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Piano solo (27532)Guitar solo (standard notation) (10563)Organ solo (6436)Keyboard (piano, harpsichord or organ) (2004)Guitar solo (with tabs) (1894)Trumpet solo (1511)Lead sheet (1439)Harp (886)Accordion (799)Violin solo (778)Cello solo (682)Flute solo (652)Clarinet solo (482)Lead sheet (with lyrics) (456)Harpsichord (443)All instrument (297)Alto saxophone (268)Viola (266)Oboe (255)Voice (250)Clarinet in Bb solo (229)Saxophone Tenor (204)Bassoon (191)Fiddle tune : Violin, Mandolin, Flute, Guitar, Banjo (187)Harmonium (176)Ukulele (Tab) (163)Trombone solo (139)Music theory (127)Piano One Hand Alone (121)Horn in F (119)Electroacoustic (117)Trumpet (Bb) or bugle or cornet (107)Vibraphone or Marimba or Xylophone (99)Saxophone (97)Recorder (S. or T.) (87)Recorder (84)English Horn solo (82)Mandolin (82)Trombone or tuba or euphonium (81)Lute (79)Musicology (76)Saxophone Soprano (73)Alt Sax or Clarinet (Eb) (73)TAB banjo (67)Horn (61)Pan Flute (60)Percussion (55)Recorder Alto (53)Banjo (51)Harp or piano (50)Vocal solo (46)Double Bass (46)Lute (italian) (46)Koto or Shamisen or Shakuhachi (46)Tuba solo (44)Piano or organ or guitar (41)Handbells (38)Bass clarinet (38)Trumpet in C (37)Chromatic Harmonica (36)Drum set (35)Synthetizer (34)mandolin (tablature) (33)Music Instruction (33)Charango (31)Recorder (A. or B.) (31)Ukulele solo (31)Soprano saxophone or ténor (29)Snare Drum (26)Electric Bass (25)Marimba (24)Euphonium solo (24)Lute (french) (21)Lyrics and Chords (21)Blank sheet music (20)vibraphone (20)Dictionary (20)Concertina (18)Kalimba (16)Xylophone (15)Cornet (15)Trumpet in D (14)Soprano Recorder (14)Flute Concert (13)Saxophone Baritone (12)Flute or Violin (10)Voice Soprano solo (9)rhythmic music theory (8)Piccolo (8)Music History (8)Biographies (8)Bandoneon (7)BANSURI FLUTE from INDIA (7)Bass (7)Organ - Mechanical (7)Bagpipe (7)Flageolet (7)Santour (6)Viola da gamba (5)Oud (5)Organ-Mechanical (5)Bugle solo (5)Lute, Guitar (5)Tom-toms (4)Celesta (4)Harmonica (4)Balalaika (4)Zither (4)Glockenspiel (4)Female voice solo (3)Clavichord (3)French Lute (3)Instrument in C (3)Guitar 7 strings (3)Alto flute (3)Voice High (3)Ukulele acc. chords (2)Beiaard/carillon (2)Cymbalum (2)Mandoline (Chords + Tab) and/or piano (2)Voice Mezzo-soprano solo (2)Cavaquinho (Cavaco) (2)Ukulele in C (tuning) (2)Theremin (2)Setar (2)Piano Rhodes (2)Bass recorder (2)violin or oboe (2)Tubular bells (1)Recorder sopranino, or Transversal flaut, or Saxophone (1)Japan instruments (1)Hurdy gurdy (1)
Piano and Voice (4082)2 Guitars (Duet) (3525)Violin and Piano (3059)Guitar, Violin (2080)1 Piano, 4 Hands (duet) (1997)Clarinet, Guitar (1495)Flute and Piano (1420)Flute and Guitar (1406)Cello, Piano (1345)Trumpet and Guitar (1327)Clarinet, Bassoon (1104)Clarinet, Piano (929)Bassoon & Guitar (873)Trumpet and Bassoon (836)Viola, Guitar (828)Bassoon, Violin (716)Flute and Bassoon (702)alto recorder and guitar (660)2 pianos 4 hands (duet) (611)Viola and Piano (or organ) (579)Oboe and Guitar (570)Viola & Bassoon (563)Oboe, Piano (keyboard) (530)2 Trumpets (duet) (476)English Horn and Guitar (464)Alto Recorder and Bassoon (391)Flute and Clarinet (379)Recorder, Bassoon (347)English Horn & Bassoon (333)2 Clarinets (Duet) (309)2 Violins (duet) (302)Voice and Organ (253)Flute and Harp (245)2 flutes (duet) (242)soprano recorder and guitar (238)2 Recorders (duet) (236)Tenor Recorder and Guitar (233)Oboe, Bassoon (228)Oboe and bassoon (227)Voice High and Piano (223)Trumpet and Piano (214)Bassoon, Piano (207)Violin, Violoncello (191)Voice Soprano and piano (183)Recorder (S. or T.), piano (or organ) (181)Voice, piano (or organ) (181)Guitar, Voice (180)Alto Saxophone, Piano (172)Horn, Piano (162)Violin and Piano (Organ) (156)Guitar, Piano (150)Violin and Viola (145)Trumpet, Organ (138)Oboe and Clarinet (137)Voice medium and Piano (131)Voice bass and Piano (130)2 Violoncellos (duet) (124)Recorder, Guitar (122)Viola and Harp (117)Voice Tenor, Piano (110)Horn (F), piano or organ (109)2 Saxophones (duet) (107)Alto recorder and Piano (106)Trumpet (Bb) or Bugle or Cornet, piano (106)Mandolin, Piano (105)Vibraphone or Marimba or Xylophone, piano or organ (105)Soprano or tenor saxophone, piano or organ (101)Clarinet, piano or organ (91)Trombone or Tuba or Euphonium, Piano or Organ (89)Flute (or Violin) and Piano (85)Violin, Organ (84)Alto Saxophone or Clarinet (Eb), piano or organ (84)Clarinet (Bb) and Bass clarinet (83)English horn and piano (82)Mandolin, Guitar (81)English horn, piano or organ (81)trumpet (Bb) or Bugle, piano or organ (80)Flute and Organ (80)Alto recorder, piano or organ (79)Alto Saxophone or Clarinet (Eb), piano (77)Pan Flute, piano or organ (76)Violin, Basso Continuo (74)Double Bass, Piano (73)Tenor Saxophone, Piano (73)Trombone, Piano (71)Voice Mezzo-Soprano, Piano (71)2 Violas (duet) (70)Oboe, harp (70)Flute, piano or organ (69)Flute or Violin and Guitar (69)Flute, cello (64)Tenor saxophone and Guitar (64)Soprano saxophone and Piano (63)Trumpet in C and Piano (62)2 Bassoons (duet) (60)Cello, piano or organ (59)Soprano saxophone and guitar (59)Alto Saxophone and Guitar (59)Soprano recorder and Piano (58)Euphonium and Trumpet (58)Accordion, piano (55)Bass Clarinet and Piano (55)Voice Soprano or Tenor and Piano (54)Baritone Saxophone and Guitar (53)Vibraphone or Marimba or Xylophone, piano (53)Trumpet and Trombone (duet) (53)1 Piano, 3 hands (52)2 Pianos (52)2 accordions (51)Harp and Piano (51)Cornet and Piano (51)Voice Baritone and Piano (50)Viola and Cello (49)Harmonium and Piano (48)Voice, guitar and/or piano (47)Trombone or tuba or euphonium, piano (47)Guitar, Flute or Violin (46)Violin (or cello) and piano (44)Violin, Harp (43)Baritone saxophone and piano (42)Oboe and organ (42)Flute, Basso Continuo (41)Euphonium and Piano (41)Trumpet (Ut), piano or organ (41)Flute (or violin), piano (or organ) (40)Clarinet and Organ (40)Trombone and Guitar (39)Song, harpsichord or piano or organ (38)Clarinet and Violoncello (38)Harmonica (diatonic) (38)Soprano saxophone, piano or organ (38)Oboe and Cello (38)Organ and Instrument (37)Recorder, Piano (36)Trumpet (D), piano or organ (36)Accordeon, piano or organ or guitar (36)Bassoon, piano or organ (35)Accordeon, guitar and/or piano (35)Voice, piano or guitar or organ (35)2 Banjos (34)Bass Clarinet & Guitar (33)Trumpet in Bb or Bugle or cornet, Piano or Organ (33)Violin (or Viola) and Cello (33)Flute, Violin (33)Voice, piano or organ (32)tenor saxophone, piano or organ (32)Horn and harp (32)Piano, Bass (31)Voice Sopran (or Tenor), piano (or organ) (30)2 Horns (Duet) (30)Accordeon and guitar (30)Trumpet or Bugle or Cornet, piano or organ or guitar (29)Violin, piano or organ or guitar (29)2 Harps (Duet) (29)Flute and Oboe (28)Clarinet (or Violin), Piano (28)Cello, Harp (28)2 Voices (27)Recorder (S. or T.), piano or organ or guitar (27)Cello and organ (27)Clarinet and harp (27)Flute, piano or organ or guitar (26)2 Alto Recorders (duet) (26)Alt voice and piano (26)Choral SA a cappella (26)Alto Saxophone or Clarinet (Eb), piano and/or Organ or Guitar (26)Clarinet and English horn (25)Bassoon, piano or organ or guitar (24)Cello, piano or organ or guitar (24)Clarinet and Bassclarinet (24)Lute (french), piano or organ (24)Bugle, piano or organ (24)Vibraphone or xylophone or marimba, piano and/or guitar or organ (24)Tuba and Piano (23)Voice and harp (23)Piano and Organ (23)Soprano saxophone, piano or organ or guitar (23)2 Trombones (duet) (22)piano, drums (22)Cello, Viola (22)Guitar and/or piano (22)Oboe, piano or organ or guitar (22)Trumpet (Ut) and Organ (21)Oboe duet (21)Trombone or tuba or euphonium, piano or guitar or organ (21)Trompette Sib, Piano (21)Tenor Saxophone, piano or organ or guitar (21)Clarinet and Violin (20)Harpsichord, Violin (20)Voice, Basso continuo (20)Accordeon, piano and/or organ (20)Harmonica (chromatic), piano or organ (19)Harmonica (diatonic), piano or organ (19)Flute or Violin, guitar and/or piano (19)2 Mandolins (19)Trumpet in Bb and Horn (F) or Trombone (19)Voice Soprano and organ (19)Guitar and Cello (19)Cello, Guitar (19)Horn (F), piano or organ or guitar (18)Pan Flute, piano or guitar or organ (18)Horn (F) and Organ (17)Alt sax, piano or organ (17)Vibraphone and Piano (17)Voice Soprano and guitar (17)Lute (italian), piano or organ (16)Recorder, Basso continuo (16)Recorder and Flute (16)Cello, Oboe (16)English horn and organ (16)Guitar and Bass (16)Banjo, piano and/or organ (16)Trumpet, Tuba (15)Alto saxophone and organ (15)Clarinet (Bb), guitar or piano or organ (15)Horn and Euphonium (15)Saxophone and Piano (15)Cello and Continuo (15)English Horn & Harp (15)Trumpet in D and Piano (14)Banjo (chords + tab) & piano (14)Trumpet or bugle, guitar and/or piano (14)harmonica (chromatic), piano or organ or guitar (14)Soprano recorder and organ (14)Flute, ukulele (14)Ukulele (melody, chords and Tab), piano (14)Flugelhorn, Piano (14)Guitar and/or piano or oragn (13)Duet Vibraphone, Marimbas or Xylophones (13)2 Double Bass (duet) (13)Luth, guitar and/or piano or organ (13)Clarinet Bb, guitare and/or piano (13)Voice Alt or Bass, piano or organ (13)Duet Soprano or Tenor Recorders (13)Guitar, piano or organ (13)Flute and English Horn (13)Oboe & French Horn (13)Ukulele, piano and/or organ (13)Voice Low and piano (12)2 marimbas (12)Oboe and English Horn (12)Cello & Doublebass (12)Vibraphone and Harp (12)Clarinet, piano and/or guitar or organ (12)Recorder (S or T), piano and/or guitar (12)Guitar (melody, chords and tab), piano (12)Recorder, Harpsichord (11)Trumpet and Harp (11)Mandolin, piano or organ (11)Trumpet Bb or bugle (11)fiddle banjo (11)Alt or bass voice and piano (11)Flute, Harpsychord (11)Alto Flute and Harp (11)2 tubas (duet) (11)2 Bass Clarinet (duet) (10)Flute & Harpsichord (10)Trumpet, Horn (10)Ukulele, piano or guitar or organ (10)Violin, guitar or piano or organ (10)Voice, harpsichord (10)Banjo, Guitar (10)Marimba and Piano (10)English horn, piano and/or guitar or organ (10)Trumpet and Clarinet (10)Trombone and churchorgan (9)Voice Soprano, Basso continuo (9)Soprano saxophone, Organ (9)Violin, Double bass (9)Trumpet and Cello (9)Flute, Piano (orchestra) (9)French horn and Trombone (9)French Horn and Cello (8)Flute and Bass (8)Flute and percussion (8)Soprano Saxophone and Harp (8)Mandoline, guitar and/or piano (8)Clarinet and saxophone (8)Flute, Voice (8)Recorder (A. or B.), piano or guitar or organ (8)Flute, Harpsichord/Piano (8)Violin, Trumpet (8)Organ and Sax (7)Flute and Vibraphone (7)Flute and synthesizer (7)Organ 4 hands (7)Flute & Electronic Tape (7)euphonium and tuba (7)Bassoon and harp (7)Recorder and Cello (7)Ukulele (chords + tab.), guitar and/or piano (7)Harmonica & guitar (7)Guitar, Cello (or violin) (6)Voice (SB) (6)alto saxophone and viola (6)Bassoon and Percussion (6)Duet Trumpets (Bb) or Bugles or Cornets (6)Female voice and piano (6)Mandolin, piano or guitar or organ (6)Bassoon and organ (6)Mandolin, Bass (6)Tenor recorder and Piano (6)Violin, Accordion (6)Xylophone, piano or organ (6)Xylophone and Piano (6)Tuba, piano or organ (6)Cello and Harpsichord (6)Alto recorder, cello (6)Soprano saxophone, piano and/or guitar (6)Saxophone soprano, Saxophone alto and piano (6)Alto Flute and Piano (6)Flute, guitar and/or piano (6)Banjo, guitar and/or piano (6)Bassoon, Cello (6)Accordion, Clarinet (5)Clarinet and Viola (5)Trumpet in D and Organ (5)Trombone, guitar and/or piano (5)Banjo, piano or guitar or organ (5)Flute & Viola (5)Oboe (or Violin) and Piano (or Guitar) (5)2 flutes or 2 violins (5)Alto recorder, piano and/or guitar or organ (5)Violin and Saxophone (5)S/Tsolo (5)2 Basses (duet) (5)Alto recorder, piano or guitar or organ (5)Tuba or euphonium, piano or organ (5)Oboe and Harpsichord (5)2 Euphoniums (duet) (5)Harmonica, guitar and/or piano (5)Choral TB (5)Guitar and Harp (5)Baritone/Euphonium with Piano (5)Guitar and Complementary Tape (5)French Horn & Bassoon (5)soprano saxophone and accordion (4)Vibraphone or Xylophone or Marimba, Piano or Organ (4)Tuba or euphonium, guitar or piano or organ (4)Saxophone and harpsichord (4)Clarinet and Horn (4)Violoncello and Vibraphone (4)Voice Tenor, Basso continuo (4)Clarinet (Bb), guitar and/or piano (4)Tenor Recorder & Organ (4)Vibraphone, organ (4)trombone, piano or organ (4)Harp and Organ (4)Viola da gamba, continuo (4)Bass Clarinet, Bassoon (4)Choral TT (4)Vibraphone, piano or organ (4)Alto Sax, Baritone Sax (4)Cornet and cello (4)Guitar and Harmonica (4)Oboe and continuo (4)Piano, Piccolo (4)Balalaika, Piano (4)Tenor saxophone, piano and/or guitar (4)Terz Guitar and Guitar (scores) (4)Violin, Harpsichord (4)Trombone and timpani (4)Recorder, Clarinet (4)Voice and cello (4)Voice Soprano and Mezzo (4)Horn (F), guitar and/or paino (4)Bassethorn, Cello (4)Tenor saxophone, guitar and/or piano (4)Horn and guitar (4)Alto Saxophone & Bassoon (4)Viola da gamba, Harpsichord (3)Piano,Timpani (3)Voice, Mandolin (3)Voice, Harmonium (3)Horns (3)Mandolin and Lute (3)trumpet and accordion (3)Alto saxophone, Marimba (3)Flute and alto flute (G) (3)2 Zithers (3)Violin (or viola), piano (3)Clarinet, piano or organ or guitar (3)Trumpet and Percussion (3)Cello, Piano and Organ (3)Harmonica (diatonic), piano and/or guitar or organ (3)Trumpet and saxophone (3)Saxophone Tenor, Violin (3)Percussion, Bells/Glockenspiel (3)Lute, Voice (3)Violin and tuba (3)Pan Flute and Guitar (3)Alto saxophone, piano and/or guitar (3)Cello and Complementary Tape (3)Flute or Violin, Piano, Guitar or Organ (3)Clarinet and bass guitar (3)Voice Bass, Basso continuo (3)Vibraphone or xylophone or marimba, piano or guitar (3)Oboe, guitar and/or piano (3)Clarinet, tenor saxophone (3)Voice Baritone and basso continuo (3)1 Flute, 1 Bass Flute (3)Voice, Banjo (3)Recorder and Yukulele (3)Baritone Saxophone & Bassoon (2)Duet Tenor Saxophones (2)Alt or bass voice, guitar and/or piano (2)Tenor Saxophone & Bassoon (2)Bassoon and Double Bass (2)Duet santoor (2)Vocie Soprano, Bassoon (2)Voice and Clarinet (2)Voice Mezzo-soprano and Organ (2)Bugle and organ (2)Vibraphone, piano or organ or guitar (2)B-Clarinet and Harpsichord (2)Duet Trombone, Tuba or Euphonium (2)Organ and percussion (2)Flute, banjo (2)Clarinet and Marimba (2)Piano, baritone saxophone (2)Alto saxophone and accordion (2)Marimba and Koto (2)Viola and trombone (2)Alto saxophone, piano and/or guitar or organ (2)Flute and marimba (2)Flute and Trombone (2)Trombone and Clarinet (2)Flute and mallets (2)Voice and violin (2)Double bass, strings (2)Alto Recorder and Electric Bass (2)Choral SA or TB (2)2 Basset Horns (2)Choral SA or TB a cappella (2)Soprano or Voice and Flute or other instrument (2)Voice Bariton and piano or organ or guitar (2)Trumpet in C, piano and/or guitar or organ (2)Flute, mandolin (2)Voice Mezzo-soprano, Cello (2)Alto or Bass, piano (2)2 Concertinas (2)Voice Soprano or tenor, guitare and/or piano (1)Soprano Saxophone & Bassoon (1)Duet Soprano Saxophones (1)Guitar and continuo (1)Sopranor or Tenor Saxophone and Cello (1)Bass clarinet and Bongos (1)Accordion and harp (1)Choral 2 egal voices (1)Oboe in A & Guitar (1)Vibraphone, piano or guitar (1)English Handbells & Organ (1)Contralto and Organ (1)Vibraphone, guitar and/or piano (1)Flute, Double Bass (1)Flute and French Horn (1)English Handbells & Piano (1)Viola de gamba, Piano (1)Violin, Glockenspiel (1)Mandolin & Harp (1)Organ, Bass (1)Vibraphone and Guitar (1)Ukulele, Voice (1)Theremin, Piano (1)Bandoneon and Guitar (1)Flute and piccolo (1)Oboe and Electric Bass (1)Contre-tenor, piano (1)Trumpet and Electric Bass (1)Trumpet or Horn (F) and Trombone (1)Choral SC (1)2 viols (1)bass clarinet and eletronics (1)Vibraphone and Ukulele (1)Alto-voice and accordeon (1)2 Voices, Basso continuo (1)Flute or Cello and Guitar (1)Voice Soprano and violin (1)Harpsichord and Clarinet in A (1)
Brass trio (2516)Piano, Violin, Cello (648)2 recorders and guitar (514)3 guitars (trio) (509)Recorder trio (292)3 clarinets (Trio) (292)Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon (234)String trio (197)String Trio: Violon, Viola, Cello (156)2 Voices, piano (144)Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon (141)3 flutes (trio) (123)2 Violins, Violoncello (121)Flute, Oboe and Clarinet in Bb (110)Flute, Violin and Guitar (107)2 clarinets (B-flat) and 1 bass clarinet (102)Flûte, Clarinet Bb, Piano (92)2 flutes, 1 clarinet (89)2 violins and piano (81)Choral SAB a cappella (79)Guitar, bass, drum (75)Choral SSA a cappella (75)3 Voices (74)Flute, Oboe, Bassoon (72)Wind Trio (70)Flute, Viola, Guitar (67)3 Saxophones (Trio) (65)2 flûtes, piano (64)Oboe, English horn, Bassoon (63)2 Violins, Basso continuo (60)2 Clarinets, 1 Piano (59)Flute, Violin and Piano (55)Choral SA, Piano (55)1 piano 6 hands (52)Violin, Viola, Piano (52)3 Trumpets (trio) (52)Recorder SAT (50)Clarinet, Violin, Piano (49)Flute, Oboe, Harp (49)1 violin, 2 guitars (47)Flute, Cello and Piano (46)Piano, bass, drums (46)flute, 2 guitars (43)Flute, violin, cello (42)2 guitars and acoustic bass (40)Flute, Oboe, Piano (37)Trumpet and 2 Guitars (37)Voice, Guitar or Piano (37)Choral 3 egal parts (35)Choral SAB (35)Choral SA, piano or organ (33)Choral TTB a cappella (33)2 flutes, 1 guitar (32)Piano, Violin, Guitar (32)Flute, Oboe, Cello (trio) (31)Soprano saxophone, Piano, Bass (28)Piano, Violin (or flute), Cello (27)Piano, Clarinet (or Violin), and Cello (26)3 Violins (trio) (25)Voice, Cello, Piano (24)Flute, Cello and Guitar (24)Guitar, Violin, Cello (23)Reed Trio (23)Tenor saxophone, piano, bass (23)Fagott Trio (23)Piano, Bass, Guitar (22)3 violoncellos (trio) (22)Flute, Guitar, Piano (21)Piano, Flute, Cello (21)2 voices and organ (21)3 horns (trio) (21)Clarinet, Viola, Cello (21)Flute, Oboe, Guitar (20)Voice, Violin and Piano (20)Flute, Clarinet, Guitar (19)Guitar, Violin and Bass (18)3 trombones (trio) (18)Voice, flute, piano (18)2 guitars, clarinet (17)Piano, Guitar, Voice (17)Piano, Flute, Percussion (16)Choral 2-part, Piano (16)Flute, Voice, Piano (15)Flute, Harp and Piano (15)Flute, Violin, Viola (15)Choral SAT a cappella (15)Alto Recorder and 2 Guitars (15)Violin, Viola and Harp (15)2 Flutes, Clarinet (14)2 Clarinets and Bassoon (14)Choral 2 parts (14)Violin, Harmonium and Piano (14)Clarinet, Viola, Piano (14)Clarinet, saxophone, Bassoon (14)2 recorders + guitar (13)2 Oboe and Bassoon (13)2 Clarinets (Bb) and Guitar (13)Bb Clarinet, Horn, Piano (13)2 Flutes, 1 violoncello (13)Violin, Viola, Guitar (13)Violin, Guitar, Upright bass (13)Guitar, voice, piano (12)Clarinet, Guitar, Acoustic Bass (12)Piano, Trumpet, Percussion (12)Choral