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Happy Mother's Day To You

Composed by Hugh Goodrdge. Mother's Day, Pop. 4 pages. Published by Goodridge & Huvon Musi…(+)
$3.99 3.31 € #Hugh Goodrdge #Happy Mother's Day To You #SheetMusicPlus

Lift Every Voice And Sing

Composed by John Rosamond Johnson. Arranged by Hugh Goodridge. Christian. Piano Reduction.…(+)
$3.99 3.31 € #John Rosamond Johnson #Lift Every Voice And Sing #SheetMusicPlus

The Church is in us

Composed by hugh goodridge . 21st Century, Spiritual. 1 pages. Published by Goodridge & H…(+)
$3.00 2.49 € #hugh goodridge #The Church is in us #SheetMusicPlus

In The Name Of Love / Floyd-Lula

Piano solo
Composed by Gary Lynn Floyd , Jami Lula. 2 pages. Published by Funny Things Happen Music /…(+)
$4.99 4.14 € #Piano solo #Gary Lynn Floyd , Jami Lula #In The Name Of Love / Floyd-Lula #SheetMusicPlus

Onward Christian Soldiers

Composed by hugh Goodridge text by Sabine Baring-Gould. 20th Century, Christian, Spiritua…(+)
$3.00 2.49 € #hugh Goodridge text by Sabine Baring-Gould #Onward Christian Soldiers #SheetMusicPlus

O Canada

Piano solo
Composed by Calixa Lavallee (1842-1891). Arranged by hugh goodrdge. Piano Reduction. 3 pag…(+)
$3.99 3.31 € #Piano solo #Calixa Lavallee #O Canada #SheetMusicPlus

Dat Herod

Choral SATB
Composed by hugh goodridge. Christmas. Octavo. 6 pages. Published by Goodridge & Huvon Mus…(+)
$3.00 2.49 € #Choral SATB #hugh goodridge #Dat Herod #SheetMusicPlus

The Ash Grove

2 Pianos, 4 hands
Composed by hugh goodridge. Romantic Period, Repertoire. Piano Reduction. 4 pages. Publish…(+)
$4.00 3.32 € #2 Pianos, 4 hands #hugh goodridge #The Ash Grove #SheetMusicPlus

Th Star Spangled Banner

Piano solo
Composed by John Stafford Smith. Arranged by Hugh Goodridge. Patriotic. Piano Reduction. 3…(+)
$3.99 3.31 € #Piano solo #John Stafford Smith #Th Star Spangled Banner #SheetMusicPlus

Lord, Jesus Be Our Holy Guest

Piano, Voice
Composed by hugh goodridge. Christian, World, Children's Music. Solo Part. 2 pages. Publis…(+)
$2.50 2.07 € #Piano, Voice #hugh goodridge #Lord, Jesus Be Our Holy Guest #SheetMusicPlus

My heritage is one of greatness

Composed by hugh goodridge. Jazz, African, Children's Music. Piano Reduction. 6 pages. Pub…(+)
$4.00 3.32 € #hugh goodridge #My heritage is one of greatness #SheetMusicPlus

Come, Lord Jesus Be Our Guest

Composed by Hugh Goodridge. Contemporary Christian, World, Children's Music. Solo Part. 1 …(+)
$2.50 2.07 € #Hugh Goodridge #Come, Lord Jesus Be Our Guest #SheetMusicPlus

Caribbean Marketplace

Piano solo
Composed by hugh goodridge. Afro-Cuban. Piano Reduction. 3 pages. Published by Goodridge &…(+)
$4.00 3.32 € #Piano solo #hugh goodridge #Caribbean Marketplace #SheetMusicPlus

We Thank Thee Lord

Composed by Hugh Goodridge. Sacred, Children's Music. Piano Reduction. 2 pages. Published …(+)
$2.00 1.66 € #Hugh Goodridge #We Thank Thee Lord #SheetMusicPlus

Hark! I Hear the Harps Eternal / Hark, I Hear the Harps Resounding

Choral SATB
Composed by Craig Carnahan. Luther College Series. All Saints/All Souls, 21st Century, H…(+)
$1.85 1.53 € #Choral SATB #Craig Carnahan #Hark! I Hear the Harps Eternal / Hark, I Hear the Harps Resounding #SheetMusicPlus

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