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Tiny Tutors: Howling Harmonica: Harmonica: Instrument Pack

Format : Sheet music + Instrument
Langue : English

Small is beautiful! Your Tiny Tutor box contains a genuine fun-sized instrument plus instructions on how to play it. Unlike the Tuba or Bassoon you'll never have any trouble getting on the bus with it and at home thewhole thing takes up no more space that a book!The contents include:HarmonicaFull colour illustrated How-To-Play bookCleaning clothNote locator chart shows you which holes to draw (blow over)to hit the desired notesThis Tiny Tutor instrument pack is perfect for kids - a great novelty gift and stocking filler!

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Amsco Wise Publications

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Tiny Tutors: Howling Harmonica: Harmonica: Instrument Pack
5.99 GBP - Ships from England
LMI-Partitions (french language only) : 3-5 days
Tiny Tutors Howling Harmonica Book
6.86 EUR - Ships from France
Woodbrass : On order
Howling Harmonica! - Harmonica
7.80 EUR - Ships from France

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