SS, Piano (12)Flute, Viola and Cello (12)Choral ATB a cappella (12)Flute, Piano, Bass (12)2 Trumpets & Guitar (12)Trumpet, Guitar & Bass (11)Clarinet, Guitar, Double Bass (11)Recorder SSA (11)2 guitars, percussion (11)flute, viola and harp (11)2 Clarinets and Guitar (11)Recorder, Guitar and Bassoon (11)Clarinet, Piano, Bass (11)2 Cellos and Piano (11)Violin (or flute), cello, harp (10)flute-oboe-bassoon (10)Alto Recorder, Guitar and Bass (10)Oboe & 2 Guitars (10)Alto Sax, Violin, Piano (10)Flute, Clarinet and Viola (10)Oboe, Cello, Piano (10)3 tubas (trio) (9)2 voices and piano or organ (9)Flute, Bassoon, Piano (9)Vibes, piano, guitar (9)2 Violas, Violoncello (9)2 Flutes and Basso continuo (9)3 Alto Recorders (9)Guitar, clarinet and bassoon (9)Oboe, Bassoon and piano (9)alto saxophone, piano, bass, drums. (9)mandolin, banjo, guitar (8)Strings, Basso Continuo (8)Recorder STB (8)Flute, Guitar and Bass (8)Recorder SAB (8)Voice, organ, flute (8)Voice, Guitar, Double bass (8)Voice, Guitar, Harmonica (8)2 Recorders and Bass (8)Organ, Violin, Cello (8)Choral STB a cappella (8)mandolin, guitar, upright bass (8)Oboe, Clarinet, Guitar (8)Clarinet, French Horn, Euphonium (8)2 Oboes & Guitar (8)Alto Sax, Cello and Piano (7)1-2 treble instruments, continuo (7)Guitar, Cello, Piano (7)Choral 3-part (7)Organ, Violin, Voice (7)2 Flutes and Bassoon (7)2 oboe, 1 english horn (7)Choral Sa, piano or organ or guitar (7)Recorder ATB (7)2 Oboes, Piano (7)voice, flute, guitar (7)Choral TBB (7)Voice, Clarinet, Piano (7)Flute, French Horn and Cello (6)Oboe, Guitar, Bassoon (6)voice, violin, guitar (6)3 Pianos (trio) (6)Flute, Harp and Cello (6)Recorder, Guitar and Cello (6)2 Oboes and cello (6)Flute, Clarinet and Cello (6)Oboe, Clarinet and Piano (6)Oboe, Viola and Piano (6)2 Guitars and Keyboard/Continuo (6)Mandolin, Accordion, Upright bass (6)Oboe, Guitar, Contrabass (6)soprano recorder, alto recorder, piano (6)2 Mandolines et Guitare (6)Flute, Saxophone, Piano (6)Trumpet, Piano, Bass (6)Piano, Clarinet and Bassoon (6)soprano sax or clarinet Bb, guitar or piano, bass, drums (6)Voice Soprano, Cello, Piano (6)Clarinet, French Horn and Bassoon (6)Flute, French Horn and Piano (5)String Trio: 2 violins and viola (5)2 Recorders and Cello (5)Piano, Oboe, and Horn (5)Guitare, Flute, Cor ou alto (5)Organ, Flute, Oboe (5)Viola, Cello, Piano (5)Choral SAA a cappella (5)3 oboes (trio) (5)2 Clarinets and Bass (5)2 Mandolins and Bass (5)flute, oboe and harp (5)Flute, Guitar and Bassoon (5)Flute, 2 Violins (5)Oboe, Guitar & Cello (5)Voice (SS), Basso Continuo (4)3 Violas (4)English Horn & 2 Guitars (4)English Horn, Flute & Cello (4)Oboe, English Horn, Cello (4)Voice Soprano, Tenor, Organ (4)Choir TB and piano (4)2 Trumpet (Bb) or Bugles or Cornet and piano (4)Trumpet, trombone, piano (4)Violin, Viola, Harpsichord (4)Clarinet, Guitar and Violoncello (4)Choral SAT or SSA (4)Oboe, Viola & Cello (4)Choral ST, Basso continuo (4)Alto sax, Baritone sax, Trumpet in Bb and Trombone (4)Choral ATB (4)Choral TB, Organ (4)flute, violin, organ (4)Tenor saxophone, Trombone, Bass (4)3 marimbas (4)Violin, Hurdy gurdy, Accordion (4)Violin, Violin, Viola (4)Violin, Cello & Bassoon (4)accordion, flute, violin (3)Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Harp (3)flutes, clarinets and saxophones (3)Celesta, Vibraphone, Marimba (3)Flute, Violin, Harpsichord (3)Tuba , Trombone, French horn (3)Recorder, Violin and continuo (3)Voice, Banjo, Piano (3)alt, bass, organ (3)Clarinet, Trumpet, Barython (3)Clarinet, Saxophone and Guitar (3)Recorder SSB (3)2 C trumpets, one Trombone Basso (3)Voice, Horn, Piano (3)Voice Tenor, Violin and Piano (3)Euphonium, trumpet and piano (3)Flute, Cello, Doublebass (3)Voice Tenor, Bass, Organ (3)Oboe, Bassoon, Viola (3)Flute, saxophone, horn (3)Clarinet & 2 Guitars (3)2 Tenor Saxophones and piano (3)Duet Vibraphones, Marimba or Xylophones and piano (3)Choral SA, Basso continuo (3)Oboe and 2 Guitars (3)Alto saxophone, trombone, piano (3)Oboe, Marimba & Cello (3)Bass Clarinet, Viola and Piano (3)Choral SSS (3)Choral SAB or SSA a cappella (3)Flute, English Horn, Bassoon (3)Soprano Saxophone and 2 Guitars (3)Piano, Flute and Viola (3)2 Trumpets and Piano/Organ (3)Clarinet, Alto saxophone, Piano (3)Duet English Horns, piano or harpsichord or organ (3)Tenor Saxophone and 2 Guitars (3)Choral TB, Basso continuo (3)SST instruments or voices (3)Duet Alto Recorders, piano or organ or harpsichord (3)Oboe, Clarinet and Guitar (3)Mandolin & 2 Guitars (3)Alto sax, piano, guitar (3)Voice SA, Guitar (3)Piccolo, Flute & Alto Flute (3)Violin, cello, mezzo-soprano (2)Flute, Oboe and Viola (2)Horn, Violin and Piano (2)Oboe da Caccia (or English Horn or Viola), Tenore, Basso Continuo (2)bassoon, piano and voice (2)Flute, Violin, bassoon (2)Soprano Recorder & 2 Guitars (2)Recorder duet, Percussion (2)Three organs (2)Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin 1, violin2, viola, cello, double bass (2)Violin, Oboe and Violoncello (2)Tenor Recorder & 2 Guitars (2)Flute, Oboe & Bass (2)Clarinet, Violin and Doublebass (2)2 Bb trumpets, 1 Trombone Basso (2)Voice Soprano, Harp and Celesta (2)Trumpet, Guitar, Bassoon (2)Piano, trumpet, violin (2)Percussion, Bells, Xylophone (2)Oboe, English Horn & Harp (2)Oboe, French Horn and Viola (2)Piano, Flute, Horn (2)Duet (Sopran and Tenor), piano (2)2 Soprano Saxophones & piano (2)1 horn, 2 violas (2)Piano, flute and harp (2)Mandolin, Guitar and Piano (2)Oboe, Marimba and Harp (2)Cello, Piano, Drums (2)2 trumpets, 1 organ (2)violin, accordion, upright bass (2)Violin, guitare, accordion (2)Sopranino Recorder and 2 Guitars (2)Voice, viola and piano (2)2 Horn (F) and piano (2)Flutes, Violins and Oboes (2)1 violin, 1 bass clarinet, 1 oboe (2)Piano, Clarinet and Viola (2)Trumpet, tenor saxophone, piano (2)Guitars, Violin, Cello (2)Trumpet, French Horn, Piano (2)Guitar, Violin, Harp (2)Piano, English Horn, Clarinet (2)Voice and recorders (2)Trumpet, Harpsichord and Organ (2)Piano, Horn, Bassoon (2)Piano, Bontrabass, Drums (2)Jazz trio (2)Oboe, English Horn & Guitar (2)Voice, Harp and Organ (2) Oboe, Violin, Continuo (2)Duet Bassoons, piano or organ or harpsichord (2)2 Saxophones and Guitar (2)2 Guitars and Bassoon (2)3 Cornets (2)english horn, clarinets and bass clarinet (2)Voice Soprano, Viola da Gamba, Basso Continuo (2)2 Clarinets and Harp (2)Duet Clarinets in Bb, piano or organ or harpsichord (2)2 Pianos 6 hands (2)2 guitars, organ (2)2 guitars and 1 melodic instrument (2)2 Guitars and Accordion (2)Duet Soprano or Tenor Recorders, piano or organ (2)2 Saxophones in Es and Piano (2)Clarinet, Cello and Harp (2)Viola, Clarinet/Flute & Bassoon/Cello (2)Choral TB, Piano (2)Alto Saxophone and 2 Guitars (2)Harp, Violin and Organ (2)Duet Flutes, piano or Harpsichord or Organ (2)Violin, Cello with orchestra or piano accompaniment (2)Flute, Oboe, Recorder or Violin (2)Baritone Saxophone & 2 Guitars (2)French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone (2)2 flutes and harp (2)Low string trio (viola, cello, double bass) (2)2 Euphoniums and Piano (2)Trumpet, Piano and Vibes (1)Voice, Taille, Basso Continuo (1)Voice, piano and recorder or flute (1)flute, french horn, harp (1)Recorder, Guitar & Bass (1)Clarinet, Oboe and Cello (1)Baritone, cello, organ (1)Alto Saxophone, Trumpet & Piano (1)Bass Recorder & 2 Guitars (1)Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone & Piano (1)2 Trombones and Piano (1)Bouzouki, Guitar, Bass (1)2 Bassons or 2 Cellos or Basson and Cello (1)Voice Soprano, obbligato instrument, Basso Continuo (1)1 flute, 1 horn, 1 cello (1)Oboe, Violin and Organ (1)Oboe, bass clarinet and bassoon (1)Boy Soprano, Violin & Piano (1)Ocarina, Guitar, Violin (1)Recorder TBB (1)Recorder & 2 Guitars (1)2 Violins and Clavichord (1)English Horn, Guitar & Acoustic Bass (1)Bells, Percussion, Organ (1)2 Mandolins and Piano (1)Choral SSB (1)Oboe, Violoncello, Contrabass (1)Voice, 2 clarinets (1)Flute, Cello, Bass trio (1)Oboe, Clarinet and English horn (1)clarinet, trombone, piano (1)2 trumpets or bugles, guitar and/or piano (1)Flute, cello and harpsichord (1)2 clarinets Bb, guitar and/or piano (1)Violin, English Horn and Piano (1)Violoncello, Euphonium, Piano (1)Clarinet and 2 Violas (1)Duet sopran, piano or organ or harpsichord (1)Tubular Bells, Percussion, Organ (1)Choral SAB/TTB a cappella (1)Vibraphone, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet (1)Oboe, Cembalo, Basso continuo (1)Violin, Piano and Organ (1)Duet altos, piano or organ or harpsichord (1)Piccolo, B Clarinet, Marimba (1)Voice, recorder, bass clarinet (1)English Horn, Cello, Piano (1)2 Cellos, piano or organ or harpsichord (1)Choral SSS a cappella (1)2 Trombones (or Baritones/French Horns) and Organ (1)Choral BB, Basso continuo (1)Piccolo, Oboe, VIolin (1)Duet Trombones or Tubas or Euphoniums, piano or organ or harpsichord (1)Choir SA & harp (1)Duet Alto Saxophones or Clarinet in Eb, piano or organ (1)Piano, Flute, contrabassoon (1)Clarinet, Viola, Bassoon (1)Oboe, Violin, 1st Violins (1)Clarinet, Flute, Piano (1)Basso, 2 violas da gamba (1)Flute, viola and double bass (1)Duet Viola(s), piano or organ or harpsichord (1)Trumpet, Percussion and Piano (1)Oboe, Cello and Harp (1)Oboe, violin and percussion (1)Clarinet, horn, viola (1)Violin, trombone and percussion (1)Voice, oboe (or other instrument), Piano (1)2 violins, clarinet (1)Voice, flute and harp (1)mandolin, mandola, guitar (1)Mandolin, Cello, Piano (1)Duet Viola, piano or organ (1)Piano, Cello, Bassoon (1)Viola, Cello and Harp (1)Alto Saxophone, Piano and Voice (1)2 cellos and horn (1)
