PIANOSargent, Jonathan
A Rondo in Aumentare lo Slancio Form
Sargent, Jonathan - A Rondo in Aumentare lo Slancio Form
Prime Opere No. 9
Piano seul

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Compositeur :
Jonathan Sargent
Sargent, Jonathan (1998 - )
Instrumentation :

Piano seul

Genre :


Arrangeur :
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Date :July 2, 2012
Droit d'auteur :Copyright © Jonathan Sargent, All Rights Reserved
Ajoutée par noviceindisguise, 19 Jui 2012
Don à Sargent, Jonathan

The primary PDF is the
actual piece, the other
is a document that will
help the performer
understand this piece. I
would also like to note
that this piece can be
broken up into many;
wherever there is a
solid barline is a break-

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2 commentaires

Par J sarg. , 16 Oct 2012 à 00:00

The suggestion that it can be broken into many rondos makes the piece more appealing. Before it was just tooooooooooooo long . . . I like the very first section and the last the best.
Par noviceindisguise , 28 Jui 2012 à 00:00

I created Aumentare lo Slancio rondo form, and am the first to compose in it, not traditional rondo form! As to length, to some extent I agree. The parts could be a little (or a lot! :-) shorter, and a little more interesting. It was my first try though, and I trust I will improve over time.
Trusting in Jesus Christ,
The Disguised Novice
Par samlab , 27 Jui 2012 à 00:00

This is a very good piece for someone your age who obviously hasn't been composing for years. You are surely better than I was when I started almost seven years ago. However, this piece lacks many little things. First of all, you are far from being the first to write in rondo form. Many classical composers wrote pieces in rondo form, and songs are basically the same. A rondo is like chorus, verse, chorus, lyrics, etc. Writing a rondo in aumentare io slancio form is much harder than writing a traditional rondo, for it really has to keep the ear attentive without becoming boring. I think it's what your rondo lacks the most. It becomes much too redundant. I think that around 100 bars would have been enough. Now you offer us almost 600! Quality prevails over quantity young man, and concision is sometimes the thing to do in order to keep our fans! Nowadays people like shorter songs in general.
That being said, good continuance! Come hear and see my music if you want!

Sam Labrecque
Par noviceindisguise , 19 Jui 2012 à 00:00

This is a rondo form I think I am the first to create and compose in. (From the composer of "A Rondo in Aumentare lo Slancio Form")
Informations par Jonathan Sargent
Migration to SoundCloud

Ecrit le 2014-06-15 par Jonathan Sargent
I have been slowly moving into less notation based composition for a while, and I have gotten to the point where I am primarily uploading to my SoundCloud channel. Arrangements may become available here on Free-Scores, but most likely not. My website (now under development) will probably host most of them directly. Many sheets will still be free, I just feel I need to consolidate things and make it more accessible.

NoviceInDisguise Music
Destiny - The Legend - Hermit's Hovel Completed!
Destiny - The Legend - Hermit's Hovel Completed!
Ecrit le 2013-11-14 par Jonathan Sargent
I have now completed the second movement in the third piece
in my orchestral suite Destiny. It is composed in a similar
style, but has some interesting effects and slight differences,
which make it unique.

Soli Gloria Deo

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