorization of the ARTIST to the USER to use the scores (All PDF files on download page) for the representation of the work during public events (concerts and live performances) only. This license has a minimum validity of 1 year for an unlimited number of performances. This license is not a license to reproduce or a license to broadcast audio files. It is not valid for the concert organizers or media organizations.
USER is obliged to obtain permission from the ARTIST through the Free-scores.com license in case the ARTIST has activated the Free-scores.com license and set its own prices.

3.2. License for educational purposes
The license grants authorization of the ARTIST to the USER to use the sheet music in an educational setting located inside a musical training building or at home.
Teachers are allowed to teach and play the piece as part of individual or group lessons in a musical establishment or at home. It also allows public performances of the play in a music school pregnant. This license has a minimum validity of 1 year for an unlimited number of performances.

3.3.Author's Societies
Accordance with the principles of copyright and intellectual property, some ARTISTS are SACEM members or other equivalent Author's scoeitin worldwide. An organization such as SACEM is for concert organizers, media ... that carry the declarations and payments of royalties. If USER plays the piece in concert, it is required to send the song list to the organizer of the concert, which will carry him to the declaration and payment of the fee.

3.4. Duration
The term of this contract shall be for the duration of the license at the time of settlement or at least one year. At the end of the annuity the user is required to renew the license for a new authorization..

3.5. Transfer
This license is non-transferable and non-sub licensable. All rights not granted in this AGREEMENT remain the property of Free-scores.com and ARTISTS.

ARTICLE 4 : Payment

4.1. Payment of the license
The license is granted in consideration of the payment by the USER of a fee the amount of which is freely determined by the ARTIST. payment of licenses on Free-scores.com take place exclusively via the online payment platform PAYPAL. Upon confirmation of payment by the USER, the order is considered final and no claims will be accepted by Free-scores.com.

4.2. Invoices
If you need an invoice with your purchase, contact us via the contact form Free-scores.com stating your paypal transaction ID.

4.3. Contact rights
Before or after a financial transaction between a customer and a member, the two parties have the opportunity to contact via Free-scores.com. Any subsequent financial transaction between two parties on the same work but in a different part of the public representation or educational use, should be acquitted of 10% of the transaction amount for Free-scores.com.

ARTICLE 5 : USER commitment
L'UTILISATEUR s’engage à utiliser l'OEUVRE conformément au présent CONTRAT et à ne pas porter atteinte à l'intégrité de l'OEUVRE. L'Utilisateur s’engage à ne pas utiliser l'OEUVRE de manière illégale, injurieuse, diffamatoire, encourageant la violation de droits de propriété intellectuelle y compris des droits moraux des ARTISTES, ou dans un contexte de nature à porter atteinte aux bonnes moeurs. L'OEUVRE ne pourra notamment pas être utilisée dans un contexte politique, pornographique, obscène, diffamatoire ou injurieux. L'UTILISATEUR s'engage à informer Free-scores.com de toute utilisation frauduleuse de l'OEUVRE dont il aurait connaissance. En cas d’expiration du CONTRAT, L'UTILISATEUR s'engage à cesser toute représentation des l'OEUVRES.

ARTICLE 6 : Free-scores.com commitment
Free-scores.com certifies ARTISTS have obtained the necessary rights to grant the license contained in this agreement.

The WORKS is provided to the USER in the state. Free-scores.com makes no warranty as to the quality of the WORK or appropriate for the needs of the USER or for a particular purpose, although this list is not exhaustive.

ARTICLE 7 : applicable Law
This Agreement is governed by French law. Any dispute concerning the interpretation will be subject to the French courts to the exclusion of any other jurisdiction.

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