String Quartet (2237)Choral SATB (1416)Choral SATB a cappella (1133)Brass Quartet (943)Jazz Quartet (820)Choral 4 voices (797)4 clarinets (quartet) (744)Wind Quartet: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon (609)Recorder SATB (561)4 guitars (quartet) (406)Saxophone quartet (351)Recorder quartet (194)2 pianos 8 hands (165)Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello (114)4 Trumpets (113)Choral TTBB (106)Choral and Piano (106)Piano quartet : piano, violin, viola and violoncello (106)Flute & 3 Guitars (100)Flute Quartet (95)Choral TTBB a cappella (89)Choral SSA, Piano (81)Chamber ensemble (80)Choral a cappella (69)3 Recorders & Guitar (67)Choral SAB, piano or organ (60)Piano and small ensemble (59)Choral SSAA a cappella (58)Double-Reed Quartet (54)Trombone Quartet (53)Choral SATB (div.) (51)2 Violins, Cello, Piano (51)4 cellos (50)3 clarinettes sib et une clarinette basse (48)2 guitars, bass, drums (47)Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba (45)Clarinet & 3 Guitars (45)Oboe & 3 Guitars (42)Choral SSA, piano or organ (41)Mixed Ensemble (38)Flute, Oboe, English Horn & Bassoon (38)Horn Quartet (37)Choral SAT, Piano (35)guitar, bass, piano, drum set (34)Oboe, Violin, Viola, Cello (31)Quartet : clarinet, violin, viola, cello (31)Choral SAB, Piano (28)Electric band (guitar, piano, bass, drums) (28)Flute, Violin, Violoncello and piano (28)Bassoon Quartet (27)4 violins (25)Choral Unison, Piano (24)Violin, guitar, bass, drums (23)Trumpet Quartet (23)Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drums (23)Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass (22)3 Trumpets and Trombone (22)Recorder AATB (22)Double Bass quartet (21)Piano, Bass, Electronic keyboard, Drums (21)Quartet : 2 mandolins, Mandola and Guitar (21)Quartet: oboe, violin, viola, cello (18)Quartet: flute, violin, viola, violoncello (18)Choral SCTB (17)4 Horn in F (17)Wind quartet (17)saxophone, guitar, bass, drums (16)mandolin, banjo (with tab), guitar, bass (16)Voice, Guitar, Double Bass, Piano (16)Choral 4 egal voices (16)2 Flutes & 2 Guitars (16)Flute and jazz piano trio (15)Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn (15)1 Flute, 2 clarinets, 1 bass clarinet (15)Choral STB, keyboard (13)2 violins, bass, organ (13)Choral SSA and organ (13)Trumpet & 3 Guitars (12)Voice, violin, cello, piano (12)2 Violins, Violoncello, Bass (11)Violin, Viola de Gamba, Basso Continuo (11)Viola da Gamba Quartet (10)Choral TTBB (reduced to TTB in Gradual and Tract) a cappella (10)Choral TTB, Piano (10)Choral Unison (10)Choral 4 men voices (10)Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Cello and Piano (10)Choral SSA and harp (9)Flute, Oboe, Violin & Cello (9)Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello (9)2 violins, viola, double bass (9)Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Piano (9)2 mandolins, mandola, guitar (9)3 voices, basso continuo (8)Choral TTB, Basso continuo (8)Violin, Cello and Piano 4 hands (8)Choral SSAT a cappella (8)Violin, Guitar, Piano, Doublebass (8)2 euphoniums 2 tubas (8)Voice Alto, Strings, Basso continuo (8)Violin, Cello, Piano and Harmonium (7)Trumpet, Guitar, Piano, Bass (7)Viola Quartet (7)3 guitars, bass (7)Flute, Mandolin, Guitar, Bass (7)Piano, Vibraphone, Marimba, Celesta (7)3 Euphoniums, 1 Tuba (7)Choral TTB, Organ (7)3 violins, 1 cello (7)flute, accordion, piano and doublebass (7)Recorders ATB and Cello (7)Flute, Oboe, French Horn & Cello (6)violin, banjo, guitar, bass (6)Violin, Flute, Clarinet and Cello (6)Clarinette Sib, Marimba, Violoncelle, Guitare (6)2 clarinets, 2 bass clarinets (6)Choral, Piano, Flute, Cello (6)Choral SSA, piano or organ or guitar (6)Choral SAB, piano or organ or guitar (6)Choral ATTB a cappella (6)Clarinet, guitar, bass, piano (6)4 trombones soli (6)2 flutes, Bb clarinet, piano (6)2 violins, viola, piano (6)trompette, 2 saxophones and tuba (5)Soprano Recorder & 3 Guitars (5)Tenor Recorder & 3 Guitars (5)Strings, guitar, clarinet, flute (5)2 Clarinets and 2 Bassoons (5)Guitar, banjo, bass, drums (5)Oboe, Violin, Cello and Piano (5)Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Bass (5)Flute, english horn, violin and percussions (5)3 flutes, 1 guitar (5)3 Flutes, 1 Bassoon (5)Country band: banjo, accordion, harmonica, violin (5)Flute, Guitar, Viola and Cello (5)3 guitars, violin (5)Violin, Guitar, Cello, Bass (5)Guitar, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello (5)3 violins, 1 piano (5)Piano, Flute, Viola and Violoncello (5)Quartet : 2 mandolins, Mandola and Lute (5)clarinet, guitar, vibes, bass (5)Flute, Clarinet, Piano and Violoncello (4)1 Piano, 8 hands (4)Alto Recorder & 3 Guitars (4)Flute, guitar, doublebass and percussion (4)Flute, accordeon, guitar, latin percussions (4)French Horn, Violin, Viola & Cello (4)Oboe, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet and bassoon (4)Clarinet, horn, bassoon, piano (4)2 Oboes, French Horn, Bassoon (4)Xylophone Quartet (4)voice, flute, violin, cello (4)Choral SSTB (4)Choral TTTB a cappella (4)Mandolin, 2 Violins, Cello (4)4 marimbas (4)3 Flutes and Piano (4)Bassoon, Violin, Viola, Violoncello (4)QUARTET (Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Bassoon) (4)Recorder ATBB (4)Piano, Organ, Violin and Viola (4)Quartet : 4 oboes (4)4 Pianos (4)trumpet, clarinet, violin & violoncello (4)Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano (4)Flute, Violin, Clarinet, Piano (4)Voice, Piano, Double basse, Drums (4)Voice, 2 Violins, Organ (4)Clarinet, accordion, guitar, latin percussions (4)4 alto saxophones (quartet) (3)soprano sax or clarinet sib, guitar, bass, drums (3)Choral SATB, tambourine (3)Flute, 2 Clarinet in Bb, Bass Clarinet (3)Voice, Violin, Piano and Organ (3)Quartet : Flute, 2 Violins, Continuo (3)Voice, flute, two violins, cello (3)4 Euphoniums (quartet) (3)Choral SSST a cappella (3)Choral SSAB a cappella (3)Choral SAB, Organ (3)Flute, Oboe, Bassoon and Harp (3)Oboe, English Horn, French Horn & Bassoon (3)Choral AATB a cappella (3)Trumpet, Piano, Upright bass, Drum (3)Violin, Bassoon, Piano, Cello (3)Violin, viola, clarinet and cello (3)Recorder TTTB (3)Flute, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Cello (3)Alto and accordion and guitar and double bass and violin (3)Trombone, trumpet, piano, bass (3)2 flutes, 1 alto flute, 1 bass flute (3)Choral SATB a cappella with optional chimes (3)Quartet (flute, guitar, bassoon, bass) (3)Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon (3)4 harps (quartet) (3)Recorders SAT and Cello (3)Violin, Cello, Barítone, Piano (2)Violin, Clarinet, Bassoon and Cello (2)Tenor saxophone, accordion, guitar, latin percussions (2)Choral SATB or SSAA (2)Sopran recorder, accordeon, guitar, latin percussions (2)Recorder SSAT (2)Flute, clarinet, horn, piano (2)3 Trumpets, Timpani (2)Violin, guitar, accordeon, latin percussions (2)Trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, drums. (2)2 Guitars and 2 Violins (2)Choral TTBB, SATB a cappella (2)Violin, Viola, Cello and Harp (2)3 alto sax, 1 tenor sax (2)2 violins, harp and Double bass (2)flute, clarinet, piano, cello (2)Oboe, Strings & Harp (2)Soprano, SA Chorus, Piano (2)3 oboes and bassoon (2)Flute, Oboe, French Horn & Bassoon (2)Recorder, Oboe, Violin, Contrabass (2)2 Viola, 2 Cello (2)Choral STTB a cappella (2)Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano (2)Choral ATBB a cappella (2)Piano, Harp, Cello and Harmonium (2)Piano, Violin, Cello, Bass (2)clarinet, mandolin, guitar, double bass (2)2 Clarinets, 2 Trumpets (2)Voice Alto, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums (2)Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Violoncello (2)Mandolin, Violin, Cello, Bass (2)3 flutes, 1 Clarinet (2)Choral SAAB a cappella (2)Trumpet in C, accordion, guitar, latin percussions (1)Oboe, Clarinet & 2 Guitars (1)Tenor Trombone, accordion, guitar, latin percussions (1)English Horn, Clarinet, Bassoon, Glockenspiel (1)Voice Soprano, Violin, Violoncello, Harpsichord (1)Horn (F), accordion, guitar, latin percussions (1)Flute, tenor sax, viola, piano (1)Choral SSTT (1)Oboe, flute, english horn, 2 bassoons (1)2 Euphoniums, 1 Tuba and Piano (1)Choral SAB, Basso continuo (1)Choral SSAA or TTBB a cappella (1)2 Trumpets, Piano, and Percussion (1)flute, two violins, cello (1)2 pianos, 2 percussions (1)Harpsichord or Piano, Oboe, Flute, viola (1)3 Trombones and Organ (1)Choral SSSS (1)Oboe, Clarinet, Viola, Piano (1)2 Flutes, Bassoon, Cello (1)Flute, Harp, Cello and Piano (1)2 violins, guitar, Cello (1)Flute, A Clarinet, Percussion & Piano (1)Choir SSA and Harpsichord (1)Flute, Violin, French Horn & Cello (1)Harp & Strings (2 Violins & Viola) (1)2 trumpets in C, timbale, drum (1)2 Oboes & 2 Bassoons (1)flute, harpichord, guitar, string bass (1)Voice Soprano, 2 Violins, Basso continuo (1)2 Guitars, Viola & Cello (1)Voice Soprano, Flute, Cello and Piano (1)Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Saxophone (1)Trumpet Bb, Clarinet Bb, Horn, Tuba (1)Voice Bass, Viola, Bassoon, Basso Continuo (1)Cornet, Horn (or Althorn), Trombone, Organ (or Harmonium) (1)piano, oboe, bassoon, cello (1)1 Flute, 2 Clarinets, Piano (1)2 violins, guitar, violoncello (1)Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Piano (1)Flute, Voice, Guitar & Violoncello (1)Clarinet, Tenor saxophone , Violin and Piano (1)Choral SSTB a capella (1)Church Organ, Celesta, Clavichord, English Horn (1)2 Cellos and 2 Violins (1)Quartet - 3 Xylophones (S,A,A) and Marimba (1)Piano, Flute, Violoncello, Bassoon (1)oboe, Bb clarinet, horn, bassoon (1)Lute, 2 violins, continuo (1)guitar, alt saxophone, trumpet, bass (1)Clarinet/bassclarinet in Bb, Violin, Cello and Piano (1)Flute, Bouzouki, Guitar, Bass (1)2 Flutes, Cello, Piano (1)Oboe, viola, cello, double bass (1)Guitars, Violin, Bass, Organ (1)Recorder SABB (1)3 Voices, Piano (1)Recorder SAAT (1)Quartet : 4 tubas (1)Recorder STTB (1)Flute, 2 clarinets, Bass clarinet (1)Oboe, Clarinet Bb, Fagot, Cello (1)Choral TTT, Basso Continuo (1)Piano, 2 Alto Violin, Bass Ad Libitum (1)fluggelhorn, piano, double bass,drums (1)2 Clarinets & 2 Guitars (1)Trumpet, 2 Banjos, Tuba (1)
