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fc4brary bricklayer's hornpipe bricklayer's hornpipe, bright rosy morning brown's " brunswick brunswick waltz. buonaparte crossing the rhine buonaparte's march over the rhine. buy a broom, by crotchets in quick b y elias howe, by elias howe, bzoot^ti bzq5 c0rnh1ll, boston. caledonian march caledonian march. canto fermo, plain song. cdefgabc central librae^ copley^sauare cfrpzzprf chaasa across partners, chain, all promenade, charley over the water charley over the water. chassa across partners, chief chief. choir. chords and discords. chords, or discords. chorus chorus jigg -(c)=*='^^hzgzgzgjtitez^: cinderella cinderella sett, cinderella sett. cinderella waltz. clarionett, clef thus clef, thus, close c major *>cn. scott's march college hornpipe. " columbia complete con spuilo, with spirit. constitution hornpipe constitution hornpipe. containing over (continued,) (continued.) contradicted by the natural con, with. copenhagen waltz copenhagen waltz,' cornhill, cornhill. count 12 crotchets count 12 quavers count 6 crotchets count 6 quavers counting couple couple chassa couples the same couples the same. couple swing quite round; chassa court street. cracovienne cracovienne quickstep. crossing the delaware cvvxtry. _czr day in the morning. del segno, from the sign. democratic " democratic hornpipe. denotes, that each department devil and shake yourself devil's devil's dream. divided into two sorts; dlle of kent's march. donald's reel double double sharp. douglass' favorite douglass favorite, wjoiintain hornpipe. down down and back; down with dream duke of kent's march durang's hornpipe durang's hornpipe, dzis: ~e55biw3 each sound may be e, and. e-bjl'ifc edt. 3 ee nun is efjg r~r ^egegi^^siai eiampu'v eighths* ejose by the clef, thus, e.kpt elsler's emit e-p^gzg^zg: j2_ eps^ equal equal to equivalent. etr* example. example* explanation. expressivo, with expression. fanny elsler's spanish fcazz^zza- :rp--pi fcm&"-tlktees^ ~ft"*issf fulness of tone. furia, with boldness. fzac g5*3=peg; gen, scott's march, gentleman balance with german waltz german waltz. gffljs^ls^ (gft g[- ftj=g+4h j given by glow. good for the tongue good for the tongue. go to the devil and shake yourself. gov, king's march, gov. king's march grand march grand, solemn, melancholy. gratify the ear, are called grazioso, graceful guilderoy guilderoy. hail hail columbia. half, half stopped. halves. hand. hand must harrison's grand harrison's grand march. henb tolmai hero's ttuicrstep. hfc: # hfe hill's victory. hob or knob, hole, holes ob the instrument. home how e's howe's school ?hrvft *hti hull's victory hungarian waltz hungarian waltz. hymn i5s=3prt iczs: iesfafel iessasgg* ;i?ez^|^efc ii?fls=s ike^ofd;.^ ikjuuvg. -ilc ilsffpeg; imperfect chords. imzt independent sett. index of cotillions. index of marches, quick-steps, waltzes, instructions instrumental musician, ^ipepg -- ipzgr i^sjh isle of sky. islfzjez: isthiiits. umbrellas, parasols, isz y^~i--, i|tzc r~* iuui, ncai ., iza: jfgrjgbggfeg rzcz xab=3p j(fq;or .mode. jig. jih^fq * csv jim along josy. jiter/ jlfode.t ~*#jrng :jsb z^sdfcffi j=s= sei jtfa/or jtfode. .j^t^-fet jwa/or jtfbde. jwbde. jxzil__i jzlp~ katy's rambles, .key key. key 0/ c#, key 0/ d, jwwior key 0/ f, key o/dtf, .minor key of key o/f#, key of b\), minor mode a key of c. key of c#, minor mode a key ofe, major mode. key of g. minor key of g mlm or. kidder, no. king and countryman. king op prussia's march. knob ladies ladies forward lady's triumph. lafayette's march. lageoijim^ land of sweet erin, largo, somewhat quicker than grave. left left, left. left across, left four. legato, written thus, zzjc less atflccato,_m^ lessons of intervals. less pleasing, are called lfe=l*s^ libitum, at pleasure. like the li^sgp^g liverpool hornpipe. louisville march. lucy long madame blanche madame blanche sett. major mode. m anfrm bi manufacturer and dealer march marseilles hvmn. massai's favorite. mcdonald'^ reel means melody melody. men, middle, mean. % minims, minor, ./minor jv/ode.t minor mode. miss brown's reel. miss luc long. miss mcleod's keel, modern music. money musk money musk. morella's lesson, more quick. motio, much. movements. mple, mtzfi music. musical instructions. musical instruments: musician's companion, music should be must be paid natural notes. new century hornpipe new century hornpipe. new music from nine crotchets nir^t nominal length. norma. nos. not. notes, not fondly thine not fondly thine own. 