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Jazz Experiments
Sargent, Jonathan - Jazz Experiments
Experimental Works - Jazz
Saxophone tenor et Orchestre

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Springtide - Jazz Ensemble
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Jonathan Sargent
Sargent, Jonathan (1998 - )
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Saxophone tenor et Orchestre

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Ajoutée par noviceindisguise, 30 Janv 2014
Don à Sargent, Jonathan

I have recently been exploring jazz a little bit more in depth, and have been trying to use a few of the techniques in my own music by making arrangements of my piano solos, etc. and even making my orchestrations and ensembles have a little bit less of a formal feel. I am still working on fully utilizing the things I am finding and learning, so I plan on adding more "Experiments" here in future.

These 'Experiments' are more musical textures and sketches than musical compositions, per say, and are most very short (30-50 sec.)

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1 commentaire

Par samlab, 03 Fév 2014 à 04:54

Well, I don't think we have the same definition of the word "jazz" ;) But I really enjoyed it and I would like to be able to tell you whether you wrote well for the Koto, the Guzheng and the Sitar, but I have to learn how to write for them first! And your piece made me want to study those instruments! Congrats!
noviceindisguise Propriétaire, 03 Fév 2014 à 12:18
They are not necessarily 100% Jazz (obviously ;-), but at least have jazz influences. These are more experiments on how I can apply Jazz concepts to my own stylistic preferences. As for notating the Asian instruments, I am still forging new territory, and am learning techniques. I probably didn't do a very good job, but practice and progress are what I need . . .
Informations par Jonathan Sargent
Migration to SoundCloud

Ecrit le 2014-06-15 par Jonathan Sargent
I have been slowly moving into less notation based composition for a while, and I have gotten to the point where I am primarily uploading to my SoundCloud channel. Arrangements may become available here on Free-Scores, but most likely not. My website (now under development) will probably host most of them directly. Many sheets will still be free, I just feel I need to consolidate things and make it more accessible.

NoviceInDisguise Music
Destiny - The Legend - Hermit's Hovel Completed!
Destiny - The Legend - Hermit's Hovel Completed!
Ecrit le 2013-11-14 par Jonathan Sargent
I have now completed the second movement in the third piece
in my orchestral suite Destiny. It is composed in a similar
style, but has some interesting effects and slight differences,
which make it unique.

Soli Gloria Deo

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