Choral SATB, Piano (685)Woodwind quintet : Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Horn, Bassoon (584)Choral SATB, Organ (460)Brass Quintet : 2 Trumpets, 1 Horn, 1 Trombone, 1 Tuba (242)Guitar and strings (221)Choir SATB, piano or organ (203)Flute and String Quartet (151)Quintet : Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello (141)Oboe solo, String quartet (134)Choral SATB, Soloist (132)Clarinet Quintet (115)String Quintet : 2 Violins, Viola, Cello and Bass (109)Piano, Violin, Guitar, Bass, Drums (79)Brass Quintet (78)Saxophone Quintet (75)String Quintet : 2 Violins, 2 Violas, Cello (69)Guitar, flute, violin, contrabass & marimba (58)Flute and Strings (56)Quintet : Clarinet, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello (56)Choral TTBB, Piano (or organ) (56)Viola and Strings (54)Recorder Quintet (54)Choral SATB, keyboard (piano or organ) (54)Horn and String quartet (53)Choral SSAA, Piano (53)Quintet (53)2 Guitars, Keyboard, Electric Bass, Drum Kit (50)String Quintet : 2 Violins, Viola, 2 Violoncellos (44)Choral SSATB a cappella (41)Choral SATTB a cappella (34)Trumpet and String Quartet (2 Violins, 1 Viola, 1 Cello) (30)Choral SSATB (29)Jazz Quintet (29)5 Guitars (28)trumpet, tenor sax, trombone, guitar, bass, drums (28)alto sax, keyboard, bass, guitar, drums (28)Quintets, piano, strings (25)Guitar and String Quartet (23)String Quintet: 3 Violins, Viola, Cello (22)Voice, guitar, bass, Drum, piano (22)3 violins, viola, and cello (21)5 Recorders (21)Choral, Organ (19)Choral SATBB (19)Choral 3-4 voices with organ (19)Voice Soprano, Strings, Basso continuo (17)Quintet : Flute, Violin, 2 Violas, Violoncello (17)3 mandolins, guitar, upright bass (16)Piano, small string orchestra (or quartet) (16)4 guitars, bass (16)Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Piano, Bass (13)Voice, Guitar, Double Bass, Sax, Piano (12)Choral SAATB a cappella (12)Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano (12)Quintet (Piano, guitar, flute, percussion, bass) (12)Piano, saxophone quartet (12)Flute or recorder, violin, oboe, guitar, bass (11)Strings, Percussion (11)Trumpet Quintet (11)violin, mandolin, guitar, bass, drums (11)Guitar, drums, piano, rhodes, bass, synth (10)Recorder SATTB (10)Choral SATB, piano or organ or guitar (10)Bassoon and String Quartet (10)Choral SATB, Flute (10)Flute, Oboe, English Horn, French Horn and Bassoon (10)Recorder Quintet (SAATB) (9)Guitar, Double bass, Jazz guitar, Keyboard, Drums (9)Trio for flute, bassoon and oboe (8)3 Guitars, bass, drums (8)1 voice,1 flute, 4 E-pianos, E-bass, drumset (8)Recorder AATBB (8)Harp and String quartet (8)1 marimba, 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello (8)Trumpet, saxophone, piano, bass, drums. (8)Quintet : piano, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon (8)Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello & Piano (7)2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 1 bass clarinet (7)Quintets (Piano, cornet, flute, violin, violoncello) (6)Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano (6)Flute, clarinet, piano, bass, drum (6)Quintet : Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Horn, and Bassoon (6)Choral SATB and Continuo (6)Flute, Flugelhorn, Guitar, Piano, Bass (5)Choral SATB+S{Bar}solo (5)Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello and Harp (5)Flute, Oboe, Violin, Viola & Cello (5)Choral SSAA, Organ (5)Trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, drums (5)Choral SAATB and Organ (5)Quintet : Clarinet, Horn, Violin, Cello and Piano (5)4 recorders with lute (4)3 Violins, Cello and Harpsichord (4)Guitars Quintet (4)tenor sax, brass, strings, piano, bass drums (4)Harp, Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello (4)5 cellos (4)alto saxophone, trumpet, piano, bass, drums (4)Choral SSAA, piano or organ (4)Woodwind Quintet (4)4 clarinets and piano (4)Tuba, String quartet (4)2 clarinets, 2 alto saxophones, 1 tenor saxophone (4)Voice, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Bass (4)Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Cello (4)flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, cello (4)Recorders SATB and Cello (4)B Flat Trumpet, Tenor Trombone, Piano, Double Bass, Drums (3)Flute & 4 Guitars (3)clarinet, accordion, piano, cello, bass, drums (3)Trumpet, 2 Saxophones, Piano , Bass (3)Recorder AATTB (3)Voice and string quartet (3)Choral SSTB, Piano (3)Vocie Soprano, Oboe, Violin, Cello, Harpsichord (3)Quintet: Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano (3)Violin, Harp or Piano, Organ, Cello and Bass (3)Choral and Guitar (3)Choral SATB, violin (3)2 Trumpets and 3 Trombones (3)5 Bassoons (3)Flute, oboe, violin, cello, piano (3)Choral SATB, English Handbells (3)Flute, Bass clarinet, Alto saxophone (3)Piano, Harp, Flute, Trumpet, Violoncello (3)Piano, Flute, Cello, Clarinet, Organ, Drums (3)4 Voices, Violin (3)3 Guitars, Accordion, Percussions (3)2 Guitars, 2 violins and violoncello (3)Choral SATB, Harmonium (3)Alto Saxophone, Tenor Trombone, Piano, Double Bass, Drums (2)Harmonica, banjo, guitar, bass, drums (2)Singer, Keyboard, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon (2)Piano, Violin, Clarinet, Alt sax, Trumpet (2)2 recorders, 2 flutes and continuo (2)Horn, 2 Bassoons, Bass, Continuo (2)countertenor & Strings quartet (2)Oboe, Violin, Viola, Cello & Piano (2)Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Euphonium, and Baritone Saxophone (2)Voice and Wind Quartet (2)3 guitars, 1 bass, 1 drums (2)trombone, guitar, piano, bass, drums (2)Choral STTTB (2)3 clarinets, piano, bass guitar (2)4 Flutes, Bassoon (2)Flute, 2 Violins, Cello and Piano (2)Choral ATTBB a Cappella (2)trumpet, tenor sax, guitar, bass, drums (2)5 Sopranos voices (2)Flute, Oboe, Saxophone, Bassoon, Piano (2)Oboe, Bassoon, Violin, Cello and Piano (2)Trio: Violoncello, Trombone and Piano (2)Recorders (SATB) and continuo (2)2 Flutes, Violin, Viola and Cello (2)Piano, Flute, Violin, Trombone, Tuba (2)4 guitars and violin (2)Quintet Mixed (2)Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trombone (2)Clarinet, bassoon, horn, cello, double bass (1)4 trumpets + double bass (1)1 Clarinet, 2 alto saxophones, 1 tenor saxophone, bass guitar (1)Quintet : Clarinet, Violin, 2 Violas and Cello (1)voice, flute, accordion, guitar, upright bass (1)Voices SA, Piano, Flute, Tubular Bells (1)Choral SAB, 2 pianos (1)2 Guitars, bass, drums, saxophone (1)Choral TTBB, Harp (1)Guitar, Doublebass, Cello 2, Clarinet (1)Clarinet Bb, Trumpet Bb, Violin, Cello, Piano (1)Recorder , flute, oboe, violin, harp or piano (1)Voice Soprano+matb, a cappella (1)Tenor solo and string quartet (1)Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Bassoon and Piano (1)Flute, Clarinet, Alto sax, Trumpet, Piano (1)Voice and Recorder Quartet (1)Clarinet, sax, violin, cello and piano (1)Voice Mezzo soprano, Flute, 2 Cello, Piano (1)Horns quartet and piano (1)Ukulele & band (guitar, bass, piano, drums) (1)Voice Mezzo-soprano, Violin, Viola, Cello (1)Strings, Timbales (1)Euphonium (4), tuba (1)Vibraphone, bass, guitar, paino, drums (1)Violoncello quartet, bell (1)Voice, Clarinet, 2 Guitars, Cello (1)Saxophone Tenor, 2 Trombones, Piano, Bass (1)Flute and rock band (1)Quintet : Oboe, 2 Clarinets, Horn and Bassoon (1)Choral SAATT a Cappella (1)Oboe, Marimba, Guitar, French Horn in F, Clarinet in B (1)Violin, Oboe, Viola, Cello, Piano (1)Clarinet, Bass clarinet, Contrabass clarinet, Trumpet, Trombon, Tuba, Violin, Cello, Double bass, Timpani, Bass drum (1)Voices (SS or TT), 2 Violins, Basso Continuo (1)Violin, viola, cello, harp, organ (1)3 violins, cello, piano and timbal (1)Bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano and glockenspiel (1)1 clarinet, 2 violas, 1 cello, 1 piano (1)Soprano Saxophone and String Quartet (1)Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Saxophone, Cello (1)4 Guitars, 1 electric guitar (1)voice, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums (1)Soprano saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, piano, bass, drums. (1)Reggae Dub Band (1)Voice Baritone, Mandolin, Violin, Viola, Cello (1)flute, clarinet, tenor, violin and cello (1)Saxophone tenor, Clarinet, Piano, Bass, Drum (1)2 Tenor Saxophone, piano, bass, guitar (1)flute, clarinet, baritone, violin, cello (1)voice, flute, mandolin, guitar, bass (1)2 English Horns, 2 Horns and Bassoon (1)Flute, Violin, Piano, Trombone, Tuba (Bb) (1)2 clarinets, piano, cello, bass. (1)Voice and Piano quintet (1)Flute, 2 guitars, synthesizer, percussion (1)Syhnthesizer, 4 sopranos (voice) (1)Voice Soprano, SSA chorus, Piano (1)Clarinet, Piano, Cello, Doublebass, Voice (1)Quintet : violin, viola, cello, horn, piano (1)Choral SSMAA (1)Quintet : clarinet, Bass Horn and string trio (1)Cello and Sax Quartet (1)Voice Mezzo-soprano, Flute, Violin, Cello and Percussion (1)4 Violins and Piano (1)Horn Quintett (1)
