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Spirituals We Love

Piano solo
(Your Favorite Composers Share a Few of Their Favorites). By Larry Shackley / Lloyd Larson…(+)
$18.00 14.81 € #Piano solo #Larry Shackley / Lloyd Larson / Mark Hayes / Mary McDonald / Pepper Choplin / Ruth Elaine Schram #Spirituals We Love #SheetMusicPlus

Three Christmas Spirituals

Arranged by Susan Kochanek. For Three-part mixed choir, Optional a cappella. Educational O…(+)
$1.95 1.6 € #Three Christmas Spirituals #SheetMusicPlus

Orffestrations for Spirituals

Arranged by Linda Forrest. For Unison/Two-part choir, Optional Orff Instrument. General Mu…(+)
$15.00 12.34 € #Orffestrations for Spirituals #SheetMusicPlus

Three Christmas Spirituals

Arranged by Susan Kochanek. For TTB/TBB choir. Educational Octavo. Christmas, Spiritual. P…(+)
$1.95 1.6 € #Choral #Three Christmas Spirituals #SheetMusicPlus

Three Spirituals for Changing Voices

Arranged by Robert W Thygerson. For SAB choir, SATB choir. Educational Octavo. Voices Unli…(+)
$1.95 1.6 € #Choral #Three Spirituals for Changing Voices #SheetMusicPlus

Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Piano solo
(Distinctive Settings for the Church Pianist). By Lloyd Larson. For Piano. Sacred Piano. H…(+)
$15.00 12.34 € #Piano solo #Lloyd Larson #Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs #SheetMusicPlus

Spiritual Jubilee

By Linda Spevacek. For Three-part mixed choir, Piano. Educational Octavo. Concert, Multicu…(+)
$1.95 1.6 € #Choral #Linda Spevacek #Spiritual Jubilee #SheetMusicPlus

Spiritual Partner Songs

Arranged by Frederick Beckman. For Two-part choir, Optional C Instrument. Educational Octa…(+)
$1.95 1.6 € #Choral #Spiritual Partner Songs #SheetMusicPlus

Simply Spirituals

(Six Easy Unison or Two-part Spirituals with Reproducible Song Sheets). Arranged by Ruth E…(+)
$24.95 20.52 € #Choral #Simply Spirituals #SheetMusicPlus

Spirituals For 4-Hand Piano

1 Piano, 4 hands
Arranged by Lloyd Larson. Piano Collection. General, Spiritual, Blues-Gospel-Spirituals.…(+)
$18.95 15.59 € #1 Piano, 4 hands #Spirituals For 4-Hand Piano #SheetMusicPlus

Favorite Spirituals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for SATB

Composed by Traditional Spirituals. Arranged by Bud Caputo. Modern, Spiritual, Praise & Wo…(+)
$2.25 1.85 € #Traditional Spirituals #Favorite Spirituals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for SATB #SheetMusicPlus

Ten Traditional Spirituals for 8-note Bells and Boomwhackers« (with Black and White Notes)

Composed by Traditional Spiritual. Arranged by Sharon Wilson. Spiritual, Classroom, Folk, …(+)
$19.99 16.44 € #Traditional Spiritual #Ten Traditional Spirituals for 8-note Bells and Boomwhackers« #SheetMusicPlus

Piano Spirituals: Every Time I Feel the Spirit / All Night, All Day

Piano solo
Composed by Traditional Spiritual. Arranged by John A. Dempsey. Spiritual, Sacred, Jazz, B…(+)
$4.99 4.1 € #Piano solo #Traditional Spiritual #Piano Spirituals: Every Time I Feel the Spirit / All Night, All Day #SheetMusicPlus

Five Spirituals for Holy Week

Composed by Evelyn R. Larter, ASCAP. Christian, Spiritual, Easter, Lent. Score. 39 pages. …(+)
$8.99 7.39 € #Evelyn R #Five Spirituals for Holy Week #SheetMusicPlus

9 Spirituals, Trios For Flute

2 Flutes (duet)
Composed by Traditional. Arranged by Curd. Spiritual, Jazz, Blues, Swing, Folk. Score. 10 …(+)
$4.00 3.29 € #2 Flutes (duet) #Traditional #9 Spirituals, Trios For Flute #SheetMusicPlus

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