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Altan, M. Torumtay: The Flow of Compassion for String Quartet
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Altan, M. Torumtay - The Flow of Compassion for String Quartet
Quatuor à cordes

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M. Torumtay Altan
Altan, M. Torumtay (1974 - )
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Quatuor à cordes

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Date :2016
Droit d'auteur :Copyright © Mehmet Torumtay Altan
Ajoutée par torumtay, 23 Avr 2016

This composition is the reflection of the compassion in every heart, and it is the voice of the yearning for a peaceful world on which people, animals and nature live in harmony. As I was inspired by the dynamics of the nature such as the gentle power of the winds and rains that shape the mountains and the magnificence of the waves, it is not the usual Adagio.

I would like to thank you for showing interest and your valuable support.

I have added 2 new versions, you can see them at the bottom of the page (interpretation section). I hope you will like them too.

The fist one is for "String Orchestra" (Scores are available at "additional pdf" section)

The secons is for "Symphony Orchestra and Choir"

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19 commentaires

Par cdavis64davis, 24 Janv 2020 à 18:02

torumtay Propriétaire, 29 Janv 2020 à 19:23
Thank you so much for your valuable comment
Par bernwood, 28 Jui 2019 à 22:03

Can i use this for a movie? where can i buy the copyrights for digital use?
torumtay Propriétaire, 12 Aoû 2019 à 21:41
Thank you for your interest. But sorry for your request. This piece is just for Orchestral performance not for movie etc.
Some copyrights is with Universal Music.
Par davisj0826, 02 Jun 2019 à 06:40

Beautiful piece Torumtay. I play double bass in a string ensemble and hope that there is interest in playing the string orchestra version. Over the summer we will try it as a string quartet. Thank you for this creation.
torumtay Propriétaire, 02 Jun 2019 à 13:10
Thank you very much for your interest in my music. I would be very happy. Will you please send me a recording of the performance. Greetings.
Par howra , 30 Janv 2018 à 16:33

Thanks for sharing
torumtay Propriétaire, 31 Janv 2018 à 21:28
Thank you.
Par ortizveleza2, 19 Jui 2017 à 03:08

Very beautiful and deep. I'm a new composer and I'm trying to find a software that can help me generate the music for my compositions. I'm not very good at English; sorry. May you tell me what software do you use for your music? I'll really appreciate if you can tell me.
torumtay Propriétaire, 19 Jui 2017 à 12:40
Thank you very much for the comment and I am glad to you like it.

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