Orchestra (2198)Voice and Orchestra (751)Piano and Orchestra (696)Choir (537)Winds & String Orchestra (526)Concert band (419)String Ensemble (411)Symphonic Orchestra (365)Soli, Chorus and Orchestra (304)String orchestra (249)Violin, Orchestra (234)Marching Band (211)Choir and Orchestra (200)Chamber orchestra (200)Wind ensemble (197)Soli, Choir and Piano (159)Piano and Strings (159)Clarinet Choir (136)Flute and Orchestra (126)Choral SATB, Orchestra (110)Percussion Ensemble (97)Brass ensemble (86)Flute Ensemble (84)Guitar and orchestra (83)Clarinet & Orchestra (83)Cello and Orchestra (80)Alto Sax and Orchestra (80)Saxophone Choir (71)Choral SATB, Soloist and Keyboard (organ or piano) (71)Choral SATB.SATB (71)Oboe, String orchestra (69)Choral SATB, Piano & Organ (67)Strings ensemble, Wind (66)Big band: 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, drums, piano, bass (66)Choral SSAATTBB (62)English horn and string orchestra (60)Children choir and piano,guitar (59)flute, oboe and strings (58)Wind orchestra (54)Recorder, Ensemble (52)Sextet (51)Clarinet, String orchestra (46)Brass choir (46)Choral SATB, Flute, Piano (46)Guitar Ensemble (43)Rock band (41)Clarinet, strings and french horn (41)Big Band (40)Organ and Orchestra (39)Harp and Strings (39)violin and strings (39)trumpet and orchestra (37)Trombone Ensemble (35)French horn and strings (34)Choral 6 Voices a cappella (34)Voice Soprano, Orchestra (34)String Orchestra : Violins, Viola, Basso continuo (33)Brass Sextet (33)Harp and Orchestra (32)Flute and string quintet (28)String ensemble, Piano (28)Horn, Orchestra (27)Harpsichord and Strings (27)Wind Sextet (27)Soli, Choral SATB and Organ or Piano (25)Brass ensemble and drumset (24)oboe and orchestra (24)Plectrum Orchestra (24)flute, piano, guitar, strings, bass, drum (23)violin, 2 flutes, 5 saxophones, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, piano, upright bass (22)Recorders and Strings (22)Choral, piano ,solists (21)Flute and strings orchestra (21)Voice, Strings ensemble (21)Ensemble Modern Orchestra (21)Trumpet, 2 saxophones, piano, bass, drums (21)Wind orchestra and Percussions (21)Choral SATB, String quartet (21)2 Flutes and Orchestra (21)Piano and Percussion ensemble (21)Solo voice, Chorus and keyboard (20)2 Guitars, Piano, Bass ,Drums, Strings (20)1 Flute, 1 Oboe, 1 Clarinet, 1 English Horn, 1 Bassoon, 2 Trumpets, 1 Trombone, 1 Tuba, 1 Timpani, 1 Triangle, 1 Harp, 1 Piano, 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 contrabass (19)Flute, Clarinet and string quartet (18)2 Violins, 2 Violas, 2 Cellos (18)organ and string-orchestra (18)Jazz Sextet (18)Female choir or children's choir (17)Septet (17)Choral SATB, strings, basso continuo (17)Saxophone Quintet, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Drum set (17)2 Violins, Orchestra (17)Strings ensemble, Voice (17)String Sextet (17)Brass Octets (17)String orchestra, flute, harp (17)4 Violins, 2 Violas, Cello, and Bass (16)Saxophone sextett (16)Bassoon, String Orchestra (16)Synthesizer and Orchestra (15)Recorder, Strings (15)Viola, Orchestra (15)Big band: 2 sax contralto,2 sax tenor,1 sax baritone,4 trumpets,3 trombones,1 trombone bass, congas,guitar,piano,bass,drums (15)Voice Tenor and Orchestra (15)Klezmer Band (15)Orchestra: wood and strings (15)Choral SSATTB (15)Solo Voice, Chorus, Organ (15)Instrumentation to multiple choice (15)Piano, strings and percussion orchestra (15)Organ unit, sheers, coppers battery (15)Wind Octets (14)Symphonic Orchestra, Choir, Organ, Piano, Percussions (14)Oboe & String Quintet (14)English Horn & Strings (14)violin, 2 flutes, clarinet, 5 saxophones, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, piano, bass, drums (14)Flute, Oboe, Strings (14)Woodwinds & Harp (14)Soli SATB, Choral SATB, Piano (13)Cello and Strings (13)Trumpet and String Orchestra (13)2 Violins and String quartet (13)2 Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Basson, Horn, 2 Trumpet,Trombone,Tuba, 3 Percussion, Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello e Bass (13)2 Oboes and String quartet (13)Piano and wind orchestra (13)Cello ensemble (12)Guitar, Strings Orchestra (12)Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon and Piano (12)String Orchestra, Percussion (12)Solo voices, chorus and orchestra (12)Soprano Saxophone, Orchestra (12)Bass voice, orchestra (12)Woodwinds and String quintet (11)flute, 3 saxophones, trumpet, euphonium, trombone, piano, bass (11)String Quartet, and Small Orchestra (11)Latin band (11)Choral SSAATTBB, Organ (11)Brass Septet (11)Orchestra, Clarinet, Piano, Bass, Drums (11)Flute, Harp and Strings (11)Voice, choir and Orchestra (10)Solo, chorus and orchestra (10)5 clarinets (B-flat) , 1 bass clarinet. (10)accordion and strings (10)Tenor saxophone and orchestra (10)voice, violin, guitar, bass, drums (10)Choral SATB, strings and kayboard (10)Choral SATB, strings (10)6 Solo voices, Orchestra, Harpsichord (10)French Horn, String Orchestra (10)2 flutes, string quartet (10)String orchestra and Harpsichord (9)Choral SSAT.ATTB a cappella (9)Flute and brass quintet (9)Choral SAATTB a cappella (9)Marimba and Percussions (9)Banda (9)Violoncello and strings (9)Pan Flute and Orchestra (9)Voice, Strings, Organ (9)2 Horns, String Ensemble (9)Glass-harmonica, flute, oboe, viola, cello (9)Harpsichord and Orchestra (9)Choral TTBB.TTBB a cappella (9)Clarinet Bb, Flute, String Quartet (9)Harmony (8)Choral SSATB, Basso continuo (8)Trumpet, French Horn and Strings (8)Choral 12 voices (8)Trumpet, Flute, Oboe and String orchestra (8)Violin, Violas, Cello, Doublebasse, F Horn, Bassoon, Oboe (8)Soli SA, Choral SATB (8)Orchestra, Organ (8)Oboe, English Horn & Strings (8)2 trumpets and String Orchestra (8)Choral SSATBB (8)Choral SATB, Piano and Orchestra (8)Double bass and Orchestra (7)Voice Bass, Strings, Basso continuo (7)Choir SSATB, Piano (7)Wood octet (2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 Bb clarinets, 2 bassoons) (7)bass guitar, guitar, vibraphone, drum, strings (7)Tuba and brass choir (7)Choral SSATTB a cappella (7)Jazz ensemble (7)String Orchestra: Three Violins, Viola and Cello (7)Choral SAB, 2 clarinets and bass clarinet (6)Strings and organ (6)voice, string quartet, piano (6)trumpet, tenor sax, trombone, piano, bass, drums (6)Brass Ensemble, Organ (6)Choral SATB, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, contrabass and organ continuo (6)Choral SA, Orchestra (6)Choral SAB and Orchestra (6)2 Flutes, 2 Clarinets, Alto Saxophone, Horn in F, 2 Trumpets, Trombone, Tuba, Drum set and Percussion (6)2 flutes solo and Orchestra (6)Woodwind Quintet, Piano (6)Soli SB, Choral SATB (6)Oboe, Clarinet, String quartet (6)1 Alto Saxophone, 1 Snare Drum, 1 Bass Drum, Cymbals, 1 Guitar, Voice, Piano, 1 Double bass (6)Trumpet, 2 Saxophones, Trombone, Guitar, Piano, Bass (6)2 trumpets, 5 saxophones, 2 trombones, guitar, vibraphone, piano,bass, drums. (6)Symphonic orchestra and choral Aahs (6)2 oboes, strings, continuo (6)Harmonica & Orchestra (6)Percussion and Chamber Ensemble (6)Choral SAB and String trio (6)Ensemble: Harpsichord, 2 Violins, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabass, Alto/Soprano Saxophone, 2 Trombones (6)Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon (5)Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets, Bassoon and Horn (5)Flute, French Horn and Strings (5)Flute, Piano, Strings and Percussion (5)Choir, Organ and Wind (5)Trumpet, Saxophone, Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Piano, Drums (5)2 Pianos and strings (5)flute, oboe, horn, solists cellos, violins, cellos (5)Choral SATB, Violin, Flute (5)3 Guitars, Bass, Organ, Percussion (5)Accordion, piano, synthesizer, bass, percussions (5)Piano OTC., Jazz guitar, Electric bass, String orchestra, Percussion (5)Flute, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, Cello, Contabass (5)Septet (Bb clarinet, Horn, bassoon, violin, viola, Cello and Doublebass (5)Jazz Nonet (5)2 Violins, Cello, String Quartet, Organ or Piano (5)Big band: alto saxophone, 2 trumpets, trombone, baritione sax, piano, bass, drums. (5)2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets in B-flat, 2 Horns and 2 Bassoons (5)2 Oboes, 2 Horns, 2 Bassoons (5)Organ, Wind ensemble (5)Bassoon solo and Orchestra (5)Choral and Strings (5)Violin, piano, string quartet (5)Euphonium and Band (5)Big band, flute, 3 saxophones, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, piano, bass, drums. (5)Voice Tenor, Strings, Basso continuo (4)2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 