'n^r~^-^tz :i-f"h--irrr nzra: o/^b, major mode. o/^b, major mode a octaves octaves, of 6-4 or 6-8, the style of which off, bal. off, right of playing " of prussia's march of the next. old dan tucker. open (opposite the old museum;) (or ado.) signifies the slowest time. order of the intervals. or fundamental tone, or repeat or the or the campbells are coming. or written thu9,~"j other couples tram*. p5^eefc^e=ffi -- partner, back, swing 6, right and parts patfz pendulum of a ^p^g nur~ pia. piano, or pia , soft. "pibeoi's pieces of music. pikces of music. pinched. pla. place; right and left 4; plaintive, but lively. pocket. poco, little, somewhat. polly hopkins waltz, pomposo, grand, dignified portions of time. ppbar^--r __ ppfp 25 t -hss^ p-p-jtwr ppsgbiee^ prcazprpj-- p--a: preparing;) and the prestissimo, very quick. presto, quick. price pr"*-^n~pr? *'-'i ~ cszj fmr produce what promenade promenade. promenade, gentlemen the same published and published and' for sale by henry tolman, publisher publisher of the -pztsi_rizlp r& -s- qgt^ :*=q=q: feac qualities of the different keys. quality; quarters* quick march in cymon. quickstep rand march in norma rara?: i3 :rb^sf:sei:f republican republican sett. rfts :rf^z^zr 3snr rgz=jzg-r rickett's hornpipe. :rie?_ right rippienno, full. r^jq^ftgg=g=gjgzfe: 32: .rjz^ r^lmt r^mse rory o. more rory o'more. rose of allandale round, right and -?- ^r-^pft r^i r..^raps _ rrr fir _ 't\~_'n "c r -tcctcr rhn =rtirfe6 rtkt^ei ~|--r~ -- rtmi~ rule holds, russian march russian march, rustic reel. rv-- inn?. sailors set on shore sailors set on shore, salem cadet's march salem cadets' march. same as fb, but more plaintive. same with flats and naturals scjhool for the feageol.et, scotch march scotch march. s^ &--cti ~scz! second advent second advent sett. second sort. set to music. seven to eight. sfep sharps and flats. sheet music shelf signifies in, for, at, with, signifies shut simple sixteenths. sjfefeg; --s^l^j]=fffp^ soave, agreeable, pleasing. soft. sold, soldiers' soldier's joy soldier's joy. somnambula atllckstep. somnambula quickstep soon as published. soothing, tender spanish sett, speed the plough speed the plough. spirituoso, with spirit. sra: s?r#zzii staccato. steam boat quickstep. steamboat quickstep steamboat waltz steamboat waltz. stereotyped and printed by st. patrick's st. patrick's day in the morning style subiio, quick. such a getting up stairs such a getting up stairs. swing swiss guards' march. swiss waltz. szea: szw- tacit, be silent. ^tade =*taf. tardo, slow. tc30tzaz3e tempo, in time. tempo, time. termed a chord. tfl: :tfll~.# tge" the bar, made the battle of prague. the bright rosy morning. the cuckoo. the enterprise and boxer. the french their equivalent their equivalent. the last of one bar, and the the middle, back, cant the middle, back, cast the middle; back; cast off right and the outside the outside, back, the poachers of lincolnshire. the right below, the rose of allandale. the same these keys are but seldom used. the soldier's return. they third lady thirds, third sort. thirty-seconds. this those chords those concords which are three crotchets three minims three quavers throughout the piece thumb thumb. thumb above, and thus, time time. time and its divisions, timed ^t^jzst ^=ffi tlio --t^_lzz^|=gzn=gq:a=i, to back, balance four, ladies chain, to be half together top couples chaesa to those trn-h tutti, all together. two, &c. two forward and back, two forward and back, back two vocal passages. two ways. union waltz, --up--down the middle, back -- cast used for the usic veloce, quick. verse, one voice to a part. (v^fetfh^ vigoroso, with energy. vinton's hornpipe. violin, flute, and clarionett, &c. voce, with a von weber's favorite waltz. ;v rat- waltz, a particular kind of dance. washerwoman. washington's grand march. washington's march. 'ways. ways. --wes^=*3 what can the matter what fairy lire when when a flat is placed when marked when more sharps when two which please and whipple's hornpipe, white white cockade. whole sound. with a large collection of wood up ouichstep. wrecker's daughter., wriiten. ^xg-q-q^ejy,22: xzp: xzt> you come your place, ytn r :zaiig"prr'crh ,,,~ri -- zfzf_zs~g~ ^--;~ zgfe zgjbl :*z^iftr zip coon. ztjbc zz=3=fcm-ri' />
Howe's School for the Flageolet
Howe, Elias - Howe's School for the Flageolet

VoirPDF : Partition (72 pages - 3.61 Mo)492x
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Elias Howe
Howe, Elias (1820 - 1895)
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Langue :Anglais
Droit d'auteur :Public Domain
Ajoutée par FS, 01 Jun 2016

Howe's School for the Flageolet, containing new and complete instructions for the Flageolet, with a large collection of favorite marches, quick-steps, waltzes, hornpipes, contra dances, songs, and six setts of cotillions, arranged with figures. containing over 150 pieces of music.
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