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(84)4 Tubas (78)Banjo (75)Harp, Flute (duet) (73)Percussion Ensemble (72)Flute, Clarinet, Piano (trio) (71)Cello, Guitar (duet) (68)2 Cellos (duet) (68)Piano Quintet: piano, 2 violins, viola, cello (67)Low voice, Piano (65)Flexible Instrumentation (64)Guitar Ensemble (63)Oboe, Bassoon (duet) (62)High voice, Piano (62)Recorder Quartet (61)Melody line, Lyrics and Chords (60)Flute, Bassoon (duet) (60)Vibraphone (58)Tenor voice, Piano (57)Musical course - Solfege (57)2 Saxophones (duet) (55)Soprano Saxophone (55)Chamber Orchestra (53)Brass quartet : Horn, Trombone, Tuba, B-Flat Trumpet (53)Trumpet, Tuba (duet) (52)Snare drums (52)Trumpet, Orchestra (52)Pennywhistle (52)Viola, Cello (duet) (52)Vocal duet (51)Clarinet Quintet: 5 clarinets (50)Piano Trio: Violin, Viola, Piano (49)Viola, Guitar (duet) (49)Harmonica (48)Trumpet, Trombone (duet) (47)3 Saxophones (trio) (47)Organ, Piano (duet) (45)Voice, Guitar (45)Brass Quartet: 4 horns (45)Piano and Orchestra (43)Clarinet, Bassoon (duet) (41)3 Guitars (trio) (39)Big band (39)4 Cellos (38)Flute, Oboe, Clarinet (trio) (37)Harp and Piano (37)Bugle and Piano (36)String Trio: 3 cellos (36)Flute Trio: 3 flutes (36)2 Violas (duet) (35)Saxophone ensemble (35)Double bass, Piano (duet) (34)Trombone, Tuba (duet) (32)String Trio: 3 violins (32)Flute, Violoncello (31)Orchestra, Violin (29)Saxophone Quintet: 5 Saxophones (29)Saxophone, Clarinet (duet) (29)Flute, Violin, Piano (29)Cello, Organ (29)Keyboard (29)Vibraphone, Piano (28)Tuba and Piano (28)Harp, Voice (27)Clarinet, Harp (duet) (27)Descant (Soprano) Recorder (26)3 Trumpets (trio) (26)Cello Ensemble (25)Recorder, Piano (23)All Instruments (23)Oboe, Clarinet (duet) (23)Baritone voice, Piano (23)Woodwind Trio: any 3 woodwinds (22)String Trio: 2 violins, cello (21)String quartet: 4 violins (21)English Horn (20)Medium voice, Piano (20)Flute, Violin (20)English horn, Piano (20)Flute, Oboe, Bassoon (19)Brass Quintet: other combinaisons (18)Accordion, Voice (17)Flute, Violin and Violoncello (17)2 Harps (duet) (17)Flute, Organ (duet) (16)Flute, Oboe (duet) (16)Brass Quartet: 4 trumpets (16)Trumpet ensemble (16)Symphonic Band (16)Cornet (15)Cello and Marimba (15)Choral Unison (13)Choral SSAA (12)3 Trombones (trio) (12)Organ, Voice (10)3 French horns (trio) (9)Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon (trio) (8)2 Harmonicas (8)3 Bassoons (8)Flute, Cello, Piano (trio) (7)2 Violins, Piano (5)2 Trombones (duet) (4)Clarinet, Orchestra (3)2 French horns (duet) (3)Baritone voice (3)Piano, Guitar (duet) (3)Wind ensemble (3)3 Euphoniums (2)Band Scores (2)Accordion - Piano, Voice, Guitar chords (2)Plectrum Orchestra (2)4 Percussions (2)Fake Book (2)Medium Voice (1)Percussion, Piano (duet) (1)Mandolin, Piano (duet) (1)Musical Awakening (1)Concert band, Choral (1)Piano Trio: mixed chamber instrumentation (1)2 Bassoons (duet) (1)2 Violas, Piano (1)Clarinet Quintet: Clarinet, String Quartet (1)Trumpet, Trombone, Piano (1)