1 B-Clarinet, 1 Bassoon, 2 F-Horns, 2 B-Trumpets, 1 Trombone, 1 C-Tuba, Timpani, Glockenspiel, Harp, Violins 1, Violins 2, Violas, Violoncellos, Double Basses (4)Accordion orchestra (4)Flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns (4)Piano, Violins, Viola, Cello, , Contrabass, Flute, Oboe, Horn (4)Cello, Harp, Strings (4)2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets in B-flat, 1 Bassoon, 2 Horns in F, 2 Trumpets in B-flat, 2 Trombones, 1 Tuba in C, Timpani, Military Drum, Harp, 1st Violins, 2nd Violins, Viola Solo, Violas, Violoncellos, Doubles Basses (4)Oboe, Piano and String ensemble (4)trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, piano, drums (4)Big band, flute, 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 2 trombones,guitar, piano, bass, drums. (4)Oboe, piano, percussion and strings ensemble (4)Mandolin and orchestra (4)Horn, Chamber Orchestra (4)Oboe, French Horn & Strings (4)Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, 2 Violins, Viola, 2 Violoncellos, Percussion (4)2 Violins, 2 Violins, 2 Cellos, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon (4)2 Clarinets, 2 Horns & 2 Bassoons (4)Choral SAT.STB a cappella (4)Voice Soprano, String quartet with Organ (4)Big band: flute, 2 clarinets,5 trumpets, 6 saxophones, 4 trombones, guitar, piano, bass, drums. (4)Double-Reed & Strings (4)flute, 2 saxophones, 5 trumpets, 3 trombones, piano, bass, drums (4)Flute, Violon, Keyboard and string ensemble (4)Guitar, Saxophone, Organ, Strings, Bass, Drum (4)2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Harp, Piano (4)Wind Octet (4)2 guitars, string quartet (4)String Quartet, Flute, Piano (4)Choral SA, Strings and Keyboard (4)Baritone, Chorus and Piano (4)2 Trumpets & String Quartet (4)Marimba and strings (4)Choral SATTBB a Cappella (4)Flute, 3 saxophones, 2 trumpets, trombone, guitar, piano, bass, drums (3)2 violins, strings, continuo (3)Amplified Ensemble (3)Sopranor or Tenor Saxophone and Strings (3)2 Oboes and Strings (3)Flute, Oboe, English Horn & Strings (3)Choral SSA and String quartet (3)flute, harpsichord and orchestra (3)Choir SSATB, Orchestra (3)Fagott Sextet (3)Copper Septet (3)Choral Unison, Orchestra (3)Cornet with Wind Band (3)mandolines, mandole, guitare, contrebasse (3)Choral SATTB, Basso continuo (3)1 flute, 1 oboe, 1 bassoon, 1 trumpet, 1 horn, 1 trombone, 1 tuba, 1 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 bass, 1 grosse caisse, 1 cymbale, 1 timbales (3)Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, 2 Bassoons, Horn, Trumpet (3)Piccolo, Orchestra (3)Choir, soloists, flute, piano, vibraphone/synthesizer (3)Chooir SSATB, Soloists SMTB, Orchestra (3)Wood, Brass, Strings (3)Voice, bassoon, 2 trumpets, bass trombone, guitar, piano, carillons, strings (3)1 Piccolo, 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes. 2 Clarinets in Bb, 2 Alto Saxophones in Eb, 1 Bassoon, 2 Horns in F, 2 Trumpets in Bb, 2 Trombones, 1 Tuba in C, Timpani, Cymbals, Piano, First Violins, Second Violins, Violas, Violoncellos, Double Basses (3)Choral SATB and TTBB a cappella (3)String quartet, Flute and Basson (3)Flute, Bassoon and Strings (3)2 Alto Recorders, Strings and Basso Continuo (3)Guitar quartet, Piano, Keyboard (3)2 violins, 1 flute, 1 violoncello, 1 piano (3)Alto sax, tenor sax, trombone, piano, guitar, doublebass, drum (3)Sextet : Piano, Violin, 2 Violas, Cello, Bass (3)Choral SS, Orchestra (3)symphonic band, accordion, flageolet (3)Cello, Guitar, Trumpet, Doublebass, Piano, Percussion (3)2 Flutes, Piano, Synth, Accordion, Cello, Voice (3)Piano, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Violon, Cello (3)Flute, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Lead Voice, Chorus Voice 1, Chorus Voice 2, Violin 1, Violin 2, Guitar, Bass (3)Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano (3)Clarinet, Vibraphone & Strings (3)Choral SAATBB A cappella (3)Trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba, violin, viola, cello (3)Choral ATTTBB a cappella (3)Violin, String Orchestra and Organ (3)Choral SSAATB (3)Video Opera (3)Dixieland group and Banda (3)Clarinet solo and Concert band (3)Vibraphone, Marimba, Glockenspiel, Wood Blocks, Grosse Caisse, Cymbale suspendue, Triangle, Métronome, Sabliers (3)Voice, Strings, Continuo (3)Solists, Choir, Piano and mixed instrumental Ensemble (3)Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, and String Orchestra (3)Oboe, Strings and Continuo (3)Trumpet solo + 2 Trumpets, French horn, Trombone and Tuba (3)Accordion and Big Band (3)Flute, trumpet, 4 saxophones, piano, bass, drums. (3)organ, strings and brass (3)Tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass. (3)Flute, Bb Clarinet, Horn in F, Bb Trumpet, Euphonium, Tuba and Percussion (3)Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Strings quartet (3)2 violas, strings, continuo (2)Flute, oboe, bassoon and strings (2)4trps. 4trbs. 5saxes.rthm (2)2 horns, String quartet (2)2 Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Bass, Trumpet, Sax alto (2)Voice Soprano, flute, violins, cellos, guitar, bass, drums (2)Choral SSATB, Strings (2)6 female voices a cappella (2)flute, clarinet, solo viola, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass (2)Violin, Bass and Orchestra (2)Choir AB, Piano (2)Drum-set, 2 guitars, piano, synthesizer, bass (2)1 piano, 2 harps, 1 cello, 1 flute, 1 Bb trumpet (2)Voice Soprano, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Percussion (2)Recorder, flute, oboe, violin, cello, guitar (2)voice, flute, clarinet, trombone, guitar, bass (2)Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello, bass (2)1 Piccolo, 1 Flute, 1 Oboe, 1 English Horn, 1 B-flat Clarinet, 1 A Clarinet, 1 Bassoon, 1 Contrabassoon, 2 B-flat Trumpets, 1 French Horn, 1 Trombone, 1 B-flat Tuba, Percussion, Piano, Harp, Strings (2)euphonium and brass quintet (2)Xylophone, triangle, crash cymbals, tambourine, gong (2)1 Clarinet, 1 Bassoon, 1 Trumpet, 1 Trombone, 1 Violin, 1 Doublebass, 1 Grosse caisse (2)Guitar, tenor saxophone, 2 trombones, piano, bass, drums. (2)Soli, Chorus, Strings and Organ (2)1 Flute, 1 Oboe, 1 Eb Clarinet, 2 Bb Clarinet, 1 Sopran Sax, 1 Alto Sax, 1 Tenor Sax, 1 Baritone Sax, 2 Bb Cornet, 3 F Horn, 1 Euphonium, 2 C Bass, 2 Bb Trumpet, 1 Glockenspiel, 1 Snare Drum, 1 Bass Drum, 1 Cymbals (2)3 clarinets, 3 saxophones (2)Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets, Horn, 2 Bassoons (2)Choral SSTTBB a cappella (2)Flute, Bb clarinet, bassoon, harp, violin, cello (2)Choral 10 voices (2)2 flutes, Bb clarinets, Bb trumpets, trombone + bass trombone (2)Choral SSAB, Strings (2)1 Piccolo, 2 Flutes, 1 Oboe , 1 Bb Clarinet , 1 Bassoon , 3 Horns , 2 Bb Trumpets , 3 Trombones , 1 Tuba , 2 Violens , 2 Violas , 1 Cello , 1 Contrabass , 1 Timpani , 1 Perccusion (2)Choral SSATB.SATBB (2)Children choir, piano, bass, tambourine (2)Recorder SSAATB (2)Choral SAATTBB (2)4 Bb Trumpets, 3 Trombones, Tuba and Percussion (2)Flute, Bass clarinet, Bassoon, French horn, Tuba, Timpanis, Bass Drum (2)Orchestra Bagad (2)Voice Baryton and ensemble instrumental (2)Flute, Strings & Organ (2)Flutes 1,2 Oboes 1,2 Bb Clarinet 1,2 Bassoon 1,2 Horns 1,2 Trumpets 1,2 Trombones 1,2 Tuba, Timpani, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Piano, Harp, Violins 1, Violins 2, Violas Violoncellos, Contrabasses (2)choir and double saxophone quartet (2)flute, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, marimba (2)Choral SATB, Piano, Organ, English Handbells (2)2 Clarinets, Trombone, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Strings (2)4 Flutes & Strings (2)2 flutes, 2 obos, 2 violins, 1 cello, 1 doublebass (2)flutes, Oboes, French horns, string orchestra (2)Flute, Bb Clarinet, Horn in F, Cornet, Trombone, Euphonium and Percussion (2)Soli SAB, Choral SAT, piano or organ (2)Brass and Organ (2)Recorder, Fagottino, Bassoon, Contrabassoon, Violin, Cello, Percussion (2)piano, flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 french horns, timpani, 4 violins, viola, 3 celli, 3 basses. (2)Flute, Oboe, Organ , 4 mixted voices (2)Choral SATBBB a cappella (2)Set of clarinets and piano (2)2 Clarinets, Strings & Piano (2)10 Saxophones (2)viola, dobro, 2 guitars, harp, bass (2)2 oboes, 2 horns, strings and continuo (2)Choir, soloists, violins, cello, organ (2)2 Pianos and Orchestra (2)Piano, brass, woodwinds, acoustic guitar, electric bass, percussion (2)Choral SSATTB, strings, continuo (2)Voice Soprano, flute, violin, viola, cello, piano (2)brass quintet, organ and timpani (2)Jazz Band (2)Choral 8 voices SATB.SATB and Flute, Violin, Bassoon (2)Tenor soloist, Mixed chorus, Orchestra (2)3 Guitars, Saxophone, Bass, Drum (2)Choral TTB, Orchestra (2)Sopranino Recorder, Soprano Recorder, Alto Recorder, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Congas (Atabaques), Triangle, Cymbals, Maracas (Ganzas), Tambourine (Pandeiro), Guitar, Steel String Guitar (Viola Caipira), Mandolin, Piano, Accordion, Melodica, Double Bass (2)Flute, oboe, clarinet Bb, bass clarinet, 2 bassoons (2)Oboe, Bassoon & Strings (2)Choral SATB, brass quartet (2)Flute ,Bb Clarinet, Oboe, Violin, Cello, Piano (2)Soli SATB, Choral SATB, Organ (2)Big band,trumpet, flute, guitar, 5 saxophones, 2 trombones, piano,bass, drums. (2)Jazz