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Sargent, Jonathan: Destiny - The Journey - Mov. 3, The Amazon
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Sargent, Jonathan - Destiny - The Journey - Mov. 3, The Amazon
Opus 4.1, No. 3

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Jonathan Sargent
Sargent, Jonathan (1998 - )
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Editeur :Sargent, Jonathan
Date :June 15-18, 2013
Droit d'auteur :Copyright © Jonathan Sargent, All Rights Reserved
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Migration to SoundCloud

Ecrit le 2014-06-15 par
I have been slowly moving into less notation based composition for a while, and I have gotten to the point where I am primarily uploading to my SoundCloud channel. Arrangements may become available here on Free-Scores, but most likely not. My website (now under development) will probably host most of them directly. Many sheets will still be free, I just feel I need to consolidate things and make it more accessible.

NoviceInDisguise Music

Destiny - The Legend - Hermit's Hovel Completed!
Destiny - The Legend - Hermit's Hovel Completed!
Ecrit le 2013-11-14 par
I have now completed the second movement in the third piece
in my orchestral suite Destiny. It is composed in a similar
style, but has some interesting effects and slight differences,
which make it unique.

Soli Gloria Deo

Visit my new website!

Destiny - The Legend
Destiny - The Legend
Ecrit le 2013-11-06 par
This is to announce that i have begun my third piece in my
orchestral suit Destiny. It is composed slightly differently
the past two pieces, with more instrumental diversity and
showcasing the various instrument families. As with the
pieces before this, I am planning on four or five movements

Dedicated to Harry Gregson-Williams and Hans Zimmer,
tremendously talented composers who are a constant

Soli Gloria Deo

Destiny - The Expedition
Destiny - The Expedition
Ecrit le 2013-06-28 par
I have begun the second piece in my orchestral suite
named Destiny. This promises to be even better than The
Journey, and I am very excited about some of the themes.
Like The Journey, this piece is being composed for a
slightly un-conventional symphonic orchestra. I am
planning on taking a little while on this piece, and am hoping
to make at least three movements.

Dedicated to Tchaikovsky and Hans Zimmer.

Sol Gloria Deo

Destiny - The Journey
Destiny - The Journey
Ecrit le 2013-06-13 par
I have completed the first work in my orchestral suite
Destiny, named The Journey. It is written for a large symphonic
orchestra. These are some of my most intense orchestrations
to date. Enjoy!

Dedicated to Hans Zimmer, an amazing composer.

Solely to the glory of God!

American Rhapsodies (Op. 3)
American Rhapsodies (Op. 3)
Ecrit le 2013-02-25 par
I have launched another VERY ambitious project. I am hoping
to write a Rhapsody for each state, based on the state songs,
or if the state does not have any state songs, it will be either an
entirely original work or will be partially derived from folk songs
that capture the cultural and natural feel of the state. I am
hoping to have this project done in 2-3 years.

The History Of Mankind (A Suite Of Ten Piano Concertos)
The History Of Mankind (A Suite Of Ten Piano Concertos)
Ecrit le 2013-01-24 par
This is to announce the beginning of my latest, and most
ambitious project. It is a suite of ten piano concertos, entitled
"The History Of Mankind." The individual completed works can
be viewed under my collection Orchestral / "The History Of
I will compose these works alongside any other pieces or
projects, so they will necessarily take a long time to complete;
still, I am hoping two months will be long enough for each.

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