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Folksong Medley

By Stephen Foster and Daniel Emmett. Arranged by Peter Rauch. For Tuba Quartet (EETT). Qua…(+)
$18.00 14.72 € #Tuba #Stephen Foster and Daniel Emmett #Folksong Medley #SheetMusicPlus

March from Military Suite in F

By Gustav Holst (1874-1934). Arranged by David Werden. For tuba quartet (EETT). Quartet mu…(+)
$18.00 14.72 € #Tuba #Gustav Holst #March from Military Suite in F #SheetMusicPlus


By Jean Sibelius (1865-1957). Arranged by Larry Zaidan. For tuba quartet (EETT). Quartet m…(+)
$17.00 13.91 € #Tuba #Jean Sibelius #Finlandia #SheetMusicPlus

Tuba Duets for Teacher and Student

Composed by Kenneth D. Friedrich. Contemporary Classical, Etudes and Exercises. Score. 23 …(+)
$14.50 11.86 € #Tuba #Kenneth D #Tuba Duets for Teacher and Student #SheetMusicPlus

The Lord's Prayer - for tuba and piano

Composed by Albert Hay Malotte. Arranged by Christopher Schwinger. Christian, Sacred. Scor…(+)
$6.00 4.91 € #Tuba #Albert Hay Malotte #The Lord's Prayer - for tuba and piano #SheetMusicPlus

Pilgrim's Chorus

By Richard Wagner (1813-1883). Arranged by Ron Geese. For Tuba Quartet (EETT). Quartet mus…(+)
$17.00 13.91 € #Tuba #Richard Wagner #Pilgrim's Chorus #SheetMusicPlus

15 Tuba Etudes

By Vaclav Nelhybel (1920-1996). For Tuba. Studies. Etudes/Exercises. Published by Cimarron…(+)
$15.00 12.27 € #Tuba #Vaclav Nelhybel #15 Tuba Etudes #SheetMusicPlus

Canzona per Sonare No. 4

By Giovanni Gabrieli (1553-1612). Arranged by Allyn Lindsey. For tuba quartet (EETT). Quar…(+)
$17.00 13.91 € #Tuba #Giovanni Gabrieli #Canzona per Sonare No. 4 #SheetMusicPlus

On Sabbath Day

By Traditional. Arranged by Robert Wilkinson. For tuba quartet (EETT). Quartet music. Scor…(+)
$17.00 13.91 € #Tuba #Traditional #On Sabbath Day #SheetMusicPlus

In the Hall of the Mountain King

By Edvard Grieg (1843-1907). Arranged by David Werden. For tuba quartet (EETT). Quartet mu…(+)
$16.00 13.09 € #Tuba #Edvard Grieg #In the Hall of the Mountain King #SheetMusicPlus

Fantasy Movements

By Anthony Plog. For Tuba Quartet (EETT). Quartet music. Score and parts. Published by Cim…(+)
$30.00 24.54 € #Tuba #Anthony Plog #Fantasy Movements #SheetMusicPlus

The Crown Of Castile - Tuba

By Johnnie Vinson. Concert. Concert Band. 1 pages. Duration 2:30. Published by Hal Leonard…(+)
$4.99 4.08 € #Tuba #Johnnie Vinson #The Crown Of Castile - Tuba #SheetMusicPlus

We Built This City - Tuba

By Starship. By Peter Wolf, Martin Page, Bernie Taupin, and Dennis Lambert. Arranged by Ti…(+)
$2.99 2.45 € #Tuba #Starship #Rock #We Built This City - Tuba #SheetMusicPlus

Livin' On A Prayer - Tuba

By Bon Jovi. Arranged by Paul Murtha. Pop, Rock. Individual instrument part. 1 pages. Publ…(+)
$2.99 2.45 € #Tuba #Bon Jovi #Livin' On A Prayer - Tuba #SheetMusicPlus

Jump, Jive An' Wail - Pt.5 - Tuba

By Louis Prima and The Brian Setzer Orchestra. By Louis Prima. Arranged by Johnnie Vinson.…(+)
$2.99 2.45 € #Tuba #Louis Prima and The Brian Setzer Orchestra #Jump, Jive An' Wail - Pt.5 - Tuba #SheetMusicPlus

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