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Mel Bay's Complete Jazz Flute Book

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by William Bay. For flute. Complete. Jazz. Level: Intermediate. Book. Method. Size 8.75x11.75. 144 pages. Published by Mel Bay Pub., Inc.

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Mel Bay

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ISBN 9780786602810. A comprehensive text teaching elements of jazz phrasing, articulation, vibrato, harmony, and technical studies leading to improvisation. For the flute student beginning the serious study of jazz and contemporary styles, this book will help in many ways. Phrasing and interpretation of rhythms are studied through exercises and original more...pieces. Scale and arpeggio studies will help the student learn both the music theory and technical skills needed to improvise.

Size 8.75x11.75.

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Jazz Flute Studies

Basic Rhythmic Concepts for Jazz and Contemporary Phrasing

Coral Riff

Easin' On

Jazz Study

Easy Feelin'

Mixed Bag



'Tis Diz

Flyin' High

Blues Riff

Keep 'Em Short

Easy Groovin'


Starlight Sounds

Freddie's Jump

Big Band Bash

Jersey Stomp

Soft Winds

Happy Swing



Revival Blues

To Carlos

Latin Holiday

Easy Blowin'

Whose Blues

Special Effects/The Standardization of Stage Band Articulations

Heavy Accent

Standard Staccato

Standard Legato

The Shake

The Flip

The Smear

The Doit

Gliss Studies



The Plop

Indefinite or Muffled Sound

Be-Bop Phrasing


Riff For Clifford


Be-Bop Blue

Theme For Bird

The Messenger


Cool Affair

Rock and Soul Phrasing

Soul Riff

Soul Groove

Detroit Dance

Choctaw Bridge


Midnight Ride

Hard Driver

Blues Riff

Soul Prelude

Motown Groove

Basically Soul


Latin Rock

West Side Slide

Blues Boogie

Blues Bop

Jazz Techniques

Technical Studies



Chord and Scale Studies

Scale Building

Chord Building Chart

Order of Keys for Practicing

Dominant 7th Chord

Blowin' Dominant 7th Through the Keys

Minor 7th Chord

Blowin' Minor 7th Through the Keys

7 flat 5 Chord and Its Resolution

Blowin' 7 flat 5 Through the Keys

Minor 7 flat 5 Through Its Resolution

Blowin' Mi 7 flat 5 Through the Keys

Augmented 7th and Its Resolution

Blowin' 7 5 Through the Keys

Diminished 7th Chord and Its Resolution

Diminished Scale


Vibrato Studies

Lush Sounds

Flute Improvising

Scale Building

Constructing Major Scales

Major Chords

Melodic Development on Major Chords

Chord Building Chart

Write, Sing, and Play Chords

Scale Relationships

Beginning Progressions

Dominant 7th Chord

Blues Scale

Melodic Ideas - Blues Scale

V7 to I Using Blues Scale

Expanding Our Basic V7-I Progression (II7-->V7-->I)



Minor Chords

Melodic Development on Melodic Minor

Dorian Mode

Melodic Development on Dorian Mode

Pure or Natural Minor (Aeolian Mode)

Major to Pure Minor

Scale/Chord Study

Dorian to Blues

Dominant 7th Scale (Mixolydian Mode)

Melodic Studies on Dominant 7th

Vmi7 to I7

Play Your Own Vm7 to I7

Diminished 7th Chord



Jazz Scales - Phrygian Mode

Dorian Studies

Aeolian Studies

Ascending Melodic Studies

Harmonic Minor Studies

Phrygian Studies

Blues Scales Studies

Locrian Studies

Dimished #1 Studies

Direct Substitution

Improvisation Studies




Whole Tone Scale

Diminished Scale #2

Turn Arounds and Endings


More Blues

Alternate Blues Changes

Minor Blues

Expanding Improvisational Ideas

Harmonizing Major Scales

Melodic Development on Harmonized Major Scale

Dorian Scale Harmonized

Aeolian or Pure Minor Harmonized

Ascending Melodic Minor Harmonized

Harmonic Minor Scale Harmonized

Phrygian Mode Harmonized

Half Diminished (Locrian) Harmonized

Mixolydian Scale Harmonized

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