septette (2)Snare drum, cymbals, bass drum, triangle, cowbell and congas (2) Flute, marimba, harp, piano and strings (2)2 violins, 1 violoncello, 1 doublebass,tubular bells, timbals, snare drum (2)flute, tenor sax, flugelhorn, keyboard,drums, bass (2)Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Piano, Cello, Double Bass (2)flute, piano, percussion and string orchestra (2)Flute, Guitar, String quartet (2)Voice baritone, Mixed Choir and Organ (2)Piano, Harp, Choir, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Timpani, Woods Block (2)Solist, Choir, String and Percusion (2)Brass, organ, strings and drums (2)Flute, Oboe, alto Flute, Clarinet Bb, Bassoon, contrabassoon (2)4 trumpets, 2 saxophones, piano, bass, drums (2)Tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone saxophone, piano, bass, drums. (2)Choral a cappella, Soprano and Alto soli (1)flute, viola and orchestra (1)Voice Tenor, Bassoon, Strings, Basso continuo (1)Flute, 2 horns, Violin, Viola, Violoncello (1)String orchestra, harp, bassoon (1)Flute, clarinet, horn, harp, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass (1)Clarinet, Viola and Orchestra (1)Clarinet, Piano, Harp, Violin, 2 Cellos, Contrabass (1)Flute, Bb Clarinet, 2 Violins, Cello, Piano (1)2-2-2-2 4-2-3-1 timp arp perc: 3 str (1)2 Oboes, 2 Horns, 2 Trombones, 2 Bass Trombones, Timpani, Violins 1 and 2, Violas, Cellos, Basses (1)Picc, 2Fl, 2Ob, 2Cl, 2Bsn, 2Hns, 2Tpt, 3Trb, Tb, Timp, Perc, Strings (1)Choral SSAA, Orchestra (1)Flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, string orchestra (1)Flute, Two Violins, Violas, 'Cello, Bass and Harpsichord (1)3 trumpets, 2 saxophones, cello, piano, 2 basses. (1)Voice Soprano (or Mezzo-Soprano) and Wind Quintet (1)2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 1 B-Clarinet, 1 Bassoon, 2 F-Horns, 2 B-Trumpets, 1 Trombone, 1 C-Tuba, Timpany, Glockenspiel, Harp, Violins 1, Violins 2, Violas, Violoncellos, Double Basses (1)Flute, Clarinet, Orchestra (1)Choral SSAAATTB (1)4 clarinets 4 saxophones (1)4 flutes, trumpet, vibraphone, percussion and strings (1)Snare Drum, Triangle, Bass Drum, Cymbals, Temple Blocks, Bongos, Egg Shaker, Congas, Timbales (1)Full Band (1)String Orquestra, woodwinds, harp (1)Piano, clarinet, bassoon, horn, 2 violins, viola (1)French Horn, Tuba and Strings (1)2 Flute, Oboe, 2 Vibraphones, 2 Marimbas, Celesta, Pizzicato strings, Harp, Synthethiser and Organ (1)1 Flute, 1 Oboe, 1 Horn, 1 Violin, 1 Viola, 1 Cello, 1 Cymbalum (1)Voice Mezzo-soprano, Violin, Clarinet, Trumpet, Vibraphone, Percussion (1)Violas d'Amore and Orchestra (1)4 trumpets, 4 trombones, tuba and organ (1)flute, 2 alto saxes, 2 tenor saxes, piano, organ, bass, drums, percussions (1)Choral soloists, organ, harp, congas (1)Orchestra, voice and solo cello (1)Bass Clarinet and Saxophone Quartet (1)Choral STTTBB a cappella (1)2 flutes, 2 oboes, alto sax, euphonium (1)Choral SSAT.SATB, 4 instruments (1)Winds, Strings, Guitar and Percussion (1)Trumpet, 2 Flutes, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello (1)Oboe, 2 clarinets Bb, Saxo alto.Saxo baritone, Bassoon (1)Euphonium, Harp and Strings (1)Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Marimba, Piano (1)Choral STTTTB a cappella (1)Choir SSAA, Strings quartet and Piano (1)Harp, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Choral (1)2 Trumpets, 1 Clarinet, 1 Baritone, 1 Euphonium, 2 horns, 3 Trombones, 2 Tubas (1)Soprano, Tenor, Oboe, Bassoon, Strings (1)Guitar, Flute, Cello, Choral (1)Voice Baritone, flute, bass clarinet, violin and percussion (1)choir, soprano recorder, xylophone, guitar, piano, violoncello (1)1 Piccolo, 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets in Bb, 2 Alto Saxophones in Eb, 1 Bassoon, 2 Horns in F, 2 trumpets in Bb, 2 Trombones, 1 Tuba in C, Timpani, Cymbals, Piano, First Violins, Second Violins, Violas, Violoncellos, Double Basses (1)Soprano, Tenor, Two-Part Choir, Piano (1)Choral SSAT.SSAT a cappella (1)2 alto saxphones, 2 tenor saxphones,1 bariton saxphones ,4 trumpets,3 trombones,1 bass trombone, percussions,1 guitar,1 piano,1 electric bass, drums (1)Choral 14 voices (1)Violin, String Orchestra and Harpsichord (1)Choral SSAT.SATB a cappella (1)Bassoon, Large Orchestra (1)2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 1 alto sax, 1 tenor sax, 1 basson, 1 trumpet, 1 trombone (1)2 Trumpets, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe and Bassoon (1)Choral SAATBB, Organ (1)Choral SSAB.ATTB (1)3 Trumpets & Strings (1)piccolo, flute, clarinet, 2 alto saxs, 2 tenor saxs, baryton sax, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, piano, banjo, bass, drums (1)2 guitar, clarinet, flute, double bass and violoncello (1)2 flutes, 1 clarinet, 1 bassoon, 2 horns, drums, voice, harpsichord, string quintet (1)Chinese Orchestra (1)Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Piano, 2 violins, Cello, Double bass (1), 1.1.1, timp., perc., banjo (or banjo-mandolin), harp, strings (1)5 Flutes, 5 Harps (1)2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Bb Clarinets, 2 Bassoons, 4 Horns in F, 1 Bb Trumpet, 1 Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion, Piano, Harp, Violins 1, Violins 2, Violas, Violoncellos, Basses (1)4 clarinets, 3 alto saxophones, 1 tenor saxophone (1)Choir SATB, 2 guitars (1)String Quartet, String Orchestra, and Harp (1)Handchimes & Strings (1), 1.1.1, 2perc., piano, strings (1)Choral SATB, TTB, TTB?TTB (1)5 clarinets and 4 saxophones (1)Voice, Trumpet, Percussion, Guitar, Violins, Viola, Cello, Contrabass (1)Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon and Orchestra (1)Oboe, Glockenspiel, Strings (1)Flutes, Oboe, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone & Bassoon (1)Choral AATTB a cappella (1)4 clarinets and Orchestra (1)Oboe, Guitar & Strings (1)String orchestra, Flute (1)2 oboes, 2 trumpets, timpani, 2 violins, cello, organ (1)Flute, Clarinet , 2 Trumpets, Euphonium, Tuba, Xylophone, Piano, Violin, Violoncello, Doublebass (1)Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Alto Sax, Trumpet in Bb, Horn in F, Trombone and Tuba (1)ob., cl Bb 1/2/3, trpt. Bb, flghn 1/2, cornet, horn F 1/2, tromb 1/2, bar 1/2, bass tuba,drums (1)Flutes and percussions (1)Piccolo, flute, clarinet, basoon, flugelhorn, trumpet, horn, tenor trombone, bass trombone, string sextet (1)Recorder, French Horn, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabass (1)2 oboes, 2 horns, 2 trumpets (C), timpani, 2 violins, cello, organ (1)Flute, Bb clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello, piano (1)2 oboes, 2 horns in E-flat, 2 bassoons, strings (1)Voice Soprano, Violin solo, Orchestra with Organ (1)Two voices (S/A) ands string quartet (1)Flute, A Clarinet, Vibraphone, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello & Double Bass (1)Choir SSATTBB (1)voice, banjo, guitar, bass, drums (1)Bassoon, String Orchestra, Percussion (1)flute, clarinet, trumpet, 3 violins, violoncello (1)Baritone voice, Male chorus, Piano (1)Voice Soprano, 2 oboe, 2 violins, violone, organo (1)2 Flutes, Piano, SAB (1)3 trumpets, 3 violins & violoncello (1)Flute (+piccolo), Clarinet, Accordion, French horn, Timpani (+glockenspiel), String quartet (1)Choral SA, 2 Violins, 2 corni, Basso continuo (1)String Orchestra and Timpani (1)Bagad (1)6 horn in D (1)Choir S/A/Bar. & String quartet (1)Trumpet in C 1, 2, 3, Trombone, Violin 1, 2, 3, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Alto Flute, Soprano Recorder, Oboe (1)Two Recorders and Strings (1)Voice (S), 2 Cornetts (Violins), Trombone, Basso Continuo (1)Choral SSAATTBB, Trumpet and Organ. (1)4 cellos and orchestra (1)5 trumpets, 4 trombones, 8 saxophones, clarinet, tuba, guitar, piano, bass, drums (1)Violin, Cello, String Orchestra, and Timpani (1)2 violins, 3 guitars, cello, upright bass (1) Recorder treble, bass clarinet, marimba, harp, piano and strings (1)6 violas (1)1 Flute, 1 Oboe, 1 Clarinet, 1 Bassoon, 6 French Horns, 2 Guitars, Fisrt Violins, Second Violins, Violas, Cellos and Contrabass (1)Violoncello, Strings, and Continuo (1)Tenor saxophone ,baritone saxophone,3 trombones, piano, bass and drums (1)Clarinet, flute, trumpet, 2 tenor saxophones, baritone saxophone, piano, bass, drums. (1)2 flutes, oboe, clarinet, cello or bassoon (1)Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, 2 Horns, Bassoon (1)3 clarinets, 2 violas, 2 celli, bass. (1)Trumpet septet (1)flute, 6 saxes and rythmic section (1)Big band: trumpet, french horn, 3 saxophones, 2 clarinets, piano, bass, drums. (1)Sax alto, sax baryton, flute, trompet C, violin, cello, marimba, percussion (1)String Quartet, String Orchestra, and Organ (1)2 flutes, 2 clarinets, sax alto, violin, cello, piano, guitar, percussion (1)Harpsichord, violin, viola, violoncello, contrabass, soprano/alto saxophone, 2 trombones, drums (1)Choral SSAATTBB, violin, viola, cello, cembalo. (1)1 or 2 Harps with Symphony Orchestra. (1)Choral SATTBB, Organ (1)Strings, woodwinds, percussions and harp (1)Flute, oboe, clarinet, guitar, harp, piano (1)Recorder, Flute, Strings, Continuo (1)String ensemble, flute, trumpet, xylophone (1)Bassoon, English horn, 2 violas, 2 celli, 2 basses. (1)Choir TTBB, Brass, Timpani and Percussion (1)

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